Paul Azizeh releases new EP album ‘Kuiper Belt’

The songwriter and producer of trance music known as Paul Azizeh has released his latest official EP album, “Kuiper Belt.” The EP album contains three original Paul Azizeh tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Techno-Logik Records record label. Upbeat, energetic and enrapturing, “Kuiper Belt” showcases Paul Azizeh as one of the most intriguing trance music artists of the year so far and promises that we can expect plenty more in the years to come.

Seattle, WA’s Paul Azizeh cites as main artistic influences Wes Nesman Tha Digital Dragon, Christopher Lawrence, John 00 Fleming, and Magnus. Paul Azizeh’s own sound takes elements from each of these and adds something fresh and unique for a result unlike anything today’s music fans have heard before. With an emphasis on gripping bass lines, creative beat hooks and that foundational trance sound, “Kuiper Belt” by Paul Azizeh has a little something for every avid electronic music listener.

Commenting on the overall meaning of “Kuiper Belt,” Paul Azizeh writes, “The tracks are Psytrance with some Uplifting Trance and on the Kuiper Belt track is mixed with sounds from Neurofunk Drum N Bass.”

Paul Azizeh’s current official bio describes him as an “uplifting/psytrance DJ and producer.” It goes on to color him as a “disciplined, driving force dedicated to precision and the art of his presentation.”

Paul represents a dying breed of traditional turntable DJ,” it reads, “with the power and edge of the new digital era. Combining quality mixing with a vast and dynamic soundscape, Paul provides a mastered example of skill. Easily a dominating force on both the Progressive and Trance fields of EDM, Azizeh is quickly on the rise combining his refined mixing abilities with his exploration into production to create an experience both unique and unforgettable.”

Kuiper Belt” by Paul Azizeh on the Techno-Logik Records label is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, trance music fans.

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Hesohi releases fifth LP album ‘Conversation’

The digital music artist known as Hesohi has released his fifth studio album, “Conversation.” The record contains six original Hesohi tracks and a bonus single for a total of an hour and fifteen minutes of listening. Five of these are available only with the entire record while tracks Two and Seven may be purchased as singles. The album has been proudly published on the LovethangBoomin’System independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. An eclectic, post-modern take on trip-hop blended with ambient and classical composition methods, “Conversation” proves that Hesohi is an artist for the new millennium.

Hesohi cites as main artistic influences Art of Noise, Cinematic Orchestra, Towa Tei, Avalanches, Todd Rundgren, Kraftwerk, the Late Night Tales Series, and All Good Funk Alliance. But he’s not alone on “Conversation.” Joining Hesohi in the studio for his fifth full-length album are Douglas T. Martin, Derek Sibert, and Steve Fernandez.

Hesohi himself describes his new record as “downtempo,” but admits that “The first term that comes to mind is trip hop.”

“This music doesn’t contain the obligatory sample-based sounds that usually accompany the beats in this genre,” writes Hesohi. “The sound is synth-oriented, with live guitar and bass performances that sound like conversations between the instruments.”

This principle comes from classical music, where it is known as call-and-response, or antiphony. Also similar to classical composition forms is Hesohi’s carrying of themes throughout tracks 10 and even 20 minutes long, as well as across the entire record – or as the artist himself puts it: “The idea of the ‘track’ is expanded and transformed into the idea of the ‘composition,’ in the way that one might paint a picture onto a large canvas and later paint a mural onto a wall.”

“Conversation” is digital music for the connoisseur of sounds. To steal a phrase from one of Hesohi’s cited inspirations, Towa Tei, it is a sound museum.

Hesohi’s label, LovethangBoomin’System, says of the record that “There is a feel of a producer exploring the sensibility of techno at a much slower pace, and without the constraint of fitting the end result into kind some kind of format. The songs take their time to get where they are going. The attention to detail provides dynamics that move the listener through the arrangement effortlessly. The time passes in a comfortable manner. The mix is lush but unquiet with a good amount of animation.”

Speaking to his fans, friends and cohorts, Hesohi writes:

“Thanks to the people who have introduced me to so many beautiful songs. I am forever on a quest to listen and learn about the world and it’s inhabitants through culture and express myself with music. Thanks to the artists who inspire and energize my spirit. Thanks for the Family love and support. I appreciate very much the people of this planet. Partypeople, hold tight. We are gonna make it. Everything is gonna be alright. Stay positive. Spread love. Be kind to yourself.”

“Conversation” by Hesohi is available from LovethangBoomin’System online worldwide at over 700 quality digital music stores now.

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Joseph Paul Freije releases second summer album ‘Electric Phlower’

Composer and visionary Joseph Paul Freije has released his second album of the 2016 summer, “Electric Phlower.” The album contains 14 original Freije tracks for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. Like his other records, “Electric Phlower” has been proudly published on the Phrygian Music independent record label without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Upbeat, energizing, and entirely fun, “Electric Phlower” is electronic dance music for the youthfulness in all of us.

Phrygian Music’s Joseph P. Freije is an eclectic experimental composer with a wider variety of original music in his repertoire than most highly creative musicians working today. He has composed music in categories as disparate as jazz, electronica, pop, adult contemporary, EDM, experimental, rock, and yet more. He is also one of today’s most prolific independent musicians. “Electric Phlower” represents the second of six full-length records from Freije which will be made available in 2016 (four this summer alone).

“Music is the highest form of spiritual communication that exists,” Freije said last May in an interview for his “Elements of Evidence” LP. “The world uses music for purposes that cloud the reality of what music really is: medicine and a reason for living.”

This sonic medicine and raison d’être is especially invigorating in “Electric Phlower,” as it is 100% undiluted dance music, the most danceable record to come from Freije yet. While the sound of it may surprise some of his most loyal fans, Freije’s personality still shines throughout, elucidating yet another facet of his ever-unfolding character.

“I like having fun,” writes the artist. “Dancing is fun, so I play dance music as well as the other genres.”

It may be hard to imagine the avant-garde composer of jazz and experimental piano himself on the dancefloor, but the truth is it’s close to his heart.

“I used to love to roller skate to this kind of music, was a real wild man on skates.”

Constantly haunting the rink, fellow roller addicts had a name for him: “Superman.”

It’s a feeling “Electric Phlower” communicates directly. The album doesn’t just give the listener a reason to move, to groove, to shuck and jive – it empowers the dancer to make an instrument of the body and join the orchestra in a celebration of being alive.

“Electric Phlower” by Joseph Paul Freije is available online worldwide at over 700 online music stores now. Be sure also to hear “Elements of Evidence,” also available for listening and download now.

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“Electric Phlower” by Joseph Paul Freije

DJ Alex Graham releases new dance single ‘At Night’

The DJ and composer of digital dance music known internationally as Alex Graham has released his latest house-music single, “At Night.” The track has been released as an independent track outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Pulsing, pounding, vibrant and grooving, “At Night” from Alex Graham is the latest proof that the tradition of house music is more alive in 2015 than ever before.

Alex Graham is a multidimensional musician with experience playing 14 different instruments. A true veteran of the house-music underground, Graham has been working as a DJ for more than two decades. His expanding credits as a music producer span the last seven years. The present release of “At Night” stands out as a prominent example of his skills, being a much touted, updated bootleg remix of an already highly acclaimed classic.

Alex Graham has been DJing since the age of 14. He has performed as the headlining act at private parties, illicit raves, and as a special guest for many other live acts. His experience in classical music connects him to many corners and avenues not often associated with house music, a fact he has not taken for granted. His classical music training may also be heard in the characteristic way his music transitions from one movement to the next, sometimes gradual, sometimes unpredictable, but always intuitively and in a way that excites the listener and provokes plenty of action on the dance floor.

Graham has extensively performed live as a DJ in the British Isles and abroad, and has shared the stage with such popular artists as Wally Lopez, Bodyrox, MOS, and a great many others. His music has been graced by master vocalists like Pepper MaShay, Amrick Channa, Angie Brown, Rozalla, Hanna Jones and Toyah Wilcox.

Some of the underground music industry’s best labels have published Alex Graham music, including Skint Records, who released his double A-sided single with plans for more, and Miss Moneypenny’s, who released a triple-CD album featuring no fewer then eight Alex Graham original tracks. Still more high-profile labels have expressed interest in music by this eminent DJ, ensuring that listeners and dancers alike have plenty from him on the way.

Graham has hinted that a fresh, new live set is in the works and may be ready for live performance as early as winter 2015.

“At Night” from Alex Graham is available online worldwide.

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Yaro J releases new electronic dance EP ‘Electrik Love’

The producer of electronic dance music known internationally as Yaro J has released his anxiously awaited EP, “Electrik Love.” The album includes four original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 17 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the interference or support of the corporate music industry. Pulsing, thumping, roaring and soaring, “Electrik Love” is a summer finale for lovers of EDM which proves that Yaro J is a producer to watch for in 2015 and beyond.

There’s much to look forward to in “Electrik Love” for listeners of the genre. In addition to the considerable talents of Toronto-based Yaro J, himself, the EP record also showcases the skills of Diana Richie and Victoria Gouveia. The combined talents of these three artists coalesces into an explosive and sensual dance experience which works as well in nightclubs as it does in car stereos and ear buds.

Yaro J’s “Electrik Love” has been widely publicized by official video trailers directed by Andrew C which began appearing in mid August. Each of these trailers has received thousands of views in the mere two weeks they have been available. Yaro J’s fan base can be safely estimated in the scores of thousands, therefore, making him one of the more intriguing EDM producers to emerge this year.

The EP album’s first single, “Let Me Dream” feat. Victoria Gouveia, has drawn especial attention from fans and critics alike. Its swan song featuring Diana Richie also forms a large part of the record’s appeal. “Fly” closes out the album, complete with a six-minute extended remix as an added bonus. Many listeners will play both tracks back-to-back rather than pick a favorite.

All in all, “Electrik Love” brings color and verve to EDM fans ready to see what fall has to offer them. If “Electrik Love” by Yaro J is any indication, there’s going to be plenty of good dance music.

“Electrik Love” by Yaro J is available online worldwide.

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Digital music artist Kitty Bytes releases new single ‘Rage Quit’

The composer and producer of digital music known as Kitty Bytes has released his latest single, “Rage Quit.” The track has been distributed to more than 750 online music outlets around the world and is poised to reach Kitty Bytes’ largest number of fans yet. It has been proudly published as an independent release outside the influence and financial support of the corporate music industry. Boasting a retro style and feel playing out over a steady build with a pounding, bass-heavy crescendo, “Rage Quit” is an EDM single which will have fans on the dance floor and airborne in droves.

Kitty Bytes is a new electronic music artist with a deep love for the sound. His particular style is unique to him in the digital music underground, “Rage Quit” being his biggest public release to date. He cites as main artistic influences the work of Deadmau5, Mossy, Dinka, Shingo Nakamura, and Porter Robinson. While his new single sports many of the best attributes of these popular DJs, Kitty Bytes’ own music is exceptionally non-derivative and remains his own.

Part of this element comes from a certain nuance borrowed from the background scores of video games. Evidence of this is the title of his new single, “Rage Quit,” which in gaming parlance means to ubruptly exit a game in progress out of frustration. While electronic music and video gaming have shared a growing relationship over the last decade, much of the audible artifacts have belonged to the 8-bit, Nintendo-Entertainment-System style of music. Refreshingly, “Rage Quit” sounds much more akin to the music of earlier games, particularly that of the Atari 2600.

Speaking of his motivation to make music and the themes thereof, Kitty Bytes writes, “I created this single to share my love for electronic music and show my creativity. This album particularly speaks to all gamers out there who have had bad gaming experiences. ‘Rage Quit’ captures some of the anger I have felt when I played games, and I wrote it as a way to release that energy through music. I hope listeners can feel the same emotions I felt through this single.”

“Rage Quit” by Kitty Bytes is available online worldwide.

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