Sharon Lia Band releases LP ‘Fairytales’

The popular pop/rock ensemble known as the Sharon Lia Band have released their latest LP record, “Fairytales.” The record contains nine original Sharon Lia tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Sharrick Records independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Infectious, exciting, extremely danceable and often even touching, “Fairytales” by the Sharon Lia Band is a welcome addition to the Sharon Lia repertoire for music lovers everywhere.

Singer-songwriter Sharon Lia and her crew cite as main artistic influences Elton John, Broadway, and New Age Music. That there is a strong undercurrent of Elton John makes sense, therefore, and “Fairytales” thrums with powerful rock and pop ballads. However, the Sharon Lia Band have a group tradition of being entertainers, first and foremost, so much of their music is of the tapping feet and snapping fingers category, which is likely where their Broadway inspiration comes in.

Sharon Lia’s vocal style has been likened to Christina Aguilera by Jersey Fresh Magazine, as well as to Amy Lee of Evanescence by Independent Share Radio. The New Jersey Times has called Lia a “powerhouse vocalist.”

Asked to comment on the themes of their new LP, Sharon Lia says it’s about “Empowerment,” and “Fighting for what you believe in.”

This is intuitive, too, considering Lia’s status as founder of Ladies Who Rock 4 a Cause, a female-led charity which has been described as “a foundation using the unifying power of music to help benefit others in need.”
Sharon Lia has worked with legendary producer David Ivory (Patti Labelle, the Roots, Halestorm) and with Stephen ‘Eppy’ Epstein (WAR). Sharon Lia is also co-writer of “Welcome to My World,” a brilliant song left unfinished by Linda Creed and Lonnie Jordan of WAR.

The Sharon Lia Band are currently launching a new video, “Fairytales (Now I Know)” containing scenes from their participation at Grammy week events and, in Lia’s own words, “tells the story of a girl fighting against all odds to find a her own happy ending.”

A new official single under the masterful skills of famed producer David Ivory (Patti LaBelle, the Roots, Erykah Badu) is expected from SLB summer 2017.

The Sharon Lia Band will be heading to New Orleans for the largest and longest-running music conference to perform at several venues including the House of Blues August 23-26 2017. They will be at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium 17 September for their nomination for the prestigious Josie Award.

“Fairytales” by the Sharon Lia Band is available online worldwide at over 700 quality digital music retailers now.

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Singer-songwriter Lyric releases debut LP ‘Hear It’

The singer and songwriter of R&B known as Lyric has released her debut LP album, “Hear It.” The record contains ten original tracks for an approximate total listening time of forty minutes. Like all of Lyric’s evocative art, it has been proudly published on Bearze’s World of Music Entertainment Network (W.O.M.E.N.) independent record label without the support of the corporate music industry. Founded on solid back beats and mellow bass lines, boasting catchy melodies, and showcasing the talents of one of Denver, CO’s most ambitious creative minds, “Hear It” is an inspiration for lovers of contemporary R&B music everywhere.

Lyric cites as main influences a wide array of legends, including Aaliyah, Sade, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, TLC, Alanis Morissette, Xscape, Mary Mary, CeCe Winans, Tupac Shakur, Ginuwine, Chaka Khan, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Al Green. India Arie, Madonna, Mariah Carey, T.I., Michael Bolton, and Yanni.

Clearly, this is the roster of a true music lover. Lyric’s current official bio closes with an artistic principle: “As an artist you must enjoy all genres of music to reach out to the world through it as Lyric does.”

Asked to describe her relationship with music, Lyric writes, “Music for me became a way to not only express my emotions but to release the anger and sadness I was feeling, feelings of abandonment. Music was like my coping mechanism that helped me deal with my dad not being around and with my parent’s divorce when I was only two years old.”

Like many of the best songwriters, Lyric took the pain of her experiences and transmuted it into something the rest of us can appreciate.

“The goal for my album is making its listeners feel good,” Lyric says, “and to be inspired by spreading uplifting messages they can relate to. It speaks about life, about things like hope, love, inspiration, hardships, faith, overcoming obstacles, and happiness.”

This results in “Hear It” being both easy to enjoy and intriguing as a humanist message. Lyric makes a point of this in her songwriting, and it shows.

“There’s so much power in music that isn’t realized by many who use it only to benefit themselves,” she writes. “They don’t care about the message they’re sending out. I’m going to change that through my music.”

“Hear It” by Lyric is available from over 700 digital music stores online worldwide now.

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Transatlantic trio Johnathan Christian release new single ‘One Last Night’

Dark alternative artists Johnathan Christian have released their latest official single, “One Last Night.” The track is the most prominent release from the shadowy alt-rock group since their 2015 LP album, “The Nothing I Feel.” Like the rest of their contemporary repertoire, “One Last Night” has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Dark, driving, and evocatively danceable, “One Last Night” is the latest reason for fans of dark-wave styles to sit up and pay attention to this alternative music group from Stockholm, Sweden and Los Angeles, California.

Until recently, Johnathan Christian were Johnathan Mooney (the New Creatures, New York City) and Christian Granquist (the Atom; Stockholm, Sweden). For their upcoming third full-length record, “Dark Hallways,” they have been joined by drummer and producer Tiger Koehn (also of the New Creatures).

Johnathan Christian cite as influences for their new “One Last Night” single such legends of the death rock and gothic sound as Siouxsie & the Banshees, Joy Division, Blue for Two, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and Christian Death. Fans of any or all of the above can expect much to appreciate in “One Last Night,” and if it’s any indication, in their forthcoming LP, too.

Johnathan Christian’s previous two LPs racked up over 2.5 million streams and sales, easily making them one of the more popular gothic/alternative crews. Their consistent quality clutched the interest of Danish electro-industrial pioneer Leæther Strip (Claus Larsen) who lent his skill as producer to “One Last Night.”

“It was really great for me to work on this fine new song,” writes Leæther Strip. “‘One last night’ is one of those songs I wish I had composed myself. As a fellow songwriter, it’s always a privilege to get to produce and mix a song that is so well composed and arranged.”

“One Last Night” by Johnathan Christian and produced by Leæther Strip is available from over 700 quality music stores online worldwide now. Also watch for the “Dark Hallways” LP due out winter 2017. Get in early, fans of dark music everywhere. Very early.

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Rapper Mister Guwop releases new EP ‘King of the Bando’

The rapper and producer of hip hop has released his new EP record, “King of the Bando.” The EP album contains six original Mister Guwop tracks for a listening time of around 20 minutes. It has been proudly published on the 1300 Block Records independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. In addition to the considerable talents of Mister Guwop, “King of the Bando” features performances by Deshawn$antana and $ayyyAD. Unique, cutting-edge, and presenting one of the most intriguing hip-hop songwriters to appear in 2017, “King of the Bando” is evidence that Mister Guwop is a rap artist for the modern era.

Mister Guwop cites as main artistic influences Lil’ Wayne, 2 Chains, G-Herbo, J Cole, and Kevin Gates. His own sound is more pared-down than this, showcasing skillful lyrical and rap performances more than synthesized background music or complicated digital beats, but fans of drum and bass will find plenty of both on “King of the Bando,” too.

Asked to describe the general themes of his new “King of the Bando” EP album, Mister Guwop writes, “It’s that life shouldn’t be taken for granted, and you should turn up some weed and have fun at all times.”

A lifelong music artist, Mister Guwop notes that, “I been writing my whole life, but when I met Gang, I knew we could make something nice.”

The Gang he refers to is GuWop Gang, with whom Mister Guwop released the “Juggin Like Ryan” full-length record early in 2016. This album was quickly followed by “Juggin Like Ryan 2.” Both releases are from the 1300 Block Records label and still available for listening online at YouTube and other online music resources.

“King of the Bando” by Mister Guwop is available from 1300 Block Records at over 700 quality music stores online worldwide now.

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Jonnie Morgan Band releases new single ‘Walk Around the Sun’

Jonnie Morgan Band have released their latest official single, “Walk Around the Sun.” The single is the title track from their awaited new LP record, “Walk Around the Sun.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Bouncy, poppy and founded on funk, “Walk Around the Sun” is only the latest reason for music fans to check out this endlessly fun crew from America’s southeast.

Orlando, Florida’s Jonnie Morgan and company cite as main artistic influences the Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, and O.A.R. Other similar acts include the Spin Doctors, Junior Marvin, and the Robert Randolph and the Family Band, as well as other notables in the alt-rock and jam categories. Fans of these have plenty of reasons to hear “Walk Around the Sun” and other releases from Jonnie Morgan Band.

Speaking of the theme of their new single, Jonnie Morgan writes, “The single is a fun, summertime song. To me, it takes me back to being in high school and chasing girls on the beach during spring break.”

Jonnie Morgan was named JBL Professional’s #1 U.S. Songwriter for 2017 by legendary producer Quincy Jones and by famed singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon.

“It was honestly surreal,” says Morgan. “I’ve never won anything on such a grand scale in my life. Flying out to L.A. just before our single release to record at the renowned Village Studios was a dream come true.”
Jonnie Morgan Band have performed with hundreds of artists including Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band ) Less Than Jake, Zach Deputy, Relient K, Sammy Hagar, Better Than Ezra, and Cheap Trick. They are often found touring the American Southeast and performing at festivals, such as the NCAA SEC Opening Day Fan Fair in Nashville, the ACUI World Wide Conference, Sunfest, and the Florida Music Festival, which they have had the honor of headlining three times to date.

Previous releases from Jonnie Morgan Band include two studio albums, “Reflections in the Water” (2011) and “Janus” (2014) and a live album “Jonnie Morgan Band: Live from Sunfest” (2015). Jonnie Morgan Band are currently in the studio working on their fourth album, “Walk Around The Sun.”

The “Walk Around the Sun” official single from Jonnie Morgan Band is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music retailers beginning 21 May 2017.

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Musician Alvaro José Fernández Lago releases new single ‘Boundaries’

The composer known as Alvaro José Fernández Lago has released his latest single, “Boundaries.” The track has been released with two accompanying instrumental singles, “Hidden Volcano” and “Training Day” for a total listening time of about 10 minutes. The trio have been proudly published as independent releases outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Textured, sweeping, each bringing as much conflict and resolution as a masterfully written short story, “Boundaries” et al signify that we have much to appreciate in Alvaro José Fernández Lago.

Alvaro José Fernández Lago cites as favorite music artists Eye to Eye, Toto, and Yes among others, all three of whom share Lago’s enthusiasm for synth keyboards. The latter two both composed scores for feature films, another major interest of Lago’s. He also cites as influences Hollywood composers such as Bernard Herrmann (“Psycho”) and Alan Silvestri (“Back to the Future”).

Lago’s own work tends toward the pensive and thought-provoking, like Herrmann’s, rather than the upbeat and warm, like Silvestri’s. He doesn’t shy from dissonance and can form whole movements out of minor chords.

“My pieces tend to be melancholic,” writes Lago, “almost always using slow tempo, trying to develop melodies over the most expressive tones of the orchestral ensemble – but I too like to do more lively things for quartets or on the piano.”
‘Expressive’ is an understatement. Even for classical music, Lago’s work can spool out remarkable narratives using piano alone. Under the David-Lynch-esque writing of Alvaro José Fernández Lago, measures become scenes, movements become acts, compositions become plays.

His pieces even have legitimate themes guiding their trajectories.

“’Boundaries’ talks about the hard, inner barriers we erect against understanding in our lives,” Lago says. “’Hidden Volcano’ regards the sudden emotions and consequences coming from the crude awareness of these barriers. And ‘Training Day’ is a summary of the journey, a plea to dissolve these inner boundaries.”

Alvaro José Fernández Lago has only been composing since 2014, but he’s still managed to publish albums including “Love Time,” “Winter Time,” and “Simple Things,” as well as official singles like “Poem for Italy,” “Childhood,” and his “Homage to Bernard Herrmann.”

He is currently completing an orchestral suite devoted to the stars, planets, and constellations as an tribute to another of his favorites, legendary composer Gustav Holst.

“Boundaries” by Alvaro José Fernández Lago is available from over 700 digital music retailers online worldwide beginning 21 May 2017. Get in early, instrumental fans.

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Artist/Producer Blaze Money releases new single ‘Long Way’

The Artist and producer of hip hop known as Blaze Money has released his official worldwide debut single, “Long Way.” The track has been proudly published under the Famgang Music Group/ThickerThanWater Productions record label outside the creative control of the corporate music industry. Boasting an ultra-modern sound, razor-sharp studio production, and a metric ton of rattle ‘n’ hum, “Long Way” is, without a doubt, the freshest reason for hip hop fans ,here and abroad, to sit up and pay attention to this latest raw talent from Columbus, Ohio.

Blaze Money cites as main artistic influences Cash Money, No Limit, Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G., and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. His own sound on “Long Way” is more contemporary than these while retaining the deep groove found in music by the latter three. Fans of old school and recent rap artists are equally likely to dig “Long Way” by Blaze Money.

Asked to describe the overall theme of his new single, Blaze Money writes, “’Long Way’ is a street term for really having love for someone no matter what. My inspiration for this song was to let all my fans and supporters know that I have mad love for them the ‘long way.’”

Blaze Money started his career in hip hop in 2010. A DIY entertainer in the truest sense, Blaze Money is responsible for nearly everything on his releases, including music, lyrics, engineering, and even album art.

Semaj Thomas a.k.a.“Blaze Money” was born and raised on the East Side of Columbus on Mount

Vernon St. With the launch of his new record label “Famgang Music Group”, “Blaze is not at all a stranger to the hard work it takes to become “industry standard” in the music industry. Blaze Money shows nothing less than sheer raw talent and ambitious hip hop on a major scale.

2014 saw the unofficial release of Blaze Money’s first solo project, “When the Smoke Clears.” The drop was a scene surprise that, according to ThickerThanWater productions, “did very well and gave him the confidence to move forward in developing his official LP and going worldwide.”

“I want to thank all those who’ve been supporting me thus far,” says Blaze Money. “Thanks to everyone who is working with me on the upcoming project such as Robert Maddrey, artist/producer and CEO of ThickerThanWater productions, my producers and engineers, artist/producer K-Son, artist/producer Richie Hardo, producer Toxs Beats, and artist/producer Toon Bugatti.”

“Long Way” by Blaze Money from Famgang Music Group is now available online at over 700 digital music

outlets worldwide.

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New York rapper GS releases debut single ‘Eyeyeye’

The rapper and performer known as GS has released his debut single, “Eyeyeye.” The track has been proudly published on the Holdat LLC independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. With a focus on lyric power, packed with boom-bap and bringing some of the most original hip hop out of East New York in years, “Eyeyeye” proves that GS is a name to watch in 2017 and beyond.

GS cites as main artistic influences the Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, Big-L, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Migos, Outcast, Eminem, Timbaland, Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Young Thug. His own sound borrows heavily from the old-school East Coast sound while remaining a unique voice among legends like these. Fans of hip hop from the ’90s, ’00s and today alike will find something about “Eyeyeye” to catch their attention.

GS says his debut track, which is produced by WillMillerBeats, is all about “having a good time grinding and working for what you want.”

“Don’t let anything stop you or the fun,” GS writes, “not even the obvious hardships, competition, etc.”

He describes his label, Holdat LLC, as “officially dropping consistent heat and having fun too. We’ve got our sights set on making some noise in the music industry and impacting the game in the artist category and on the production side.”

It’s a lesson of working hard at something you love to do GS aims to communicate, a principle that both guided the song’s studio production and can’t be missed in the message of “Eyeyeye,” itself.

“But most of all, have fun getting it wrong, and even more fun getting it right,” GS says. “Enjoy the ride.”

GS’s “The 7” EP was released for free download on early in 2017. GS has worked with Grammy-winning producers Art N Life, Mike Campbell, Dangerous LLC and others. His Holdat LLC record label includes the talents and professional skills of Will Miller.

“Eyeyeye” by GS is available from over 700 quality digital retailers online worldwide now.

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Kenyan musician Ms. Sunshine releases newest single ‘Riding Low Low’

The Kenyan singer and songwriter known as Ms. Sunshine has released her newest official single, “Riding Low Low.” Like the rest of Ms. Sunshine’s newest repertoire, the single has been released on the Sunny Music Records independent music label. Warm, upbeat, stylish, and full of African soul the way only Ms. Sunshine can bring, “Riding Low Low” is a pop single music fans everywhere can get behind.

Born and raised in Nairobi but residing now in Belgium, Ms. Sunshine cites as main artistic influences Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu. Her own music stands beside these legends shining with its own unique beauty and character. Fans of Ella, Nina, Lauryn and Erykah are likely to fall in love with Ms. Sunshine’s music at first listen.

“It is a message of endurance,” Ms. Sunshine says of her new single. “Endurance and consistency are required in the pursuit of happiness. It is normally the road least traveled, so this song is a dedication to all who work with determination and excellence, the creators and innovators, a song of encouragement to surround yourself with positive family and friends.”

Ms. Sunshine’s real name, Achieng’, means ‘Girl Born when the Sun Is Shining’ in her native language of Dholuo. Clearly, supporting other artists with her “Riding Low Low” single is important to her.

“Most of the time, the people closest to you may not believe in you,” writes Ms. Sunshine, “but just keep walking – it is by faith!”

In addition to the present release of “Riding Low Low,” fans can also expect the song’s official music video to drop on Labor Day, 2017 (see link to trailer below). “Riding Low Low” is produced by Phoniex. “Riding Low Low” is the latest addition to popular releases from Ms. Sunshine which include “Let It Shine,” “Mama Africa,” “Red Umbrella,” and her “Homage, African Soul Rebel” EP.

“Riding Low Low” is available from over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, pop fans.

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“Riding Low Low” Official Video Trailer

Pop-punk clan Our Untold Story release official video ‘Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors’

The Swedish punk rock crew called Our Untold Story have released their latest official video, “Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors.” Like the rest of the OUS catalog, the video has been proudly published on the Cuprite Productions independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Driving, upbeat, minimalist and thrumming with energy, “Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors” is the most significant official video from Our Untold Story to date.

Our Untold Story’s Xander Turian has cited as main artistic influences such legends as Iggy & the Stooges, the Hives, Green Day, and Blink 182, all of which groups boast similarities with Stockholm’s Our Untold Story. Turian has also mentioned a deep love for bands like the Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, the Doors and the Beatles, however, and this classic rock vein tempers OUS’s minimalist, pop-punk sound into something that is palatable to a surprisingly broad audience across cultures and ages.

In fact, this seemingly natural knack for rocking across boundaries is a central theme of their new “Calm Seas…” video. It speaks to everyone, woman and man, young and old alike.

“The message I want to portray, is that no matter which path you end up choosing, choose the one that makes you happy, not the one you think is expected of you,” writes Turian. “’Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors’ means that it is the rough times that truly make you who you are, and make you all the stronger for it.”

The video directed by Johannes S. Karpe portrays Xander Turian as an archetype of humanity growing up with rock ‘n’ roll music from toddler to family man. His youth is played by his real-life siblings, with a cameo of his actual father playing Turian at middle age with children of his own.

“As the song progresses,” says Turian, “we see the boy in his teenage years, clearly putting music to one side as he focuses on girls, only to find himself in a rut surrounded by trash and dusty instruments, trying to write a new song. After the realities of life have taken their toll and our protagonist reluctantly puts on a suit and tie, we see him in the future, settling down with his kids to watch the same band playing on the computer.”

The kids are all played by my younger siblings and the adult “future” me is played by my father.

“Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors” is the accompanying B-side to last year’s “Go for Broke,” which was also released by Our Untold Story with an official music video. Both are expected to feature on the upcoming Our Untold Story album, “My Dreams, My Rules,” which is rumored to have a 2018 drop date.

The “Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors” official video by Our Untold Story is available online worldwide for viewing now. Get in early.

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