Alt-rocker Winter Darks releases debut album ‘Any Place All the Time’

The singer and songwriter of alternative rock music known as Winter Darks has released her debut album, “Any Place All the Time.” The record contains 11 original Winter Darks songs for an approximate total listening time of 42 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Spaceship Radio independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Bearing elements of alt-rock, early indie rock and even pre-millennium emo, “Any Place All the Time” showcases Winter Darks as one of today’s most intriguing rock songwriters.

Portland, Oregon’s Winter Darks cites as main artistic influences Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, classical guitar music, ’90s grunge rock and alternative rock. Elements of these are easily discerned in “Any Place All the Time,” so that fans of the above are sure to find something they appreciate in this Freshman release from Winter Darks.

As her stage moniker hints, Winter Darks began in music under bleak circumstances. Asked to describe her start as an artist, Darks writes, “Isolation + trauma + desperation.” However, she also reveals that creativity in music comes naturally to her: “I started writing melodies and ideas the day I picked up a guitar.”

Darks has described her music as “gloomily optimistic.” A down-to-earth and discernably genuine person, she openly declares her songs “honest and relatable.” Nevertheless, Winter Darks does have an introverted facet to her musical character.

When I started playing guitar,” writes Darks, “I didn’t want anyone to hear what I had written, so I only played guitar for other people’s bands and never sang. I wasn’t that happy, so I tried making my own project using my songs but finding someone to sing my lyrics for me. I never found the right chemistry with anyone, so I tried playing and singing one of my songs at an open mic, and it finally felt right.”

Any Place All the Time,” the debut album from Winter Darks, is available at over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, alt-rock fans.

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Livid Lover releases surprise indie-pop single ‘Ayla You Blow My Mind’

The singer-songwriter known as Livid Lover has released his latest rock single, an indie-pop track titled “Ayla You Blow My Mind.” The track has been dropped with an accompanying B-side, “All Reason’s Leaving Now,” as well as an extended version for fans and enthusiasts. They are the first official releases from Livid Lover since his 2015 LP, “Don’t Worry, I’ll Always Love You … And of Course … Mess with Your Head.” Stylistically accessible, emotionally complex, and as creatively colorful as fans of Livid Lover have come to expect, “Ayla You Blow My Mind” is a single to remind us that contemporary pop can still bring depth and texture into the 21st century.

Livid Lover is the stage name of Blake Nolan Hanson. Hanson is also known for his work with Halo Minor, whose 2015 EP “Further Now You’re Close” features Derek Abrams of Ministry on drums. Hanson cites as main artistic influences a broad spectrum of legends including Stevie Wonder, Sia, the Mars Volta, Failure, the Year Of The Rabbit, Flood, Bjork, Deftones, and Massive Attack.

Also notable on “Ayla…” are the talents of Devin Tomczik, who provided drums and percussion which drive the music and lend palpable adrenaline and power.

Fans of power-pop bands like Big Star and the Plimsouls, as well as those of alternative-rock crews like Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins, are likely to find much to appreciate in “Ayla You Blow My Mind” by Livid Lover. “Ayla…” blends acoustic minimalism in its production with unexpected yet effective chord progressions. Livid Lover’s raw vocals bespeak an underlying blues principle, his lyric style on “Ayla…” and its B-side, “All Reason’s…” venturing into the narrative mode of bluegrass.

This makes sense, as the Minneapolis native has since migrated to the American music hotbed of Nashville.

“Nashville has reinforced in me the importance of the lyric and storytelling,” writes Livid Lover. “I would not have written this single had it not been for the move. Any given night, one can find top-level writers performing. It’s just ridiculous. Humbling and eye opening as well.”

While music from Livid Lover does boast a level of maturity beyond typical “bubblegum” pop standards, Hanson, himself, does not wax proud. In fact, he dislikes taking credit for even his solo work.

“[Who writes my songs?] The multi-verse. My background in studying songwriting helps me collaborate with that infinite intelligence.”

He also helps fans understand his creative process in terms of a purposeful aural awareness.

“I gravitate to what sounds beautiful in my ears and try my best to put together what I can with what I feel I am good at doing. I want those who take time to listen to what I and my lovely collaborators do to have a unique experience. I really just want to become a super version of this weird thing inhabiting my body, and I want to see a huge shift in consciousness take place soon.”

Of no small interest, too, is Livid Lover’s unique method of self-motivation. This notably included the ultimatum of a donation to the Westboro Baptist Church, known for its use of inflammatory hate speech in the media. The artist could not allow himself to fail.

“It was part of a list of tasks to activate a quantum leap in my artist career,” Hanson explains. “My penalty for non-completion was a $50.00 check written to the Westboro Baptist Church. (Not my idea, but a great one to motivate me, I thought). This nine-day list had, like, five YouTube vids to post, a complete demo of ‘Ayla…’ 90% done, and some other uncomfortable things. Tiring week, but it all got done. Westboro got $0 from me, I found the exciting chorus, and I was able to send the song to the one who inspired it on her birthday as a gift.”

Music aficionados have similar reasons to celebrate. Songwriting like that of Livid Lover is a gift to music, itself, and to audiophiles everywhere.

“Ayla You Blow My Mind” by Livid Lover is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now. Get in early.

An official music video for “Ayla You Blow My Mind” is also expected soon.

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Melodic hard-rock band Z-Sides release debut LP ‘Via Negativa’

The melodic hard-rock group known as Z-Sides have released their debut LP record, “Via Negativa.” The album contains no fewer than 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour, making “Via Negativa” a comprehensive Z-Sides experience. It has been proudly published an an independent release outside the financial and managerial influence of the corporate music industry. Charging, soaring, pounding and at times even beautiful, “Via Negativa” from Z-Sides is clearly one of the most intriguing rock releases of 2015.

Z-Sides are a collection of music aficionados from Redwood City, CA. “We come from different backgrounds and different interests,” the band writes. “All of us have been playing since childhood, but our band has only been in existence since 2013.”

They cite as main artistic influences the Clash, Rush, Queens of The Stone Age, Yo La Tengo, Chavez, U2, REM, the Beatles, and Pink Floyd. Their own sound contains audible qualities similar to each of these (some more than others) but the result is a unique blend that cannot be called derivative. In fact, their overall effect is perhaps most reminiscent of the wildly creative, original independent labels like Dischord Records, Revelation Records and New Age Records in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Music on “Via Negativa” is aggressive without sounding macho, evocative without feeling melodramatic, violent without being destructive. Vocals and lyrics form an integral part of their songs but never become the focus of the music at the expense of instrumentation.

Asked to comment on the themes of their debut album, Z-Sides write that their record is “Exploring difficult emotions honestly and with a sense of criticism that is as searing on the self as it is on society or anyone else. We seek to express the depth of true heartache, the elation of true joy and the chaotic beauty of living life.”

The band goes on to note that “the music on this album was written collaboratively and reflects a range of influences larger than any one member of the band.”

As of the time of this writing, reports “Via Negativa” entering the alternative music charts at #3, a startling accomplishment for any record less than 12 hours into its first day on the market. The title of the record itself translates from Latin to ‘by way of negation.’

Z-Sides have publicly stated that their second full-length record is already underway, implying that music fans have a real rock dynamo on their hands in this arresting group of musicians from California’s Bay Area.

“Via Negativa” by Z-Sides is available online at over 600 stores worldwide. Get in early, rock fans. Very early.

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Island singer-songwriter Jamie Gallo releases new album ‘Awakening’

The singer and songwriter from Hawaii known as Jamie Gallo has released her much awaited full-length record, “Awakening.” The LP contains 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It has been published as an independent music release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Melodic, rocking, thrilling, beautiful, powerful and full of the original alternative rock tradition, “Awakening” by Jamie Gallo is the rock record the scene has been wanting.

Jamie Gallo cites as main artistic influences Joni Mitchell, Thom Yorke, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Christina Aguilera, Stevie Nicks, and Al Green. Her own vocal sound and style reflects her great taste in music, having elements of Mitchell and Nicks both, as well as the precision of Houston and the insouciance of Aguilera. Gallo’s overall tone blends groove with grunge and adds a touch of funk. Her “Awakening” album also boasts that particular tenor of folk-rock which gave the original alternative rock groups, bands like Blind Melon and Soul Asylum, the ability to play hard with acoustic instruments or lightly while plugged in.

Like many of the world’s best musicians, Jamie Gallo got her start in music via Sunday psalms.

“I got my first guitar when I was five years old and started singing in church,” she writes. “I was a closet rock junkie as my cousin Johnny turned me on to Beatles and ’70s rock. He was my first inspiration.”

As one might intuit from the title of her record, the themes of “Awakening” remain close to her rock-n-roll roots.

“The songs on this album represent spiritual, relational and social ‘Awakening,’” she writes. “We go through life hoping to gain wisdom from the lessons we learn, and with love that has been burned with each experience we are awakened.”

Jamie Gallo’s current official bio describes her as a mother, writer, advocate, lover and student of life. She has written for film, documentaries, and TV. Playing often on her island home of Maui, her music has been heard as far away as Hollywood, Colorado, Germany, and even China.

“Awakening” by Jamie Gallo is available online worldwide. Fans of alternative rock should get in early.

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Rock band Shinaway releases new LP ‘Love Hate’

Indie rock band from Cheltenham, UK Shinaway have released their anxiously awaited LP album, “Love Hate.” The full-length album has been proudly published on the Slaughter Records independent record label. Containing nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour, “Love Hate” is an arresting example of brilliant songwriting and expert musicianship fans of all genres will appreciate.

At the heart of Shinaway are an uncle-and-nephew duo known as Dodders and Westwood. Asked to cite their main artistic influences, they write, “Very eclectic: the Stone Roses, the Stranglers, Sam Cooke – endless.”

Qualities similar to the above appear in Shinaway’s “Love Hate” LP.

The overall composition of “Love Hate” recalls those patient rock ballads from Stone Roses, albeit in a more modern tone. Shinaway embrace a lo-fi mentality in their studio production, too, preferring to lay down a few excellently performed tracks rather than bury songs in wall-of-sound overdubs. Music by the Stranglers has the same underlying minimalism. Shinaway’s penchant for penning memorable and socially relevant lyrics is akin to the artistic principles of Sam Cooke, who often attributed his success to “the art of observation” during the Civil Rights movement.

Speaking of their own themes on “Love Hate,” Shinaway write, “We wished to write songs about real issues from what’s happening in the news to the very personal challenges that people can face, from mental illness and assault to broader issues such as people displacement. While the subject matter of some of the songs is a little dark, we wanted to create tunes with simple hooks to sing along to.”

The hooks are there, beyond doubt, making “Love Hate” an album which fans of pop will absolutely enjoy. However, to call the LP ‘pop music’ would diminish the lyrical clout of the album. Subjects like the cruelty of humankind (“Head in the Sand”) are dealt with in a straightforward and touching manner that somehow neither darkens nor depresses. These are balanced with less weighty songs like “Wrapped Around Her.”

Additionally, Shinaway have released an official music video for “Wrapped Around Her” available for viewing from their website [link provided below].

All in all, fans of alt-rock around the world have a surprise treat in “Love Hate” by England’s Shinaway. The LP stands as a shining sign that the true spirit and sensibilities of the original indie-rock sound hasn’t just survived – it’s continuing to grow and to flourish in colorful and evocative ways.

“Love Hate” by Shinaway is available online at over 700 stores online worldwide. Get in early, indie and alternative music fans.

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La Machine De Rêve release new single and video ‘Steam Train’

The trio of music artists known as La Machine De Rêve have released their latest single and official video, “Steam Train.” The track is a sultry, shadowy pop song with elements of downtempo, electronica and art rock which will appeal to fans of a great many music genres. It has been published as an independent release outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Elegant, beautiful, entrancing and gracefully dark, “Steam Train” is clear evidence that La Machine De Rêve has great things in store for audiophiles everywhere.

La Machine De Rêve (French for “The Dream Machine”) cite as main artistic influences Zero 7, The xx, Sia, and M83. Elements of all four are to be found in “Steam Train,” ensuring that fans of such groups are certain to be likewise enthusiastic about their sparkling new single. Similarly, listeners who enjoy music by Portishead, Goldfrapp and Massive Attack are sure to find what they’re looking for in music by La Machine De Rêve.

That the trio has penned and produced such a remarkably accessible and enthralling single isn’t surprising considering their pedigree. La Machine De Rêve are singer Donna De Lory, music guru and producer Anthony J. Resta, and filmmaker and guitarist Greg Ansin. A short recounting of their myriad accolades follows.

De Lory has performed and/or recorded with Carly Simon, Ray Parker, Jr., Kim Carnes, Santana, Martika, Laura Branigan, Belinda Carlisle, Selena, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Mylène Farmer, Alisha and Madonna. She sang as Madonna’s backing vocalist and dancer for every concert from the “Who’s That Girl” Tour in 1987 to the “Confessions Tour” in 2006. She last appeared onstage with the original Queen of Pop in 2007.

Drummer, guitarist and programmer Anthony J. Resta has earned twelve RIAA-certified gold and multi-platinum awards, and has been featured in many articles for his innovative recording techniques.

Resta has recorded, produced, mixed, remixed, co-written with or created soundscapes for clients including: Duran Duran (thirty songs including remixes – one platinum, one gold) Collective Soul (one platinum and two gold) Shawn Mullins (one platinum and one gold) Sir Elton John, Perry Ferrell, Megadeth, Sarah Mclaughlin/DMC, Blondie, and a great many others. Resta received his 12th RIAA Gold and Platinum certification for his programming and production work on the soundtracks of the wildly successful “Twilight” films.

Guitarist Greg Ansin is a noted filmmaker and animator. His films include “Infinite Santa 8000,” “Drive-In Horrorshow,” and a documentary on aging called “Growing Old.” The evocative imagery of the official “Steam Train” video makes it clear that Ansin’s film artistry is as much a part of La Machine De Rêve as is his dreamlike guitar work.

Asked to describe the underlying theme of their music, La Machine De Rêve write that their aim is, “to make music that uplifts the mind, body and soul by using the best of the past, present and future.”

“Steam Train” by La Machine De Rêve is available online worldwide beginning 19 June 2015. Fans of excellent music everywhere should definitely get in early. Very early.

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