Music mastermind Loris Zoppelletto releases new single ‘Time Freeze’

The ingenious music artist known as Loris Zoppelletto has released his latest official single, “Time Freeze.” The track has been published on the 01Soul System independent record label outside the influence of the corporate music industry. At once both cutting-edge and based on the same house music principles which founded the popular scene in Europe and the United States, “Time Freeze” by Loris Zoppelletto is a dance music phenomenon which gets dance floors jumping in seconds, flat.

Unique to “Time Freeze” and setting it apart from the rest of the EDM and house music genres is the philosophy which it exemplifies, the point its creator, Loris Zoppelletto, is trying to make in having created it. Being foremost a specialist in science and technology, Zoppelletto believes in becoming adroit in multiple fields. Hence, his foray into making music is a message and a proof to the public at large.

“The song ‘Time Freeze’ has been created for advertising Meetab products for extreme sports,” writes Zoppelletto. (Meetab is an Italian company offering nutritional supplements with an emphasis on metabolomics and all-natural ingredients.) “The style of the piece is dynamic and lively, alternating moments of suspension where the pace slows down and gives breath to the frenzy of the sport that it symbolizes.”

Zoppelletto himself has been described as “a very curious person who believes that the ability of everyone to learn can improve indefinitely. Although he specialized in technology and science with a degree in electrical engineering, he believes strongly in the power of those who can move in different fields simultaneously.”

2001 saw Zoppelletto speaking at a public conference at which he was quoted as saying, “A very interesting word in this period is ‘multidisciplinary.’ In a sense it is the opposite of ‘specialization.’ If you specialize in electronics, you’ll be an expert in electronic equipment. If you specialize in music, you will be an expert of instruments and sounds. But if you can master both, you may be the one who invents a new way of making music or a new way to record it, or pass it or produce it. Think about it: the things that have influenced our lives in recent decades are the ability to deal with two or more diverse sectors. It’s a very creative field!”

Speaking for Meetab, the company for which “Time Freeze” was written, Zoppelletto writes that “The body care, health and nutrition are things which takes up a huge amount of attention in the human being. Although medicine has reached excellent levels in curing acute diseases, efforts are now heading to treat chronic conditions (lasting longer than 3 months). One of the most promising fields in this direction is nutritional medicine. It is a great bet for the future and an exciting opportunity to create value and wellbeing.”

Zoppelletto is known also as a trainer in various fields. With many years of experience, he has dedicated himself to codify teaching methods and systems for creating content to transmit skills to different types of audiences. The effort in this direction culminated in the filing of a patent for a revolutionary method allowing one to quickly create a systematic training course. This method has been registered under the eDooCo® trademark.

“Time Freeze” by Loris Zoppelletto represents the fruit of an artist’s creative efforts, but with the added meaning that the artist is not primarily an artist, but rather a multi-disciplinarian. Listen today!

“Time Freeze” by Loris Zoppelletto is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

Time Freeze” by Loris Zoppelletto –

Ethiopian singer Betty G releases new album ‘Manew Fitsum’

The singer and songwriter known as Betty G has released her anxiously awaited LP album, “Manew Fitsum.” The record comprises 13 original songs for an approximate total listening time of one hour, making for a comprehensive introduction to Betty G’s uniquely captivating repertoire. Classy, elegant, and warmly upbeat in both her singing and songwriting, “Manew Fitsum” by Betty G is the most exciting album from the African continent in 2015 so far.

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Betty G grew up in a French high school and graduated college in the French system. Her multicultural background informs her music from every angle, brightly painting her lyrics in French, English, and Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. Likewise, her overall style varies from mainstream pop to adult contemporary with hip-hop, reggae and rock frills, always celebrating her homeland with strong and wonderful African undertones. This is perhaps best exemplified in “Nana Demaye,” one of the record’s most uplifting and evocative songs.

Betty G’s singing career began in high school when she began performing in her school’s carnival program. From there she moved to playing live gigs at nightclubs, at which venues she regularly appeared until she achieved her bachelor’s degree.

Ask to describe the overall theme of her new record, Betty G writes simply, “I want to talk about love and how great it is.”

Now, with years of experience onstage and a concrete, passionate fan base, Betty G has collaborated with some of the scene’s best-loved artists, such as Nhatty Man, Zeritu, Teddy Afro, Jonny Raga, Black Bukan, and Koby Maxwell. Fans of such legends as Madonna, Cher, and Kylie Minogue are sure also to enjoy “Manew Fitsum” from Betty G.

Several official music videos for Betty G’s music are also available for viewing online (link provided below).

“Manew Fitsum” by Betty G is available online worldwide. Pop fans and DJs everywhere should definitely get in early.

-S. McCauley

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“Manew Fitsum” by Betty G –
Website –

Americana folk heroes the Ebony Hillbillies release new live album ‘Slappin’ a Rabbit – Live!’

The titans of folk, alt-country and Americana music known as the Ebony Hillbillies have released their anxiously awaited live album, “Slappin’ a Rabbit – Live!” The record is a full-length LP comprising 10 tracks for an approximate listening time of 40 minutes. It has been proudly published on the EH Music independent music label. Jubilant, genuine, and red-blooded-American in a way only raw country music can express, “Slappin’ a Rabbit…” proves that the Ebony Hillbillies aren’t just playing the music of yesteryear – they’re evidence that it’s very much alive.

The NYC-based Ebony Hillbillies cite as artistic influences Murph Gribble, Mississippi Sheiks, Canray Fontenot, Doc Roberts, Dennis Murphy, Leonard Bowles, James Brown, Willie Dixon, and other legends of the North-American music tradition.

“This is another slice of Americana,” the Ebony Hillbillies say of their style. “We’re trying to bring back ‘porch music!’ The idea of bringing people together is what we are all about. This music is infectious and the impetus of what we call American music.”

This goal of unifying the people isn’t just a dream, either. The Ebony Hillbillies write and perform their music with the principle guiding every movement and phrase.

“It’s got it all in there,” they explain. “Pop, jazz, folk, country, blues, funk, R&B, dance, Native-American, African, Irish, etc… It’s truly American music – a melting pot. That is what we are, warts and all: real Americana!”

The band goes on to describe their overarching philosophy behind not just their own music, but of all American music. They explain that the music of the United States isn’t based on exclusivity and individualism, but rather, a tendency to bring in, to appreciate, and to synthesize.

“Since our music [represents] the basics of all American-based music, the songs are just that – everything! In the early string-band tradition, no repertoire was off-limits. They played everything. As we play everything!”

The Ebony Hillbillies have been called “the toast of the North.” Their history of prominent performances includes venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, international music workshops and festivals, collaborations with popular visual artists and museums (Kara Walker, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Smithsonian, etc.) and on television networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and the BBC.

North-Carolina favorites the Carolina Chocolate Drops have cited the Ebony Hillbillies as key inspirations, and the Pete Seeger family have given them enthusiastic accolades. The history of the Ebony Hillbillies is a trail of critical and fan approbation and rousing, universal applause.

Their current official bio describes them as “consisting of fiddle, banjo, washboard and bass fiddle …

they have successfully created a following that has bridged a gap in audiences in pop, country, bluegrass, folk, jazz and beyond while maintaing their grassroots credibility.”

Credibility, nothing. The Ebony Hillbillies don’t play music that once was – they’ve brought this American sound through time, thrumming, jumping and alive, to the thrilling ears and dancing feet of discerning audiences of today.

“Slappin’ a Rabbit – Live!” by the Ebony Hillbillies is available online worldwide. Get in early, music fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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“Slappin’ a Rabbit – Live!” by the Ebony Hillbillies –
Website –

“What a wonderful connection to all our humanity.” – The New York Times
“They are the real Y’alternative!” – Creative Loafing
“They provide NYC’s soundtrack…” – LA Times
“They get double takes, if not full pauses when they play!” – The Wall Street Journal

Be sure also to see the Ebony Hillbillies on the new BBC documentary, “Blues America,” featuring Keith Richards, Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, and Chuck D.

Singer-songwriter Noel releases new album ‘Authentic Love & Pain’

The singer and songwriter of modern soul and R ‘n’ B known as Noel has released his latest EP album, “Authentic Love & Pain.” The record comprises six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has been proudly published on the singer’s own Noel Records independent music label entirely without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music industry. Smooth, stylish, melodic and rattling with unstoppable back beats, “Authentic Love & Pain” stands as proof that Noel is a master songwriter and five-star performer steadily climbing toward the top.

Noel originally hails from New York City’s hip-hop hotbed of Brooklyn. Asked to name some of his main artistic influences, he cites a long and distinguished list including Drake, Stevie Wonder, Esperanza Spalding, Dwele, Michael McDonald, Craig David, Al Green, R. Kelly, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, and Luke James.

Noel’s current official bio describes his sound as “a concoction of classic soul and modern-jazzy R&B over hip-hop instrumentals.” Accessible to fans of any music genre, this combination strikes the ear as mellow and cool, yet with strong undercurrents of passion and intensity which rise up in the flawless vocal performance of Noel, himself. Adding to this a healthy dose of Motown-style groove and lyrical earnestness not often found in any category of music arrives at a place listeners will want to visit as often as they can.

The honesty of his lyrics on “Authentic Love & Pain” stems not only from the nature of Noel, himself, but also from the heart of the music. Aptly titled, the EP record acts partially as a romantic chronicle.

Noel describes it, “After I broke up with my first love in high school, I would write poems to vent. Eventually, I linked up with a friend who was making instrumentals but struggled with the lyrics. I offered my poems and the rest was history. Or rather, her story.”

The album acts as both a parable and a question, he says.

“What if love isn’t as easy as we’re taught to believe? It’s hard work. It’s an investment. It’s difficult and often times painful. But fruitful for those who dare to sacrifice their convictions for the greater good, for those who dare to be vulnerable.”

“Authentic Love & Pain” by Noel is available online worldwide. Get in early. Very early.

[The following is taken from the artist’s current official bio.]

Noel is a Brooklyn, NY songwriter currently residing in Ann Arbor, MI who has been songwriting for various up-and-coming artists and producers for over a decade. Noel spent six years in Nigeria, and shortly after his return he met a high-school sweetheart and heartbreak. This relationship set off a series of poems Noel would use to vent his emotions. A friend and up-and-coming producer had trouble writing finding lyrics for his songs. The two friends teamed up and shortly after Noel collaborated with local producers in the NYC. His lyrical content focuses on vulnerability, exposing the joys and tragic imperfections of love.

-S. McCauley

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“Authentic Love & Pain” by Noel –

Digital music artist Kitty Bytes releases new single ‘Rage Quit’

The composer and producer of digital music known as Kitty Bytes has released his latest single, “Rage Quit.” The track has been distributed to more than 750 online music outlets around the world and is poised to reach Kitty Bytes’ largest number of fans yet. It has been proudly published as an independent release outside the influence and financial support of the corporate music industry. Boasting a retro style and feel playing out over a steady build with a pounding, bass-heavy crescendo, “Rage Quit” is an EDM single which will have fans on the dance floor and airborne in droves.

Kitty Bytes is a new electronic music artist with a deep love for the sound. His particular style is unique to him in the digital music underground, “Rage Quit” being his biggest public release to date. He cites as main artistic influences the work of Deadmau5, Mossy, Dinka, Shingo Nakamura, and Porter Robinson. While his new single sports many of the best attributes of these popular DJs, Kitty Bytes’ own music is exceptionally non-derivative and remains his own.

Part of this element comes from a certain nuance borrowed from the background scores of video games. Evidence of this is the title of his new single, “Rage Quit,” which in gaming parlance means to ubruptly exit a game in progress out of frustration. While electronic music and video gaming have shared a growing relationship over the last decade, much of the audible artifacts have belonged to the 8-bit, Nintendo-Entertainment-System style of music. Refreshingly, “Rage Quit” sounds much more akin to the music of earlier games, particularly that of the Atari 2600.

Speaking of his motivation to make music and the themes thereof, Kitty Bytes writes, “I created this single to share my love for electronic music and show my creativity. This album particularly speaks to all gamers out there who have had bad gaming experiences. ‘Rage Quit’ captures some of the anger I have felt when I played games, and I wrote it as a way to release that energy through music. I hope listeners can feel the same emotions I felt through this single.”

“Rage Quit” by Kitty Bytes is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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“Rage Quit” by Kitty Bytes –
Website –

Gee Kazz releases new single ‘Why U Mad’ feat. Emaculent and Anthony Gate

The rapper and singer known worldwide as Gee Kazz has released his latest hip-hop single, “Why U Mad.” The track has been proudly published on the BrightLife Music independent music label without the influence of the corporate music industry. In addition to the considerable talents of Gee Kazz, “Why U Mad” also features the skills and performances of fellow BrightLife associates Anthony Gate and Emaculent, whose “15 Minutes to E” LP appeared in March of 2014 and has been garnering global attention ever since. Fresh, pumping, deftly performed and marked by creative rhythms and background textures, “Why U Mad” by Gee Kazz is one of the most uniquely excellent hip-hop tracks to appear in 2015.

Gee Kazz cites as main artistic influences Elton John, T.I., Michael Jackson, Akon, Kendric Lamar, and Lionel Richie. With such a diverse spread of sounds informing his own brand of hip hop, one would expect Kazz’s music to be unpredictable, colorful and new to the ear, but the whole truth is that his characteristic sound stems largely from his multicultural background, being born to French/Nigerian parents and living now in the USA.

“Just like most artists,” Kazz writes, “I fell in love with the art of creating music by listening to other artists. I suppose I could call them mentors. I started writing my own music and poetry when I was little and since then it’s just been a lifestyle for me.”

Gee Kazz has been making music in the United States since 2012. His debut mixtape, “Rebirth of Kingship” gave him his first taste of fame online and won him the attention of BrightLife Music CEO Bright Enabulele.

The BrightLife Music label has described Gee Kazz as “a wholly original performer who is primed to captivate listeners the world over. With a flow on the mic that bobs and weaves through meticulously laid-out beats, his distinctive style and undeniable talent create an image that cannot be duplicated.”

“Why U Mad” by Gee Kazz feat. Emaculent and Anthony Gate is available online worldwide. Hip-hop fans should get in early. “Why U Mad” has been released with an official music video available for viewing online at the artist’s official website (link provided below).

-S. McCauley

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“Why U Mad” by Gee Kazz feat. Emaculent and Anthony Gate –
Website –

Dance-music producer David Smith releases new ‘Welcome to My World’ EP

The producer and composer of electronic dance music known as David Smith has released his new extended-play album, “Welcome to My World.” The EP contains no fewer than six original David Smith titles for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. The album has been published on Smith’s own independent record label without the financial support of the corporate music industry. Vivacious, pounding with bass and wildly energetic, “Welcome to My World” by David Smith is exceptional dance music for dancers and listeners alike, perfect for cutting-edge DJs who want to light up the dance floor with audio fire.

David Smith (often stylized davi6smith) cites as main artistic influences such house music heroes as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Avicii. Smith’s own music shares a great many similarities with the remarkably popular singles and albums of these legends, with the added benefit that Smith’s music strikes the listener as something fresh and new to make nightclubs come alive with dancing.

David Smith is an EDM artist from Belgium whose native language is French. His debut single appeared in February of 2015 to critical and fan acclaim around the world. While his career in dance music is still very new, his tracks are already planned to be heard at such dance festivals as Sensation, Tomorrowland, the Ultra Music Festival, and others. His music is particularly accessible to listeners and has been called perfect for commercial use both in Europe and internationally.

Still, Smith has plans to branch out into the pop mainstream by collaborating with singers in the future.

“In ‘Welcome to My World’ I put tracks for DJs,” writes the artist. “After this release of my EP, I want to make pop dance tracks with singers. I’m still seeking good singers.”

David Smith has already gained a reputation for being one of the hardest-working music producers in the scene today, and he’s not afraid of the effort involved.

“There is still lots of work but I like to produce this style of music,” Smith writes. “It’s a big challenge for me. I’m very happy with that. I’m just starting this business but step by step my name is beginning to be known. Slowly but surely! … So I work hard. That’s the secret.”

The “Welcome to My World” EP by David Smith is available online worldwide. Get in early, dance music fans and DJs everywhere.

-S. McCauley

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The “Welcome to My World” EP by David Smith –
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Electronica band Daystar releases single ‘Thrasher’

The writers and producers of dark electronica music known as Daystar have released their debut single, “Thrasher.” The track is the first official selection to be made available from their upcoming album, “Rise,” which is expected to appear sometime in 2015. A second single, “Daylight,” is also scheduled for release soon. Shadowy, pulsing and otherworldly, Daystar’s “Thrasher” is a vibrant new take on the goth and industrial sound which ruled the underground dance culture at the turn of the millennium.

Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Daystar name only the Prodigy, whose popular “Firestarter” single represents only the tip of an iceberg six-albums deep. Fans of the seminal UK group will be enthusiastic on hearing Daystar’s “Thrasher,” which belongs to the same category of music but brings modern nuances to the old sound. This new, highly polished electronica style keeps its best qualities while eschewing those attributes which kept industrial music out of the mainstream for more than a decade.

A leading example of the Daystar sound, “Thrasher” has a deep groove which makes it perfect for dance clubs and parties, but also a grim chord progression and arresting sonic texture which will appeal to music aficionados listening on headphones or in their cars. Far more intriguing than EDM and having lyrical hooks and narratives not often heard in pop or dance music, “Thrasher” is a track which music fans of many genres will appreciate.

Daystar’s characteristic sound is a blend of haunting vocal work by members Ghost and Ms. Day (who does not sing on “Thrasher” but who regularly lends her voice) and instrumental work by bassist and guitarist Lefty. This mix of digital accompaniment and live sounds makes for a strong balance with a remarkably high emotional impact, one which the “Thrasher” single suggests will be thoroughly explored on their upcoming 2015 record.

Several music videos are in production to herald the release of their “Rise” album, one of which will accompany the release of “Thrasher.” Starring in the “Thrasher” video is Europe’s strongest man, Thor Juliusson, whom many will recognize as Mountain from the popular “Game of Thrones” television series. Daystar’s second single, “Daylight,” will also feature an official video, and the band have intimated that a steady flow of such visuals will be forthcoming, making their music not only a sonic adventure but also a cinematic experience.

Visual art has been a mainstay for the group since their inception in Iceland. Each member wears a mask sculpted specifically for each face which fully transforms the musician. Perhaps most remarkable is that of Lefty, whose green, electro-luminscent mask detects frequency range and thrums in cadence with the music.

Daystar’s official bio describes their sonic aim as, “pursuing a rather unique style of music – melodic, aggressive, beautiful and mysterious.”

“Thrasher” by Daystar is available online worldwide. Get in early, fans of electronica and industrial music. Very early.

Be sure also to watch for the releases of “Daylight” and the “Rise” album, as well as their official music videos which will be made available on their website and YouTube channel.

-S. McCauley

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“Thrasher” by Daystar –
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Dutch blues and pop singer DishKing releases new single ‘L’amour C’est Toi’

The singer and songwriter from Holland known as DishKing has released his latest single, “L’amour C’est Toi.” The track is a shadowy, blues-fueled song with elements of 1960s French pop which showcases yet another facet of this multifarious musician, a side which his legion of longtime fans in Europe and abroad will be enthusiastic to meet. Dark, masculine and as tonally stylish as it is lyrically evocative, “L’amour C’est Toi” by DishKing is the latest reason for audiophiles around the world to introduce themselves to this masterful sculptor of blues, pop and rock music.

DishKing’s former LP albums, “Sell Yourself in Gold” and “The Power of a Loaded Gun,” were released under the AG Music umbrella and continue to garner him fans around the world. His new “L’amour C’est Toi” single joins his more-recent “101” full-length album – the popularity of which seems to grow with every passing month – as an independent release on his own DishKing Records music label.

Asked to describe the theme of his latest single, “L’amour C’est Toi” (“Love Is You”) DishKing writes, “Everyone has been or is in love. The song’s intention was to describe the feeling of newfound love, a satisfied moment like cruising by car with your loved one on a hot summer’s day celebrating the mutual feelings. Taking the bitter and good times for what it is or was, enjoying the moment of happiness and expressing it.”

DishKing’s repertoire is widely varied, so much so that the artist once commented, “What kind of music? You tell me. Even more so, if you like it, tell the whole world.” Nevertheless, he has cited as main artistic influences David Bowie, Ry Cooder, Daniel Lanois, T-Bone Burnett, Johnny Cash, Quentin Tarantino, Goldfrapp, Elvis Presley, Mark Lanegan, and the Queens of the Stone Age. Whether or not his fans will be surprised at the nuances à la Serge Gainsbourg in his new single is anyone’s guess – but it’s absolutely certain that they’re going to love it. “L’amour C’est Toi,” indeed.

“L’amour C’est Toi” by DishKing is available online worldwide. Get in early, music fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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“L’amour C’est Toi” by DishKing –

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Have you ever considered turning your local watering-hole or favorite restaurant into a venue? Although this approach may not seem ideal at first glance, you’d be surprised at how many places are open to the idea of live music if the terms are right. Many establishments are looking for ways to separate themselves from their competition. By offering entertainment, this could be a win-win for the musician(s) and business.

Know Your Audience and Surroundings

Audience: A coffee house is a completely different atmosphere than a bar. It is important to be aware of surroundings and the customers you will be playing to. Imagine being at your local coffee house and an 80’s tribute band is shredding in your ear. Even if you do “Rock-n-Roll All Night and Party Every Day”, you would not go to a coffee house for this experience. Make sure your music is appropriate for the situation.

Surroundings: Certain regions cater to different styles of music. If you are a Hardcore Death Metal band and you happen to be in Downtown Nashville, this may not be the best fit. Once again, think about the business owner. If they have entertainment, it must cater to their customers. If your group creates an unexpected or unwarranted experience, you may not get the gig or be invited back.


1.) It is not uncommon for bands/groups to play the same venue multiple times due to the familiarity factor. Although there are circumstances where this can be a positive, you need to get in front of new people to grow your fan-base. By playing the non-quintessential venue is a perfect opportunity to accomplish this.

2.) Building your own show is a great way to earn money. If your group/band manages to entertain the crowd, you now can ask the venue for a portion of the bar, flat-rate pay or a percentage of the cover. The key to getting paid is to improve the patron’s experience and draw traffic to the “venue.”


1.) Whenever you book through a promoter or manager, they are responsible for making sure everything goes well. While in this situation, you’re the one making the commitment to ensure everything runs smoothly. Sometimes the additional stress and work isn’t worth the pay-off. Be sure that the venue is worth doing the work for.

2.) There are instances where the venue and the band/group may not come to agreeable terms. Remember, if you’re unable to find a mutually beneficial agreement you should move on. Everyone knows the phrase, “Time is valuable.” Make sure your properly investing your time with the right people at the right place.


Put yourself in the business owner’s shoes and ask:

-How does this benefit them financially?
-Will this enhance their customer’s experience?

To remain competitive and versatile, investing in a P.A (Public Address) System is a worthy cause. If you are a success, the expense will recoup itself within the first few outings.

Remember: If you’re going to perform somewhere specifically not designed for music, your performance must cater to their customer and benefit the “venue.” If you can offer the right sales-pitch, you are more likely to land a booking.

Blog by James Gubersky, Conductor of Artist Support for and ferocious frontman with over a decade of concert playing experience.