Ras Marcus releases new LP ‘Turn Another Page’

The singer and songwriter of roots music known as Ras Marcus has released his latest LP record, “Turn Another Page.” The LP has been proudly published on the Mind Music Production independent music label without support from the corporate music industry. The album comprises no fewer than 13 original tracks from the artist for an approximate total listening time of nearly one full hour. Partly traditional, yet with fresh innovations which bespeak a brand of reggae the world has not yet heard, “Turn Another Page” by Ras Marcus is at once a return to classic roots music and a worthy addition to the reggae canon at large.


Ras Marcus cites as main artistic influences such contemporary titans of the reggae and toasting scene as U Roy, I-Roy, Big Youth, Ranking Joe, Sister Nancy, Sugar Minott, Capleton, and Beres Hammond. His own signature mode of roots reggae often sounds unlike anything fans of the genre are likely to be familiar with, while at other times he invokes the same spirits of the tradition which gave rise to perennial favorites like the Marley family and Desmond Dekker and the Aces.


Describing of the major themes of “Turn Another Page,” Ras Marcus writes, “My music shares the sweet essence of life through real music which embodies the upliftment, the joy, and the happiness of one’s mind, body and spirit. My fans will realize that the message of Rastafarian will ever be true and inspiring. Keep in mind that as we trod along life’s way, one have to make sure that when you know that you have something good don’t just throw it away.”


The understanding – or overstanding, as it is often stated in Rastafari – of self and of personal identity is central to the way of life that is Rastafari. This way of life is a central idea in the music of Ras Marcus.


He writes that the message of his new album, “Turn Another Page,” is “The message of understanding one’s self and that there is a divine power that guards over us and gives us the ability to create music for the world. The music that I sing will help to unify the nation through the message and teachings of Rastafari.”


Also at the heart of the Rastafarian way of life and of roots music, therefore, is the concept and practice of love.


“As a Rasta I will always show love to everyone,” Ras Marcus writes. “My music is always sending the message of love, peace, equal rights, and justice to everyone in this universe. I hope that my fans will never give up on their dreams and always keep in mind that in the midst of challenges, you must find a way to work with what the Almighty has given to you. Jah bless and one love.”


“Turn Another Page” by Ras Marcus is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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Turn Another Page” by Ras Marcus –



Sebastian R releases new single ‘Starlight’

The singer and songwriter known as Sebastian R has released his latest single track, “Starlight.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without financial backing from the corporate music infrastructure. Creative, inspiring, melodic and funky all at once, “Starlight” by Sebastian R is a song in a genre all its own.


Sebastian R cites as main artistic influences such legends as Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Jon Secada, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, Al Green, and Carlos Santana. Coming from such a mixed musical background, the signature Sebastian-R sound is appropriately fresh and unexpected, exhibiting many of the best attributes of them all. Additionally, the artist’s specific aim is to make a new style of his own, and he has very explicit reasons for so doing.


“My main goal is to provide listeners with a music that sounds unlike anything they’ve ever heard in current commercial genres,” writes Sebastian R, adding that he intends likewise to make a sound that is “clearly rooted in the work of great musicians of the past, like the soul, R&B and Motown legends, and other many other performers from the ’80s and ’90s.”


Like many other independent musicians and music critics of the last few years, Sebastian R sees something desperate in the state of modern music as a whole. With his own sonic art, he actively works to rebuild the scene from the inside out.


“I want to offer crafty tunes, quality lyrics and high production values so that many music lovers regain hope in the future of this art.”


The Columbian-born Sebastian R has been performing music since the age of 12, when he took up guitar and played in metal bands. From guitar he moved to drums, keyboard and bass guitar, but finally decided that vocal work was most fascinating to him. Using many lyrics penned by his brother, David, it is in singing that Sebastian R has found his proper niche. His official artist’s bio concludes, “After concluding his studies of industrial engineering, he continues to broaden his skills as a singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur.”


“Starlight” by Sebastian R is available online worldwide.


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Starlight” by Sebastian R –



Electronica band Factions releases new self-titled LP

The eclectic digital music group known as Factions has released their long-awaited, self-titled LP record, “Factions.” The record has been proudly published on the Genre Electronica Records independent music label without financial support from the corporate music industry. It is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. Colorfully nuanced, masterfully textured, and founded on groove after groove of booming back beats, “Factions” by Factions is much more than an EDM album, one which fans of any genre can take interest in.


Factions cite among main artistic influences such popular acts as Hardwell, Getter, Lucky Date, Mak J, Kavinsky, Botnek, Daft Punk, Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, and Deadmau5. Intuitively, their definitive album has many of the attributes which first made the dubstep sound recognizable (and unstoppable) in the first decade of the new millennium. Nevertheless, each member of Factions has a sonic character that stands out as unique against those of his band mates, giving the LP twists and turns not unlike those of a compilation.


Additionally, “Factions” is a concept album for the modern era.


“We created an idea about a futuristic society that has reached it’s apex and is on the verge of collapse,” writes Factions. “This overall feel of the record carries through the rise and falls of the energy in the album. The title ‘Factions’ actually relates to the process in which it was created, as well, because of the different people that came together, put in efforts as a group, and made one solid project as a whole.”


This amalgam is at the heart of the overall Factions tone, and is part of what makes listening to the LP so satisfying.


“The team that created this album was diverse,” they write, “and therefore the album itself is diverse. The genres found on the album range from house music to dubstep and beyond and serve to reflect the title, the team, and the message, ‘Factions.’”


The band has been described elsewhere as “a group of students that have wholeheartedly devoted themselves to going after their goals in life; each individual student brings a different component into the mix biased on their techniques and background. Most members of this team started with music at very early ages and started the pursuit of producing high-quality music out of the passion of listening to it.”


“Factions” by Factions is available online worldwide.


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“Factions” by Factions –

Members and Websites –


Jordan Phamus Stewart

Marc Rivas

Brett landry

Steven Bates

Mitch Lincoln
Cody Ball
Gabriel Martinez





Devon Diep releases new video ‘Ain’t That a B-tch!’

The singer and songwriter known as Devon Diep has released her latest video single, “Ain’t That a B-tch!” The video has been distributed to every major site at which official music videos are debuted (link supplied below). Stylish, danceable, sexy and fun, “Ain’t That a B-tch!” by Devon Diep is a video listeners of any music genre are sure to be attracted to.


Devon Diep is a multi-talented music artist, model, and actress from Boston, MA. She cites as main artistic influences Michael Jackson, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, and Demi Lovato. The inspiration of each of these can be felt, heard and seen in “Ain’t That a B-tch!” though the overall package has a panache that belongs to Devon Diep alone.


An impetuous, passionate and creatively driven artist, Diep not only co-wrote the song with her producer, sang the track and performed in the video, but also acted as executive producer of the video, herself. As a result, her “Ain’t That a B-tch!” music video provides a window into the endlessly colorful character of Devon Diep which reveals her to be an indomitable and free-spirited young woman, as well as a caring and thoughtful one.


Asked to describe the main themes of “Ain’t That a B-tch!” Diep writes simply: “Strong; Independent; Love; Passion; Fun; Hope.”


Devon Diep’s “Ain’t That a B-tch!” video follows close on the heels of her most widely recognized music success to date, “Green Dragon,” which has been featured on the official soundtrack to Martin Scorsese’s September 2014 film, “Revenge of the Green Dragons” as the film’s title track. She is educated in music, theater, dance, and art.


Devon Diep has appeared in campaigns and commercials for such names as Estée Lauder, Donna Karan, Axe Men’s Body Spray, Reebok, Puma, Converse, Coke, Disney, Nickelodeon, Bose, Toyota, Lexus, Target, L.L. Bean, Walmart, Foxwoods Casinos, Timberland, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Skyy Vodka, Pinnacle Vodka and AT&T. She has played in such popular TV and film titles as “Top Gear,” “Body of Proof,” “Something Borrowed,” “Ted,” and “The Heat.”


She has also worked as an art and beauty director, her work having been featured at the Forbes Gallery in New York City and in many publications. Her debut record album is currently being produced by Grammy Award winning producers J-Roc and King Logan of Timbaland Productions.


“Ain’t That a B-tch!” by Devon Diep is available for viewing online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

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Ain’t That a B-tch!” by Devon Diep —


LJ Bey releases new EP ‘Black Rose’

The singer and songwriter known as LJ Bey has released his latest EP, “Black Rose.” The album is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 23 minutes, making for a satisfying and comprehensive introduction to this performer from Benicia, CA. It has been proudly published on the Elite House LLC independent music label without financial support from the multinational, corporate music industry. Smooth, stylish, and strikingly classy, “Black Rose” is a romance-filled record any fan of pop, hip hop, R ‘n’ B or soul can get into.


LJ Bey cites as main artistic influences such popular legends as Beyoncé, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher, John Mayer, Maroon 5, and James Brown. His signature sound, however, is all his own. Rooted mainly in a masculine, yet tenderhearted vocal style that never gets gaudy nor bland, Bey’s voice is consistently crystalline and stunning. His self-penned lyrics, too, are a major part of his music.


Asked to discuss the major themes of his “Black Rose” EP, Bey writes in succinct English just five words, each on their own respective line:


“Love / Justice / Freedom / Peace / Truth.”


Bey’s official artist’s bio describes him as a dichotomy. These two halves stem from his having been bred in Benicia before having moved to West Oakland at an early age.


“The two dynamics were intriguing to him,” it reads. “Both the urban life and suburban life educated him and enlightened him to both sides. He used this influence in his music at early ages, swooning his crew’s way into a spot in the USA World Showcase as a mere high-school freshman.”


LJ Bey has since collaborated and worked with such artists and organizations as E40, who is perhaps best-known for songs like “Tell Me When to Go” and “Function,” Drew Money, producer of Nikki Minaj’s “Right Through Me,” BET 106, Park ‘Blaze the Stage,’ Tha Outfit, San Quinn, Iamsu, Rayven Justice, and still more.


Bey has been variously described as an MC, guitarist, pianist, vocalist and composer, as well as a songwriter, vocal coach, director and philanthropist.


“Black Rose” by LJ Bey is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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Black Rose” by LJ Bey –
Website –




Chrono releases new single ‘All We Do’

The rapper from Chicago known as Chrono has released his latest hip-hop single, “All We Do.” The track has been released in both a definitive version and one edited for public radio, both of which are available to the public online. It has been proudly published on the Laconic Music Group independent record label. Rowdy, aggressive, and full of thumping, pounding bass, “All We Do” is evidence that Chrono is a name to watch in the global hip-hop underground.


Chrono cites as main artistic influences such names as Tupac Shakur, Dolla, Eminem, and Chance the Rapper.


“My influences are a small portion [of my sound],” Chrono writes, “but they matter to me.”


He also makes particular mention of his older brothers.


“I wasn’t much of a music head when I was little, but when my older brothers would rap and record in the basement in my house, they inspired me to check hip hop out. They would always rap and I was just around them, soaking it in at the age of seven, but I didn’t think it would make me be involved in what they’re still involved with now.”


Chrono’s “All We Do” has beats to spare and plenty of space, in which Chrono’s rhymes and lines take center stage. He raps with tact and patience, always razor sharp, never letting up the attack. His single is a party anthem which is highly danceable and endlessly exciting, a catalyst for explosive Friday nights.


Describing his new track’s main themes, Chrono writes, “The single is a fun, club banger meant to be played in the club or while driving, just having fun. It’s meant to make people feel good while they are hanging out together.”


A key line from the song goes, “Ballin’, yeah, that’s all we do.”


“My Producer, GL, went HAM [Hard As a Mother–] on the beat. He also produced ‘Girls Gone Wild’ by Montana Da Mac which was a club anthem.”


Performing hip hop isn’t any new thing to Chrono, either. Though still young, himself, he’s already a veteran of the mic.


“I’ve been rapping since I was 13 years old,” he relates, “but at the age of 15 it became something I wanted to take serious. I knew there was always something in me that was special and every time I would converse with someone that was interested in me, they would say something along the lines of ‘You’re going to be something one day.’”


The day is now.


“All We Do” by Chrono is available online worldwide.


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All We Do” by Chrono –


Website –



Tyde Moore release new EP ‘Edifier’

The Christian songwriters from Concord, CA known as Tyde Moore have released their latest EP record, “Edifier.” The record contains five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 18 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the support of the corporate music infrastructure, and has an official drop date of 28 October 2014. In addition to the considerable talents of core members David Andrew Moore and Krista Tyde Moore, “Edifier” also features the talents of popular musician and songwriter, Nathan Brumley. Touching, uplifting, and full of rhythm and groove, “Edifier” by Tyde Moore is a Christian pop album which does much more than merely ‘pop!’


Tyde Moore cite as main artistic influences Casting Crowns, Kutless, Matthew West, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, Chris Tomlin, and “countless others.” Their own sound is easy to get into and hard to pigeonhole, a tone that is rich and natural without seeming contrived in any way. Their personal characters are discernible in both their careful songwriting and matter-of-fact performances, the recordings of which on “Edifier” are earnest, evocative, and clearly played with Jesus Christ in mind.


Speaking of the themes of their new EP, Tyde Moore write, “’Edifier’ has more than one message because the subject of edification is so broad. It’s about lifting other people up spiritually; it’s about sharing God’s love, and it’s about personal triumph and the need to change and be better. It’s about giving all of yourself to Jesus.”

Tyde Moore is the professional name of husband-and-wife duo, David Andrew Moore and Krista Tyde Moore.
“I started writing poetry,” writes David, “and found that I enjoyed it very much, but I wanted to take it to another level and learn lyric writing. With some help, I did that and now my wife Krista and I write songs together under the name Tyde Moore.”

Among the tracks on “Edifier,” one in particular stands out in terms of style and theme: the memorial anthem, “Irreplaceable.”


Speaking specifically of the track, Tyde Moore write:


“This song is about us (all children of God), each being irreplaceable in His eyes. Just as a parent may have several children, if they lose one child, that child can never be replaced by another no matter what similarities they may have.


“We consider ‘Irreplaceable’ to be the most suitable for radio from the new ‘Edifier’ EP, along with ‘Let Me Be Your Mouth,’ but all songs from the EP were made with radio airplay in mind. ‘Irreplaceable’ is dedicated to David Moore’s brother, Kenneth Howe, who is proof that each of us are irreplaceable.


“Kenny died in 1992 of Leukemia and if you ask any of his family, especially his mother and David’s mother, Betty, they will tell you that he can never be replaced in their hearts. If we can love someone so much, how much more can God love each of us?”


A recent post to David’s Twitter account reads, “Kenny didn’t have last the name Moore, because he had a different dad, but he and my bro Vee, I will always consider to be my full (not half) brothers.”


David Andrew Moore also has a sister, Tina Howe, who shares the same mother and father as David.


“Edifier” by Tyde Moore is available online worldwide beginning 28 October 2014.


-S. McCauley

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Edifier” by Tyde Moore at the official Tyde Moore website –



Over the Reason release new LP ‘Qualms of Reality’

The metalcore music crew from Toulon, France known as Over the Reason have released their latest LP record, “Qualms of Reality.” The record is composed of nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes, making for a roundly comprehensive introduction to this heavy-hitting rock group for fans of the genre not yet acquainted with their brand of sonic violence. Grating, explosive, vitriolic and as dark as ocean trenches, “Qualms of Reality” by Over the Reason is the latest evidence that France has one of the most thriving metal scenes in the world today.


Over the Reason cite as main artistic influences such popular bands as Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, All That Remains, and Avenged Sevenfold. Additionally, their official Facebook page also makes mention of Trivium, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Azyd Azylum, The Arrs, Dagoba, Korn, and Slipknot. Fans of these can intuit what they’re getting into with the new OtR record, which fits exceedingly well between any of the above.


Speaking openly of the themes of “Qualms of Reality,” Over the Reason write: “With this album, firstly, we wanted to [raise a glass] with our listeners with the song ‘We Are,’ where it’s all about leaving our problems behind and enjoying our time together, the band and the audience.
“After that the lyrics of this album are mostly about all the difficulties and tragedies that may be encountered as a [romantically involved] couple, from nervous breakdowns and cheating (‘The Truth’) to molestation (‘It Ain’t a Game’), but also about rape and murder (‘The Danger’).


“Long story short, we wanted to denounce one of the most insidious sides of mankind.”


Over the Reason have been described as creating a positive atmosphere with a powerful, energetic and “aerial” sound. Their new LP was mastered at Homeless Records and features the new Over the Reason sound which has emerged following some lineup changes and a lengthy stint writing and recording their first independent release. The band has called their fresher, revamped set list, “a combination of the spirit and the versatility of the old songs with some new, louder and heavier influences.”


“Qualms of Reality” by Over the Reason is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

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“Qualms of Reality” by Over the Reason –
Website –



Larisa Gosla releases new EP ‘Suddenly’

The pop singer and songwriter known as Larisa Gosla has released her debut EP record, “Suddenly.” The record contains six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the support of the corporate music industry. Upbeat, pretty, and bursting with creative colors and sonic textures, “Suddenly” by Larisa Gosla is one of the most intriguing and unique records to drop in 2014.


Gosla, who performs and lives in Los Angeles, cites as main artistic influences pop favorites such as Jason Mraz, Marc Broussard, Sara Barreilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Peggy Lee, and Renee Olstead. As a singer, Gosla’s own tonal character is a surprising blend of the traditional and the singular, resulting in a high-quality, high-gloss timbre that lends itself exceptionally well to both melody and harmony. “Suddenly” by Larisa Gosla is a flawlessly executed and produced EP that is reminiscent of certain attributes of Feist, Regina Spektor, and Helen Reddy.


Writing candidly of the themes of her debut record, Gosla explains, “The messages I like to share in my music are ones that are uplifting and positive. Ones that show you the TRUTH of life and echo back those words of truth. Songs that MOVE you, that when you listen to the lyrics you know exactly how to feel. Things you can relate to in your own life. And lastly the message is one of hope and continuing strength.”


A natural performer, Gosla has been onstage since the age of five. She is a veteran performer of the famous nonprofit performing arts group, the Young Americans, with whom she toured both domestically and abroad. She has kept her chops sharp between gigs by performing in community theater and at a western theme park, in which capacity she has sung, danced, and even engaged in stunts. Gosla’s “Suddenly” EP represents the artist in her truest, purest form.


“Suddenly” by Larisa Gosla is available online worldwide. Fans of singer-songwriter music should get in early.


-S. McCauley

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“Suddenly” by Larisa Gosla –


Gil Martin releases new EP ‘Forward’

The composer and producer of digital music known as Gil Martin has released his latest EP record, “Forward.” The EP comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 23 minutes. It has been proudly published on the GMP, Inc. Records independent music label entirely without financial support from the corporate music industry. Sonically innovative, digitally clean and full of drum and bass for an endlessly danceable set of songs, “Forward” by Gil Martin is an electronic drug of sound that will leave fans of EDM wanting much more of the same.


“Forward” is the title track of the EP which makes up the record in five parts, including an “Extended Club Mix,” a “Radio Mix,” Martin’s “Rewind Part 2 Remix,” his “Hard & Nasty Remix,” and a “Do Me Dubstep Remix.” These tracks are each different enough from the others to warrant a single release of their own, with each of them as definitive a treatment of “Forward” as the others. Packaged together, they give a round perspective of the song and offer everything a Gil Martin fan could want from this latest dance anthem.


Originally from Ft. Lauderdale and currently residing and performing largely in the West Palm Beach area, Gil Martin is a veteran digital musician who can (and does) it all. He is billed on his official online bio as a DJ, producer, singer and songwriter, most of which talents are spotlighted and showcased on his “Forward” EP.


Having performed at a great many large and popular night spots, his appearances at prestigious venues include spinning for the opening celebration of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” program. He has collaborated with some of the industry’s most titanic names, including Sherese (“I’m Not Afraid to Fly”), Jennifer Carbonell, Amos Otis, DC Cruz, and James Carlos.


“Forward” by Gil Martin is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

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Forward” by Gil Martin –