Rex Stax releases new singles feat. DØZE and Principe Baru

The producer of pop, R&B, electronica and modern soul known as Rex Stax has released a clutch of singles for the 2017 year, including “Eternity Collide,” “Lost in times” and “Trucos.” The singles feature artists such as Anuar of DØZE and Principe Baru. They have been proudly published on the Ants on Mars independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry.

Innovative, danceable, and showcasing a colorful variety of grooves with something for fans of nearly every music genre, “Eternity Collide,” “Lost in times” and “Trucos” stand as evidence that Rex Stax continues to be a force in modern independent music.

Rex Stax cites as main artistic influences the electronica pioneers, Kraftwerk, and one of hip hop’s chief innovators, Grandmaster Flash. Imagining a blend of these two sounds arrives at a style of music very close to “Eternity Collide,” “Lost in times” and “Trucos.” Fans of either legendary musician can expect many similarities in music from Rex Stax and the Ants on Mars label. calls “Eternity Collide” a “care-free Caribbean anthem.” Writer and DJ Erick writes, “From the first floating notes of Rex Stax’s new single, ‘Eternity Collide,’ you know you’re in for a treat. The tropical house track is an airy combination of dance beats and sparkling, synthesized percussions that keep the melody bouncing from beginning to end. Playful lyrics like ‘Let’s play together, closer than ever, please don’t leave no space’ give the song a flirtatious tone that would be at home in a club or more intimate settings.”

Music fans are encouraged also to see the official video from Ants on Mars for “Eternity Collide” (link provided below).

“Eternity Collide,” “Lost in times” and “Trucos” are available from Rex Stax on the Ants on Mars label from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

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Official “Eternity Collide” Music Video

Singer Krisheena releases official single ‘Coconuts’ ft. iamDES

The singer and performer of rap and hip hop music known as Krisheena has released her latest official single, “Coconuts,” featuring iamDES. The track has been proudly published on the Suarez !nspired Republic independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Exotic, pulsing, danceable and primed for play on radio and in nightclubs, “Coconuts” by Krisheena ft. iamDES is the newest reason to keep eyes on Suarez !nspired Republic.

Asked to cite some main artistic influences for “Coconuts,” Suarez !nspired Republic mentions Curtis Mayfield, Nina Simone, Quincy Jones, Bobby Womack, Etta James, Chaka Khan, “and more!”

Their “Coconuts” track from Krisheena and iamDES takes cues from these and moves pop, hip hop and R&B sounds into the 21st century for a blend that is all new, unique to these Suarez !nspired Republic artists. It is a party track with elements common to Miami beach clubs and Las Vegas pool resorts, alike. “Coconuts” is likely to appeal to fans as far away as Ibiza and as local as Suarez !nspired’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Asked to comment on their new single, Suarez !nspired Republic writes, “’Coconuts’ is meant to be the 2k17 summer anthem that everyone vibes to.”

Speaking of the theme of “Coconuts,” they write, “I’m sure most people have been in one of those bittersweet relationships, or in this case, ‘situationships’ where you allow yourself to give your all, but settle and not really get anything in return. For all the listeners who are in this situation, my advice is to look at yourself and your worth, and know that you are great, so don’t sell yourself short. Enjoy!”

“Coconuts” by Krisheena and iamDES from Suarez !nspired Republic is available at over 600 quality music retailers online worldwide now. Be sure also to see their 2016 single, “23 #Likemagic.”

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“Coconuts” by Krisheena and iamDES –

Singer-songwriter Paula Punch drops second summer single ‘Match’

The singer and songwriter from Australia known as Paula Punch has released her second official single for the summer 2017 season, “Match.” Like her other recent releases, the track has been proudly published on the Punch Park independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. A contemporary folk piece with an emphasis on soulful singing and graceful lyric poetry, “Match” is a track likely to find a home in the hearts of many music fans around the world.

Paula Punch has cited as main artistic influences rock, pop, blues and folk music, the latter two seeming to lend the most to this current release of “Match.” Her songs are frequently introspective and autobiographical, her themes largely romantic, inspirational and individualist, all of which lend power to a music style built on the considerable talents of a solo music artist.

The crystal-clear studio production of music by Paula Punch belies her otherwise devil-may-care attitude.

“Music is what happened to me while I was ‘…busy making other plans,’” quips the singer, quoting a famous line from John Lennon.

Nevertheless, “Match” is a gleaming example of how to write, perform and record folk music. Its strength lies in its minimalist songwriting. Punch’s performance elucidates the song, rather than revels in it. Recorded at Electric Avenue Studio and mixed by Rob Gist, the studio production merely polishes the track to a high shine.

“Match” is a mellow counterpart to Paula Punch’s previous “Lucky Girl” release. She has hinted that more music is to come in 2017, perhaps leading up to an EP release.

Fans of contemporary folk and folk rock music have good reasons to watch Paula Punch and Punch Park to see where this chugging train is headed.

“Match” by Paula Punch from the Punch Park label is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music stores now. Get in early, folk fans.

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“Match” by Paula Punch –

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Comedic rapper Raja RG releases official single ‘American Crazies’

The comedic rap artist, entertainer and dance innovator known as Raja RG has released his latest official single, “American Crazies.” The track has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. It is the official single release of his popular YouTube video of the same name which has garnered more than 80,000 views as of the time of this writing (link provided at bottom). Funny, witty, and socially on point, “American Crazies” by Raja RG is a hip hop track anyone can get behind.

Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Raja RG (AKA HinduHomeboy) mentions only Michael Jackson. That his rap song shares few attributes with the King of Pop isn’t surprising, but it’s notable that his videos impart a novel dance to the listener which he, himself, invented.

The dance looks fun to do and easy to learn, as evidenced by Raja RG’s charming video in which he meets strangers in New York City’s Central Park, gifts them a homemade “American Crazies” mask made from a paper plate and red, white and blue paint, and dances with them as he sings his song. It looks much less ridiculous than the macarena, and is less likely to annoy the average viewer.

“I am a mixed-race 28-year-old music artist who sings, acts, and dances,” Raja RG says of himself. “I just released a fresh, trendy bit of comedic fun, an original American hip-hop dance single and music video about us Americans called ‘American Crazies.’ I think it has a lot of potential.”

With the number of views moving steadily closer to the 100,000 mark, it’s fair to say Raja RG’s “American Crazies” has more than just potential.

“American Crazies” by Raja RG is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music stores now. Don’t miss the official music video!

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“American Crazies” by Raja RG –

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Folk crew Merry Hell release new EP ‘Come On, England!’

The UK team of contemporary-folk artists called Merry Hell have released their latest EP album, “Come On, England!” The EP has been proudly published on the Merry Hell Music independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Genuine, polished, proud and uncompromising, “Come On, England!” is as much a humanitarian rallying cry as it is an English one.

Asked to cite some chief musical influences, Merry Hell speak of “A hugely diverse range, from church music to classic folk, including Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and English artists such as Dick Gaughan, all that married to the energy of punk and global politics.”

Merry Hell’s new “Come On, England!” EP showcases two tracks from last year’s popular “Bloodlines” full-length and one from their 2011 LP, “Blink… And You Miss It,” a new live take of “The War Between Ourselves.” Also showcased on the EP is an an acoustic reworking of ‘Lean On Me, Love’ from their debut 2011 record as it is now performed live.

“It generally has the effect of bringing even large audiences to silence,” writes Merry Hell of the track. “It brings couples together, too. They get inspired by the words and sentiments of the song.”

“Lean On Me, Love” is the public’s first peek at their forthcoming 2018 album, “Anthems To The Wind.”

Merry Hell’s current official bio describes them as offering “a joyful, uplifting slice of folk-rock with a message: an alternative national anthem for these troubled times. Based in North West England, this award winning group celebrate community, togetherness and love as antidotes to conflict, division and hatred.”

Asked to describe the themes of their new EP, Merry Hell write, “The songs express the hope that togetherness can be an antidote to alienation and division, both in politics and personal relationships. Invoking the power of peace and united voices, ‘We Need Each Other Now’ speaks for itself, while ‘Come On, England!’ is an alternative national anthem appealing to the nation’s traditions of tolerance and resistance to totalitarianism.”

Merry Hell consistently win awards, often for reasons surpassing those of mere musical quality. Most recently, Manchester’s LBGTQ+ Wigan Pride organization selected “Loving the Skin You’re In” by Merry Hell as their anthem.

As one website has described Merry Hell’s humanist leanings, “The call to counter-racism and the encouragement of collective responsibility has never sounded so damned catchy!”

A tireless band of players, Merry Hell are slated to perform at gigs and festivals throughout the UK as their tour continues over the whole of 2017.

“Come On, England!” by Merry Hell is available online worldwide from over 600 quality music stores beginning July 31 2017. Get in early, folk fans. Very early.

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Come On, England!” by Merry Hell –

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Singer-songwriter Paula Punch releases new single ‘Lucky Girl’

The singer and songwriter of acoustic pop and adult contemporary music known as Paula Punch has released her latest official single, “Lucky Girl.” The track has been proudly published on the Punch Park independent record and fashion label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Heartfelt, outspoken, and built on a solid groove, “Lucky Girl” showcases Paula Punch to be one of Australia’s most genuine indie music artists for 2017.

Sydney’s Paula Punch cites as main artistic influences LP (Laura Pergolizzi), and “everything from opera to rock, blues, folk and pop.” She’s quick to mention her upbringing in classical music, and the effect of being married to an Elvis and Stax Records fan. “I also loved all the raw energy of bands like The Pretenders and The Eurythmics and the genius of Joni Mitchell,” she writes. Her own music is most similar to that of the aforementioned LP, whose career as a performer is undercut by her titanic work as a songwriter for the likes of Cher, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, and more.

“I just love, love, love LP at the moment,” writes Paula Punch. “I immediately felt I had met a musical sister.”

The likeness is immediately apparent in Punch’s straightforward approach to song crafting. Her structure is standard pop, her lyrics equal parts earnestness and radio hooks. Appropriately, “Lucky Girl” is presented in its studio form without bells and whistles beyond the considerable talents of Punch, and her producer Rob Gist. The music fan gets the impression that she’s right there, playing live for an audience of one.

Rob Gist has brought his great experience as a sound engineer, music producer, and performer in the band Girl Overboard, when working on Paula’s songs.

Asked to describe the themes of her new single, Punch writes, “[It’s about] my life experiences, my goals, my disappointments, my joy, my love.”

Paula Punch has been in music since her youth, playing guitar, singing in the Philharmonic Motet Choir, fronting university bands, recording as a session singer, and often providing backing vocals for famed guitarist Ed Kuepper (The Saints), and other Australian artists including Anne Kirkpatrick. She is the founding member of the popular women’s singer-songwriter event in Sydney, “The Friday Girls,” at which venue female artists debut new material live before an audience in a supportive environment.

The Friday Girls has been called home by artists including Jackie Bristow, Suzy Connolly, Fiona Kernaghan, Corrine Gibbons, Helen Ryder, Greta Gertler and popular duo Joy and Lara (Joy Howard and Lara Goodridge).

“Rob and I hope to continue bringing these songs to life,” Punch says, “that tell the story of a woman living and working in Sydney, and some of the joys and struggles that come with modern life, and being a “Lucky Girl” in a lucky country!”

“Lucky Girl” by Paula Punch is available online worldwide beginning 12 July 2017 from over 600 quality digital music stores.

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“Lucky Girl” by Paula Punch –

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Former Tooth and Nail Records artists release debut EP ‘Runways to Boulevards’

Tooth and Nail Records alums Jonathan Caro and Justice Gulmatico of Bloodshed have released a new EP album, “Runways to Boulevards,” as My Compatriots. Joining them on the historic release are Matthew Vangalapudi, Hunter Chapman, and producer Matt Lapoint (Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, more). The EP has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Blending power pop grooves with an early-emo aesthetic and painstakingly deliberate song structures, “Runways to Boulevards” by My Compatriots proves that the original spirit of emotional hardcore is still alive.

Founding member, songwriter and vocalist Jon Caro cites as main artistic influences Superchunk, Husker Du, Foo Fighters, and Adorable. The result is a style which never feels forced or ostentatious, but rather invites listeners with undeniable hooks and a warm, welcoming sound which feels both familiar and unique at once. Each of the 30-minute record’s six tracks has a character all its own, its own reasons for listeners to make it a temporary favorite over the other five. This makes for an EP album with plenty of replayability and record-collection potential.

Kickstarted with fellow Tooth-and-Nail titan Scott Silletta (Plank Eye) on drums in 2008, My Compatriots dropped their long-awaited debut EP in 2016, followed by a quiet followup in Q1 2017, “Under the String of Lamps,” which has ignited interest in “Runways to Boulevards.” For My Compatriots, the EP has become a flagship release. For music fans, it signifies a triumphant return to the proto-indie sound of early-emo rock, the underground scene gone mainstream of which My Compatriots are veterans.

“For 2017 My Compatriots is looking for a restart,” says Caro. “These two EPs represent our new beginning. There is a mixed foundation of rock and layered space sounds weaved into each individually crafted song. A full-length is in-progress and set to be released later this summer along with performance dates to be announced.”

“Runways to Boulevards” by My Compatriots is available for free listening and album purchase directly from the band now (link provided below). Get in early, fans of early emo and power pop. Very early.

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