Electronica band Factions releases new self-titled LP

The eclectic digital music group known as Factions has released their long-awaited, self-titled LP record, “Factions.” The record has been proudly published on the Genre Electronica Records independent music label without financial support from the corporate music industry. It is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. Colorfully nuanced, masterfully textured, and founded on groove after groove of booming back beats, “Factions” by Factions is much more than an EDM album, one which fans of any genre can take interest in.


Factions cite among main artistic influences such popular acts as Hardwell, Getter, Lucky Date, Mak J, Kavinsky, Botnek, Daft Punk, Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, and Deadmau5. Intuitively, their definitive album has many of the attributes which first made the dubstep sound recognizable (and unstoppable) in the first decade of the new millennium. Nevertheless, each member of Factions has a sonic character that stands out as unique against those of his band mates, giving the LP twists and turns not unlike those of a compilation.


Additionally, “Factions” is a concept album for the modern era.


“We created an idea about a futuristic society that has reached it’s apex and is on the verge of collapse,” writes Factions. “This overall feel of the record carries through the rise and falls of the energy in the album. The title ‘Factions’ actually relates to the process in which it was created, as well, because of the different people that came together, put in efforts as a group, and made one solid project as a whole.”


This amalgam is at the heart of the overall Factions tone, and is part of what makes listening to the LP so satisfying.


“The team that created this album was diverse,” they write, “and therefore the album itself is diverse. The genres found on the album range from house music to dubstep and beyond and serve to reflect the title, the team, and the message, ‘Factions.’”


The band has been described elsewhere as “a group of students that have wholeheartedly devoted themselves to going after their goals in life; each individual student brings a different component into the mix biased on their techniques and background. Most members of this team started with music at very early ages and started the pursuit of producing high-quality music out of the passion of listening to it.”


“Factions” by Factions is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



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