Pi Castillo releases debut dubstep single ‘The Most Beautiful Girl’

The composer of electronic music known as Pi Castillo has released his debut dubstep single, “The Most Beautiful Girl.” The track has been released on the Mind-Over-Matter Records label. It has been circulating online lists and EDM blogs since its appearance on May 15 of 2014, and has garnered thousands of listens where it has been featured in that short time. Pi Castillo’s “The Most Beautiful Girl” stands out from the ever-growing sea of EDM online for its distinctive 8-bit panache and inspired melody lines. It has also been lauded as having some of the best female vocals in electronic music for 2014 so far.


Pi Castillo cites as main artistic influences such popular musicians as Dave Clarke, Westbam, DJ Misjah, and Carl Cox, but his overall feel and tone are all him. Comparisons between Castillo and other dubstep artists are hard to make, outside of the digitized industrial sounds for which the genre is recognized in general. This is because Castillo’s music carries enough attributes from pre-dubstep electronica to make him attractive to listeners of artists such as Fat Boy Slim, Chemical Brothers, and other early pioneers, while retaining all the important qualities that have made dubstep so very popular.


“It’s a mix of dubstep, electro, and trap,” the artist writes of his debut. Asked to expand on the lyrical themes of the single, he quips modestly, “It’s just another dubstep track :).”

Clearly, the dubstep community agrees that it’s much more than that.


Ecamburn at KVRAudio.com writes of Castillo’s debut single, “Much to like in this tune. Strong melodies. Very clear structure and direction throughout. The vocals are solid. I like the dubstep elements because they are more understated and subtle than a lot of dubstep tunes. The chorus with the simple bassline and vox is cool.”


Martin and Oscar, junior members at SonicAcademy.com, write, “[Pi Castillo goes] from Avicii in the beginning to Dubstep-Dada Life in the chorus – that’s impressive!”


Chinese-German music producer Pi Castillo hails from Hamburg, Germany. He has been making music since the age of 15, when he bought his first synthesizer. “I’ve been totally addicted to music production my whole life,” he writes.


“The Most Beautiful Girl” by Pi Castillo is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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Liu Sola and Friends Ensemble release LP ‘Celebration of Darkness and Light’

The renowned composer and performance group, the Liu Sola and Friends Ensemble, have released their newest LP album, “Celebration of Darkness and Light.” The record comprises nine original tracks for a total listening time of over an hour. It has been published on the Also Beijing music label. Inspiring, haunting, full of life, sonic texture and emotional complexity, “Celebration of Darkness and Light” by the Liu Sola and Friends Ensemble is evidence that Ms. Sola’s art is as intriguing and remarkable as ever before.


The “Celebration of Darkness and Light” LP is variously categorized as world music or international music in the western world. It is better described as Chinese contemporary classical music, though Liu Sola is well-known and respected worldwide for her unique and avant-garde style, laced with traditional eastern motifs and instrumentation.


In addition to the masterful singing and performance of Sola, herself, “Celebration of Darkness and Light” features the talents of Qiao Jia, Ma Rui, Cheng Yuyu, Bai Minghui, Yang Ji-er, Yang Jing, Zhang Yangsheng, Chen Suchao, Li Zhengui, and Liu Yijun.


Sola founded her Liu Sola and Friends Ensemble in 2003 with support from HKW Germany (House of World Cultures). The ensemble is a group of China’s best instrumental soloists and was created with the aim of performing Liu Sola’s compositions, and has become a noted staple of festivals around the globe. They have played for numerous modern dance and film soundtracks, such as the award-winning dance and music drama, “Jue – Awaken,” and the award-winning film, “Thirteen Princes.”


The Ensemble has lately taken to improvisation, and in 2013 Sola began the Liu Sola and Friends Ensemble Film Soundtrack Workshop. The Workshop works with independent Chinese film directors to aid musicians in developing the skills necessary to improvise music for film scores.


Liu Sola’s musical repertoire also includes acclaimed pieces in rock, jazz, blues and other genres, as well as culturally integral operas such as “Fantasy of the Red Queen” and “The Affterlife of Li Jiantong.”


“Celebration of Darkness and Light” by the Liu Sola and Friends Ensemble is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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The Golden Rule release debut EP ‘These Shoes’


Chicago rock trio the Golden Rule have released their debut EP, “These Shoes.” The record comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. It has been published on the City Mice Records independent music label. A legitimate example of the 1990s alternative rock sound, written and recorded nearly 25 years after the hard-to-pin-down style first appeared, “These Shoes” introduces the Golden Rule as one of the most intriguing and infectious new bands this side of the millennium.


The Golden Rule calls Chicago home. Asked to cite some artistic influences, they draft a long and distinguished list: Nirvana, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Stereophonics, Pure Love, Biffy Clyro, ZZ Top, Sublime, the Black Keys, AC/DC, Ramones, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Alice in Chains, Zakk Wylde, Slash, Velvet Revolver, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Bush.


Remarkably, their sound manages to not only retain its own unique character but also to recall the general feel of bands not in this capacious lineup. There’s some Gin Blossoms in there (but harder than that) and some Weezer (but less poppy). Dinosaur Jr. comes to mind, as does the work of ’90s-era punk bands like Down by Law. In the end, the listener is forced to admit: the Golden Rule sounds like the Golden Rule – and since their brand of rock is aimed at nothing but fun, really, this seems implausible. Yet, there you have it.


Golden Rule singer-songwriter Mohit Mehta has clear ideas regarding the themes of their music.


“My dreams, fears and fantasies have long inspired me,” he writes, “and that’s what I’m trying to bring: inspiration! Get out and do what you love. Don’t fixate on the past, no matter how much it hurts. Dream, breathe, look, live, be alive! If you want to watch TV all day (or listen to my album all day), go for it, just remember the consequences.”


Lyrically speaking, “These Shoes” draws from the ups and the downs, but even the darkest moment is laced with the promise of good times. To listen to the EP is to wish the Golden Rule were live onstage before the listener. Energy pours from it, mellowed by having been recorded not at all.


“Remember that you might get another day to live,” Mehta concludes, “but today is the only one that really matters. To quote the wisest homeless guy I know (on the Ashland Pink Line Stop), ‘Boy, you get less than 35,000 days to live and breathe on this Earth. Make sure you sing for all of them.’”


“These Shoes” by the Golden Rule is available online worldwide. Get in early – very early.


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The Heavy Hearts release debut LP ‘Keep Your Light On’

The folk-rock trio known as the Heavy Hearts have released their long-awaited debut LP record, “Keep Your Light On.” The album comprises 13 original tracks, making for a comprehensive introduction to this much-talked-about group from Birmingham, AL. Heralding the arrival of their album is the official Heavy Hearts “Into the Fire” video, already available, filmed in Birmingham’s historic Lyric Theatre (link provided below). Soul-searching, sonorous and soaked in pain and perseverance in equal parts, “Keep Your Light On” by the Heavy Hearts represents both a definitive example of contemporary folk music and the continuing tradition of American songwriting.


The Heavy Hearts cite as main artistic influences Fleetwood Mac, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the Civil Wars, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Lady Antebellum, Johnny Cash, and Bruce Springsteen. The resulting sound is based on the striking, clarion vocals of frontwoman Lauren-Michael Sellers, and equally on the rock-toned guitar work of Zac Baldwin. Providing contrast, texture, and cement-solid percussion is Brian Hippensteel, the band’s latest addition. Their style is a blend of blues and folk music tinged with alternative rock sensibilities which appeals to fans of pop, rock, country, blues, and folk music alike.


The band has enjoyed a remarkable burst of exposure and popularity in recent months, at least partially from their reputation as a passionate, powerful group of musicians whose music tends toward the sorrowful. Their band name, the Heavy Hearts, is no accident.


“A lot of the songs Lauren wrote are about very sad and personal experiences,” says Hippensteel, “but there is always hope and light at the end of it all. The theme of ‘Keep Your Light On’ is to shine through the darkness.”

Their official bio states that “the band refuses to leave their listeners without a chance to realize that hardships refine a person, not define them.”


Sellers herself writes, “We want people to know that just because our band is called the Heavy Hearts, we don’t want our fans to leave feeling helpless. We are optimistic and trying to find peace. We don’t want to be depressing and only concern ourselves with things that are sad or morbid.”


The LP is intended as an anthem of hope, in fact.


“The album is this theme of a lighthouse shining light in the darkness,” Hippensteel told Mary Colurso for AL.com.


Morbid or not, the success of both their “Into the Fire” video and recent record release party cannot be ignored. These musicians are pulling the heartstrings of music fans all across the nation. With the publication of “Keep Your Light On,” their already burgeoning and loyal fan base can only grow worldwide.

“Keep Your Light On” by the Heavy Hearts will be available online worldwide late May/early June 2014. Get in early.


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DJ Pad releases new LP ‘A Trip in My House Part 1’

The DJ and composer of electronic music known globally as DJ Pad has released his latest collection of original tracks, the first installment of his new series, “A Trip in My House Part 1.” Like Pad’s more recent releases, the LP has been published on the 4000 Records music label. It is the most significant DJ Pad material to appear on shelves since his early May 2014 album, “Dubstep: First Strike,” which turned heads worldwide for its comprehensive spread of 30 tracks over two and a half hours of listening.


Not to disappoint his growing fan base, DJ Pad has released “A Trip in My House Part 1” with yet another 30 tracks and another two and a half hours of listening. As the two albums have been published in the same month, it is likely that no musician in the EDM genre has ever before released as much masterfully composed material to the public within 30 days as France’s DJ Pad has done. Clearly, Pad is one of the world’s most prolific living songwriters in any genre.


Pad has cited as main artistic influences such musicians as Afrojack, Sebastian, Swedish House Mafia, Infected Mushrooms, ATB, Cosmic Gate, Atomic Cat, as well as founding fathers of the scene, such as Hanz Zimmer and Mike Oldfield (“Tubular Bells”). DJ Pad’s official bio states that he has written and produced more than 500 songs in about 30 different genres, but focusing mostly on electro-house, trance, and dubstep. He has been making beats since late 2008.


“I’m a french producer who makes trance, house, hardcore/gabber and some other styles of music like psytrance, ambient, and dubstep,” writes the composer.


DJ Pad has made a great deal of his music available for listening online in a wide variety of mediums. His most laudable and popular accomplishments remain his LP records, which are sold at over 750 online stores worldwide. Fans of EDM, house music, and electronica in general would do themselves a great disservice to miss out.


“A Trip in My House Part 1” by DJ Pad is available online everywhere.


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Stride Music Production releases new reggae LP ‘Drum Stick Riddim’

The record label known as Stride Music Production has released their latest reggae music LP, “Drum Stick Riddim.” The record comprises 10 original reggae tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It is a compilation album showcasing a wide spread of authentic island groove, including the talents of Jimmy Riley, Ras Fraser Jr, Mr. Fre-ssh, Eudecous, Lavaah Goodaz, Half Pint, Lady G, Pam Hall, Lutan Fyah, and Ras Ghandi. “Drum Stick Riddim” by Stride Music Production has been distributed to over 750 retailers online worldwide.


“Drum Stick Riddim” is a legitimate return to roots reggae traditions and principles. Songs like “Where There’s a Will” and “Let No One Stop You” are uplifting and empowering in ways only reggae music can provide, while tracks such as “International Suffering,” “Roots and Culture,” and “First Commandment” remind humanity that there are no divisions between people but the ones evildoers imagine for us. “Mi Life,” “Move On” and “Roll On” are true sounds of independence, while “This Is Love” and “One Away Soldier” are fine representations of the contemporary reggae sound at its best.


The record is perhaps most notable for its expertly balanced blend of traditional roots and contemporary reggae. Certain elements of dancehall occasionally appear without obscuring the overall roots ambience and reggae sound. Most importantly, its overarching tone is one which will please listeners of any genre of music.


Stride Music Production is based in the Dunbeholden District of Greater Portmore in St. Catherine, Jamaica. The production company prides itself on creating and making available roots reggae from the locale where the heart of reggae music beats stronger than anywhere else in the world. Fans of such homegrown artists and dancehall heroes as Kabaka Pyramid, Chronixx, Konshens, Darrio, Teetimus and Vybz Kartel are certain to be greatly enthused by this new offering by Jamaica’s own Stride Music Production record label.


“Drum Stick Riddim” by Stride Music Production is available online worldwide.


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Demented Son releases single, video and official app, ‘You Gotta Fit in Here’

The songwriter and performer known as Demented Son has released his newest single, “You Gotta Fit in Here.” The single has been released as an LP containing seven disparate editions, including “Video Live Version,” “Hip-Hop Remix,” “Blurry Rap,” “Echo Rap,” “EDM Mix” and “Hard-Rock Mix” versions. In addition to the musical talents of Demented Son, himself, these tracks also feature the skills of Earl Powell, Devlin Black, and Revolver of Cobaine, respectively. The album has an approximate total listening time of half an hour and has been proudly published on the Demented Son records music label.


Demented Son cites as main artistic influences Jay-Z, Madonna, Eminem, Drake, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, Miley Cyrus, Pink, and Justin Timberlake. His own style is a blend of the best attributes of these pop legends, though the broad range of musical variation on the “You Gotta Fit in Here” collection showcases him as an elastic and highly variable performer. The album is commonly categorized online as pop, dance, and electronica music.


An uproariously humorous single, “You Gotta Fit in Here” by Demented Son has female derrieres for a central theme. Running counter to the “Baby Got Back” craze of 1992 and Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming track, “Big Booty,” which she reportedly recorded at the behest of her twins, “You Gotta Fit in Here” demands that a woman’s behind ought to fit between splayed hands –Thumbs together, pinkies out,” as the song describes.


Asked to expand on the focus of his new record and single, Demented Son writes, “[The point is] that it’s OK, great even, to have a small a–. The words to my song are more important than the genre. That’s why I have seven different versions with more to come.”


These tracks weren’t planned in the beginning, however.


Like everything else I do by accident,” he says, “I wrote a song that means something to me. I originally couldn’t find someone to sing it the way I wanted, so I sang the first version myself.”


A little time and a lot of effort later, “You Gotta Fit in Here” has been published as a series of single tracks, an official corresponding video, and even an official application available for smart phones everywhere (links provided below).


Demented Son writes, “Anybody can make anything happen if you put your heart and soul into it.”


You Gotta Fit in Here” by Demented Son is available online worldwide.


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The Tables Turned feat. Armstrong release video single ‘Ro Sham Bo’

The multi-talented music crew known as the Tables Turned have released their newest official video single, “Ro Sham Bo.” The track is a funk song with old-school hip hop in its bones, the video for which showcases the Tables Turned as purveyors and masters of both. In addition to the extensive talents of the Tables Turned, themselves, “Ro Sham Bo” features Armstrong delivering snappy, up-front vocals. The video and single have been published on the Activity Entertainment music label. Energetic and uplifting with an unstoppable back beat, “Ro Sham Bo” is rhythm and groove that fans of any genre can get behind.


The Tables Turned (who take their name from ‘turntable’ and use a 45 adapter as their logo) have a pared-down, sparse quality to their songwriting which is deceptively rich and complex in tone. This gives them a full and warm sound on “Ro Sham Bo” while the song itself revolves around a simple, infectious horn sample carrying the tune. There’s a hint of jazz in the way the trumpet falls away at the end of each phrase.


“We have diverse backgrounds and we share eclectic tastes,” write the Tables Turned. “Jimmy Moreno and DJ No Shame play in a band named Gonzo together. Gonzo has nine guys, including Michael Klooster [Smash Mouth]. Jimmy Moreno and DJ No shame decided they would like to form a project similar to Gonzo, but with a base of three band members along with guest artists.”


Their cited influences include artists from the rock, funk, experimental, hip-hop, and jazz genres. Narrowing these to specifics, Parliament Funkadelic, Devo, Victor Wooten, Fela Kuti, and J Dilla emerge as key notables.


The themes of “Ro Sham Bo” are lighthearted and devil-may-care, the song being named after the rochambeau game, often called Rock, Paper, Scissors in America.


“The message that the video conveys is, we all have our failures but we must rise each time we fall,” writes the band. “Sometimes you just need to trust fate in making life’s decisions.”


The “Ro Sham Bo” video by the Tables Turned is available online worldwide beginning 25 May 2014.


-S. McCauley

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Tom Oprendek releases new LP ‘Storm Comin”

The singer and songwriter of rock music known as Tom Oprendek has released his latest LP album, “Storm Comin’.” The record is composed of 11 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. Categorized variously as pop, folk-pop, folk-rock and indie-pop music, the record features songs penned and composed in the classic American style and masterful rock performances.


Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Oprendek mentions that his inspirations come from “folk and folk-rock/pop songwriters” in general.


“My father worked at the Capitol Records record pressing plant in Scranton, PA in the ’60s and ’70s and he would bring home copies of the records Capitol was pressing at the time,” he writes. “I was exposed to an eclectic mix of folk, country, rock, pop, world and swing/jazz music from a very early age.”


Oprendek mentions Nat “King” Cole, Sam Cooke, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, the Kingston Trio, the Beatles, the Band, Trini Lopez, Joe South, Count Basie, and Hank Williams.


“Touring the record plant sparked my interest in the whole process of composing and recording music.”


Records aside, however, Oprendek became particularly enthusiastic about the film biography of Hank Williams, “Your Cheating Heart.”


“I was so impressed by Hank William’s ability to write songs that I wanted to become a songwriter,” he says.


The themes of “Storm Comin’” are romantic in nature, but not syrupy. This fits well with the album’s tone, which is folk at heart with a classic-rock sound.


“The album title,” writes Oprendek, “is also the name of one of the songs on the album. ‘Storm Comin” is a metaphor for change or, more precisely, the anxious moments of uncertainty in anticipation of a change and prior to fully embracing the change. This feeling of uncertainty and anxiety prior to embracing the change can occur in many situations whether it’s a change within a relationship, taking a moral or political stand or advocating for social justice issues.”


In addition to the skills of Tom Oprendek, himself, “Storm Comin’” features the talents of Jerry Cortez, Steve Riley, and Kincaid Miller.


“Storm Comin’” by Tom Oprendek is available online worldwide beginning 25 May 2014.


-S. McCauley

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Nigel Perkins releases new EP album ‘You Could Be the One’

The singer, songwriter and performer known as Nigel Perkins has released his latest EP record, “You Could Be the One.” The EP is the most significant release from Perkins to date and stands as his definitive record, placing him among the most respectable R ‘n’ B artists to publish records in Q2. It comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. “You Could Be the One” has been released on the 2013-2112 Records music label.


Nigel Perkins cites as main artistic influences Michael Jackson, Usher, Akron, Jodeci, Trey Songz, Jagged Edge,112, and Chris Brown. His own signature style and tone is a balanced blend of the best attributes of these, mixed also with a healthy dose of razor-sharp studio production.


This is unsurprising, as Perkins began his music career alongside the powerhouse production duo of Monyea Crawford and Richard Rollie of LoveChild Prods., whose combined credits include such names as TLC, Boyz II Men, Lloyd, N- Toon, Tony Rich and Arrested Development, Jagged Edge, 112, Joi, Anthony David, Klymaxx, Van Hunt, American Idol’s Randy 
Jackson, Jesse Johnson of the Time, and Jill Scott.


While working with Crawford and Rollie, Nigel Perkins released popular singles including “Hit the Floor,” “Body Talk,” and “R U ready for Love.” These songs paved Perkins’ way to a spot in 3XL Magazine. His music was soon featured also on their debut mixtape, as well as on DJ Cri$tyle and the Legion of Doom’s Late Night Tip Mixtape.


Nigel Perkins, a tireless stage performer from Atlanta, GA, is constantly touring the American Southeast and has recently been billed with BET’s Comic View and HBO’s Battle of the Comedians, and as one of the opening acts for a great roster of top R&B and hip-hop stars.


The “You Could Be the One” EP by Nigel Perkins is available online worldwide.


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