DJ A+lasvegas releases new single, ‘Tell Me You Love Me’

The popular Nevada DJ known as DJ A+lasvegas has released his latest single track, “Tell Me You Love Me.” The single has been proudly published on the Rockdapartycrew Records independent music label without the direction or financial support of the corporate music industry. It has been released with both an a-cappella and instrumental edition of the track, also. Sultry, sexy, booming with bass and full of soul, “Tell Me You Love Me” is the latest reason for music fans to sit up and pay attention to this prominent DJ and music producer from Las Vegas.

DJ A+lasvegas (Rodney Munnings) is known across the nation for being a premier nightclub and party DJ spinning the best in electronica, hip hop, house, jazz, reggae, rock, Latin, Brazilian, UK underground beats, oldies music and more. His new “Tell Me You Love Me” single is the most significant official release from the artist since his “Girl You Feel So Good” single dropped in February of 2014 (also from Rockdapartycrew Records).

As professional DJs go, DJ A+lasvegas has a resume that would make most of his competition blush.

A+ has spun at Rhumbar at the Mirage, Pure at Caesar’s Palace, House of Blues and Coral Reef at Mandalay Bay, both Studio 54 and Taboo at the MGM Grand, Tao, Tao Beach and Azure at the Venetian, Casino Windsor in Canada, Palapa Lounge at the Palms, XS, Cherry, the Ghost Bar, Sugar Cane, the Playboy Suites, and the Lake Las Vegas Resort, among others including many private parties on the East and West Coasts of the United States.

In addition to the above, DJ A+lasvegas is also an accomplished percussionist specializing in congas, timbales, bongos, and other exotic instruments. He has performed live with mainstream artists including LMFAO, Gregory Hines, Bon Jovi, Usher, Salt-n-Pepa, the Blue Man Group, Chris Angel, Natasha Bedingfield, Nick Cannon, Maroon 5, Train, HBO Comic Relief and yet more.

He brings these talents with him to the turntables, enhancing his performances as DJ by playing live percussion. Adding to this live flavor, DJ A+lasvegas prides himself on not using a playlist.

“I’m open minded and spin on the fly,” he writes. “Every night is fresh and every crowd is unique. I go with my crowd’s vibe.”

Ever the unstoppable artist, DJ A+lasvegas has a motto by which he closely lives:

“God has created a creator – and I will create.”

“Tell Me You Love Me” by DJ A+lasvegas is available online worldwide at over 700 digital music stores now.

-S. McCauley

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Funeral Strippers release new LP ‘Wonder Woman’

The electronica music duo known as Funeral Strippers have released their newest LP album, “Wonder Woman.” The full-length record contains 15 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour, making for a comprehensive Funeral Strippers experience for those not yet acquainted with the band. It has been proudly published on the FunStrip Records independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. In turns danceable and evocative, emotionally complex and irresistibly fun, “Wonder Woman” is a standout Euro-pop album music lovers around the world are sure to appreciate.

Australia’s Funeral Strippers are Adrian Klineberg and Dan Karni. They cite among important influences Radiohead, David Guetta, Turin Brakes, Manic Street Preachers, and Calvin Harris. While they share a great many sonic similarities with these, Funeral Strippers music can’t be imagined as an amalgam of the above. Their music includes many disparate elements, such as ’90s Euro-house music, dancehall, ’80s pop, and even a bit of goth.

The record manages to hit nearly every note on the emotional scale, having moments both high and low. It offers exuberant songs and melancholy songs, neither pushing to a melodramatic extreme. Songwriting on “Wonder Woman” by Funeral Strippers is natural, infectious, and narrative without being pretentious. Studio production is spotless, even striking. All performances both vocal and instrumental are easily as good as those boasted by the best-loved records in the world.

In addition to the performances of Klineberg and Karni, themselves, “Wonder Woman” also features the considerable talents of Dave Gdanski and Alex Burkoy.

Speaking of the themes of their new LP, Funeral Strippers’ Klineberg writes, “The album was written for a woman who has had some real tough times. We met 20 years ago and 20 years on, I, Adrian, have rekindled the relationship.”

But the record isn’t strictly personal. On the contrary, it speaks to everyone who’s experienced hardship and needed (or needs) to persevere.

“The album exudes strength and power to get through the hard times,” writes Klineberg, “but at the same time it expresses an amazing love story.”

“Wonder Woman” is the most prominent official release from Funeral Strippers since their 2013 debut LP, “There’s a Time and a Place for Dancing.” The record surprised critics for its broad variety, undeniable pop appeal, and cheeky sense of humor.

On the release date of their new album, Funeral Strippers offered this message to their fans: “Thanks to the moon and back for the remarkable love and support through the tough times!”

“Wonder Woman” by Funeral Strippers is available online worldwide now. Get in early, fans of dance and electronica. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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Christian singer Philia Dens releases debut single ‘Give Me Hope’

The singer of contemporary Christian music known as Philia Dens has released her debut single, “Give Me Hope.” The track has been widely distributed to over 700 digital music stores online around the world. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Soulful and inspirational, beautiful and heartfelt, “Give Me Hope” is a sign that Philia Dens is a Christian musician the world should hear.

Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Philia Dens lists Whitney Houston, Kirk Franklin, Lara George, and Charlotte Dipanda. Her own sound takes the elegance of Houston and stirs into it the songwriting talent of Franklin and George. Dens’ singing also has endearing, upbeat overtones similar to the exotic warmth which has made Dipanda an international favorite.

But while beauty is certainly present in “Give Me Hope” by Philia Dens, it is the message of her music that remains the focal point of her efforts. According to Dens, herself, this message is one of “Grace to forgive” and the “hope to live again.” She writes directly to her listeners and fans, saying, “Regardless of your past sins, you have a chance to live again by the blood of Jesus.”

Born of royal blood in Bamenda, Cameroon on the west coast of Central Africa, Philia Dens has been singing since the age of four. Her mother would take her to hospitals to sing to newborn babies. At 14, she began writing music, original songs which were incorporated as hymns in churches and schools. Following high school, Dens moved to the USA to follow her musical passion. She has opened for mainstream acts such as Petit Pays and performs regularly at churches, weddings, graduations, and more. She is renowned for her humanist principles in music.

“Before I write a song, I think of its impact on the population and how they will relate to it,” Philia Dens writes. “My style is a fusion of gospel, inspirational, and soul. I sing to touch souls and impact people positively.”

“Give Me Hope” by Philia Dens is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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LA trip-hop crew Tremble releases debut EP ‘In the Chaos’

The dusky electronica trio from Los Angeles known as Tremble have released their long-awaited debut EP, “In the Chaos.” Like their previous singles, it is being proudly published as an independent release outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Sleek, sexy, dark and danceable, “In the Chaos” by Tremble is single-handedly igniting the LA trip-hop scene all over again.

Tremble’s timing couldn’t be better. 2016 has seen the surprise return of Massive Attack, complete with vocalist Tricky, a North American tour by Thievery Corporation, and the promise of a new LP from DJ Shadow. But none of this is happening on the West Coast, where trip-hop service has always been more spotty than in locales like England, France, or even just New York City.

Enter Tremble, a classy-as-hell band of audiophiles with that brooding, silky sound that makes you want to put on your best clothes and stroll around the city at night with your headphones on, preferably during a light drizzle. Their “In the Chaos” album contains five tracks for a listening time approaching half an hour, making it closer to a full-length than just a couple singles bundled together and dubbed an EP.

These songs make excellent additions to playlists including work by Massive Attack, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Garbage, Florence and the Machine, Radiohead, Banks, Lorde, etc. But make no mistake, Tremble doesn’t just “fit in” with such excellent company. Their patient, groovy, pensive sound stands out as their own – and where the Tremble sound goes, heads turn.

A fine example of this is Tremble’s cover of Jason Derulo’s “Want to Want Me” pop track which they sneaked out in January with only a nudge to their loyal Facebook and SoundCloud following. Made over in their signature electronica elegance and garbed in whispery trills and heartbeat bass thumps, the track quietly launched into the stratosphere with over a million online plays in less than three weeks. How’s that for turning heads?

And they’re not sitting on their hands, either. Plans for a second EP and their debut full-length have also been announced. At least one official video is already in the can. All of this, Tremble says, should come to pass before 2017. But for now “In the Chaos” is thrilling enough for trip-hop lovers everywhere.

“We are so excited to finally put out our first EP,” write Tremble. “We encourage people to listen to it loud on their systems or on phones, hopefully good quality audio, as we took great care with the production. And listen from start to finish as it works as a whole and takes the listener on a journey.”

Themes on their powerful first collection include addictive love, facing depression, and the all-too-fast pace of life. They describe the impetus behind “Illumination” as, “the glory of when you finally wake up, the opening of your eyes in the same situation you were previously half-awake in.” They describe “The Grand Design” as being about: “The process of creation. The sacred dance between masculine and feminine. The forming of the earth … a kind of scientific abstract expression of all kinds of creation, relating relationship to the forming of the universe.”

Naturally, Tremble aren’t being ignored by their hometown of Hollywood. Already two of the tracks on “In the Chaos” have been licensed for television. “Lost in that Feeling,” is featured on a new MTV program called Suspect which airs March 2nd. The aforementioned single, “Illumination,” made its debut on the soundtrack for the hit drama, Finding Carter.

“We love when our music gets used in film and TV and helps tell a story,” says Tremble.

“In the Chaos” from Tremble is available online worldwide beginning early March, 2016. Get in very, very early, fans of great music. This one’s easy.

-S. McCauley

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Veteran DJ Josh One releases new single and video ‘Further’ feat. Eighty

The DJ known around the world as Josh One has released his latest single, “Further,” feat. Eighty. Like all Josh One’s recent material, the track has been proudly published on the Boomnote Music independent record label without the influence of the corporate music industry. An accompanying instrumental version has also been released. A blend of beats, bass, and some of the most clarion vocals ever to grace an electronica record, “Further” by Josh One feat. Eighty deserves the praise and attention of music lovers everywhere.

Long Beach, CA’s Josh One cites as main influences Portishead, a Tribe Called Quest, the Roots, and

DJ Shadow. Imagining a cross between these comes very close to the Josh One sound, a sound that is far more than simply ‘good.’ A veteran of the turntables since 1990, DJ Josh One has shared the stage with Mos Def, the Wu-Tang Clan, a Tribe Called Quest, Sean Paul, the Roots, Kelis, J Dilla, the Black Eyed Peas, Cypress Hill, Gangstarr, Anthony Hamilton, and many, many more. He has performed live in England, Germany, most American states and elsewhere.

Singer and songwriter Eighty is perhaps best known for her 2014 LP album, “Escape to Mount Cyanide,” but digital music shelves are well-stocked with her singles and music videos. Once signed to the Chime label as the lead vocalist and founder of Jupiter Rising, Eighty is now respected and loved as a solo artist for her precise, natural singing, thought-provoking lyrics and frequent creative collaborations.

“Further” is far from the only notable collab between Josh One and Eighty. 2013 saw Eighty as the featured vocalist on Josh One’s “First,” as well as Josh One as Eighty’s featured DJ on her well-received “Universal” single. Solidifying the duo as an artistic force, they worked side-by-side to create a highly stylized version of the seasonal carol, “We Three Kings.” “Further” represents the most recent example that Josh One’s beat-heavy, groove-based tone and Eighty’s confident, elegant vocals are undeniable compliments to one another.

Fans of Josh One have reason to celebrate this release of “Further” beyond the beauty of the track, itself. According to the Boomnote Music label, “Further” is the first glimpse of an impending Josh One full-length album, currently untitled, which is expected to drop relatively soon.

Audiophiles can expect Josh One and Eighty to deliver in every sonic way with “Further” (and should seek out their other singles by all means, too). “Further” has been published with an official music video, link provided below.

“Further” by Josh One feat. Eighty is available online worldwide. Get in early, electronica fans.

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Guitarist Joe Cantamessa releases ‘Transcending’ EP

The guitarist and songwriter of progressive rock known as Joe Cantamessa has released his debut solo EP record, “Transcending.” The extended-play album contains 18 minutes of listening and has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction or influence of the corporate music industry. Sonorous, passionate, towering and inspiring, Joe Cantamessa’s “Transcending” EP truly delivers on its title.

New Jersey’s Joe Cantamessa cites as influences classical re-visionary Neil Zaza, Dream Theater founders John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy, composer Paganini, prog death metal group Ne Obliviscaris, Australian instrumental rocker Robert Spurling, French black metal band Peste Noire, classic rock legend Captain Beefheart, and the fundamental prog-rock crew, Yes.

Cantamessa’s own “Transcending” EP is a genuine, green branch of the prog rock movement that brings it thriving into the 21st century. While he is not alone in this, “Transcending” stands as one of the best examples of indie prog since the scene’s revival over the last decade.

Joe Cantamessa describes his debut solo album as “a four-track EP that sets the mood for one’s own mental imagery. The absence of words allows you to focus solely on the music and gives you a consistent stimulus that shuts out distractions from your environment.”

That instrumental narrative like this thrums at the core of the progressive rock movement should not surprise the prog-rock fan. What is surprising, however, is how effective, evocative and even visceral a four-song EP by a solo artist can be. The tracks on “Transcending” dovetail into and out of one another. They rise and swirl like bats from a cave. They dive into the chest of the listener and become unexpected feelings, fresh ideas from somewhere in the aether.

While one could wax poetic about Cantamessa’s expertise on guitar, really it is his highly melodic, highly intuitive songwriting which overachieves. He’s developed his seemingly innate writing skill over a slew of music projects (I Am the Trireme, Inanimate, Remnants of Winter, The Banner, Desolate Sorrow) but as is often the case, it may be his time as a music teacher which has ultimately refined his creativity.

Joe Cantamessa has been playing guitar since the age of 13. He has cut several records, including full-lengths, and is professionally endorsed by Colorado’s The Guitarmory, Ltd., who provides a Joe Cantamessa signature guitar-pickup set and Guitarmory D3-7 guitar.

Definitive proof that all the above results in high-grade, top-shelf, cutting-edge progressive rock may easily be sampled at the artist’s official website (link provided below).

The “Transcending” EP by Joe Cantamessa is available at over 700 online music stores worldwide now. Get in early, prog rock fans.

-S. McCauley

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Rapper Polo Neemz releases new single ‘Shimmy Splice’

The rapper known as Polo Neemz has released his latest official single track, “Shimmy Splice.” The track has been proudly published on the Supreme Stacks Entertainment independent record label. A dance track with moves and grooves unlike any hip-hop release before it, “Shimmy Splice” by Polo Neemz is a new sound for a new era.

Polo Neemz started his music career in Seat Pleasant, MD, and today calls the “DMV” area home (DC, MD, VA). He cites as main artistic influences urban poets such as Gucci Mane, Project Pat, Outkast, T.I., and Young Jeezy, but also legends of soul music such as Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye.

His “Shimmy Splice” single is different from the music of the above, however, in that it spearheads a dance move and a style of music that has never been seen or heard before.

Asked to comment on his vision for the single, Neemz writes, “I wanted to create a new sound and dance everyone can do. This will be the next big thing!”

“Shimmy Splice” is the most significant official release from Polo Neemz since his 2015 single presented by Tocabang, “Puerto Rico,” which also featured Smackcrack and Oochie. Several other tracks are available for listening online, including “Nascar,” “Too Sexy,” and “I Don’t Trust.”

Though Neemz creates his own music, he’s also quick to give credit to those with whom he works.

“I’m a solo artist,” he writes. “I wrote and produced the single. I want to give recognition to everybody at Supreme Stacks Entertainment, Tay Rashad and District Porter.”

Always keen to perform live, Polo Neemz is known for his shows in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Silver Spring, MD.

Polo Neemz’s current official bio describes him as bringing “a very new and unique style to the music scene.” It goes on to say, “’People opportunities last once’ is the motto he lives by and you can hear it in his music. Every chance he gets to entertain his fans, he puts on an epic showdown. There is more to come from this talented individual in the months to come! Stay tuned.”

“Shimmy Splice” by Polo Neemz is available online at over 700 digital music stores worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

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Rapper Grave Leathers releases new single ‘Neverseethem’

The artist of trap music known as Grave Leathers has released his new single, “Neverseethem.” The track has been published on the Gene Boi Production, LLC independent record label, entirely outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Ambient, bass-driven, conceptual and visceral all at the same time, “Neverseethem” by Grave Leathers is easily one of the most intriguing trap singles of 2016 so far.

Grave Leathers hails from the East Coast tradition (Portsmouth, VA to be exact) but his music is not traditional even by modern trap standards. A fine example of his characteristic style, “Neverseethem” comes close to the boundary of electronica and trip-hop music while remaining deeply rooted in the rap category.

Grave’s stage name hints at the foreboding feel of his music, which is unnerving in its overt sensory appeal. Much of his highly textured sound comes from carefully sculpted background beats, melodies and effects. But it is the aggressive, yet intelligent urban poetry from Leather, himself, which retains the spotlight.

That details regarding the artist are difficult to come by adds to his shadowy mystique, intentional or not. He is most active at his official SoundCloud page, where fans can currently hear many of his original tracks. An official Instagram account also exists, but information about him at both sites is scarce. Perhaps most interesting to new Grave Leathers fans will be his official YouTube channel [links provided below].

Even seen online, a live performance from Grave Leathers is an experience to say the least, as evidenced by a bootleg video shot in June of 2015. The video gives listeners a window onto a full Grave Leathers set. Even viewed and heard through what seems to be a cell phone, the video proves Grave to be a natural front man, a flawless rapper with each line and rhyme at his instant disposal. His mix-master gives bulletproof support, chucking a barrage of mind-altering audio at the crowd.

“Neverseethem” from Grave Leathers brings all of this together with razor-sharp studio production in his most widely distributed single to date. Fans of trap and trip-hop should definitely give the track a well-deserved listen.

“Neverseethem” by Grave Leathers is available online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

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“Neverseethem” by Grave Leathers –

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