LJ Bey releases new EP ‘Black Rose’

The singer and songwriter known as LJ Bey has released his latest EP, “Black Rose.” The album is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 23 minutes, making for a satisfying and comprehensive introduction to this performer from Benicia, CA. It has been proudly published on the Elite House LLC independent music label without financial support from the multinational, corporate music industry. Smooth, stylish, and strikingly classy, “Black Rose” is a romance-filled record any fan of pop, hip hop, R ‘n’ B or soul can get into.


LJ Bey cites as main artistic influences such popular legends as Beyoncé, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher, John Mayer, Maroon 5, and James Brown. His signature sound, however, is all his own. Rooted mainly in a masculine, yet tenderhearted vocal style that never gets gaudy nor bland, Bey’s voice is consistently crystalline and stunning. His self-penned lyrics, too, are a major part of his music.


Asked to discuss the major themes of his “Black Rose” EP, Bey writes in succinct English just five words, each on their own respective line:


“Love / Justice / Freedom / Peace / Truth.”


Bey’s official artist’s bio describes him as a dichotomy. These two halves stem from his having been bred in Benicia before having moved to West Oakland at an early age.


“The two dynamics were intriguing to him,” it reads. “Both the urban life and suburban life educated him and enlightened him to both sides. He used this influence in his music at early ages, swooning his crew’s way into a spot in the USA World Showcase as a mere high-school freshman.”


LJ Bey has since collaborated and worked with such artists and organizations as E40, who is perhaps best-known for songs like “Tell Me When to Go” and “Function,” Drew Money, producer of Nikki Minaj’s “Right Through Me,” BET 106, Park ‘Blaze the Stage,’ Tha Outfit, San Quinn, Iamsu, Rayven Justice, and still more.


Bey has been variously described as an MC, guitarist, pianist, vocalist and composer, as well as a songwriter, vocal coach, director and philanthropist.


“Black Rose” by LJ Bey is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



Black Rose” by LJ Bey –
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