S.K. Unruly releases new single ‘Marchout’

The singer and songwriter of roots music known as S.K. Unruly has released his latest single, “Marchout.” The track has been proudly published on the Mind Music Production independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Based on a rocksteady groove, pulsing bass, traditional roots guitar and the singing of S.K. Unruly himself, “Marchout” stands as evidence that this reggae singer has plenty of soul for the 21st century.

S.K. Unruly cites as main musical influences Bob Marley, Junior Gong Marley, Chronixx, Busy Signal, Konshens, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Ninja Man, Beenie Man, Drake, Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Trey Songz and Usher. His own style brings the old island sound into the modern day with contemporary studio production and an intricate, flowing vocal rhythm, making for roots music that will appeal to many fans of the sound around the world.

This makes sense, considering Unruly’s goals for his songs.

“The music I create is designed to inspire individuals from all walks of life,” he writes. “I am motivated to be a beacon of hope for these individuals. My music is the essence of the real-life experiences of my friends, my family, and myself. This music comes from the heart and stimulates the soul. My music will enable individuals to take the necessary steps to free themselves from life’s mediocrity and indiscretions.”

S.K. Unruly also advocates proactive living for everyone with songs like “Marchout.”

“Moreover, my music will energize individuals to abandon procrastination and to adopt actions that will empower them to be productive, self-reliant and purposeful in their actions to themselves and to their society.”

S.K. Unruly was born Shakeir Omarie Kidd in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in the Barbican community of St. Andrews by his grandmother. He has been singing since the age of five. The music S.K. creates has been called “soul-searching” and “emotionally uplifting.” Mind Music Production says of S.K.’s music that it “will help people through their heartbreaks, comfort them through the rainy days, help them to deal with grief and overcome the adversities they experience during life’s sojourn. When they listen to his music, they will not feel alone.”

S.K.’s hope is that “Marchout” will motivate people to give a helping hand to individuals that are less fortunate than themselves. He will be releasing his album in the summer of 2017.

“Marchout” by S.K. Unruly is available online worldwide beginning 15 August 2016.

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Reggae, dancehall musician Evaflow releases new single ‘The Anthem’

The singer and songwriter known as Evaflow has released his new, flagship single, “The Anthem.” The track has been proudly published on his own SkyStart Media independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. A jamming modern reggae track fitted with all the best elements of traditional dancehall and cutting-edge pop music, “The Anthem” is a clear sign that Evaflow and SkyStart Media are names to watch in 2016 and beyond.

Evaflow cites as main artistic influences Damian Marley, Nneka, Jay-Z, Sizzla, Jah Mason, Kings of Leon, UGK, and Drake. His own style is more contemporary than any of these without sounding avant garde or too experimental. He retains the attributes which made the great reggae artists of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s globally popular while adding his personality to the mic and a few hip-hop traits to the studio production for a blend that sounds part Jamaica, part urban jungle.

Speaking of his message for “The Anthem,” Evaflow writes, “’The Anthem’ is my sonic mission statement. It is a motivational manifesto promoting an unwavering commitment to actualize your aspirations. Its message … is self-reliance and determination. It promotes expressing your individuality instead of succumbing to societal expectations.”

At its heart, Evaflow’s “The Anthem” is a portrait of the victorious.

“Unfettered by superficial expectations and immune to expressions of doubt,” he explains, “man develops the tenacity to endure failure and still be sure of success. ‘The Anthem’ is a description of the breaking point where man asserts himself as captain of his soul and ruler of his destiny.”

SkyStart Media’s Evaflow has founded a philosophy at which he is the spearhead. “Start from the sky,” says his current official bio, which describes the ‘sky’ as a place of preparedness, great health and soundness of mind. It says Evaflow developed this philosophy through his “limitless way of looking at the world.”

“The sky is not the limit,” Evaflow says. “The sky is just the start. To start from the sky one must be able to fly and to fly is being in a place of consistent purposeful action.”

Evaflow is also part of the InDiggNation Collective group of artists. “The Anthem” was produced by Christopher Cooper in collaboration with InDiggNation’s the DrumKeys. An official music video is expected. “The Anthem” is the first public release from Evaflow’s upcoming self-titled debut album, which he has termed a ‘portfolio.’

“The Anthem” by Evaflow is available at over 700 online music stores worldwide now. Get in early, dancehall fans.

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Composer Joseph P. Freije releases new ‘Jazz Beyond the Chaos’ LP

The music composer known as Joseph P. Freije has released his latest experimental music record, “Jazz Beyond the Chaos.” The album is comprised of 11 original tracks for a solid hour’s worth of listening. As part of the growing 2016 series of albums from Freije, it comes to the public from the Phrygian Music independent record label. Tirelessly creative, startlingly innovative and just plain fun to hear and fail to predict, “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” by Joseph P. Freije is the most surprising album of 2016 so far.

Freije’s favorite artists come from a variety of genres including (but not limited to) classic rock, jazz, classical, experimental, electronica and blues. This mix of influences is not useful in elucidating the kind of record which is “Jazz Beyond the Chaos,” however. Even compared to the rest of Freije’s catalog, “Jazz Beyond…” is a particularly varied collection of songs. This is a good thing because, like most of Freije’s music, categorization doesn’t help the music, doesn’t fit the music, doesn’t apply to what the artist has created.

Specific elements can be picked out, though. “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” utilizes electronica and early EDM beats and sounds as a foundation for a postmodern jazz form for 2016. He then takes these sounds and sculpts them into songs which would otherwise fit genres as disparate as house music and postmodern jazz, trance and adult contemporary, funk and 8-bit, acid jazz and drum ‘n’ bass. Fans of electronic music from both the old school and new have a treat in store with “Jazz Beyond…”

It is a record for music lovers. It is music for art fiends. Of particular note to audiophiles is “Different Roads Home,” one of two 10-minute overtures available only as B-side tracks for purchasers of the entire “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” album (the other nine songs have been concurrently released as singles).

And what of the LP’s title?

“Life is a rhythm, the result of a vibration that has always been in harmony with itself,” says Freije. “Our ability to perceive life may have started with a big bang, but that bang was just the opening of a door in space/time through which information could be carried to life in that space beyond the door the bang opened.”

Physicists, philosophers and spiritualists have theorized for centuries about the significance of rhythm, harmony and vibration. They are only recently very interested in the importance and implications of chaos, though.

“The chaos began to take form,” Freije says, “and the sound was called jazz. Jazz has become many forms of life, some which are beyond the chaos.”

Organized chaos is not a suitable description of this music. “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” is surgically accurate. It is a careful balance, itself carefully balanced against a natural ebbing and flowing of imbalance, and the result is something as easy to hear as falling rain or as fecund with intricacies to study as grandmaster-level chess games. It’s up to the listener.

“Jazz Beyond the Chaos” by Joseph P. Freije is available online worldwide. Get in early, fans of experimental music and postmodern jazz.

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Rap crew Hermetic Order releases new single ‘Gun for Gun’ feat. Nas and Killah Priest

The hip-hop crew known as Hermetic Order has released their latest official single, “Gun for Gun” feat. Nas and Killah Priest. The track has been proudly dropped by Box Price Publishing outside the control and direction of the corporate music industry. Pulsing with bass and riddled with lines and rhymes of social awareness, “Gun for Gun” is an urban poem that proves 2016 is a year for great hip hop.

At the heart of Hermetic Order is Chicago’s John Lion. Funded, produced, engineered, recorded, mixed, mastered, organized and all-around orchestrated in every respect from Lion’s $500,000 recording studio, “Gun for Gun” feat. Nas and Killah Priest is something few artists were capable of before the technological revolution. The sound quality is far beyond what modern computers can synthesize even today.

“I’m pretty proud of myself for these accomplishments and have never met another artist on any level to do anything remotely close to what I’ve achieved completely alone. I made/produced every instrumental under my production company Valley of The Kings.”

Lion cites as main artistic influences the Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Jedi Mind Tricks, Gza, Rza, and Big Pun. He doesn’t need much inspiration from the legends of yesteryear, however, with the kind of talent Hermetic Order brings to the studio. Their principle album, “Lost Scrolls,” features Nas, Gza, Raekwon, and Killah Priest, two of whom appear in this flagship single, “Gun for Gun.”

“It’s something different and well thought out,” Lion writes of his “Lost Scrolls” record. “The album is linked together from start to finish with interludes. It is made to be listened to from start to finish. There is no filler – every song is quality and heartfelt.”

“Gun for Gun” also represents a triumph for John Lion in the face of adversity. While still trying to complete the Hermetic Order Project in January 2009, he was arrested coming from California to Chicago with 50lbs of marijuana, the illicit sales of which funded his studio and music project. He was sentenced to prison, and as he served his time, his new Lions Den Studio was robbed, all his equipment and hard drives stolen, including the Hermetic Order material. It seemed the entire project was lost.

In 2015 during a move John Lion found a stack of CDs from his recording studio, mixes he had burned to listen to. They contained about 75% of the Hermetic Order project but most importantly 100% of all the featured tracks. John Lion pieced together the saved tracks to compile the Hermetic Order album fittingly titled “The Lost Scrolls.”

He is also currently owner of Camp/us 2883 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago’s trendy Logan Square. Camp/us is a haven for local Chicago art, music and fashion hosting monthly events and having the sole purpose of supporting and giving an outlet to independent Chicago creatives. Camp/us has no corporate sponsors. Camp/us is the biggest store for the Chicago graffiti scene, its backyard boasting a life-size replica of a CTA EL train that local artists take turns renting to decorate. The venue holds spray jams, rap battles, break-dancing showcases, and more. John Lion and Camp/us are trying to embody the entire hip hop lifestyle and create a real scene in the city of Chicago.

And “The Lost Scrolls?”

“The album will take you on a musical voyage through time and space using hypnotic instrumentals and the never-before-heard lyrical styles of John Lion,” writes a representative for the John Lion label. “All the music on the album is timeless and will be able to be enjoyed by generations.”

In addition to his work on Hermetic Order’s “Lost Scrolls” album and “Gun for Gun” single, John Lion has produced music with local Chicago heroes such as Twista, Ace Mac, Crucial Conflict, Snipers, Psycho Drama, C.O.G and many more. To date, “Lost Scrolls” and its “Gun for Gun” single are his crowning achievements.

There is one last thing, though, Lion insists.

“I have a deep dislike for Kanye [West] and everything he stands for,” says Lion. “He does not represent or care about the city of Chicago. I believe he is one of the most evil, non-Christian, inhuman pieces of filth on the planet. I have deep, personal, devastating facts about him straight from the streets of Chicago. This is my city and I love it. I won’t rest until the world knows Kanye is evil, a fraud who in no way represents my hometown of Chicago.”

“Gun for Gun” by Hermetic Order feat. Nas and Killah Priest is available online worldwide at over 700 digital music stores now. Get in early, hip hop fans.

The following is a public statement from Box Price Publishing about all three Hermetic Order singles to be released in coming weeks.

“Along with the release of the hard hitting ‘Gun for Gun’ single Hermetic Order is also releasing what could be considered the ‘B side’ of their single. Two additional pulse pounding tracks to introduce audiences to the rugged ‘Hermetic Order Sound’. First is ‘3rd Day’ ft GZA and Killah Priest. ‘3rd Day’ speaks of the resurrection of the dying art form of Hip Hop. This track truly displays John Lion’s lyrical prowess. Showing yet again that no matter how big the featured artist name might be John Lion’s ‘in your face’ delivery and unmatched mastery of the english language always shine through. ‘3rd Day’ is alao the first time since 1998 GZA & Killah Priest have been on a track together. Also it is one of the only tracks to feature GZA that is not part of a Wu-Tang or a Wu Tang member project. GZA doesnt do features, its amazing that a unkown 24yr old(10yrs ago) that never put a song out got him to do a track.

“Finally we have the 3rd and final single ‘Moloch’. This track is fast, short, intense and not for the faint of heart. This track sucks you in with its hypnotic tones and then explodes with heart stopping vocals. This song speaks on John Lion’s disgust at the blatant control the cult of ‘Moloch’ has over the music industry. John Lion wants to expose this nonsense and wake the public up. The imagery of the single is very strong. It depicts the 10,000yr old hieroglyphic of the letter M (which stands for Moloch) flipped over with X’s over its eyes. Yes the symbol is used by ‘Drake’. This symbol does not represent ‘Drake’ or ‘OVO’. It represents the ancient cult of ‘Moloch’. Also Drake can in NO way own a TM on this symbol. John Lion or any one else may use this symbol or any version of it because it is NON trademarkable (i know thats not a word). Nobody can TM a 10,000 yr old hieroglyphic representing the letter ‘M’. Drake is a puppet of this cult and destroying the minds of out youth. Through the ‘Moloch’ single and imagery John Lion wants to expose these devils and show the world what their ‘idols’ really believe in.”

-S. McCauley

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Musician Robert Alberg releases new LP album ‘Electrically for You’

The singer and songwriter known as Robert Alberg has released his latest alternative rock album, “Electrically for You.” The album contains 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of over half an hour. It has been proudly published on the Records DK independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Featuring creative chord progressions, imaginative vocal melodies and the most evocative combination of sounds ever to be released by Alberg, “Electrically for You” is an example of how music can communicate the purity of the human spirit to every part of the world.

Asked to name some of his most important artistic influences, Robert Alberg cites Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks. His own music, however, has a sound that is entirely his own.

“I write my own songs,” he says proudly, a man of few words.

Alberg writes many such songs, “Electrically for You” being only the most recent release in a repertoire containing his 2011 full-length record, “Purple Amethyst,” and a series of official singles including “Blue Sky,” “Purple Flower,” “Pockets of Rain,” “In a Hurry for Nothing,” and “Do You Really Want to Know.”

Asked to describe his new “Electrically for You” LP, Robert Alberg writes, “These are new, interesting sounds I wanted to play and share with listeners.”

A musician with years of experience singing, playing and writing original music, Alberg has been interested in guitar for a long time.

“I was fascinated with the way the six strings were so evenly spaced apart from each other on the guitar,” he writes, “as well as by the many different sounds that I can create by playing the guitar chords.”

In addition to actively publishing his songs on the Records DK label, Robert Alberg is currently studying music and learning how to write music and play guitar by attending attending music courses at Shoreline Community College.

“Electrically for You” by Robert Alberg is available online worldwide now.

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