Seymore Saves the World release new LP ‘Seymore Saves the World (Deluxe Edition)’

The piano-pop heroes from Minneapolis called Seymore Saves the World have released their acclaimed debut LP album in a new revision, “Seymore Saves the World (Deluxe Edition).” The deluxe edition of Seymore Saves the World’s self-titled album comes wrapped with two bonus tracks, “I’m Into Something” and “3 Interludes,” for a total listening time of about 50 minutes. Upbeat, colorful, imaginative and fun, “Seymore Saves the World (Deluxe Edition)” is the new definitive SSW record and a must-listen for fans of piano pop around the world.

Music fans not yet acquainted with Seymore Saves the World should find much in the deluxe debut to chew on. Fans of indie-minded pop artists like Ben Folds are especially likely to appreciate the 14 original songs the LP boasts. Online music critics have recommended Seymore Saves the World’s original debut record to fans of Austin, TX’s Fastball and Los Angeles’ short-lived alternative crew, New Radicals. Fans of indie staples such as the Bad Plus, Weezer, Built to Spill, or Mates of State will likewise strike an interest.

The members of Seymore Saves the World are veteran songwriters and performers in their own right, including Scott Hefte (Superdanger), Shawn Neary (Tapes ‘n Tapes) and Nate Perbix (Cowboy Curtis, “Nate on Drums” TV program).

Like their original debut record, the deluxe “Seymore Saves the World” LP has been proudly published on the Royalty Etc. Records independent music label, which also hosts such popular groups as ZibraZibra, Middlepicker, Collapsticator and Space Camp.

Seymore Saves the World have been called “a thorough dose of pop mastery” that “delves deep into the mind of the outcast teenager and maverick nerd.” Pitchfork’s Adam Moerder called the songs on their debut record “well executed.” The BG News scored the original record at a B+, calling it “a break from the ordinary … saving your ears from the mundane,” going on to recommend the record “for the experience of hearing the unique musical sound [Seymore Saves the World] have to offer.”

“Seymore Saves the World (Deluxe Edition)” by Seymore Saves the World is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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