Eliel Arrey releases new single ‘End of Days’

The composer of digital music known as Eliel Arrey has released his latest single, “End of Days.” The track is the first glimpse of his upcoming album expected to appear worldwide on 1 April 2016. Both are being proudly published as independent releases without the support or direction of the corporate music industry. Evocative, spellbinding, and towering high above the listener, “End of Days” is a sonic story on an epic scale which every music fan should hear.

Eliel Arrey is the leader of EA Music Group, who have worked together to make “End of Days” a reality. EA Music Group are: Kevin Monahan (sound director and senior engineer), Trevor Price (mastering and engineering), Nasomi Belle, Yolanda Arrey, Melissa Otero, and A-Fluent (vocalists), Lovelyne Daley (chief songwriter and editor), Andreea Kay Michaud, Ashley Snap’em (digital artwork) and Ashley Snap’em, Angelica Garcia (photography).

West-African Eliel Arrey cites as main artistic influences modern composers such as Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Thomas Bergersen, and John Powell, as well as LA-based music production companies Audiomachine and Two Steps from Hell (also Bergerson). His own music in “End of Days” is likewise visual in nature, as the best classical music tends to be, and lends itself very well to narrative.

Speaking of the aims of his new single, Arrey writes, “’End of Days’ and the entire upcoming [album] was simply drawn from a cluster of feelings and experiences in my life over the last two years. Our goal was to take the listener through a mental journey of a chaotic end times. Mild cinematic excerpts are added to help the listener formulate their own story.”

No stranger to music publication, Eliel Arrey is a renowned EDM DJ with many previous releases. Asked to comment on these, he says only that there are “too many” to name, noting also – “My new tracks are a completely different side of me.”

Eliel Arrey was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa. His name is known in the Dallas and Houston areas of Texas where he has performed EDM live. In this vein he is characterized by happy, melodic, and upbeat dance vibes, as well as by an unconventional use of guitars, organs, flutes, trumpets, horns, and saxophones. His current official bio describes his overall sound as drawing “from a variety of musical backgrounds and cultures, which he attributes to his international heritage.”

In addition to music, Arrey is studying for his PhD and graduates in 2017. He is the founder and president of Get More Out of College, a non-profit entity providing free resources to college students of biological sciences worldwide. He has written several popular pieces for Ezine Articles, Article Base, and a manuscript in the Journal of Neurosurgery.

Eliel Arrey’s current music project, of which “End of Days” is a part, is the forthcoming 20-track LP album, “The Essentials.” The project features vocalists such as Steve Owner, Nasomi, Yolanda Arrey, and many more. Several singles from the album are expected to drop leading to the release date of his “The Essentials” LP.

“End of Days” by Eliel Arrey is available online at over 700 digital music stores worldwide now.

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Indie R&B artist Robert Maddrey releases new single ‘Change’

The R&B music artist known as Robert Maddrey has released his new single, “Change.” The single is Maddrey’s official worldwide debut. It has been proudly published on the ThickerThanWater Productions independent label without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Heartfelt, smooth, and written with the betterment of all humanity in mind, “Change” is a song for all of us which fans of all music genres are sure to enjoy.

Robert Maddrey cites as main artistic influences the Jackson 5, the Isley Brothers, Ray Parker Jr., Prince, Michael Jackson, Motown’s Funk Brothers Band, and Stevie Wonder, “just to name a few.” A man with great passion for good music, his own style on “Change” is accessible to fans of anyone from Jack Johnson to Issac Hayes.

Much of Maddrey’s tonal complexity probably comes from his varied cultural experiences growing up. A self-described “army brat” originally from Philadelphia, Maddrey has lived in Texas, Hawaii, England, California, Delaware, Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and resides now in Ohio. In addition to his own talents on “Change,” his brother, Paul Maddrey, Jr., also appears on the single playing a second keyboard track, “to brighten things up.”

Still, it is the overall message of “Change” which is the song’s heart and soul.

Asked to describe the themes of his debut track, Robert Maddrey writes: “’Change,’ as in changing the world by changing ourselves within. Stop all the fighting, no matter what faith, religion, color, or political stand. This song will reach the hearts of every country. Music is the universal language and I believe that ‘Change’ will send a universal message of peace to all. Change begins when we change within.”

As well as his newly released debut, Maddrey also has a song available for listening at Jango Radio [link provided below].

Like many of today’s greatest musicians, Robert Maddrey first cut his teeth playing music in church. Eventually he joined the choir, and one day had the rare opportunity to meet the legendary Jackson 5. This chance meeting inspired him to become a musical autodidact.

He purchased his first electric guitar and began to wholeheartedly produce music. The bass guitar followed, and then the keyboard. These instruments form the crux of his characteristic sound on “Change.”

Robert Maddrey has performed in such groups as Black and Tan Ensemble, Black Atmosphere, the Essence Band and the Eclipse Band (which groups won several talent showcases at Fort Polk, LA). A fifth group, the Coup, also benefited from Maddrey’s skills. With an all-original set list, they persevered at several showcases and achieved radio airplay. Maddrey’s founding of ThickerThanWater Productions is the culmination of a music career more than 30 years in the making.

Maddrey has said of ThickerThanWater, “We love to make music and we make music to love.”

“Change” by Robert Maddrey from ThickerThanWater Productions is available online at over 700 digital outlets now.

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DJ Pad releases first album for 2016 ‘Psyko’Pad’

France’s most prolific producer of electronic dance music, DJ Pad, has released his first full-length record for 2016, “Psyko’Pad.” Much more than a mere LP album, “Psyko’Pad” is a titanic, towering, lordly achievement of a record bearing 18 tracks over 2.8 hours. Also, as a special treat for his fans this year, Pad has included a remix of each of the record’s songs in one continuous track. This brings the combined total listening time of “Psyko’Pad” to five hours, 38 minutes, making it one of the longest releases in music history and one of the best values on the digital music market ever.

For “Psyko’Pad,” DJ Pad cites several fellow digital composers as main artistic influences. He emphasizes Cosma (“This is one album he has made that pushes me to begin composing”) and Hallucinogen (“one of the founders of psytrance music”), before listing Cosmosis, Astral Projection, Psycraft, and Infected Mushroom (“They make music that is really inspiring for me”).

As one of the busiest DJs in Europe boasting one of the largest repertoires of original music in history – he has written and recorded more than 700 songs, to date – DJ Pad has records in nearly every electronic music genre. In the past these have notably included electro house, trance and dubstep, with elements of a great many other subgenres thrown in.

Speaking of his desire to create a psytrance record, DJ Pad writes, “I wanted to show my interpretation of this wonderful genre that can (in my opinion) affect your brain almost directly. It is really challenging to achieve this, complex to write such music, but also so very ‘trippy’ when accomplished.”

Previous full-length albums from DJ Pad include “The Hymn of Brotherhood,” “Waiting to Be Discovered,” “A Trip in My House Part 1,” “A Trip in My House Part 2,” “Y,” and “Dubstep: First Strike,” almost certainly with a great many more to come.

With so much music coming from the man from Arpajon, it’s easy to imagine him turning out songs one after another, but the truth is that each track takes him an enormous amount of time. When he was asked in 2014 by Dope Den Productions to describe the best advice he’d ever been given, Pad replied, “Just take your time and do not release a track too soon. Just refine it, again and again.”

This sentiment shows in the personal connection he feels with his music, too.

“It doesn’t matter to me if you like my music or not,” Pad also said. “But I’ll always share it with you, just in case you like it. Simply put, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed producing and mixing it.”

“Psyko’Pad” by DJ Pad is available from the 4000 Records independent label at over 700 digital music stores worldwide. And it is monumental.

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Swedish metal band Synchrony release debut EP ‘Days in Serenity’

The metal band from Sweden known as Synchrony have released their debut EP record, “Days in Serenity.” The record comes with five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes, making for a comprehensive introduction to metal fans not yet familiar with Synchrony’s signature sound. It has been proudly published on the XJT Music and Cuprite Productions independent record labels. Hammering, roaring, melodic and charged with 21st-century aggression, “Days in Serenity” stands as proof that Synchrony is a nu-metal crew for the new millennium.

Themselves hailing from the Stockholm area, Synchrony cite as artistic influences UK groups such as Architects and Monuments, American bands such as Linkin Park, Periphery and Veil of Maya, and of course Swedish mainstays such as Deceptic, Soilwork and Dead by April.

The style of Synchrony is somewhat more technical than many modern metal groups without becoming overwrought or pretentious, à la mathcore. Fans of progressive rock are likely to be enthusiastic. Each of the members exhibit expert playing: machine-gun percussion, chugging guitars, snappy bass lines, creative synth accompaniments … Yet these instrumentalists never play in such a way as to obstruct their prominent vocals.

Synchrony’s vocals are sung as much as they are screamed, growled or shouted, making “Days in Serenity” more accessible to music fans outside the metal genre than is often the case – a balance which has made some metal bands (like Linkin Park) worldwide sensations, and one which is rapidly endearing Synchrony to listeners both at home and abroad.

This accessibility reveals itself in their songwriting, as well. Speaking of the themes of their music, Synchrony write, “We are inspired by whatever life throws at us. The lyrics are pretty down to earth so that people can easily relate to them.”

Synchrony are Ralph Vahtera (vocals), Robin Stenström (guitar, bass), Niclas Werner (drums), and Elliot Schreiner (screams).

Their current official bio from XJT Music / Cuprite Productions describes them: “Synchrony is a metal band from Sweden formed by Guitarist Robin Stenström and Drummer Niclas Werner in 2015. With a magnificent taste of deep and powerful melodies combined with low-tuned, heavy guitars and progressive riffs, the sound reaches out to both soft and heavy listeners.”

The band would also like to thank XJT Music chief Xander Turian, “for giving us the opportunity and helping us with the release of our debut EP. We owe a lot of our current success to his help and expertise within the music industry.”

“Days in Serenity” by Synchrony is available online at over 700 digital music stores worldwide. Get in early, metal fans.

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African singer-songwriter Merique releases new album ‘The Coming Dawn’

The singer and songwriter from South Africa known as Merique has released her latest rock record, “The Coming Dawn.” The LP contains eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Lunacy Records independent music label. Introspective, passionate, heartfelt and expertly written and performed, “The Coming Dawn” is the latest example that the African indie music scene is ablaze in 2016.

Asked to cite some key artistic influences, Merique notes, “I was exposed to many types of music as a child. In my teens, when I started performing, I studied a large variety of artists so it’s hard to really say who my influences are. But if I’d have to choose a few I’d say: Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Whitney Houston.”

This amalgam gives music fans a good idea of Merique’s own vocal style. She has a broad range largely in the upper register, and stays loyal to most traditional singing principles. Her studio work is unblemished by auto-tune, over-gating, and other technologies which might otherwise wash out her natural tone. Though she’s clearly a practiced chanteuse, Merique’s singing retains a certain raw quality that feels genuine rather than mechanically precise.

Fans of romantic themes in rock and contemporary adult music will be enthusiastic about Merique’s lyrical clout, too.

She writes that her songs on “The Coming Dawn” concern “Mostly heartbreak and dealing with wounds from past relationships. It was actually quite funny – one of the band members turned to me after a session and said, ‘Well, I hope your love life picks up!’ LOL.”

Still: “It’s not that bad though. These aren’t ‘slit-your-wrists’ type songs or anything. They actually all have a powerful side to them where I’m saying, ‘Yes, I’ve been hurt and I’m dealing with a few things, but I’ll be okay! I’m looking up to the coming dawn.’”

Vocalist Merique Hanekom is joined on “The Coming Dawn” by Terry Scarberry on guitars, Dave Copenhaver on bass guitar, Steve Short on drums, and Ryan Jones on keyboards. The record also features strings arranged by David Powell.

Merique has been singing since the age of 14. She graduated from Somerset West music school in 2011 at the top of her class and held two choreographed, sold-out shows at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood, California, where she represented her home nation of South Africa. She went on to be the 18-24 Division and Industry Award winner. In 2013 she completed her VIDLA Certificate in Contemporary Vocal Teaching with Upper Merit while choreographing and playing a lead character in the acclaimed Afrikaans musical “Skalie Skinnerstories tref Stoffontein” [http://www.vidla.uk/].

Her current solo project began in 2015 and saw her recording at Studio Seven in Oklahoma City for Lunacy Records. She took advantage of her time in the USA to shoot an official music video for her popular single, “Last Love Song,” which appears on her new LP as Track 3 and will be available for viewing from Lunacy Records soon.

Merique’s “The Coming Dawn” LP is preceded by three singles not on the new album, “Legacy,” “Butterfl-eyes,” and “Rivers,” the last of which was published to bring awareness to the condition of rivers in South Africa.

“This song is meant for raising awareness regarding the fragile state of our rivers,” Merique has stated. “Just as the rivers are all connected and flow into the sea, so we are all connected and affected by the most important source of life: water. We as humans have a responsibility to educate and make known the fact that we cannot live without water!”

“Rivers” was later associated with a video filmed on-location in South Africa by highly acclaimed film makers Flying Fish Productions, whose work can be seen on National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and BBC.

Merique has performed in South Africa at Bloemfontein, Bethlehem, Welkom, Smithfield (Free State), Rustenburg (North West Province), De Aar and Richmond (Northern Cape), Graaf Reinet and Cradock (Eastern Cape), various cities in Gauteng, Lambertsbaai, Somerset West, Paarl, Langebaan, Malmesbury, Moorreesburg Wellington, Stellenbosch, Oudtshoorn (Western Cape), and in the USA at Los Angeles.

“I’d just like to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me up ’til now,” writes Merique. “Some are new friends, some have been with me from the very beginning and others, I have yet to meet! I’m so excited about what 2016 holds and look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!”

“The Coming Dawn” by Merique is available online at over 700 digital outlets worldwide.

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