Marko Benn releases new LP ‘Just Remains’

The singer and songwriter known as Marko Benn has released his latest full-length record, “Just Remains.” The album contains 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the support or influence of the corporate music industry. Raw, unmitigated and full of sonic emotion, “Just Remains” is the definitive work from this remarkable singer-songwriter from Ontario’s burgeoning music underground.

Marko Benn cites as main artistic influences Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) and Danny Shirran of Dubai, UAE. His own music falls not far from these trees, being largely founded on heartfelt vocals and rhythmic and ringing acoustic guitar chords. Benn’s singing is a masculine kind of beautiful, genuine and true, his guitar work straightforward and strong.

Still, Marko Benn’s “Just Remains” is a record based on songwriting more than any of its other high qualities. In terms of chord progression and lyric poetry both, it is a work of humble genius resonating outward from Benn’s real-life narrations.

Asked to describe the themes of his new record, Benn writes, “The songs on this album come from experiences in relationships. They relay messages of several emotions like love, heartache and depression.”

Nevertheless, the album is uplifting rather than sad. It is refreshing, invigorating, and often warm. The effect is like a hand outstretched to the listener offering goodwill, brotherhood, and the understanding that comes from having felt several colors of pain.

Largely a studio musician, Marko Benn has stated that his overarching goal in music is to raise funds for sick children and their families.

“After personally experiencing the need for support,” a representative for Marko Benn writes, “he knows how important it is to help others.”

Marko Benn’s popular single, “Precious Moments” was made available on iTunes and elsewhere in 2012 with all proceeds going towards this worthy cause.

“Just Remains” by Marko Benn is available online worldwide. Also be sure not to miss his “Precious Moments” video (link provided below).

-S. McCauley

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“Precious Moments” by Marko Benn

Wendy Honestly releases debut solo single ‘Tattoo Tears’

The award-winning singer and songwriter from Belgium known as Wendy Honestly has released her debut solo single, “Tattoo Tears.” The track has been published as an independent release without the influence of the corporate music industry. It is Honestly’s most prominent and anxiously awaited single since her “Lady Masquerade” hit, which went gold in 2013. Sultry, shadowy, and bearing the best elements of soul-pop and modern electronica, “Tattoo Tears” showcases Wendy Honestly as one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

Wendy Honestly cites as chief musical influences Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, Paloma Faith, Selah Sue, Dido, Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, and many other great singers known for their powerful sonic poetry. While Honestly’s vocal performance on “Tattoo Tears” places her among vocalists of this high caliber, her musical accompaniment is also reminiscent of groups like Massive Attack, Portishead and Goldfrapp.

“Tattoo Tears” by Wendy Honestly is also being released with an accompanying official music video.

Music by Wendy Honestly first strikes the listener as music which draws one in and makes a colorful place in which to experience the moods, tones and emotions it evokes. If the music fan pays attention, however, it may be the intended meaning and suggested themes which eventually hit the hardest.

“I wanna inspire people to be real,” Wendy Honestly writes. “I hope people can relate to my lyrics. Art is never perfect but it’s the perfect expression of how you feel.”

Honestly’s stage name isn’t just for show, either. It’s a direct representation of her actual self.

“Writing lyrics comes naturally to me,” she says. “Most of the time it just happens like a hunch, when I cry or when I can’t sleep.”

She goes on to describe “Tattoo Tears” as a song about perseverance, about “dealing with pain and growing stronger with every step we take. It is only by falling and failing that we can learn how to do it right next time.”

True to form, her new single is one which resonates with the earnest pains and obstacles of her own life.

“Letting go is a life lesson I had to learn,” writes Wendy Honestly. “Even though the men in my life have brought cracks into my heart, by recording this song, I have given myself the power of the eternal word! I can only hope true love does exist. What I did learn is that it starts by loving yourself, by excepting both your weaknesses and your strengths.”

But “Tattoo Tears” wasn’t recorded for this reason alone, naturally. Wendy Honestly knows the importance of music and of musical inspiration, both as an artist and as a person.

She writes of this, “Other artists and their struggle to get there have also inspired me. People need hope. It is the fuel that keeps them going.”

Wendy Honestly received a golden record for her single with DJ David Latour, “Lady Masquerade.” The track charted for five months and hit n°10 after just three weeks. She has published many popular dance and rap songs, such as “Live Free” with DJ Mark With a K. She has performed live in London, Monaco and at her home base of Belgium.

“Tattoo Tears” by Wendy Honestly is available online worldwide. Get in early, soul-pop fans.

The following dedication comes directly from the artist, herself:

I wanna dedicate this song to all people who’ve had a great deal of suffering in their life, who’ve stayed strong on the outside, yet are broken on the inside. I wanna let them know they are not alone.

Just like I see this song as the closure of 15 years of drama and pain in my life, I want them to find the strength inside themselves, and let this song be an eye-opener. Only you have the power to set your own limits, to demand self-respect and gain self-confidence again! The key is inside you. Nobody else can live your life.

I have learned that without being at rock bottom, I would never have gotten the insight that the drama actually was a true blessing in disguise. I needed this journey to grow as a person. Without the struggle, you cannot appreciate the good things as much.

I have a mission in my life. It is to help and heal others with my words. Through my songs I am able to do this on a large scale. It would be beautiful to see if I could only let a few people discover the truth within themselves. If the past didn’t happen, I would never have become a singer-songwriter! Therefore I feel blessed and thankful.

-S. McCauley

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“Tattoo Tears” by Wendy Honestly –
Music: Joes Brands, Danny Corten, Kaena Bervoets, Tom Cornelis, Wendy Honestly

Artwork cover: Erkan Karaca

Photographer: Dimitri Pruym

Recorded, produced, mixed & mastered @ Sputnik Studio (Joes Brands)
Website –

DJ Alex Graham releases new dance single ‘At Night’

The DJ and composer of digital dance music known internationally as Alex Graham has released his latest house-music single, “At Night.” The track has been released as an independent track outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Pulsing, pounding, vibrant and grooving, “At Night” from Alex Graham is the latest proof that the tradition of house music is more alive in 2015 than ever before.

Alex Graham is a multidimensional musician with experience playing 14 different instruments. A true veteran of the house-music underground, Graham has been working as a DJ for more than two decades. His expanding credits as a music producer span the last seven years. The present release of “At Night” stands out as a prominent example of his skills, being a much touted, updated bootleg remix of an already highly acclaimed classic.

Alex Graham has been DJing since the age of 14. He has performed as the headlining act at private parties, illicit raves, and as a special guest for many other live acts. His experience in classical music connects him to many corners and avenues not often associated with house music, a fact he has not taken for granted. His classical music training may also be heard in the characteristic way his music transitions from one movement to the next, sometimes gradual, sometimes unpredictable, but always intuitively and in a way that excites the listener and provokes plenty of action on the dance floor.

Graham has extensively performed live as a DJ in the British Isles and abroad, and has shared the stage with such popular artists as Wally Lopez, Bodyrox, MOS, and a great many others. His music has been graced by master vocalists like Pepper MaShay, Amrick Channa, Angie Brown, Rozalla, Hanna Jones and Toyah Wilcox.

Some of the underground music industry’s best labels have published Alex Graham music, including Skint Records, who released his double A-sided single with plans for more, and Miss Moneypenny’s, who released a triple-CD album featuring no fewer then eight Alex Graham original tracks. Still more high-profile labels have expressed interest in music by this eminent DJ, ensuring that listeners and dancers alike have plenty from him on the way.

Graham has hinted that a fresh, new live set is in the works and may be ready for live performance as early as winter 2015.

“At Night” from Alex Graham is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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Island singer-songwriter Jamie Gallo releases new album ‘Awakening’

The singer and songwriter from Hawaii known as Jamie Gallo has released her much awaited full-length record, “Awakening.” The LP contains 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It has been published as an independent music release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Melodic, rocking, thrilling, beautiful, powerful and full of the original alternative rock tradition, “Awakening” by Jamie Gallo is the rock record the scene has been wanting.

Jamie Gallo cites as main artistic influences Joni Mitchell, Thom Yorke, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Christina Aguilera, Stevie Nicks, and Al Green. Her own vocal sound and style reflects her great taste in music, having elements of Mitchell and Nicks both, as well as the precision of Houston and the insouciance of Aguilera. Gallo’s overall tone blends groove with grunge and adds a touch of funk. Her “Awakening” album also boasts that particular tenor of folk-rock which gave the original alternative rock groups, bands like Blind Melon and Soul Asylum, the ability to play hard with acoustic instruments or lightly while plugged in.

Like many of the world’s best musicians, Jamie Gallo got her start in music via Sunday psalms.

“I got my first guitar when I was five years old and started singing in church,” she writes. “I was a closet rock junkie as my cousin Johnny turned me on to Beatles and ’70s rock. He was my first inspiration.”

As one might intuit from the title of her record, the themes of “Awakening” remain close to her rock-n-roll roots.

“The songs on this album represent spiritual, relational and social ‘Awakening,’” she writes. “We go through life hoping to gain wisdom from the lessons we learn, and with love that has been burned with each experience we are awakened.”

Jamie Gallo’s current official bio describes her as a mother, writer, advocate, lover and student of life. She has written for film, documentaries, and TV. Playing often on her island home of Maui, her music has been heard as far away as Hollywood, Colorado, Germany, and even China.

“Awakening” by Jamie Gallo is available online worldwide. Fans of alternative rock should get in early.

-S. McCauley

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“Awakening” by Jamie Gallo –
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Alyssa Harrigan releases new pop single ‘Time to Leave’

The singer and songwriter known internationally as Alyssa Harrigan has released her new pop single, “Time to Leave.” The track has been published as an independent release outside the reach of the corporate music industry. Smooth, classy, heartfelt and full of warm optimism, “Time to Leave” from Alyssa Harrigan proves that this songstress is a voice to hear in 2015.

Originally from the Caribbean island of Tortola, Alyssa “Monet Lyssa” Harrigan cites as main artistic influences Jessie J, Sarah Vaughan and Emily King. With crystalline, natural vocals and the additional talents of Scarecrow Beats (Kevin Touw), her “Time to Leave” single is right at home among the works of these popular musicians.

“Time to Leave” by Alyssa Harrigan comes on the heels of her debut single, “On Top of the World (ft. Teejay).” Both tracks have been published with official music videos which are freely available for listening and viewing from Harrigan’s official website (link provided below).

Harrigan’s pop-music repertoire is rapidly growing with still more music appearing on her official SoundCloud page all the time. Accessible and catchy like the best pop music should be, her tracks are characterized by bright moods and genuine lyrics, often accompanied by thrumming and unadorned acoustic guitar music. Music by Alyssa Harrigan is also informed by a passion for jazz which the careful listener will hear in her tastefully subtle singing style.

Asked to comment on the overall themes of her new “Time to Leave” single, Harrigan writes, “Never settle for less than the best. This single isn’t your typical love song. The love displayed here is towards self and not a significant other. It’s knowing when enough is enough and not being caught up in a relationship that is proving to be toxic.”

An artist with music in her blood, Alyssa Harrigan comes from the same family who founded Harrigan’s Music Studios. The studio is renowned in the British Virgin Islands for teaching piano, drums and guitar. It is celebrating its 25-year anniversary in 2015.

Now living and studying in London, Harrigan has performed live at exclusive resorts such as Peter Island and Oil Nut Bay, and honed her craft as a regular weekly performer first at Quito’s Gazebo in Cane Garden Bay, then later at Maria’s by the Sea Hotel in Road Town, Tortola.

Still, a rapid rise to prominence as an independent pop artist hasn’t stolen Alyssa Harrigan’s humility.

“I’m so excited for what’s in store for my journey ahead,” she tells her fans. “I want all of you to experience it right alongside me! Thank you for your support and I will continue striving to make music that I am passionate about!”

“Time to Leave” by Alyssa “Monet Lyssa” Harrigan is available online worldwide beginning Sept. 24, 2015.

-S. McCauley

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Seymore Saves the World release new LP ‘Seymore Saves the World (Deluxe Edition)’

The piano-pop heroes from Minneapolis called Seymore Saves the World have released their acclaimed debut LP album in a new revision, “Seymore Saves the World (Deluxe Edition).” The deluxe edition of Seymore Saves the World’s self-titled album comes wrapped with two bonus tracks, “I’m Into Something” and “3 Interludes,” for a total listening time of about 50 minutes. Upbeat, colorful, imaginative and fun, “Seymore Saves the World (Deluxe Edition)” is the new definitive SSW record and a must-listen for fans of piano pop around the world.

Music fans not yet acquainted with Seymore Saves the World should find much in the deluxe debut to chew on. Fans of indie-minded pop artists like Ben Folds are especially likely to appreciate the 14 original songs the LP boasts. Online music critics have recommended Seymore Saves the World’s original debut record to fans of Austin, TX’s Fastball and Los Angeles’ short-lived alternative crew, New Radicals. Fans of indie staples such as the Bad Plus, Weezer, Built to Spill, or Mates of State will likewise strike an interest.

The members of Seymore Saves the World are veteran songwriters and performers in their own right, including Scott Hefte (Superdanger), Shawn Neary (Tapes ‘n Tapes) and Nate Perbix (Cowboy Curtis, “Nate on Drums” TV program).

Like their original debut record, the deluxe “Seymore Saves the World” LP has been proudly published on the Royalty Etc. Records independent music label, which also hosts such popular groups as ZibraZibra, Middlepicker, Collapsticator and Space Camp.

Seymore Saves the World have been called “a thorough dose of pop mastery” that “delves deep into the mind of the outcast teenager and maverick nerd.” Pitchfork’s Adam Moerder called the songs on their debut record “well executed.” The BG News scored the original record at a B+, calling it “a break from the ordinary … saving your ears from the mundane,” going on to recommend the record “for the experience of hearing the unique musical sound [Seymore Saves the World] have to offer.”

“Seymore Saves the World (Deluxe Edition)” by Seymore Saves the World is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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Cali Cal releases new LP album ‘Soul Trip’

The hip hop artist called Cali Cal has released his awaited full-length record, “Soul Trip.” The LP has been published as an independent release with nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. Often big and booming, occasionally sweet and low and always exceptionally stylish, “Soul Trip” from Cali Cal is an album fans of pop, rap, R ‘n’ B and hip hop alike will be able to agree on.

Florida-born Cali Cal cites as main artistic influences Michael Jackson, Drake, Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller, and Usher. His own sound borrows traits from many of these, but the result is a modern spin on a classic sound based on deep drum ‘n’ bass cuts and some of smooth urban poetry. In terms of composition and songwriting, “Soul Trip” indeed boasts many of the best qualities of soul music, as well as of rhythm and blues, and fans of both genres are likely to find much they appreciate in Cali Cal’s new record.

“Soul Trip” is the third official release from Cali Cal, who has also sometimes been billed as YoungCaliMojo. It is preceded by his 2013 LP, “Take Notice,” and 2012’s “IDK” full length. Both albums remain available from the artist’s official website (link provided below) and from, respectively.

Asked to say a few words about the themes of his “Soul Trip” record, Cali Cal writes, “My music is inspired by my everyday life. The numerous things I deal with, ranging from love to desolation. This particular album perfectly encompasses the many emotions I have dealt with in the past two years since the release of my last LP ‘Take Notice.’”

Cali Cal has remained prominent in a music category that carries more independent artists than any other. He accomplishes this by maintaining strict, high standards of song crafting, studio production, and overall good taste. These artistic principles are brought to shine through his narrative lyric stories, which true-to-life tales make music from Cali Cal resonate with listeners throughout the English-speaking world.

Music fans looking for a widely varied, high-quality hip-hop album with class, style, and loads and loads of groove should look no further. “Soul Trip” by Cali Cal is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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“Soul Trip” by Cali Cal –

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Frhetoric & Rawiri James release new rap album ‘D:T:F’

The hip-hop duo known as Frhetoric and Rawiri James have released their latest EP record, “D:T:F.” Coming loaded with six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes, the album has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Blasting with bass, thumping with beats and boasting some of the tightest turns of phrase ever to strike a mic, “D:T:F” is clearly one of the best rap records to appear in 2015 so far.

Frhetoric and Rawiri James cite as main artistic influences Ludacris, Tech N9ne, Lupe Fiasco, and Kendrick Lamar. While elements of each of these can be heard on “D:T:F,” their intelligence and creativity have most in common with Lamar, whose music has been helping to reclaim the hip-hop underground from long-tired stereotypes and overused tropes.

Fans of rap looking for something upbeat and new will find more than they can hope to expect in “D:T:F” from Frhetoric and Rawiri James. Regardless of where the listener may be on the globe, these six clever tracks represent a much more engaging hip hop than what’s on the mainstream radio anywhere.

In fact, attacking the mainstream is part of what this volatile crew is about. Their current official bio reads, “While the resulting earworms [on D:T:F] are aimed at a mainstream hip-hop audience, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics deliver blows to a music industry that takes itself too seriously.”

The record has also been described as “a journey into a world of braggadocio and innuendo, where mundane objects are turned into lecherous metaphors.”

Asked to describe the themes of their new album, Frhetoric and Rawiri James recite a short list: “Existentialism, intellectualism, delusions of grandeur, and fun.”

If any or all of the above sounds too good to be true, the music fan is encouraged to taste the proof firsthand. This strong little record suggests that the era of bottom-shelf hip hop is finally coming to a close.

“D:T:F” by Frhetoric and Rawiri James is available online worldwide beginning September 18, 2015. Get in early, rap fans. Very, very early.

-S. McCauley

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“D:T:F” from Frhetoric and Rawiri James –
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Swiss rockers Stiff Staff release ‘Mean Machine’ LP

The rock group from Basel, Switzerland known as Stiff Staff have released their anxiously awaited, debut record, “Mean Machine.” Literally funded 121% by Stiff Staff’s rabidly enthusiastic fan base, the full-length album has been proudly published as an independent release without the support of the corporate music industry.

“Mean Machine” contains nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. Screaming and wailing, pounding and crushing, “Mean Machine” from Stiff Staff is the latest sign that hard rock hasn’t gone anywhere – it’s more brutal and sex-charged than ever.

Fans of the early ’80s hard-rock sound have plenty to look forward to from this volatile quintet from Central Europe. Never ones to shirk from plain speech, Stiff Staff have consistently described their music in two eloquent words: sleaze rock.

“We are Stiff Staff,” they write, “and we play sleaze. We take one serving Mötley Crüe, a part of Guns N’ Roses and a shot AC / DC, stir well and taste with cheap bourbon. The result is highly explosive and must extend into the rock world.”

Much about the overall character of the band’s music can be derived from the members, themselves. Stiff Staff are lead vocalist Randy Andy, guitarist and backing vocalist Dick Fuxxx, guitarist Lex Climaxx, bass guitarist and backing vocalist Eddie Quicksilver, and drummer Nicky Sick.

Their debut LP “Mean Machine” showcases the group’s ability to play all along the spectrum of rock, with tracks like “Rock This City” and “It Ain’t Worth” lying on the traditional hard-rock axis, and tracks like “Down the Highway” and “Mean Machine” edging closer to speed or thrash metal. There are tracks with plenty of soul which bespeak the original blues roots of rock music, too, such as “Pose Your A– Off.” There’s even a ballad-esque closer, “Stayin’ Young,” which proves Stiff Staff that can be earnest, too, and what’s more, the final song turns out to be one of the best numbers on the record.

All in all, “Mean Machine” from Stiff Staff is far-and-away one of the best rock LPs to emerge this year. It becomes available online worldwide at over 600 music stores beginning 19 September 2015. Get in early, rock fans.

-S. McCauley

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Rockers Undercover Betty release new singles ‘Pain’, ‘Take Me’ and ‘Cigarette Please’

The intercontinental, female rock crew called Undercover Betty have released their latest official singles, “Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please.” The tracks have been proudly published on the Shark Alley Records independent music label. Explosive, hammering and absolutely awash in adrenaline, “Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please” prove once and for all that Undercover Betty is a rock group fans of the genre around the world need to know about.

Undercover Betty (often abbreviated UCB) are four wild-mannered women from no fewer than three continents: Rebecca Field of England, Kana Leimbach of Japan, and Connie Bonds and Carol “Corky” Sarao of the United States. Their sound returns to the golden age of rock which was exemplified by bands like Bon Jovi, Styx, and Mötley Crüe, but with a raw and unpretentious delivery that derives its strength from masterful musicianship and top-notch songwriting. The result is a trio of songs any rock fan will be amped to hear.

UCB’s rapidly growing repertoire has plenty of texture, bringing songs from the whole emotional spectrum. As an appropriate introduction to the band, the global triple release of “Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please” covers much of their sonic style.

“Pain” represents the post-classic-rock sound Undercover Betty are perhaps most renowned for. “Cigarette Please” approaches a punkish, almost thrash-metal tone which characterizes UCB’s fun-loving, ‘in your face’ attitude. “Take Me” is every bit as much part of the UCB experience, too, being a laid-back and rolling single which exemplifies their exceptional use of vocal harmonies and knack for writing great medium-tempo tracks that break the mold of the sappy rock ballad.

Largely based in the music hotbed of Florida’s Tampa Bay Area, Undercover Betty prove their professional rock clout with a brutally tireless calendar of performances. Their official website [link provided below] shows UCB to have performed more than 36 shows in 2014, or thrice monthly, but their skyrocketing popularity means that they’ve already played 57 live appearances in the current year, with another 21 yet to come. This is in addition to recording dates in the studio, the fruits of which have ripened in this triple release of “Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please” from Shark Alley Records.

“Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please” by Undercover Betty are available online worldwide. Get in early, rock fiends. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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