Punk rockers the Escapes release new album ‘Blur’

The punk trio from Sydney, Australia known as the Escapes have released their second official album, “Blur.” The album has been proudly published on the Mahooney independent record label without the support or direction of the corporate music industry. Driving, aggressive, and full of the original hardcore spirit, “Blur” by the Escapes demands that fans of rock music everywhere stand up and take notice.

The Escapes cite as main artistic influences the Mummies, Nobunny, Devo, the Stooges, the Sonics, the Strokes, the Saints, and the Missing Links. Fans of legendary groups such as these will immediately understand the classic sounds and styles the Escapes have put in their creative toolbox for building something unique in the 21st century.

Asked to describe the overall themes of their songs on “Blur,” the Escapes write that “Each song has it’s own little story. Some might be serious, some might be about love, or some might just be tongue-in-cheek.”

The Escapes are Rodney, Alan and Rissole. Their current official bio describes them as originally formed by a failure to fill a time slot at a small indie music festival. After playing for the first time live and impromptu at the festival, the Escapes decided to continue their collaboration. The name comes from a previous project in which they had worked together, the Apes. The present name, “The Escapes,” riffs on that.

Helping their decision to go on as the Escapes was a steady influx of gig offers stemming from their very first performance.

Their bio notes that their debut release dropped in 2010, and that “after several lazy years and lame arguments,” they made their way back into the studio to record the present release of “Blur.”

“They recorded their second album all in one day,” reads their bio, “as that’s all the time they wanted to spend with each other. It was recorded by Jason Whalley in his studio in Marrickville.”

The Escapes are Rodney Todd (bass and vocals), Kristian “Rissole” Woodcroft (guitar and vocals) Alan Hislop (drums and vocals). Rodney has played/plays in bands such as the Mess Makers, the Unf-ckable and Key Out. Kristian has played in bands such as the Alohas and the Steak Lovers. Alan has played in bands such as the Interstellar Villains and the Moffs.

“Blur” by the Escapes is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

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Pop-punk clan Our Untold Story release official video ‘Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors’

The Swedish punk rock crew called Our Untold Story have released their latest official video, “Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors.” Like the rest of the OUS catalog, the video has been proudly published on the Cuprite Productions independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Driving, upbeat, minimalist and thrumming with energy, “Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors” is the most significant official video from Our Untold Story to date.

Our Untold Story’s Xander Turian has cited as main artistic influences such legends as Iggy & the Stooges, the Hives, Green Day, and Blink 182, all of which groups boast similarities with Stockholm’s Our Untold Story. Turian has also mentioned a deep love for bands like the Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, the Doors and the Beatles, however, and this classic rock vein tempers OUS’s minimalist, pop-punk sound into something that is palatable to a surprisingly broad audience across cultures and ages.

In fact, this seemingly natural knack for rocking across boundaries is a central theme of their new “Calm Seas…” video. It speaks to everyone, woman and man, young and old alike.

“The message I want to portray, is that no matter which path you end up choosing, choose the one that makes you happy, not the one you think is expected of you,” writes Turian. “’Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors’ means that it is the rough times that truly make you who you are, and make you all the stronger for it.”

The video directed by Johannes S. Karpe portrays Xander Turian as an archetype of humanity growing up with rock ‘n’ roll music from toddler to family man. His youth is played by his real-life siblings, with a cameo of his actual father playing Turian at middle age with children of his own.

“As the song progresses,” says Turian, “we see the boy in his teenage years, clearly putting music to one side as he focuses on girls, only to find himself in a rut surrounded by trash and dusty instruments, trying to write a new song. After the realities of life have taken their toll and our protagonist reluctantly puts on a suit and tie, we see him in the future, settling down with his kids to watch the same band playing on the computer.”

The kids are all played by my younger siblings and the adult “future” me is played by my father.

“Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors” is the accompanying B-side to last year’s “Go for Broke,” which was also released by Our Untold Story with an official music video. Both are expected to feature on the upcoming Our Untold Story album, “My Dreams, My Rules,” which is rumored to have a 2018 drop date.

The “Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors” official video by Our Untold Story is available online worldwide for viewing now. Get in early.

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