Gee Kazz releases new single ‘Why U Mad’ feat. Emaculent and Anthony Gate

The rapper and singer known worldwide as Gee Kazz has released his latest hip-hop single, “Why U Mad.” The track has been proudly published on the BrightLife Music independent music label without the influence of the corporate music industry. In addition to the considerable talents of Gee Kazz, “Why U Mad” also features the skills and performances of fellow BrightLife associates Anthony Gate and Emaculent, whose “15 Minutes to E” LP appeared in March of 2014 and has been garnering global attention ever since. Fresh, pumping, deftly performed and marked by creative rhythms and background textures, “Why U Mad” by Gee Kazz is one of the most uniquely excellent hip-hop tracks to appear in 2015.

Gee Kazz cites as main artistic influences Elton John, T.I., Michael Jackson, Akon, Kendric Lamar, and Lionel Richie. With such a diverse spread of sounds informing his own brand of hip hop, one would expect Kazz’s music to be unpredictable, colorful and new to the ear, but the whole truth is that his characteristic sound stems largely from his multicultural background, being born to French/Nigerian parents and living now in the USA.

“Just like most artists,” Kazz writes, “I fell in love with the art of creating music by listening to other artists. I suppose I could call them mentors. I started writing my own music and poetry when I was little and since then it’s just been a lifestyle for me.”

Gee Kazz has been making music in the United States since 2012. His debut mixtape, “Rebirth of Kingship” gave him his first taste of fame online and won him the attention of BrightLife Music CEO Bright Enabulele.

The BrightLife Music label has described Gee Kazz as “a wholly original performer who is primed to captivate listeners the world over. With a flow on the mic that bobs and weaves through meticulously laid-out beats, his distinctive style and undeniable talent create an image that cannot be duplicated.”

“Why U Mad” by Gee Kazz feat. Emaculent and Anthony Gate is available online worldwide. Hip-hop fans should get in early. “Why U Mad” has been released with an official music video available for viewing online at the artist’s official website (link provided below).

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Emaculent releases new LP ’15 Minutes to E’



The writer and performer of hip hop known as Emaculent has released his latest LP record album, “15 Minutes to E.” The record is comprised of 14 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour. It has been released on the Brightlife Music record label. Busting at its seams with heavy back beats, witty rhymes and imaginative, catchy melody lines, “15 Minutes to E” is easily one of the most remarkable hip-hop albums of 2014 to date.


A gigantic and hugely entertaining rap record from one of the underground’s most imaginative urban poets, “15 Minutes to E” is already turning heads from coast to coast in the United States as well as worldwide. In addition to the considerable talents of Emaculent, himself, “15 Minutes to E” also features the skills of such artists as R ‘n’ B’s Ray J, Anthony Gates, Gee Kass, and Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony.


Having been born and bred in the American Motor City of Detroit, Emaculent now hails from Los Angeles, CA. Having been asked to describe his start in music, he gives a straight, direct and appropriately proud answer.


“I entered a freestyle battle at the age of 13, and won.”


Emaculent’s official bio includes the following description of his highly charismatic style of rap music:


“Emaculent (AKA Emac) delivers the true representation of the art, grit and skills of a seasoned MC. He possesses a self-assured swagger. His words bob and weave throughout each track like a professional verbal athlete. Filled with linguistic portraits of his early years and nail-biting imagery, Emaculent’s music delivers punch after punch of power and personality. Whether you’re a snap back and tattoos kind of guy, a rhythmic beat boxer, backpack rapper or old-school DJ, one thing is certain throughout – Emac’s delivery, rhythmic melodies, and detailed lyric visuals will have you vibing and bobbing along with every beat and flow. Enjoy it!”


“15 Minutes to E” by Emaculent is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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