Folk songwriter Asher Wolfson releases new single ‘Beautiful Girl’

The singer and songwriter of folk music from Sydney, Australia known as Asher Wolfson has released his latest single, “Beautiful Girl.” The track has been proudly published on the Wolfling Records independent music label entirely without financial support from the corporate music power structure. Natural, sonorous and accessible to fans of any music genre, “Beautiful Girl” by Asher Wolfson is the latest example of the power of the folk tradition that endures around the world today.

Asked to cite a few artistic influences, Wolfson mentions not a one. But the chief importance of music in his life is something he’s quick to point out. In fact, he takes it with him everywhere he goes.

“It’s always been there,” he writes. “Some people complain about having a song stuck in their head – I always have one in there, it’s just a matter of which song.”

While this phenomenon may not be singular to Wolfson, alone, it’s at least more notable in his case for informing original tracks like “Beautiful Girl.” It’s a plainly heartfelt song, one with warm, acoustic overtones and playful chord progressions which make a pleasant canvas upon which Asher Wolfson paints his soft vocal textures.

It’s not all about sound, though. Music by Wolfson is poetic and deliberate, while retaining an intuitive quality that makes it seem somehow off the cuff.

He writes of the themes of “Beautiful Girl,” saying, “Today’s society has a culture where a guy can’t tell a girl she’s beautiful without expecting something in return. This song is saying that by the time you hear the message of your being beautiful, I’ll already be gone, so you can be sure that the only reason I’m telling you is because it’s true.”

Asher Wolfson cut his musical teeth in what he calls “a church environment where singing was a weekly experience.” His (short) official bio describes him as a “gentle and generous, loud and friendly” young man. It concludes by stating that Wolfson is “the kind of guy who will strike up a conversation in an elevator with a complete stranger.”

“Beautiful Girl” by Asher Wolfson is available online worldwide.

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Electronica band Factions releases new self-titled LP

The eclectic digital music group known as Factions has released their long-awaited, self-titled LP record, “Factions.” The record has been proudly published on the Genre Electronica Records independent music label without financial support from the corporate music industry. It is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. Colorfully nuanced, masterfully textured, and founded on groove after groove of booming back beats, “Factions” by Factions is much more than an EDM album, one which fans of any genre can take interest in.


Factions cite among main artistic influences such popular acts as Hardwell, Getter, Lucky Date, Mak J, Kavinsky, Botnek, Daft Punk, Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, and Deadmau5. Intuitively, their definitive album has many of the attributes which first made the dubstep sound recognizable (and unstoppable) in the first decade of the new millennium. Nevertheless, each member of Factions has a sonic character that stands out as unique against those of his band mates, giving the LP twists and turns not unlike those of a compilation.


Additionally, “Factions” is a concept album for the modern era.


“We created an idea about a futuristic society that has reached it’s apex and is on the verge of collapse,” writes Factions. “This overall feel of the record carries through the rise and falls of the energy in the album. The title ‘Factions’ actually relates to the process in which it was created, as well, because of the different people that came together, put in efforts as a group, and made one solid project as a whole.”


This amalgam is at the heart of the overall Factions tone, and is part of what makes listening to the LP so satisfying.


“The team that created this album was diverse,” they write, “and therefore the album itself is diverse. The genres found on the album range from house music to dubstep and beyond and serve to reflect the title, the team, and the message, ‘Factions.’”


The band has been described elsewhere as “a group of students that have wholeheartedly devoted themselves to going after their goals in life; each individual student brings a different component into the mix biased on their techniques and background. Most members of this team started with music at very early ages and started the pursuit of producing high-quality music out of the passion of listening to it.”


“Factions” by Factions is available online worldwide.


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South Maine releases new single ‘Salute’

The rapper and songwriter known as South Maine has released his latest single, “Salute.” The track has been published on the Indie Music Factory independent record label, under which umbrella such acts as Sina, Cell Spitfire, Treasured Peace and others have gained widespread popularity. A pounding urban anthem with a booming back beat, galvanized by electrifying lines and rhymes, “Salute” is the latest sign that rapper South Maine and the Indie Music Factory label are names to watch in the 21st century.


South Maine cites as main artistic influences T.I., Ludacris, Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G., and Andre 3000 (formerly of OutKast). His signature, in-your-face delivery is directly in the spotlight on “Salute,” each chorus bringing the rap fan to the foot of the stage with South Maine as if he were performing live in the listener’s room. This explosive, powerful, sonic undertow is a palpable quality of South Maine’s, and one which fans of the genuine urban-American sound are sure to feel as soon as the track begins.


Speaking of the lyrical content of his new single, South Maine writes, “It doesn’t matter where you come from. If it’s something you want to do in life, go after it. Prime example, I’m from Arkansas and people tell me everyday nothing will ever happen for me.”


Proving these naysayers wrong is a daily event for South Maine, whose “Salute” has been climbing online charts since its appearance on October 8th.


“South Maine is a rare talent and we are excited about introducing that rare talent to the world,” Indie Music Factory’s business-affairs manager, Knowledge Stevens, told GTN News in Gainesville, FL.


Having been performing rap music since the young age of 12, South Maine is both a born natural and a practiced veteran of the sound.


“Music is my life so I’m-a live it,” he told GTN News. “This journey began with being able to write in ways that catch the ear. Seeing the power of word play, I began to structure poems and love letters into what I then-thought was real music.”


Fans of South Maine and of rap in general can look forward to a healthy dose of honesty from the up-and-coming artist.


“My inspiration comes from truth and life experiences,” he said, “so I vow to forever give you me.”


“Salute” by South Maine is available online worldwide.


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Welsh band Amser release new LP ‘Crochan’

The Welsh band known as Amser have released their latest LP record, “Crochan.” The album is composed of 11 original tracks, mainly instrumental but also with vocals, for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Bricsan independent music label without the support of corporate music entities. Steeped in the music tradition and spirit of Wales, yet with contemporary frills and a bluesy, jazzy undertone, “Crochan” by Amser is a record unlike any other from the heart of the United Kingdom.


“Crochan” by Amser (which mean ‘Cauldron’ and ‘Time,’ respectively) is a record which equally holds its own as fare for the serious music aficionado, or as a pleasing backdrop for social events, studying, or virtually any circumstance in general. This versatility is at least partially due to the aforementioned jazz attributes with which Amser embellishes their mode of folk music, which at its core is the modern folk sound of Wales.


Amser cite as main artistic influences a great list of beloved songwriters and instrumentalists, many of them from the ranks of guitar innovators like Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel, jazz greats like Miles Davis, Celtic and British folk players like the Chieftains and John Renbourne, and classical masterminds such as Steve Reich, Bohuslav Martinu and Igor Stravinsky. The Rolling Stones also make the list, which accounts for the quirky and creative nature of “Crochan”’s delightfully surprising tracks like “No Shoes Blues” and “Life’s a Riddle.”


The soul of Amser is guitarist Dave Stephen, a Welsh rock sculptor working largely with slate at his workshop in North Wales. He has been performing music for over 40 years and writes his own songs, often with fellow collaborator Gareth Moriarty and the occasional other. Asked to comment on Amser and their new “Crochan” record, he writes:


“This album (‘Crochan’) is the second by Amser. We specialise in mainly instrumental, self-penned pieces with a Celtic backdrop, although with all sorts of different influences. ‘Crochan’ also contains two songs with vocals, which is a new element.”

He closes his note with a simple mission statement.

“We play for the joy of playing.”

“Crochan” by Amser is available online worldwide.


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Desert Sparrow releases debut EP ‘Leave This Town’

The indie music duo known as Desert Sparrow have released their debut EP record, “Leave This Town.” The record comprises four original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 18 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without support of the corporate music infrastructure. A seamless blend of contemporary folk and old-fashioned, bluesy rock ‘n’ roll, “Leave This Town” is a raw and unadulterated serving of sound any music fan can get behind.


The heart and soul of Desert Sparrow are Kylie Adams and David Carreno. They cite as main artistic influences Fleetwood Mac, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kings of Leon, and Angus and Julia Stone. This list of legendary groups does not add up to a round understanding of the Desert Sparrow style, however. Desert Sparrow are natural musicians in the truest sense of the word. Their undeniably great vocals and refreshingly tasteful instrumentation are merely ancillary qualities, the proverbial icing on the cake in light of startlingly solid songwriting that is (literally) packaged for play on public radio around the world.


The sense of Desert Sparrow simply going outside to enjoy themselves with a song or two and incidentally making a four-star album is palpable. This unassuming goodness is also reinforced by a characteristic humility that can’t help but distinguish them in the land of competition that is Los Angeles. Asked to describe their start in music, this modesty is plain to see.


They write that they began by attending “Singer-songwriter nights for fun. Everybody around us kept hassling us saying that we needed to give the music business a shot.”


Asked to describe the underlying message of their first official album, Desert Sparrow explains that “The main theme of the EP is believing in your dreams. Don’t let anything or anyone get you down. Get out there and make it happen. Don’t conform because it’s easy, be true to yourself.”


“Leave This Town” by Desert Sparrow is available online worldwide.


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Heru Khuti to release new singles ‘Wimbledon Carnival,’ ‘Premier League,’ and ‘Fantastic Cricket.’

The music project known publicly as Heru Khuti is slated to release a trio of new singles, titled “Wimbledon Carnival,” “Premier League,” and “Fantastic Cricket” respectively. The tracks are to be distributed to over 750 online music stores around the world, representing what is most certainly the most significant official music release of Heru Khuti to date.

The Heru Khuti music project is the brainchild of Dr. Noel A. Campbell, PhD, who writes all the Heru Khuti material and governs the music from his website based in Birmingham, UK (link provided below). Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Dr. Campbell writes in the signature mystic fashion which is his own:

“The Creator have made natural, skills of art in me, that is the influences, the first man blessing to me, you called him God!”

Dr. Campbell has been writing and performing music since he was in the first of three armies, which martial time began more than two decades ago in 1993. Upon being asked to describe the general motifs, themes, and subjects his three new singles, “Wimbledon Carnival,” “Premier League,” and “Fantastic Cricket,” he again refers to his knowledge of esoteric wisdom unknown to the uninitiated. His response is faithfully reprinted below sic erat scriptum, exactly as Dr. Campbell laid them down.

“It shares the truth of present happiness, reality.

Who no me since 1993, share my views, that I don’t differ from the first sentence above.

My message most time heal the pain and anger, that my listeners face day by day.”

Regarding the name of his music project, Heru Khuti is sometimes defined as the Principle of Divine Justice. The Ausar Auset Society in Hampton Roads, VA writes of Heru Khuti that “It is our responsibility to realize that Divine Protection is insured when we live in harmony with the Eleven Laws of God. Doing so provides us access to Divine Knowledge and Power, and the Courage always to utilize them.”

An official artist’s bio is not to be found for Heru Khuti, however, and neither is there a Facebook page nor Twitter account associated. Dr. Campbell gives his respectable reasons openly.

“No,” he writes, “I wont write a bio until the world no about me in a special way; at this point, the world hardly no, that I exist. When the time is right, I’ll do a perfect bio based on the acceptance of the world. For now I find something temporary to stand. A government never get into power without the peoples acceptance.”

“Wimbledon Carnival,” “Premier League,” and “Fantastic Cricket” by Heru Khuti will be distributed around the world in the near future.

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Will Procter releases debut EP ‘Pictures’

The singer and songwriter known as Will Procter has released his anxiously awaited debut EP record, “Pictures.” The extended-play record includes five original acoustic tracks for an approximate total listening time of 17 minutes. It has been proudly released on the Thumbmuffin Records independent music label. Soulful, heartfelt, and performed with a natural warmth that is difficult to find and impossible to reproduce, “Pictures” by Will Procter is a collection of anthems from one of today’s most genuine music artists.


Listed online variously as pop and adult contemporary music, Procter cites as main artistic influences Oasis, Mumford and Sons, the Smiths, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and Bon Iver. His own sound takes attributes from each of these and synthesizes them into a mood and timbre that is all his own. More roll than rock, and possessing an inborn power in every sonorous vocal line, Will Procter’s “Pictures” is a record that promises much more to come from this up-and-coming performer.


Speaking of the themes of his debut record, Procter writes, “I want to share some very typical life issues which sometimes relate to heartbreak, but then there are times of optimism which we should all embrace.”


This dichotomy of blue tones and sunlight ebb and flow throughout “Pictures” not unlike the occurrences of daily life. Opening on a groove and closing with tenderness and reflection, the EP record is sure to strike chords with listeners of nearly every age and persuasion.


Procter was born and raised in Blackpool, Lancashire, and moved to London in 2012 to pursue a career in acting and music. He received his Acting MA from the Academy of Live and Recorded Art in 2013 and now focuses on music. He has performed in several bands and currently plays in an acoustic duo, Donkey Vision, performing acoustic versions of well-known songs.


“Pictures” by Will Procter is available online worldwide.


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