Ryan Maynard releases debut album ‘Welcome to Utopia’

The singer and songwriter of pop music known as Ryan Maynard has released his debut LP album, “Welcome to Utopia.” The record contains 12 original Maynard tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Ryan Maynard Music independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Grooving, uplifting, and suitable for earphones, nightclubs and commutes alike, “Welcome to Utopia” announces that Ryan Maynard has arrived.

New Brunswick, Canada’s Ryan Maynard is a pop fan through and through.

“I grew up loving Britney Spears like every other kid my age at the time,” he writes, “but I’ve always been influenced by artists that can utilize their voice in that mesmerizing way like Ellie Goulding, Troye Sivan, even Justin Bieber.”

It may come as no surprise, therefore, that Maynard’s “Welcome to Utopia” is a pared-down, no-frills collection of danceable songwriting with an emphasis on crystal-clean vocal performances and dreamy, slice-of-life lyric themes. To hear his fans tell it, though, “Welcome to Utopia” is only a complete experience when a Ryan Maynard live show caps it off.

“I started my career hosting singing competitions on Canada’s east coast,” says Maynard. “We gave away a trip anywhere in North America, thousands of dollars, and I would perform each week and eventually became known for my stage presence and unpredictable shows.”

Also a large part of Ryan Maynard’s album is the genuine, heartfelt narrative it tells, none of which is make-believe: “I wrote every song on the album to tell the story I wanted to tell, so that I could speak to my fans 100% as me.”

Asked to comment on the overall message of “Welcome to Utopia,” Ryan Maynard writes that “Utopia is a place every single one of us has been … above the clouds, on top of the world … that feeling of absolute bliss – a feeling that often overcomes the feeling of mortality. Sometimes we choose to exist in that realm because it feels better than the reality of the often dark world that surrounds us. But what happens when those two worlds collide? Will Utopia save you, or will it be your demise?”

While it may seem idyllic, there’s much more to the record than just fluffy clouds and a verse/chorus song structure.

“The imagery throughout the album points to a world filled with unrest,” Maynard says, “much like the world we live in today. The light from the sun on the cover is beautiful, but is it a sunset or a sunrise? Either way that beauty is only temporary. Nobody knows where this world is headed, and I think that’s a great metaphor to describe how everyone feels right now. Is this the dawning light of a new day, or the last beautiful moment before darkness rises?”

“Welcome to Utopia” by Ryan Maynard is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

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Buck-N-Nice release new album ‘EMAG’

The hip-hop duo known as Buck-N-Nice have released their latest rap album, “EMAG” – a thought provoking independently released sophomore LP that challenges a deceptive music industry. A fresh, innovative collection of tracks built on the boom-bap principles of the 1990s, “EMAG” stands as evidence that Buck-N-Nice have a little something for lovers of rap and hip hop everywhere.

Additionally, Buck-N-Nice will be the first artists to release a full-length album on Instagram using the hashtag #EMAGfullAlbum.

“Beginning June 9,” they write of this, “we’ll be releasing our album via Instagram posts on our @BUCKnNICE feed. The songs will be posted as videos and will be released one track per day for 19 days (completing our 19 track album release).”

“EMAG” from Buck-N-Nice may by heard and purchased here: https://bucknnice.bandcamp.com/track/emag.

Buck-N-Nice are rapper SawBuck and DJ So Nice from the National Capital Region of Canada. They cite as main artistic influences Royce da 5’9, Marco Polo, DJ Premier, Joe Budden, Black Milk, J. Cole, and the Lox. Their own sound blends old-school minimalism with the sharp, clean production values of the 21st century, making their tracks appealing to nightclub audiences and audiophiles on earbuds, alike.

Asked to comment on their “EMAG” release from Buck-N-Nice, Busy Inc. writes, “After getting their feet wet with their debut album, they learned from the inside-out how backwards the industry is. It’s a machine filled with appropriation, shortcuts to success and all-around deception. This is the theme of ‘EMAG,’ an album titled so because the GAME is backwards.”

While the overall themes of their new album cover the entirety of the international hip-hop scene, Buck-N-Nice have still made a personal record in “EMAG.”

“Making music is running away from reality while dealing with it head on,” say Buck-N-Nice. “Music was always a part of both of our lives, and by creating our own, we’ve made our story a part of other people’s.”

Buck-N-Nice have performed with Non Phixion, 50 Cent, Run The Jewels, and Freeway among many others. Their tours have taken them to the House of PainT Urban Arts Festival (2014) the Megaphono Music Showcase, the Canadian Music Week Showcase, the RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, the NXNE festival, and the House of PainT Urban Arts Festival (2015) as well as the Marvest at CityFolk festival, at which they were the recipients of the Stingray Music Rising Star Award (2016).

“EMAG,” “Us vs. Them,” and more from Buck-N-Nice are available online worldwide now.

For media or booking inquiries, contact management@busyinc.com.

Kill Bill G releases new album ‘Dalek’

The composer of EDM known as Kill Bill G has released his latest LP album, “Dalek.” The record contains 15 original tracks for a total listening time of over an hour. It has been proudly published on the Noise Records independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Pulsing, thrumming, vibrant and vitalizing, “Dalek” stands as evidence that Kill Bill G is more relevant than ever in 2018.

In addition to the considerable skills of Kill Bill G, “Dalek” also features the talents of such prominent artists as Mario Gil, Sonia Electra, Paco Jarel, and Cyborgdrive.

Kill Bill G cites as main artistic influences Soft Cell, Gary Numan, OMD, Yazoo, Front 242, Marc Almond, and the early 20th century author of surrealist horror, H.P. Lovecraft. This last inclusion gives a good hint as to the overall sound of Kill Bill G, which tends toward the dark and brooding, but with a futuristic, upbeat electricity which makes it suitable for both nightclub DJ’s and earbud listening alike.

Asked to describe the overall themes of his new “Dalek” LP, Kill Bill G says that the album revolves around “Psicokillers, Daleks, X-Files, Cthulhu, Dark Gods, Other Dimensions, Machines,” and notes also why: “This is Kill Bill G.”

Kill Bill G, once a five-piece band and founded in 2004, have a broad, popular repertoire stretching back more than a decade, all of which comes from the Noise Records label except for their debut indie release, “Zero” (2006). Kill Bill G’s 2016 record, “Electra,” saw two singles make the Spanish Top-5 chart. Their best-of compilation album, “Los Metros de Mi Latigo,” which contains their most popular singles from 2005-2014, dropped in December 2015 at No. 1 on the iTunes Store.

“Dalek” by Kill Bill G is available at over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, EDM and electronica fans. Very early.

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Rock singer Skarlett Alexander releases new single ‘Thank God You’re Pretty’

The alternative-rock singer and songwriter known as Skarlett Alexander has released her latest single, “Thank God You’re Pretty.” It appears on Alexander’s album, “Banana Taffy.” The track has been proudly published on the Skarlett Alexander Productions independent record label without the direction or financial support of the corporate music industry. Unique, driving, and full of the power that keeps alt-rock at the tip of the modern underground music spear, “Thank God You’re Pretty” introduces Skarlett Alexander as one of the most intriguing new voices of the 21st century.

Skarlett Alexander cites as main artistic influences Amanda Palmer, Alex Turner, Emile Autumn, Michael Jackson and Pierce the Veil. Her own sound on “Thank God You’re Pretty” mixes elements of these with her own ethereal natural singing voice and melody-based songwriting for a result which will appeal to a wide array of music fans. Those whom appreciate pop music best when it is graced with heavy doses of creativity will find a uniquely satisfying surprise in “Thank God You’re Pretty.”

Born in Brooklyn, NYC and living now in Los Angeles, Skarlett sums up the general themes of her new single in few words: “This album speaks to wrongs done and overcome.”

“Thank God You’re Pretty” by Skarlett Alexander is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, alt-rock fans.

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Singer-songwriter Ken Cornia releases new single ‘She’s a Soldier’

The singer and songwriter of pop and adult-contemporary music known as Ken Cornia has released his latest official single, “She’s a Soldier.” The track has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Heartfelt, genuine, and full of the original American rock spirit, “She’s a Soldier” is a song which can inspire fans of any genre.

Ken Cornia cites as main artistic influences some of the most seminal titans of rock the world has ever seen, including the Beatles, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin – but as Cornia says, himself, just “to name a few.” His own style on “She’s a Soldier” cleaves to the narrative mode of lyric poetry set to cadenced piano chords which is hard to deny in any circumstance, making “She’s a Soldier” a track suitable for listening in almost any situation.

Asked to comment on the overall themes of “She’s a Soldier,” Cornia writes, “‘She’s a Soldier’ is a patriotic song that honors the women that proudly serve our great (USA) nation.”

Seattle’s Ken Cornia was a military kid. After seeing the world as his father served in the United States Navy, Cornia graduated from the U. of Wash. as a geologist. His current official bio notes that he “has worked in a wide variety of professional fields since,” including as a government civilian employee, a college adjunct faculty member, and the owner-operator of both a rock-climbing guide service and an online creative service company, Gummy Worm International.

Through it all, Cornia continued to write and record original music, working and collaborating with an array of musicians and producers from widely varied musical backgrounds.

Cornia’s current official bio closes with the following statement: “His music has evolved with more meaningful lyrics to create songs that he strongly feels will make the world a better place. His passionate journey continues.”

“She’s a Soldier” by Ken Cornia is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

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Our Untold Story release album ‘My Dreams, My Rules’

The punk rock crew from Stockholm, Sweden known as Our Untold Story have released their new album, “My Dreams, My Rules.” It contains 10 original OUS tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. “My Dreams, My Rules” has been proudly published on the XJT Music independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Part classic punk, part classic rock, and absolutely all heart, “My Dreams, My Rules” is the debut LP record fans of Our Untold Story have been clamoring for.

Front man Xander Turian of Our Untold Story has cited as main artistic influences Green Day, Foo Fighters, the Hives, the Hellacopters, the Doors, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. They have been described by bassist Kim Liljedahl as “an alternative rock band drawing influences from ’70s classic rock and ’90s pop-punk.”

As such, the album oscillates between the Buzzcocks and the Animals. Their varied songwriting mode is reminiscent of X, while Turian’s lyric style and vocal delivery is likewise varied on a scale from X’s John Doe to an occasional hint of Lou Reed. If the above names hint to the music fan at deep blues-rock influences, this will likely appear in Our Untold Story’s guitar work.

Asked to describe the overall themes of his new LP, Xander Turian writes, “’My Dreams, My Rules’ is an autobiographical story about my journey through life, growing up, dealing with the joys and hardships life deals everyone, from love to bullies, from heartbreak to abuse, from drug addiction to family and friends – travel, education, work, and the breaking free from the tedium of everyday life.”

But “My Dreams, My Rules” also tells an uplifting narrative of tenacity and achievement.

“It’s also about the journey of self-discovery,” Turian says, “of creating your own path in life and following your dreams, setting your own rules, and proving all the haters and non-believers wrong. It’s about proving to yourself that you can achieve absolutely anything you desire. Ask, and the universe shall provide.”

Be sure also to see the new Our Untold Story lyric video, “Strong Ones,” which single appears on “My Dreams, My Rules” and is free for viewing online now.

Turian says of the new “Strong Ones” video, “I always like my music to tell a story and that’s what we have tried to do here. ‘Strong Ones’ is a song about growing up, being bullied, being pushed down and being an outsider. Whilst all the stereotypical ‘popular’ kids are partying around them and following trends, the outcast is focusing on studying, music or developing a certain skill. The tables turn years on into adulthood, and those once called geeks, freaks and nerds are the ones leading the way. They are the ones following their dreams while trend followers are left behind. The downtrodden have become the ‘Strong Ones.’”

Our Untold Story continue to garner awards, including Bronze Winner, Global Music Awards 2017, Best Music Video for “Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors,” and from the Feel The Reel International Film Festival, the Oniros Film Awards, the International Music Video Underground, the Monthly Film Festival (TMFF), and a nomination from the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards.

“My Dreams, My Rules” from Our Untold Story is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early.

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EDM artist Tal releases new EP album ‘Pandora’s Box’

The producer, composer and songwriter of EDM and pop music known as Tal has released the debut album, “Pandora’s Box.” The EP combines the elements of electronic dance music, pop, and dance pop categories. Tal’s “Pandora’s Box” contains six original Tal tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. It has been proudly published on the TekOutfit LLC independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Futuristic, eclectic, danceable and full of verve and groove, “Pandora’s Box” is a startling introduction to one of the 21st century’s newest digital music composers.

Tal cites as main artistic influences David Bowie, Yes, Pink Floyd, Deadmaus, and Alon Mor. Many elements of these may be heard in “Pandora’s Box,” weaving, intersecting and blending in and out for a melange of emotional textures which is likely to attract fans of nearly every EDM subgenre.

In addition to the considerable talents of Tal, “Pandora’s Box” also features the skilled lyrics and vocals of Traci Nelson, as well as inspirations from Roxy Saint’s featured lyrics and vocals.

Tal takes time to craft music until it feels complete, with nothing to add or take away, mixed and mastered, and polished to a high shine.

The official TekOutfit website describes Tal as a “new EDM artist who mixes pop, EDM, and movie soundtrack effects to create a unique dance sound.” Fans of David Lynch will note that the closing track of her “Pandora’s Box” debut is an homage to the music of “Dune,” the critically acclaimed original version of which was originally composed by the progressive rock band, Toto.

Pandora’s Box was mixed and engineered by David Henszey (Ice Cube, Cheap Trick, “xXx” the feature film).

“Pandora’s Box” by Tal is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

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