Yolanda Arrey surprises with deep and powerful new single “Darkest Hour”

R&B singer, songwriter and producer, Yolanda Arrey, has released her latest official single, alongside its associated music video, “Darkest Hour.” Yolanda has proudly produced this release independently without the involvement of the corporate music industry. With a gospel music heart and a classic Motown soul, “Darkest Hour” showcases Yolanda Arrey as one of the most intriguing contemporary R&B artists of the new era promising she has plenty more where that came from.

Yolanda cites her artistic influences as Whitney Houston, Adele, Michael Jackson, the Temptations, Jennifer Hudson just to name a few. Yolanda’s sound takes elements from these artists, combined with her Cameroonian West African roots, creating a fresh and unique style unlike anything music fans have heard before. With an emphasis on elevation, inspiration, and raw emotion, “Darkest Hour” has a little something for every fan.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of “Darkest Hour,” Yolanda writes, “It carries a message of loving your dark side. The side of you willing to go to war. The side of you which has been suppressed through conformity to the world. The side that is ready to explode. ‘Darkest Hour’ carries the message that the night is darkest just before dawn. Endure that dark hour because soon there will be light.”

For Ms. Arrey, this message is not just something for a bumper sticker, it is a guiding principle for life’s battles and struggles penning:

From my personal experience,” writes Yolanda, “when I venture towards a goal, I often fail on the road to success. Before I finally see the light, I must embrace the dark in order to appreciate the power of light. While I am in the dark, I will not resist it. I will accept it. I will love it. Knowing that dawn draws near.”

Darkest Hour” by Yolanda Arrey is now available on all major platforms including Spotify and iTunes with the music video made available on YouTube.

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Singer-songwriter Lyric releases debut LP ‘Hear It’

The singer and songwriter of R&B known as Lyric has released her debut LP album, “Hear It.” The record contains ten original tracks for an approximate total listening time of forty minutes. Like all of Lyric’s evocative art, it has been proudly published on Bearze’s World of Music Entertainment Network (W.O.M.E.N.) independent record label without the support of the corporate music industry. Founded on solid back beats and mellow bass lines, boasting catchy melodies, and showcasing the talents of one of Denver, CO’s most ambitious creative minds, “Hear It” is an inspiration for lovers of contemporary R&B music everywhere.

Lyric cites as main influences a wide array of legends, including Aaliyah, Sade, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, TLC, Alanis Morissette, Xscape, Mary Mary, CeCe Winans, Tupac Shakur, Ginuwine, Chaka Khan, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Al Green. India Arie, Madonna, Mariah Carey, T.I., Michael Bolton, and Yanni.

Clearly, this is the roster of a true music lover. Lyric’s current official bio closes with an artistic principle: “As an artist you must enjoy all genres of music to reach out to the world through it as Lyric does.”

Asked to describe her relationship with music, Lyric writes, “Music for me became a way to not only express my emotions but to release the anger and sadness I was feeling, feelings of abandonment. Music was like my coping mechanism that helped me deal with my dad not being around and with my parent’s divorce when I was only two years old.”

Like many of the best songwriters, Lyric took the pain of her experiences and transmuted it into something the rest of us can appreciate.

“The goal for my album is making its listeners feel good,” Lyric says, “and to be inspired by spreading uplifting messages they can relate to. It speaks about life, about things like hope, love, inspiration, hardships, faith, overcoming obstacles, and happiness.”

This results in “Hear It” being both easy to enjoy and intriguing as a humanist message. Lyric makes a point of this in her songwriting, and it shows.

“There’s so much power in music that isn’t realized by many who use it only to benefit themselves,” she writes. “They don’t care about the message they’re sending out. I’m going to change that through my music.”

“Hear It” by Lyric is available from over 700 digital music stores online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

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R&B artist Kyle McDonald releases new single ‘Bounce With Me’

The singer and songwriter of R&B music known as Kyle McDonald has released his latest single, “Bounce With Me.” The track becomes publicly available around the world on 1 June 2015, and features in addition to the considerable talents of Kyle McDonald the beatboxing skills of Lil-Crunk. It has been proudly published as an independent release outside the influence of the corporate music power structure. Upbeat, uplifting, funky and absolutely pulsing with groove, “Bounce With Me” by Kyle McDonald is one of the brightest and satisfying singles released in 2015 so far.

South-African-born Kyle McDonald cites as main artistic influences pop legends such as Usher, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and Alicia Keys. However, his own sound borrows from a great many other music genres, including jazz, blues, dance and EDM, though most notably showcased in “Bounce With Me” are his roots in the soul, funk and R&B traditions.

Asked to comment on the overall theme of his new single, McDonald writes, “With ‘Bounce With Me’ I wanted to encapsulate the sound of having an amazing time at a party and meeting a girl who just makes you feel excited and makes you want to ask her to dance. It’s about finding someone who makes you feel like this and letting loose and having an amazing time. I want to encourage people to not be so serious and just have fun and take chances and express themselves the way they want when they hear this song.”

No stranger to the musical arts, Kyle McDonald has been part of making sound for a long time.

“I started singing when I was six,” he writes. “I grew up with my dad listening to the blues, which is probably why I have such a soulful influence to my music. I was always so inspired watching some of the African-American singers on TV, and their powerful voices, and how they sang with all their heart. I thought it was so passionate and moving and I wanted to be able to move people like they moved me, so I began to sing and fell in love with music.”

Already turning plenty of heads in the South-African music hotbed of Johannesburg and elsewhere, Kyle McDonald has been invited to perform with Tuks Senganga. He has collaborated in the studio with such artists as Kabomo and Wanda Baloyi, famous in the area’s world-renowned jazz scene, and has performed at such respected venues as Jazz on the River, the Road to Joy of Jazz at the Lyric Theatre, and the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz at Sandton City.

“Bounce With Me” was mixed and mastered by David Waugh (Lonehill Estate) with whom Kyle McDonald continues to work.

The “Bounce With Me” single by Kyle McDonald and featuring Lil-Crunk becomes available online worldwide at over 750 online music stores 1 June 2015. R&B and funk fans should definitely get in early.

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Singer-songwriter Noel releases new album ‘Authentic Love & Pain’

The singer and songwriter of modern soul and R ‘n’ B known as Noel has released his latest EP album, “Authentic Love & Pain.” The record comprises six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has been proudly published on the singer’s own Noel Records independent music label entirely without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music industry. Smooth, stylish, melodic and rattling with unstoppable back beats, “Authentic Love & Pain” stands as proof that Noel is a master songwriter and five-star performer steadily climbing toward the top.

Noel originally hails from New York City’s hip-hop hotbed of Brooklyn. Asked to name some of his main artistic influences, he cites a long and distinguished list including Drake, Stevie Wonder, Esperanza Spalding, Dwele, Michael McDonald, Craig David, Al Green, R. Kelly, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, and Luke James.

Noel’s current official bio describes his sound as “a concoction of classic soul and modern-jazzy R&B over hip-hop instrumentals.” Accessible to fans of any music genre, this combination strikes the ear as mellow and cool, yet with strong undercurrents of passion and intensity which rise up in the flawless vocal performance of Noel, himself. Adding to this a healthy dose of Motown-style groove and lyrical earnestness not often found in any category of music arrives at a place listeners will want to visit as often as they can.

The honesty of his lyrics on “Authentic Love & Pain” stems not only from the nature of Noel, himself, but also from the heart of the music. Aptly titled, the EP record acts partially as a romantic chronicle.

Noel describes it, “After I broke up with my first love in high school, I would write poems to vent. Eventually, I linked up with a friend who was making instrumentals but struggled with the lyrics. I offered my poems and the rest was history. Or rather, her story.”

The album acts as both a parable and a question, he says.

“What if love isn’t as easy as we’re taught to believe? It’s hard work. It’s an investment. It’s difficult and often times painful. But fruitful for those who dare to sacrifice their convictions for the greater good, for those who dare to be vulnerable.”

“Authentic Love & Pain” by Noel is available online worldwide. Get in early. Very early.

[The following is taken from the artist’s current official bio.]

Noel is a Brooklyn, NY songwriter currently residing in Ann Arbor, MI who has been songwriting for various up-and-coming artists and producers for over a decade. Noel spent six years in Nigeria, and shortly after his return he met a high-school sweetheart and heartbreak. This relationship set off a series of poems Noel would use to vent his emotions. A friend and up-and-coming producer had trouble writing finding lyrics for his songs. The two friends teamed up and shortly after Noel collaborated with local producers in the NYC. His lyrical content focuses on vulnerability, exposing the joys and tragic imperfections of love.

-S. McCauley

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