Joseph Freije releases fourth LP album for 2016 ‘Hiding in the Light’

The eclectic composer of music known internationally as Joseph P. Freije has released his fourth full-length record for 2016, “Hiding in the Light.” The album contains 13 original Freije tracks for a listening time approaching a full hour. Like all music by Joseph P. Freije, it has been proudly published on the Phrygian Music independent record label without the support or direction of the corporate music industry. Fantastic and fugue-like, clever without pretension and kaleidoscopic with just a touch of psychedelia, “Hiding in the Light” is one of the most accessible experimental records from Joseph P. Freije yet.

2016 has been a remarkable year for Joseph P. Freije, whose music expertise delves into classic rock, jazz, classical, experimental, electronica and blues music, just to name a few. While this new offering, “Hiding in the Light,” is a singular blend of electronica, postmodern jazz and experimental music, he has released no fewer than three other full-length records this year in various genres, with yet another rumored to be on the way. These previous LPs include “Elements of Evidence” (alt-rock), “Electric Phlower” (dance/electronica), and “Jazz Beyond the Chaos” (postmodern jazz/electronic jazz).

Joseph P. Freije has at different times named as main artistic influences Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Peter Kater, Nicholas Gunn, Carlos Santana, Jesse Cook, Spyro Gyra, the Moody Blues, Jefferson Starship, Thierry David, and the great classical composers. While this paints an image of an open-minded music fan with top-shelf tastes leaning toward the best of the classic-rock legends, the list does not at all elucidate the experience of hearing a record published by Phrygian Music.

Much of this stems from the general head space, paradigm and philosophies of Joseph Freije and Co. Some of his albums are steeped in thought, symbol, and implication, while others are mostly experiential – art for art’s sake. “Hiding in the Light” seems mostly of the latter persuasion.

Asked to speak on the themes of his new record, Freije says, “Life is meant to be more fun and pleasant for more people more of the time on a daily basis.”

Music fans who wrap their ears around “Hiding in the Light” by Joseph P. Freije are certain to accomplish this in short order.

Joseph P. Freije’s “Hiding in the Light” is available online worldwide at over 700 music stores now. Don’t miss the rest of Phrygian Music’s catalog, also available anywhere great music is digitally sold.

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Hip hop musician SoBlak releases new single ‘Handz Up Gun’d Down’ feat. Lady Upt

The hip hop hero from New Orleans known as SoBlak has released his latest official single, “Handz Up Gun’d Down” feat. Lady Upt. The track has been proudly published on the 1Point5 Entertainment LLC independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Heavy-hitting, socially conscientious and making a bold statement against police brutality in the United States, “Handz Up Gun’d Down” is a hip hop track putting SoBlak on the map where he belongs.

SoBlak cites as main artistic influences Rakim, KRS-1, Scarface, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, Ludacris, Outkast, Lil Wayne, Freddie Gibbs, and Kendrick Lamar. In addition to the top-shelf tones and attitudes these legends of the mic have impressed on SoBlak, himself, “Handz Up Gun’d Down” also features the considerable talents of Lady Upt.

At the heart of “Handz Up Gun’d Down” are issues close to the heart of all Americans interested in social justice .

“This single directly addresses the extreme tension felt by the people who are and have been the target of police brutality and killings,” writes SoBlak. “I wanted to capture that N.W.A. spirit of ‘F*ck the Police,’ but with my flava and knowledge on it.”

The result was an aggressive track, one which fights for peace while refusing to back down.

“To balance the scales I had Lady UPT bring her perspective of the issue,” SoBlak says. “By us both touching on a variety of aspects of what we know and experience, it came together as a very strong song with a defined message.”

It’s clearly an evocative track. Much like the efforts of the Black Lives Matter social-awareness movement, however, not all the public response has been positive.

“It has caused a nasty campaign on Facebook by many who are displaying their racist views and some who are incorrectly labeling me as racist,” SoBlak writes, “but the truth is paramount with this track, and the driving sound keeps the tempo and momentum going to the very end.”

SoBlak started in music by learning from his father, a jazz and gospel musician and music promoter in New Orleans. He became serious about music after joining the Marine Corp in 1990. “Handz Up Gun’d Down” represents his most prominent official hip hop release in recent memory, with its music video hitting over 86,000 views within two weeks.

1Point5 Entertainment calls SoBlak “a veteran in the rap business,” saying, “you can expect lyrical and production quality from this Jurassic Classic cat.”

“Handz Up Gun’d Down” is available online worldwide at over 700 music stores now.

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Country singer Rhea Francani releases new single ‘Is This Love’

Country music sensation Rhea Francani has released her latest single, “Is This Love.” The track is the third popular single track to be showcased from her debut full-length record which dropped in July from the Limestone Records independent label. Upbeat, driving, and conveying all the warmth that comes with a new romance, “Is This Love” is the latest reason for country fans to take note of Nashville’s newest voice.

Rhea Francani cites as main artistic influences Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jackson. While this mix comes out in the repertoire offered on her “Now or Never” LP, a seventh crucial influence must be mentioned in connection to “Is This Love:” her sister.

“I wrote 10 of the 12 songs on the album,” Francani writes. “I had the honor of recording two songs that my sister, Adria Francani, wrote. ‘Is This Love,’ is one written by her❤.”

Pressed for details with regard to the theme of her new single, Francani discusses how her lyrics portray the emotions one experiences with a fresh love interest, mentioning lines such as “I’m walking like I’m never gonna touch the ground.”

“The lyrical content emits vulnerability and transparency,” she comments. “One is in such a euphoric state. The song drives as aggressively as the very pulse of one’s heart. This is a real feel-good song😀.”

Rhea Francani’s contemporary country music is described in her current official bio as blending “the classic country genre with bluegrass, pop and rock sounds to create a distinctive Cosmopolitan Country brand of music, style and fun.” She has a master’s degree in music and music education from New York’s Columbia University. Her first official single, “Dizzy,” made it to #11 on the global HotDisc chart and was included on All Access Nashville radio services. Her music has been up-voted for Grammy consideration.

“Is This Love” by Rhea Francani is available online worldwide now.

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Film Composer Julian Scherle releases new soundtrack album ‘Let’s Be Evil’

The film composer, known internationally as Julian Scherle, has released his latest full-length soundtrack album, “Let’s Be Evil.” The album contains 23 original tracks for a total listening time of approximately 35 minutes. The “Let’s Be Evil” soundtrack makes for a comprehensive tour of Scherle’s composing and arranging skills and showcases a talent for combining different musical genres.


Eerie, ambient, and evocative, the SciFi – Horror score of “Let’s Be Evil” is the most prominent example of how to incorporate retro-synth into a futuristic and dark electronic sound world.


LA-based Julian Scherle’s unconventional composing style exists in it’s unique universe; calling to classics like Pink Floyd, John Carpenter, Depeche Mode and unifying these electronic aesthetics with composing styles similar to contemporary classical composers.


Scherle’s tone easily balances between dreamlike, nebulous, and entrancing and an intense, nerve-racking terror. His songs climb and build, sweep and soar, and thrill the listener just as they permeate the atmosphere of “Let’s Be Evil.”


Scherle, when speaking of his aims for the album, gives liner notes that provide a glimpse into his writing process:

“The original musical concept for the film, ‘Let’s Be Evil,’ was to write a straight up ’80s-inspired retro synth soundtrack, which slowly – while the movie was forming – morphed into a hybrid between an old school electronic and a modern-glitchy futuristic score. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it”. writes of Scherle’s work on the film score stating, “If a filmmaker wants to get me salivating to see their movie, one of the best things they can do is pair an ’80s-esque synth score with colorful lighting, and that’s exactly what [the soundtrack for the] thriller ‘Let’s Be Evil’ does.”


Music by Scherle has been featured on a number of critically acclaimed projects such as Golden Globe and Emmy winning TV shows, “Mr. Robot,” “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” and “American Horror Story.”


“Let’s Be Evil” by Julian Scherle, has been published on the independent music label Scissors and is available for digital download at over 700 music stores worldwide now.


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Indie R&B Artist/Producer Robert Maddrey Releases Third New Single ‘Paint a Picture’

The singer/songwriter of contemporary rhythm ‘n’ blues known as Robert Maddrey has released his latest official single, “Paint a Picture.” Like the rest of his growing repertoire, “Paint a Picture” has been proudly published again under the ThickerThanWater Productions independent record label without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. A smooth, classy, and heartfelt R&B ballad riding with a mellow groove that will surely appeal to fans of any genre. “Paint a Picture” is the latest reason for fans, listeners, and even the music industry itself, to sit up and seriously take note of this budding and trending artist and producer on the horizon.

Asked to cite some of his main artistic influences, Robert Maddrey lists Ray Parker, Jr.,Frankie Beverly, Ron Isley, Al Green, Issac Hayes, and “the sound behind the Motown sound” the Funk Brothers,” calling them “the great sounds of our history.” His own tone on “Paint a Picture” is less dramatic than Al Green’s and more subtle than Isaac Hayes’, making for a style that is

modern, non-derivative, and will surely stand the test of time.

Helping to produce the magic behind “Paint a Picture” is Robert Maddrey’s brother, Paul Maddrey, Jr. who is undeniably bringing unprecedented musicianship to the table. This chemistry of musicianship helps create their characteristic sound that is slowly bringing ThickerThanWater productions closer and closer to the music forefront.

Speaking of the themes of his newest single, Maddrey writes, “‘Paint a Picture’ as in painting a picture with music and song. Music is not just a sound but a feeling that you create. It’s a simple but important message of peace and a musical vision of hope for the world– just a ‘feel good’ song that any real music

lover can’t help but enjoy.”

The publication of his first prominent single, “Change,” came in February 2016, followed in May by “Never Forget”, which was published under the “FaithWalk Entertainment” umbrella. Paint A Picture’ is a great follow up release after ‘Change’ and ‘Never Forget.’ The three songs compliment each other as well as show the great versatility in musical style and genre.

“From the vocals to the instrumentals,” writes Maddrey of his single, “‘Paint A Picture,’ I believe this song is destined to bring real music and musicianship back to life and to the airwaves. This song is truly a musical vision of the way the world should be. Bringing real music back in all genres as well as continuing to spread our universal message of peace. ‘Paint A Picture’ is a great follow up release after ‘Change’ and ‘Never Forget.’”

Maddrey has said of ThickerThanWater productions, “We love to make music and we make music to love.”

“Paint a Picture” by Robert Maddrey from ThickerThanWater Productions is now available online at over 700 digital outlets worldwide.

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S.K. Unruly releases new single ‘Marchout’

The singer and songwriter of roots music known as S.K. Unruly has released his latest single, “Marchout.” The track has been proudly published on the Mind Music Production independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Based on a rocksteady groove, pulsing bass, traditional roots guitar and the singing of S.K. Unruly himself, “Marchout” stands as evidence that this reggae singer has plenty of soul for the 21st century.

S.K. Unruly cites as main musical influences Bob Marley, Junior Gong Marley, Chronixx, Busy Signal, Konshens, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Ninja Man, Beenie Man, Drake, Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Trey Songz and Usher. His own style brings the old island sound into the modern day with contemporary studio production and an intricate, flowing vocal rhythm, making for roots music that will appeal to many fans of the sound around the world.

This makes sense, considering Unruly’s goals for his songs.

“The music I create is designed to inspire individuals from all walks of life,” he writes. “I am motivated to be a beacon of hope for these individuals. My music is the essence of the real-life experiences of my friends, my family, and myself. This music comes from the heart and stimulates the soul. My music will enable individuals to take the necessary steps to free themselves from life’s mediocrity and indiscretions.”

S.K. Unruly also advocates proactive living for everyone with songs like “Marchout.”

“Moreover, my music will energize individuals to abandon procrastination and to adopt actions that will empower them to be productive, self-reliant and purposeful in their actions to themselves and to their society.”

S.K. Unruly was born Shakeir Omarie Kidd in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in the Barbican community of St. Andrews by his grandmother. He has been singing since the age of five. The music S.K. creates has been called “soul-searching” and “emotionally uplifting.” Mind Music Production says of S.K.’s music that it “will help people through their heartbreaks, comfort them through the rainy days, help them to deal with grief and overcome the adversities they experience during life’s sojourn. When they listen to his music, they will not feel alone.”

S.K.’s hope is that “Marchout” will motivate people to give a helping hand to individuals that are less fortunate than themselves. He will be releasing his album in the summer of 2017.

“Marchout” by S.K. Unruly is available online worldwide beginning 15 August 2016.

-S. McCauley

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Reggae, dancehall musician Evaflow releases new single ‘The Anthem’

The singer and songwriter known as Evaflow has released his new, flagship single, “The Anthem.” The track has been proudly published on his own SkyStart Media independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. A jamming modern reggae track fitted with all the best elements of traditional dancehall and cutting-edge pop music, “The Anthem” is a clear sign that Evaflow and SkyStart Media are names to watch in 2016 and beyond.

Evaflow cites as main artistic influences Damian Marley, Nneka, Jay-Z, Sizzla, Jah Mason, Kings of Leon, UGK, and Drake. His own style is more contemporary than any of these without sounding avant garde or too experimental. He retains the attributes which made the great reggae artists of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s globally popular while adding his personality to the mic and a few hip-hop traits to the studio production for a blend that sounds part Jamaica, part urban jungle.

Speaking of his message for “The Anthem,” Evaflow writes, “’The Anthem’ is my sonic mission statement. It is a motivational manifesto promoting an unwavering commitment to actualize your aspirations. Its message … is self-reliance and determination. It promotes expressing your individuality instead of succumbing to societal expectations.”

At its heart, Evaflow’s “The Anthem” is a portrait of the victorious.

“Unfettered by superficial expectations and immune to expressions of doubt,” he explains, “man develops the tenacity to endure failure and still be sure of success. ‘The Anthem’ is a description of the breaking point where man asserts himself as captain of his soul and ruler of his destiny.”

SkyStart Media’s Evaflow has founded a philosophy at which he is the spearhead. “Start from the sky,” says his current official bio, which describes the ‘sky’ as a place of preparedness, great health and soundness of mind. It says Evaflow developed this philosophy through his “limitless way of looking at the world.”

“The sky is not the limit,” Evaflow says. “The sky is just the start. To start from the sky one must be able to fly and to fly is being in a place of consistent purposeful action.”

Evaflow is also part of the InDiggNation Collective group of artists. “The Anthem” was produced by Christopher Cooper in collaboration with InDiggNation’s the DrumKeys. An official music video is expected. “The Anthem” is the first public release from Evaflow’s upcoming self-titled debut album, which he has termed a ‘portfolio.’

“The Anthem” by Evaflow is available at over 700 online music stores worldwide now. Get in early, dancehall fans.

-S. McCauley

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