Bar Code Born releases double singles ‘I Miss the You I Knew’ and ‘Still Crazy for You’

The singer and songwriter known as Bar Code Born has released two new single tracks, “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You.” The singles have been made available as a bundled duo in the tradition of the single and B-side 7” record. They have been proudly published as independent releases entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Impeccably produced, cleverly written and masterfully performed, Bar Code Born’s “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” have a style all their own and are likely to appeal to a broad range of music fans.


Bar Code Born’s new tracks are variously categorized as electronica and pop music, though they can also be found in the indie pop and alternative rock bins, among others. The artist cites as main music influences Smashing Pumpkins and the Psychedelic Furs, as well as the singer-songwriters of the oldies genre. Fans of these are likely to be well pleased with the similarities they find in these new offerings from Bar Code Born. Full, lush harmonies and melodic song structures make “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” excellent additions to any music lover’s collection.


Speaking of the themes of his new songs, Bar Code Born writes, “The songs take listeners on a complex journey between missing the old honeymoon phase days of relationships … but at the same time growing into a more mature love where ‘crazy days are over,’ but still being passionate where dreams can fade but somehow stay.”

Bar Code Born began as the three-piece band, Barbie’s Gun in 2001, but changed their name due to lawsuit threats from Mattel, Inc. They have been courted by music labels such as Jet Speed Records and received an award from the Unisong International Songwriting Competition. They have previously been awarded a grant from the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester, and featured on public television WROC channel 8.


“I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” by Bar Code Born are available online worldwide beginning 3 August 2014.


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Sunstack Jones releases new LP ‘Roam’

The alternative-rock crew known as Sunstack Jones have released their latest LP record, “Roam.” The record comprises 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Mammoth Bell Recording Co. record label as an independent release without support from the corporate music industry. Populated with acoustic guitars, rolling beats and consistently remarkable songwriting, “Roam” is a lo-fi record that fans of indie music and Brit pop will be able to agree on like no record before it.


Sunstack Jones cite as main artistic influences such musicians as Ryan Adams, Nirvana, Mazzy Star, the Sundays, Beachwood Sparks, Scott Walker, Lee Hazlewood, Pink Floyd, and Sonic Youth. Attributes of each can readily be found in “Roam,” particularly in the cases of Mazzy Star and the Sundays. The open-air, other-worldly feel of Pink Floyd runs like a strong undercurrent throughout the record, and a raw simplicity ties Sunstack Jones to Sonic Youth in terms of songwriting and apparent artistic principle.


Asked to expand on the themes of their album, Sunstack Jones writes simply – “Things are bad, we know.”


Their official band bio describes their sound and style as “ethereal dream-pop psychedelia,” a descriptor which colors them appropriately, though their overall effect is not as complicated as the compound adjective might suggest. On the contrary, “Roam” by Sunstack Jones is an incredibly accessible rock album, one which both the casual listener and true audiophile can quickly dive into and thoroughly enjoy.


Sunstack Jones were formed in the UK in 2011. Their debut LP, “Surefire Ways to Sweeten
The Mind” appeared in 2012. Soon after making live appearances at Britain’s popular Cloudspotting Festival and with This Is The Kit, they hit public radio on Mark Radcliffe’s BBC Radio 2 Music Club show. Recording sessions for BBC Merseyside’s Introducing followed, as did spots on Tom Robinson’s 6 Music Mixtape Show and Fresh Faves.


The Verve’s Nick McCabe has called their “Sun in Your Eyes” track, “Beautiful!”


“Roam” by Sunstack Jones is available online worldwide beginning 2 August 2014. Get in early.


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The Stereojack releases new single ‘Believe’

Up and coming artist the Stereojack has released his latest single, “Believe.” The track has been released on the Bugs Records music label and warmly received by audiophiles of the Internet everywhere. Upbeat, exotic and unstoppably positive, “Believe” is yet another example of how much more easily independent music can reach the hearts and personalities of the world’s most discerning music aficionados.


The Stereojack’s “Believe” single has been categorized as pop, euro- pop and pop rock respectively, but it has much in common with other subgenres, as well. An unmistakable reggae groove runs throughout, with vocal and instrumental overtones that take cues from the ska tradition. Mixing remarkably well with this island warmth are trappings of the old-school house music scene.


Digital elements such as mixed drum beats and surprising, delightful synth phrases blend so discretely in “Believe” that fans of house music could miss the ska attributes altogether, even as evident though they are, while longtime listeners of the Specials and Madness could feasibly focus on the vocals and blasts of brass, and never notice the synthesized characteristics of the Stereojack’s single at all. An entire LP of such music could passably warrant a new subgenre all its own.


The Stereojack himself cites as main artistic influences a broad, sweeping list of musicians who share only a consistent thread of absolute quality between them. Among these are the Beatles, Queen, Kraftwerk, Allister Brimble, U2, Waltari, David Bowie, Orbital, Fatboy Slim, Underworld, Morcheeba, Beck, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Regina Spektor, and Norman Cook. This copious collection is an iceberg’s tip, and one gets the impression that the Stereojack has a library of musical interests (and activities) that he prefers to keep separated.


All in all, “Believe” is a blue-collar masterpiece for anyone who appreciates feel-good music that seems written for the listener and performed directly to the listener – or to put it more succinctly, it’s for everyone.


“Believe” by the Stereojack is available online worldwide.


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Shantay B releases new single ‘Michael Kors’

The singer and songwriter known as Shantay B has released her latest single, “Michael Kors.” The track features an appearance by popular independent recording artist, MC Moe Diamondz. It has been produced by Novaman and published on the Novamanmusic independent record label. Smooth, ultra-feminine and classy from head to toe, “Michael Kors” by Shantay B is a single built on both natural and polished talents, and one which fans of both R ‘n’ B and hip hop are sure to appreciate.


Shantay B cites as main artistic influences such legends as Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Frank Ocean. The style of her own track, “Michael Kors,” bares resemblance to the songwriting style of Beyonce, while the crisp, clean quality of the vocal tracks are more akin to Whitney Houston. The end result is a display of sonic finery which matches the themes of the track very well.


Speaking of these topics, Shantay B collaborator and co-writer Pierre Lawson explains, “The single appeals to every individual that has a shopping fetish. The hip-hop culture is becoming more influential on high fashion in 2014 and this song is all about designers, hence, ‘Michael Kors.’”


Shantay B was born and raised in West Berlin, Germany. Her musical journey began at four years old, singing and playing piano. By the time she was a teenager, she had moved back to Louisville, KY with her family and begun operating as the music minister of the church where her father was a pastor. It wasn’t until she moved to Charlotte, NC, however, that Shantay B finally met producer, Novaman. The meeting would culminate in the writing, recording and publication of “Michael Kors.”


Her official artist’s bio relates their meeting and collaboration on the single: “This was a pivotal point in Shantay’s music career because she never worked with any producer that could convey her ideas and help to polish her writing abilities. One day, Novaman was inspired by Shantay’s normal fashion apparel, which is usually an array from designers including Christian Dior and Michael Kors. He was inspired to develop the ‘Michael Kors’ track and presented it. Shantay was highly impressed and immediately began inking her thoughts and emotions.


“The record was written and recorded the same day. To add more ‘girl power’ to the record, independent female recording artist MC Moe Diamondz provided her Harlem flow to finesse the urban side of the record.”


Shantay B is currently recording her new EP and has stated plans to impact the music industry in a positive way.


“Michael Kors” by Shantay B is available online worldwide.


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The Vidos release new EP ‘All the Time’

The Vancouver rock trio known as the Vidos have released their latest EP record, “All the Time.” The EP is composed of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. The album has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without support of the corporate music industry. Upbeat, poppy, raw and quirky, “All the Time” by the Vidos has everything fans of indie rock look for, and for which fans of indie rock keep coming back.


The Vidos cite as main musical influences such bands as the Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth. Their official Facebook page also gives mention to the Vaccines, the White Stripes, Weezer, Marilyn Monroe, Radiohead, and Smashing Pumpkins. While this amalgam may seem unlikely and varied at first glance, a consistent thread appears in terms of imaginative tones, general irreverence and clever songwriting throughout. Each of these sonic attributes is clearly evident in “All the Time” by the Vidos, and audiophiles in the Vancouver area have been taking notice.


Describing their own sound and character in a few words, the Vidos write, “Bass, guitar, vocals and drum skins as loud as they can go, sometimes a little louder than that, even. We provide an unrelentingly energetic show and write really upbeat ‘n’ catchy songs about girls, death, and food. We’re here to bring the funk back.”


Exuberant, youthful and eternally energetic, the Vidos list among their favorite things Mario Kart, “(awful)” movies, hockey, art, exotic cheeses, tetherball, and the color orange. Their bizarre collective sense of humor is integral to the overall Vidos experience, one which affects their music from its writing to its performance, and from its performance to its recording. One track from their previous LP record, “2012,” includes vocals recorded through a tiny microphone implanted in a toaster, into which their singer projected his voice.


Formed in 2011, the band’s live videos drape across the Internet like a blanket and can be viewed from an assortment of websites including their official band site (link provided below). Live interviews on public radio stations are also available for listening.


“All the Time” by the Vidos is available online worldwide beginning July 25, 2014, and directly from the band’s official website now. Get in early.


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Darkside releases new EP ‘Free Agent (Tru Stories)’

The DJ, rapper, and music producer known as Darkside has released his latest EP album, “Free Agent (Tru Stories).” The EP contains six original songs and has an approximate total listening time of 22 minutes. It proudly has been released on the Born Famous Entertainment independent record label. Heavy on the bass, racked with rhythm and packed with urban poetry, “Free Agent (Tru Stories)” by Darkside is clearly one of the indie rap titles to hear in the summer of 2014.


Darkside cites as main artistic influences some of the most seminal songwriters in hip hop, including KRS-One, Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, DMX, the Notorious B.I.G.,and Jay-Z. These inspirations speak volumes about the material listeners can expect from Darkside on “Free Agent (Tru Stories).” His natural groove and unstoppable flow loom second only to the weight of his carefully penned lyrics. Like much of the work of KRS-One, Tupac Shakur and Michael Franti, Darkside’s material is gritty, true-to-life and cleverly worded.


Darkside, who started as a DJ at the age of 10, was raised in Baltimore with hip hop in his bones and a message in his mind.


“My message to my listeners,” he writes, “is that if you have a dream, pursue it. Everyone has their ups and downs in life but if you stay focused on your dreams, then the sky’s the limit.”


The dual title of his new record is both literal and appropriate. It is his debut solo release, having collaborated with other artists for many years. It is also a work of non-fiction.


“Everything that I write is real,” Darkside comments. “If you’re good at writing and telling stories, then share it with the world. Whatever you feel God has blessed you with, take advantage of your gifts and pursue your dream. You will never know how successful you can be if you don’t try. Be as real as possible and strive to be the best at everything you do in life.”


“Free Agent (Tru Stories)” by Darkside is available online worldwide.


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Fighting Bear Bulldozer releases new single ‘Go Time’

The rappers, songwriters and performers known as Fighting Bear Bulldozer have released their latest hip-hop single, titled, “Go Time.” The track has been proudly released independent of support from the corporate music infrastructure and bares only the Fighting Bear Bulldozer copyright on over 750 digital music outlets all around the world. The track is a modern, cutting-edge example of hip hop from the mouths and minds of the people to the ears and hearts of listeners everywhere.


Fighting Bear Bulldozer’s “Go Time” is packed with vibrant, aggressive rhythm and equally direct, in-your-face vocal work. The back beat keeps time with a pounding bass and bursting snare combo, filled with steady hi-hat work that makes a curtain of rattlesnake shake for a backdrop. Against this sibilant backing rhythm, Fighting Bear Bulldozer raps in the upper register with sharp, machine-gun phrases written with the specific intent that the listener should be encouraged to stand for what he or she believes in and fight for the cause.


Asked to discuss the reason for and theme of the “Go Time” single, Fighting Bear Bulldozer writes simply, “Inspiring action.”


When one listens to the track, the lyrical emphasis on this basic principle is clear; it is simply “Go Time,” after all, when the flame runs out of wick and the powder takes to charge. Fighting Bear Bulldozer are building an explosion. Fans of such artists as Jay-Z, the Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West, DMX and other such legends of urban poetry will not be disappointed by this new offering from Fighting Bear Bulldozer.


“Go Time” by Fighting Bear Bulldozer is an affiliated music project of, which bills itself as “Your 1 stop entertainment complete supersource.” The site advertises instrumental music “easy and problem free,” and currently features a downloadable full-length film, “Always Rise” with a viewing time of nearly 21 minutes.


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Bozea releases debut single ‘Countin’ 100’s’

The rapper and producer of rap and hip hop known as Bozea has released his debut single, “Countin’ 100’s.” The track has been proudly released without support from the corporate music industry on the Full Profit Entertainment music label. Gritty, aggressive, and coming from one of the street’s most direct urban poets, “Countin’ 100’s” pulls no punches and proves that Bozea is one of Cleveland’s voices to hear in 2014.


Bozea cites as main music inspirations such legends of the mic as Kanye West, Tupac Shakur, Scarface, Snoop Doggy Dogg (now Snoop Lion), 50 Cent, and the Notorious B.I.G. As such, his own single, “Countin’ 100’s” is a blend of hardcore, old-school themes and cutting-edge tones and styles. He has been making his own brand of hip hop since his early days at high school.


Asked to discuss his start in music, Bozea writes concisely, “[I started in music] at age 12, experiencing and seeing rugged things in the streets.” Appropriately, he states that his music paints a non-fictional portrait of growing up in the inner city. “[My music describes] realities of the ‘hood and of street life,” he writes. “This particular song focuses on my status and the passion to make money.”


Bozea takes his name partially from his nickname, “Bo.” His official artist’s bio states that “he is noted for having a prophetical flow full of truth in the likeness of a prophet,” wherefore the second half of his name is taken from the Biblical character, Hosea.


Bozea’s understanding of the hardships of the street are genuine. After moving at the age of 16 to East Cleveland, he began selling hard drugs and was eventually sentenced to three years in prison. He spent his time at Lima Correctional Institution boxing and attending college. Years later, he has since co-founded the Full Profit Ent. record label and earned his Assoc. Degree in Business Admin. with a 3.95 GPA.


“Countin’ 100’s” by Bozea is available online worldwide.


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Rapper Klutch releases new single ‘That’s Klutch’

The rapper, songwriter, and performer of hip-hop music known as Klutch has released his latest single, “That’s Klutch.” The single has been produced by Hollywood Legend and published on the Halo Nation LLC music label. “That’s Klutch” is the first official release from the hip-hop artist which will be promoted over public radio, and has been edited for radio play. Rhythmic, bassy, and packed with lyrical flips and turns to entertain listeners with ears for urban poetry, “That’s Klutch” is the most recent reason why fans of rap and hip hop have been paying so much attention to this rapidly climbing star of the street.


Klutch cites as main artistic influences such musicians as Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Metallica, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Michael Jackson. As this widely varied grab bag of monumental talents may imply, “That’s Klutch” showcases Klutch’s sound and style to be an eclectic mix of tones from the old school and the new, with polished horn samples and catchy piano melodies, sonic elements in both the high and low frequencies. The back beat leaves plenty of space for groove while remaining one of the song’s best attributes. The beats don’t try to be the main attraction, however, which spotlight is appropriately taken up by Klutch, himself.


Asked to comment on the direction he and Hollywood Legend took with his new single, Klutch writes, “[I think] the song shows my lyrical ability flowing smoothly on a non-traditional hip-hop beat, showing my diversity of skills.”


Hailing originally from the Philippines, Klutch was born in 1987 and raised in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia. He moved to America for schooling without his family when he was 15 years old, and is now based in Milwaukee, WI. Klutch had learned to play guitar by the age of 12. Talent shows and other public venues gave him all the room he needed to develop his stage presence and delivery, and by the time he had reached his junior year of college, the public started to take notice.


“In 2010,” writes Klutch, “my junior year in college, it transitioned from a hobby to a career. The rest is history.”


Klutch is expected by many audiophiles to be the first Filipino/Asian hip-hop artist to break out of the underground scene.


“That’s Klutch” by Klutch, produced by Hollywood Legend, is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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MondoTunes Dubstep Contest winner SubOxyde releases new single ‘Ballistic’

The composer and producer of digital music known as SubOxyde has released his new single, “Ballistic.” The dubstep single garnered SubOxyde a first-place win in the 2014 Official MondoTunes’ Dubstep Contest, making him the Grand Prize Winner for the electronic dance music subgenre. The contest had been hosted by MondoTunes, DarkElixir, Audeze, Audix, and PlayMeRecords, and was judged by dubstep experts such as DarkElixir, Reid Speed and James Mormile. “Ballistic” is a bass-heavy, ingenious example of what sets dubstep apart from other electronica music categories, and solid proof that SubOxyde is a digital producer to watch out for in the coming months.


St. Louis’ SubOxyde cites as main artistic influences such DJs, producers and musicians as D-jahsta, Cyberoptics, 12gauge, Mantis, Datsik, Downlink, Getter, Sadhu, Jphelpz, Barron, and Megalodon. His sounds are earmarked for their particularly low frequencies, a loud statement in a genre populated by bass sounds. Asked to describe the message his award-winning single has for fans and listeners around the world, SubOxyde writes only, “Drop bass, melt face ;).”


Like many young composers of digital music, SubOxyde cut his teeth on a Mixman DM2 before adding the popular music production platform, FLStudio to his digital audio workstation. His official bio paints a colorfully accurate picture of his sound using descriptive language which showcases not only the tone and feel of “Ballistic,” but also the imagination which achieved it:


“[SubOxyde’s] surgically detailed masterpieces have everything – twisted, churning, robotic bass lines which morph continuously like they’re speaking to your subconscious, sublimely hypnotic melodies and clever little twists packed deep into every bar of his rich, seismic bangers. Producing from an early age, there is no end in sight, no limits to what can be created in SubOxyde’s hands. An open mind and attention to the tiniest, most minute elements lay the foundation for his signature LOW Frequency, HIGH Voltage works! This is a no-brainer folks, top-quality Dubstep all the way for the heads, and amazingly dynamic soundtracks for the quality bass-music aficionados.”


The award-winning “Ballistic” by SubOxyde is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

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