Dutch blues and pop singer DishKing releases new single ‘L’amour C’est Toi’

The singer and songwriter from Holland known as DishKing has released his latest single, “L’amour C’est Toi.” The track is a shadowy, blues-fueled song with elements of 1960s French pop which showcases yet another facet of this multifarious musician, a side which his legion of longtime fans in Europe and abroad will be enthusiastic to meet. Dark, masculine and as tonally stylish as it is lyrically evocative, “L’amour C’est Toi” by DishKing is the latest reason for audiophiles around the world to introduce themselves to this masterful sculptor of blues, pop and rock music.

DishKing’s former LP albums, “Sell Yourself in Gold” and “The Power of a Loaded Gun,” were released under the AG Music umbrella and continue to garner him fans around the world. His new “L’amour C’est Toi” single joins his more-recent “101” full-length album – the popularity of which seems to grow with every passing month – as an independent release on his own DishKing Records music label.

Asked to describe the theme of his latest single, “L’amour C’est Toi” (“Love Is You”) DishKing writes, “Everyone has been or is in love. The song’s intention was to describe the feeling of newfound love, a satisfied moment like cruising by car with your loved one on a hot summer’s day celebrating the mutual feelings. Taking the bitter and good times for what it is or was, enjoying the moment of happiness and expressing it.”

DishKing’s repertoire is widely varied, so much so that the artist once commented, “What kind of music? You tell me. Even more so, if you like it, tell the whole world.” Nevertheless, he has cited as main artistic influences David Bowie, Ry Cooder, Daniel Lanois, T-Bone Burnett, Johnny Cash, Quentin Tarantino, Goldfrapp, Elvis Presley, Mark Lanegan, and the Queens of the Stone Age. Whether or not his fans will be surprised at the nuances à la Serge Gainsbourg in his new single is anyone’s guess – but it’s absolutely certain that they’re going to love it. “L’amour C’est Toi,” indeed.

“L’amour C’est Toi” by DishKing is available online worldwide. Get in early, music fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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Dishking releases new LP ‘1O1’

The singer and songwriter known only as Dishking has released his new LP album, “1O1.” The record contains 13 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. “1O1” is the latest full-length record in a growing series of albums from Dishking including 2010’s “Sell Yourself in Gold” and 2009’s “The Power of a Loaded Gun,” both of which were published on the AG Music label. With a plain yet polished studio production and a soulful, raw overtone, “1O1” presents the best proof to date that Dishking is among Holland’s best sonic exports in decades.


Dishking, who takes his name from a blue-collar job he worked to feed himself while writing music, cites as main artistic influences such titans as Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Tom Waits, Elvis Presley, Ry Cooder, T-Bone Burnett, and Daniel Lanois. His own sound takes what he likes best from each while maintaining a unique, non-derivative angle that is easy to identify.


A consistent stylistic thread of Cash and Presley runs throughout, made volatile by his Bowie-esque aggression and pensive by his Waits-like, shadowy drawl. The effect of Lanois appears mostly in Dishking’s attention to studio precision and crispness of timbre. Perhaps his strongest trait of all, though, is his knack for narrative songwriting in the tradition of the American South, which is akin to his penchant for Cooder and Burnett.


Speaking of the lyrical content of his record, Dishking writes, “The main message my album ‘1O1’ shares is to deal and learn from your mistakes. [It’s about] being able to reflect on yourself as an outsider. It’s literally a one-on-one conversation that was needed to know where and who you are right now in return to act and choose differently, starting of a new day, a new beginning, a new page. That’s where the title comes from.”


The title of the LP is therefore not “One-Zero-One” like the first class in a college course, as the record is sometimes listed online, but rather, “1O1” (One-On-One).


Accolades for Dishking’s music are easy to find. Mike Garson, keyboardist for David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails told the artist, “You’re a good songwriter; I especially liked the ‘Brimstone’ song a lot!” Dutch radio host Simone Walraven compared his scraping, bluesy voice to those of the Crash Test Dummies, saying, “Holland’s got its own Brad Roberts.” The popular European music review site, Platomania, proclaims, “Is it his voice, sounding unhesitated like Johnny Cash’s but warm like a Jim Reeves? Is it the influences of Cash, Elvis, Tom Waits, Tony Joe White and David Bowie he’s using to make his songs so captivating? It’s a combination. And based on this, one could and should only wish him the successful career that a hard-working, talented man earns.”


“1O1” by Dishking is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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