Stark Sound Lab releases new EP ‘New Day’

The electronica music project known as Stark Sound Lab (SSL) has released its latest EP album, “New Day.” The record contains five original tracks for a total listening time of about 15 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Stark Records independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Postmodern, imaginative and pulsing with sonic color, “New Day” from Stark Sound Lab is a strikingly inventive release to round out Q4 2016.

Stark Sound Lab, which began recording its brand of far-out sound exploration in San Francisco in 1968, cites as main artistic influences the Residents, Bob Moog, Walter (Wendy) Carlos, Vangelis, Dick Hyman, and Hans Zimmer. This illustrious roster gives an idea of the high-caliber musical taste of Stark Sound Lab, but the general style and groove of SSL remains unique, even by the standards of the unbounded experimental-electronic genre.

Much of Stark Sound’s singular tone comes from the specific selection of instruments involved.

Of this Stark Sound Lab writes, “With each new day comes new challenges. ‘New Day’ is a collection of experimental recordings inspired by these challenges. [It was] recorded using a variety of Moog synthesizers from Minimoog Voyager and Model D to Modular.”

Stark Sound Lab has been described as “creating New Age, minimalist and experimental sound designs that invoke impressionistic and expressionistic experiences. Each soundscape is crafted so what you hear becomes illusory, with some sounds appearing to be inches from you, several feet away or far in the distance, while others emanate from directions that are virtually inexplicable.”

The true effect of SSL is in the experience of listening to “New Day” firsthand. Luckily, the “New Day” EP from Stark Sound Lab is already available from its official website (link provided below) or from over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide beginning 10 December 2016. Get in early, electronica and Moog fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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Composer Joseph P. Freije releases new ‘Jazz Beyond the Chaos’ LP

The music composer known as Joseph P. Freije has released his latest experimental music record, “Jazz Beyond the Chaos.” The album is comprised of 11 original tracks for a solid hour’s worth of listening. As part of the growing 2016 series of albums from Freije, it comes to the public from the Phrygian Music independent record label. Tirelessly creative, startlingly innovative and just plain fun to hear and fail to predict, “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” by Joseph P. Freije is the most surprising album of 2016 so far.

Freije’s favorite artists come from a variety of genres including (but not limited to) classic rock, jazz, classical, experimental, electronica and blues. This mix of influences is not useful in elucidating the kind of record which is “Jazz Beyond the Chaos,” however. Even compared to the rest of Freije’s catalog, “Jazz Beyond…” is a particularly varied collection of songs. This is a good thing because, like most of Freije’s music, categorization doesn’t help the music, doesn’t fit the music, doesn’t apply to what the artist has created.

Specific elements can be picked out, though. “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” utilizes electronica and early EDM beats and sounds as a foundation for a postmodern jazz form for 2016. He then takes these sounds and sculpts them into songs which would otherwise fit genres as disparate as house music and postmodern jazz, trance and adult contemporary, funk and 8-bit, acid jazz and drum ‘n’ bass. Fans of electronic music from both the old school and new have a treat in store with “Jazz Beyond…”

It is a record for music lovers. It is music for art fiends. Of particular note to audiophiles is “Different Roads Home,” one of two 10-minute overtures available only as B-side tracks for purchasers of the entire “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” album (the other nine songs have been concurrently released as singles).

And what of the LP’s title?

“Life is a rhythm, the result of a vibration that has always been in harmony with itself,” says Freije. “Our ability to perceive life may have started with a big bang, but that bang was just the opening of a door in space/time through which information could be carried to life in that space beyond the door the bang opened.”

Physicists, philosophers and spiritualists have theorized for centuries about the significance of rhythm, harmony and vibration. They are only recently very interested in the importance and implications of chaos, though.

“The chaos began to take form,” Freije says, “and the sound was called jazz. Jazz has become many forms of life, some which are beyond the chaos.”

Organized chaos is not a suitable description of this music. “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” is surgically accurate. It is a careful balance, itself carefully balanced against a natural ebbing and flowing of imbalance, and the result is something as easy to hear as falling rain or as fecund with intricacies to study as grandmaster-level chess games. It’s up to the listener.

“Jazz Beyond the Chaos” by Joseph P. Freije is available online worldwide. Get in early, fans of experimental music and postmodern jazz.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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