Stark Sound Lab releases new EP ‘Assembly Line’

The master of Moog known as Stark Sound Lab has released its final EP for 2016, “Assembly Line.” This EP was first published November 8th and has been enhanced for this release. It has been published on the Stark Records independent label, making it the latest in a flurry of quality Singles, EPs and Albums from Stark Sound Lab that include “New Day,” “Wally’s Woes,” “Haunting Memories” and two volumes of “Vintage Undercover Moog,” all dropped in Q4 2016. Marked by mechanical melody lines and deliberately synthetic syncopation, “Assembly Line” is poised to become the new flagship EP from Stark Sound Lab for 2016. Two of the most popular tracks, Doug’s Garage Band and Ant Farm were released as singles on September 17th and Oct 24th, respectively.

Canada’s Stark Sound Lab has cited as influences the Residents, Bob Moog, Vangelis, Wendy Carlos, Dick Hyman, Brian Eno, and Holly Herndon. Its own style is founded on a vintage collection of Moog keyboards which would fill any aficionado of classic instruments with awe. Its series of records explore the possibilities of these Moogs with clever enthusiasm, but also create collections of original songs which have their own individual character apart from the others.

And “Assembly Line?”

Stark Sound Lab says, “It was inspired by working on the line.” It is described as “a collection of electronic dance originals that keep things moving.”

They have also alluded to Track 4 on the EP, giving “Special Thanks to Donald Trump for inspiring ‘Electrical Votes,'” as well as “special thanks to Lamborghini Uptown Toronto for the sounds of the Lamborghini Huracán used on ‘Doug’s Garage Band.'”

Stark Sound Lab’s current official bio describes the project as creating New Age, Minimalistic and Experimental Sound Designs that invoke impressionistic and expressionistic experiences.

“Each soundscape is crafted so what you hear becomes illusory, with some sounds appearing to be inches from you, several feet away or far in the distance, while others emanate from directions that are virtually inexplicable.”

The Stark Sound Lab story begins in Marin County and San Francisco, California, 1968, when the Moog keyboard sound was all but ubiquitous and revolution was in the air. The late 1970s brought SSL to the North Bay. Stark Sound Lab now writes, performs and produces music in Oakville, Ontario.

“Assembly Line” from Stark Sound Lab, as well as the rest of the growing SSL repertoire, is available at over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

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Rapper Ty$on releases new album ‘Purgatory’

The artist of hip hop known as Ty$on has released his latest LP rap record, “Purgatory.” The album has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. “Purgatory” by Ty$on has been distributed online via and is hosted by DJ Ace Boogie Nola. Featuring elements of old-school, dirty south and cutting-edge American hip hop for a heavy hitting style that is all his own, “Purgatory” by Ty$on is the newest reason for music fans to acquaint themselves with this original musician from New Orleans.

Along with Rico, Ty$on is one half of the popular hip hop duo, Da Winners. Both rappers appear in the official video for “Fienin,” Track 2 of “Purgatory,” directed by Dr. Clipz (link provided below).

Ty$on has cited as main artistic influences Curren$y, Lil’ Wayne, Cam’ron, Tupac Shakur, Easy-E, Ice Cube, MC Eiht, UNLV, Juvenile, and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. His own music is marked by personal, off-the-cuff urban poetry with an aggressive delivery style backed by modern beats, deep bass cuts and catchy melody hooks.

Ty$on moved to Savannah, GA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where according to his bio, his music career began to unfold. Years after his return to New Orleans, Ty$on released two mixtapes before collaborating with fellow rapper Rico to found Da Winners.

The current official bio of Da Winners says of Ty$on, “With a combination of smooth, trippy banging beats and lifestyle lyrics, Ty$on is one artist to be on the look out for.”

If the artistic output of Ty$on over the last two years is any indication, the underground hip hop scene can expect much more music from the Louisiana rapper in the months to come, so fans have all the reason in the world to keep up with T. and Da Winners.

“Purgatory” by Ty$on, hosted by DJ Ace Boogie Nola, is available online worldwide from now.

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Experimental composer Josh Stewart releases new LP ‘Proemial’

The experimental composer internationally known as Josh Stewart has released his new, epic LP album, “Proemial.” The record contains eight original tracks plus seven bonus commentary entries for an approximate total listening time of one hour. Sweeping, soaring, multifaceted and as complex as the listener’s imagination allows it to be, “Proemial” is a record for hardcore aficionados and ambient music fans alike.

Josh Stewart cites as main artistic influences composers of soundtracks and soundscapes such as Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Hans Zimmer, and Thomas Newman, but also forward-thinking pop groups like Bon Iver.

His “Proemial” album differs from the rest of his repertoire, as well as from nearly everything else the music world has to offer, in having been written from the percussion upward, rather than the other way around. This puts the drums in a directorial role controlling the mode and tone of the music instead of relegating them to mere timekeepers.

“It’s really this conversation piece between a drum kit and music around it,” writes Stewart. “The concept began with this idea: what happens when a drummer sits down behind a drum kit, and plays with no set tempo and no set grooves, no direction, just a blank canvas for him to say whatever he feels?”

Stewart then composed the rest of the piece around – not to say on top of – the drums, allowing them to keep a primary and prominent place in each of the eight selections.

“So it was this experiment of beginning a series of compositional pieces with a drum performance, and then seeing how that would inspire music that would later be written around it.”

The drummer in question is Atlanta, GA’s rhythm machine, TJ Rodriguez. At 20 years old, Rodriguez has already made a career for himself after studying percussion at the Atlanta Institute of Music. A full-time drummer for various artists around the city, playing drums is his principle business. Stewart and Rodriguez have been friends for a little over two years. TJ Rodriguez delivers his own line of commentary about “Proemial” on Track 11, “The Heart of the Drummer.”

Josh Stewart’s music career began from a bard’s perspective – that music originates in the telling of tales. Asked to describe his start as a composer, he answers, “Out of my own curiosity of storytelling. I didn’t grow up playing or writing music. But when I began college, that was when music and writing began to become an interest and byproduct of loving to tell stories and of having stories told to me.”

But Stewart is also known for making music from the perspective of the listener. “Proemial” (from the Greek for ‘introductory’) serves as a self-examination for him, but also of the music fan.

“[Making the album] was a process of deconstructing how I write music. Hopefully, this gives listeners a fresh way of listening to a song. But even deeper, how a drum kit can talk to music, and command it. It was less about genre or song structure but focused more on color and conversation within music. It was an organic experience in seeing what music can come from. It was a true representation of what the drummer was feeling and thinking while playing. The music personifies his feeling and emotions.”

“Proemial” by Josh Stewart is available online worldwide beginning late 20 January 2016 and may be sampled at the official Josh Stewart website now (link provided below). Get in early, fans of ambient and experimental music. Very early.

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Vicci Flame releases new hip hop single ‘We Already Did’

The up-and-coming hip hop artist known as Vicci Flame has released his latest single, “We Already Did.” The track has been published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Unique, creative, and bringing a sound never before heard in the West Coast, East Coast, or Dirty South underground scenes, “We Already Did” by Vicci Flame is a single rap fans everywhere in the world should hear.

Vicci Flame cites as main artistic influences Lil Wayne, Future, Tupac Shakur, Generation X, Dr. Dre, and Will I Am. His own sound on “We Already Did” might be most likened to Dre in the deepness of its groove, but the tone is something all his own and can’t be compared. In fact, it is the single’s originality which led Flame to producing the song on his own to begin with.

“I went to a studio and they couldn’t reproduce the beat I heard in my head,” Vicci Flame says, “so I bought equipment and made it myself.”

The result is a track which immediately stands out on its own. Imagining studio professionals having a hard time reproducing “We Already Did” as Vicci Flame has created it is easy.

The track has a message, too. Flame describes it, “We are already having fun. We already did what others are trying to do – so let’s just have a good time.”

While “We Already Did” may be the most outstanding release by Vicci Flame to date, it doesn’t represent his absolute beginning in music.

“Ever since I first heard Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean,’” he says, “I knew what I wanted to do with my life – learn how to record and produce music.”

Since those days Vicci Flame has produced for many industry and upcoming artists and has been called “something like an urban legend in the streets and in recording studios.” He has drawn comparisons to the Weeknd and Young Thug. He is currently writing his first screenplay, “Get Yo Bandz Up,” and has a clothing line called VICCI.

“We Already Did” by Vicci Flame is available online worldwide beginning Christmas, 2016. Get in early, hip hop fans.

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Conal Flood releases new dance single ‘Playing Me’

The DJ and music producer known as Conal Flood has released his latest EDM single, “Playing Me.” The track has been proudly published on the Resident Records independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Classy, soulful and built on a foundation of rhythm ‘n’ blues and contemporary digital dance music, “Playing Me” is evidence that Conal Flood is a name to watch in 2017.

Ireland’s Conal Flood cites as main artistic influences Above & Beyond, Anjunabeats, and Anjunadeep. His own sound is cosmopolitan, accessible, and likely to appeal to a broad range of music fans, especially those on the fence between R-n-B and EDM. “Playing Me” features top-shelf female vocals, traditional instrumentation and surgically precise studio production for a sparkling result which fits any nightclub or living room playlist.

Commenting on the themes of his new track, Conal Flood writes, “In such complicated times we live in, I believe electronic music can bring us together for that small moment. People set their differences aside, race, religion, politics, none of it matters in the moment, maybe the world’s not so bad, it’s just how we make it in that period of time.”

Conal Flood has spent most of his life creating music. His own Resident Records label is dedicated to giving back to the music community.

“All I want to do is share with the world what I love doing,” says Flood. “After years of production I started Resident Records to help other artists like myself get forward in an already tough industry. I’ve always had the desire to give people that feeling of peace and release from every day stresses in a fast productive world we live in.”

“Playing Me” by Conal Flood is available online worldwide from over 700 digital music purveyors now.

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Experimental Moog mastermind Stark Sound Lab releases ‘Wally’s Woes’ single

Stark Sound Lab has released his newest electronica single, “Wally’s Woes.” The track is the tenth official release to come from Canada’s Stark Records independent music label. Marked by driving percussion, fugue-like chord progressions and SSL’s inimitable Moog melodies, “Wally’s Woes” proves Stark Sound Lab to be among the most inventive electronica artists for 2017.

In the past Stark Sound Lab has cited as inspirations such legends as Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Hans Zimmer, Brian Eno, and Keith Emerson – Emerson being ever-present in “Wally’s Woes” – but SSL insists that music artists are not the source from which their latest track has sprung.

“In the case of ‘Wally’s Woes,’ there were no outside musical influences, just a gut-wrenching emotional reaction,” writes Stark Sound Lab. “Wally’s Woes is a very emotional song that was written, performed and recorded while our mascot, Wally (four-year-old Boston Terrier) was in hospital fighting for his life after being poisoned.”

The track was recorded live using vintage, highly prized Moog keyboards: a System 55, a Voyager and a Model 15, each of which instruments boasts its own fan club around the world. It was dedicated to Wally the dog at Stark Records’ website while he was still suffering from his illness.

“Wally is a shining star at Stark Sound Lab, barking at delivery vans and welcoming visitors,” writes Stark Sound Lab. “Our hearts sank knowing he might not return to us. So we did everything we could, got him the best veterinarian, prayed, and wrote music in his honour.”

It has been surmised that poisoned dog treats had been left on the sidewalk in a random act of malice. Thanks to Stark Sound Lab – and an excellent vet – this black intent has had the opposite effect of giving enjoyment to music lovers everywhere in the form of this raw, powerfully evocative, electronic prog-pop single, “Wally’s Woes.”

And after all, there is a happy ending.

“Our prayers were answered when Wally was able to leave hospital and join us once again. It was truly a Christmas Miracle that Wally survived and is now with us again watching over Stark Sound Lab.”

“Wally’s Woes” is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music outlets now. Get in early.

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CAMEO releases runaway hit single ‘We in the House’

The international funk sensation known as CAMEO have released their global hit No. 1 single, “We in the House.” Their lineup includes veteran funk heroes Nathan Leftenant, Jeryl Bright, Gregory B. Johnson, and Arnett Leftenant, making for a triumphant return not often seen in any music genre. It has been proudly published on the CAMEO Records independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Packed with bass, rhythm, and a deeper groove than the Grand Canyon, “We in the House” is a contemporary reminder of who owns the funk category in the 21st century.

World-renowned CAMEO have spent more than 40 years on the charts and airwaves. They cite as main artistic influences James Brown, Chicago, the Ohio Players, EWF, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and others.

Asked to comment on their most recent release, CAMEO write, “This single says no more B.S. – we are here to set things straight. ‘We in the House.’”

Previous CAMEO hits include “Rigormortis,” “She’s Strange,” “Word Up,” “I Just Want to Be,” and “Candy.” This new release of “We in the House” represents the reunion of four of the group’s original members.

Speaking of the themes of their music, CAMEO Records writes, “Cameo’s message is based on today’s time and news-day events. Their positive energy, great musicianship, tight vocals, and staggering synth lines are part of their platinum/gold, legendary sound.”

Lee Bailey’s says of the new single: “Featuring several members that identify the Cameo sound, ‘We In The House’ delivers a great experience for the listener, and is a mix for today’s millennials, older fans, and rappers.”

“There is a certain chemistry that happens when we all get together,” writes CAMEO. “Dropping more Cameo music and world tours … We do it because we love it, and we do it for our fans!”

“We in the House” by CAMEO is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital stores now. Get in early, funk fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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Mark de Monoloq releases new LP album ‘Icosahedron’

The composer and producer of music known as Mark de Monoloq has released his newest LP album, “Icosahedron.” The record includes 20 original tracks for an approximate listening time approaching two hours. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Eclectic, ambient, experimental and exploratory, “Icosahedron” is Mark de Monoloq’s crowning achievement to date and a great reason for music fans to experience his repertoire right away.

Canada’s Mark de Monoloq cites as main artistic influences Boards Of Canada, Tycho, Flying Lotus, Justice, Brian Eno, Howard Shore, Jon Hopkins, Hans Zimmer, David Bowie, deadmau5, Björk, Aphex Twin, Imogen Heap, Moby, and James Newton Howard. This illustrious list proves Monoloq to be an artist with great music taste, and there are similarities between his work and elements from some of the above, but in the end his music is singular to his own creativity.

“I was introduced to the world of music around the age of 10 when I began taking piano lessons,” he writes. “I learned everything from theory to practice, which I was able to apply at the Royal Conservatory of Music.”

Though the result of classical training, Mark de Monoloq’s music remains surprising and hard to pin down. Asked to elucidate the intended themes and meanings of his rather expansive record, he suggests a natural, sonic subjectivity guiding the process.

“The truth is that there really is no message other than what you make it to be. Everything is completely abstract. Of course, there is the underlying tone that the ‘Icosahedron’ brings. Its association with the Sacral Chakra, and the element of water helps to add definition to texture and flow, along with passion and pleasure. But as far as images and messages go, you tell me!”

An icosahedron is a polygon with 20 sides. It’s no accident that Monoloq’s record contains the same number of tracks, each with its own style and character. His current official bio colors him as a personable, curious adventurer in sound:

“My name is Mark de Monoloq. I compose electronic music, or rather, electronically treated acoustic music. One of my favorite tools is my Zoom H4N [a specialized handheld microphone] which at times, makes me feel that the world around me is the true musician at play. I love experimenting with sound design and pushing the tools I own to their limits. Even then, those limitations can be broken with the right amount of creativity. My only true goal with my music is to experiment. Not everyone will have the same experience as I do when listening to my music, but I suppose that’s the point. It’s all completely abstract. There is no message or images other than what you make it to be. The way I see it, the more rules I break, the better!”

“Icosahedron” by Mark de Monoloq is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music stores now. Get in early.

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Stark Sound Lab releases new EP ‘New Day’

The electronica music project known as Stark Sound Lab (SSL) has released its latest EP album, “New Day.” The record contains five original tracks for a total listening time of about 15 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Stark Records independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Postmodern, imaginative and pulsing with sonic color, “New Day” from Stark Sound Lab is a strikingly inventive release to round out Q4 2016.

Stark Sound Lab, which began recording its brand of far-out sound exploration in San Francisco in 1968, cites as main artistic influences the Residents, Bob Moog, Walter (Wendy) Carlos, Vangelis, Dick Hyman, and Hans Zimmer. This illustrious roster gives an idea of the high-caliber musical taste of Stark Sound Lab, but the general style and groove of SSL remains unique, even by the standards of the unbounded experimental-electronic genre.

Much of Stark Sound’s singular tone comes from the specific selection of instruments involved.

Of this Stark Sound Lab writes, “With each new day comes new challenges. ‘New Day’ is a collection of experimental recordings inspired by these challenges. [It was] recorded using a variety of Moog synthesizers from Minimoog Voyager and Model D to Modular.”

Stark Sound Lab has been described as “creating New Age, minimalist and experimental sound designs that invoke impressionistic and expressionistic experiences. Each soundscape is crafted so what you hear becomes illusory, with some sounds appearing to be inches from you, several feet away or far in the distance, while others emanate from directions that are virtually inexplicable.”

The true effect of SSL is in the experience of listening to “New Day” firsthand. Luckily, the “New Day” EP from Stark Sound Lab is already available from its official website (link provided below) or from over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide beginning 10 December 2016. Get in early, electronica and Moog fans.

-S. McCauley

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Nobodies release LP album ‘Nobodies’

The hip hop duo from Florida known as Nobodies have released their self-titled full-length record, “Nobodies.” The album contains nine original tracks for a total listening time of half an hour. It has been proudly published on the Blackhouse Records independent music label without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Intelligent, iconoclastic, and aggressively shouting down the ills of modern society, “Nobodies” by Nobodies is a rap record fans of hip hop from every walk can get behind.

The official music video for the record’s popular single, “Zero Tolerance/Inaction,” is here: An official video for its opening track, “Hermes Trismegistus,” has also been made available for listening and viewing online.

Asked to cite some main influences, Florida’s Nobodies say their music is for “fans of Denzel Curry, Vince Staples, Awful Records, Miami, punk rock, trap, and hip hop.” Their sound is a mixture of contemporary dirty south and New York styles, with artistic principles drawn from social activism and subcultures such as the punk movement and late 19th-century occultism. The result is a smart, heavy-hitting collection of songs that recalls acts like Dead Prez and the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

Speaking of the themes of their new record, Nobodies write, “Nobodies are about bringing home the idea that we are all here to serve a greater purpose than to cycle through the mundane day-to-day tasks, and that we should all embrace our greatness. Music that pushes boundaries, in a sonic sense, as well as lyrically, and spreading the message to masses to do the same.”

Nobodies are a duo comprised of longtime pals MTFR (Matt the F’n Rapper) and Jah (usually stylized ‘JAH’). They have distinguished themselves in rap circles by eschewing the shameless self-aggrandizing and ostentation practiced by many hip hop artists today, choosing instead to “be prolific and release nothing but precedent-setting, groundbreaking new material.”

Music videos by Nobodies have been directed by the recent underground favorite, FXRBES.

Blackhouse Records have described Nobodies saying, “This addition to the Blackhouse Records lineup is unlike anything we have ever taken on in 15 years of operation. In this partnership, the future will see not only an upcoming full length by NOBODIES, but also solo releases from MTFR and JAH separately. We couldn’t be more elated to have these guys aboard and absolutely cannot wait to present to you what they have coming your way.”

“Nobodies” by Nobodies is available online worldwide from Blackhouse Records at over 700 quality digital music stores now. Get in early, rap fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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