Sefu Kafele releases new single ‘Mad’

The singer, rapper and songwriter known as Sefu Kafele has released his latest official single, “Mad.” The track is the flagship single from his new LP record album, “Just Know How to Fight,” which comprises 10 original Sefu Kafele songs and features the additional talents of Papa Brittish and Rachel Burrell. Both the new single, “Mad,” and the full-length record, “Just Know How to Fight,” have been proudly published on the 4MC independent music label without managerial or financial support from the corporate music industry. Gritty, aggressive, alive with rhythm and thumping with bass, “Mad” from Sefu Kafele is a refreshingly unique hip-hop serving for fans of any genre.

Asked to name some musical influences, Sefu Kafele cites instead a list of inspirations which have lent much to the creation of his latest work. These include (as Kafele himself writes them) “God, The People, Parents, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Malcolm X.” A cursory listen to his “Mad” single is enough to understand that he is a rapper with much to say. More importantly, what Kafele has to say is well-written and of great social importance more often than not.

Asked to describe the overall message of his “Mad” single, Kafele speaks as directly as he does in his music.

“Stop living in a dream,” he writes. “Listen to the world around you. Stop waiting for it to get better, make it better yourself.”

Sefu Kafele was born in the United Kingdom but raised in Brooklyn and Queens, NYC. He is an active member of the hip-hop and soul crew, X Black Superheroes. His current official bio states that, “With the group he explores the different ways to challenge the limits of collaboration between art, music, life and words. Sefu tries to take reality and present it to the world in a way that will captivate and shock, all while instilling knowledge and understanding. He has perfected the craft of edutainment.”

Sefu Kafele has been performing for longer than 15 years, and has played at venues such as CBCG, S.O.B.’s, Brooklyn Exposure, the Apollo Theater and the Afrikan Poetry Theater. He has mentioned that he intends one day to perform in Africa, at Madison Square Garden and at Webster Hall.

His bio concludes with the following passage concerning his personal character:

“As a rule Sefu strongly believes that it is ‘Better to be humble, than to be humbled.’ And with this understanding he does indeed live a very humble life. Never treating others as if they are beneath him and always looking for a way to make a change in the world around him, Sefu is truly the picture of humility. Sefu has a dream to open a community performance space. With the space he plans to take what he loves and extend it to his immediate community.

“Sefu is so much more than an artist. He is a visionary, a storyteller, a leader, a father, and a powerful force ready to take the world by storm.”

“Mad” by Sefu Kafele and his “Just Know How to Fight” LP are available online worldwide.

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Chawn Martin releases new single ‘SmartPhone Party’

The songwriter and music producer known internationally as Chawn Martin is releasing his latest single, “Smartphone Party.” The track has been proudly published on the Code 69 Records independent music label entirely without the influence or support of the mainstream corporate music industry. A radio-ready, rhythm-packed, electrifying single perfect for packing dance floors and night spots anywhere in the world, “Smartphone Party” is a signal to the music underground that Chawn Martin and Code 69 Records are back in action and here to stay.

Chawn Martin cites as main artistic influences a dizzying array of popular musicians and a surprising variety of genres, including hip hop, soul, R ‘n’ B, house, jazz, and rock. His favorites include such names as R-Kelly, Keith Sweat, Brian McKnight, Silk, Troop, Bel Biv DeVoe, Joe, Az Yet, Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, LL Cool J., Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent. Martin’s own sound depends on his mood, but can be as slick and sly as jazz, as aggressive and high-impact as rock, and as stylish and dance-inducing as house music. In this way, “Smartphone Party” is an excellent example of both his ability and versatility.

Like much of Martin’s music, it isn’t just the groove he has to offer in “Smartphone Party,” but also a point of view.

“This single is based on the use of smartphones at parties,” he writes. “’Smartphone Party’ is a track about how antisocial parties are nowadays with the smartphone in our lives. I try to bring to light that parties are not all that social anymore, like before when we didn’t have them.”

Chawn Martin resides in the music hotbed of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Playing music since the age of seven, he is a longtime singer and rapper and formed a popular R ‘n’ B group, Code69, in the 1990s. After collaborating with prominent sound engineer Bone Sounds in 2012, Chawn Martin and the studio pro joined forces to create Code 69 Records in 2014.

Martin’s current official bio concludes: “Now he’s producing his own beats together with Bone Sounds always searching for his own sound, an artist on his own record label trying to give maximum boost to the dreams and goals he wants to achieve in life. Today Chawn Martin creates all sorts of music, from R&B to HipHop, Soul, Funk, House music, etc.”

“Smartphone Party” is available online worldwide from Code 69 Records.

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Drunken Monk releases new single ‘Look at Me Now’

The rapper and songwriter known as Drunken Monk has released his latest single, “Look at Me Now.” The track is the most prominent official single to be dropped from Drunken Monk since his “DMT Flows and Cadillac Doze” EP which appeared on digital shelves around the world in January of 2015. Both the “DMT Flows…” EP and his new “Look at Me Now” single have been proudly published on the New Age Lions Music LLC independent record label. True lines, thumping back beats, creative rhythms and an inimitable vocal delivery make “Look at Me Now” by Drunken Monk a loud example of why independent hip hop is overtaking the mainstream in waves.

Drunken Monk cites as main artistic influences Outcast, the 666 Mafia, Goodey Mob, Nas, Roots, and Miles Davis. While music by Monk is packed with many of the best qualities of these legendary performers, his overall sound is uniquely his own and cannot be called derivative of anyone at all. A cursory sampling of his work over the last ten years uncovers a broad variety of tones and types of hip hop, signaling to the music fan that no one song by Drunken Monk can hint at what he may come up with next.

Part of Monk’s unpredictable nature is his musical background, which differentiates him from the largest part of the hip-hop community.

“I studied jazz in college,” Drunken Monk writes, “and have been producing now for 10 years.”

Asked to reveal the theme and message of his new single, “Look at Me Now,” he is characteristically direct and to the point.

“There ain’t nobody to blame for most of our problems but ourselves,” writes Monk. “Look at yourself NOW and be real about what you see.”

Drunken Monk is the stage name of J. Gray, a producer, keyboardist and rapper originally from Louisiana. He often collaborates with artists from far-flung scenes such as Arkansas and London, and appears regularly in international magazines. He recently appeared on the popular Coast2Coast online radio program and Sallassie’s Two Racks rap contest where he opened as a show feature.

Prior to producing full-time, emcee Drunken Monk studied piano and jazz and has performed on instrumental showcases as well. His vision is to produce unique works of music that reflect the background and culture he is from and to blur the boundaries between the genres of jazz rap, trip hop, funk, and trap. Drunken Monk currently lives, performs and produces music in Oakland, CA.

“Look at Me Now” by Drunken Monk is available online worldwide.

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The Wrong Windows release new LP ‘Days of Yore’

The rock crew known as the Wrong Windows have released their highly awaited debut LP, “Days of Yore.” The full-length album has been proudly published on the Quagmire (Sparky) Productions, Inc. independent music label. It comprises five original tracks and three cover tunes, one each from the Helium, PJ Harvey, and Divinyls repertoires, for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. Evocative, groovy, occasionally sentimental and often full of sonic optimism, “Days of Yore” from the Wrong Windows is an alternative-rock record with a ton of character and all the heart and soul in the world.

The Wrong Windows is a rock project informed by a kaleidoscopic variety of the world’s best singer-songwriters. Their cited influences include legends such as Jeff Buckley, Elvis Costello, Mary’s Danish, Alice In Chains, Jethro Tull, Jack White, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. Still, much of what gives this male-helmed band their inimitable tone is a penchant for the work of females in music.

Wrong Windows mastermind Billy Z. Duke writes of this, “Chelsea Wolfe, Gemma Hayes, Sarah Slean, Fiona Apple, and many, many more … I have a great fondness in general for female vocals and distorted guitars, and I’ve integrated hundreds of names of the women whose work has inspired me on the artwork for the record.”

As it happens, “Days of Yore” is a debut LP that emerged almost of its own volition.

“This project originated with a much humbler scope,” Duke explains. “It was intended to be a quick and dirty demo tape, just to get something released, get our band name out there, have something to sell at shows… But as the recording process progressed, more and more ideas began to flow in, and after a year and a half of collaboration with the band and other musical and visual artists in my social circle, it began to approach monolithic status.”

As playful and casual as the album feels to the listener, it’s deceptively complex and highly textured in terms of musical composition and lyrical depth, also.

“I would say that the album is a time capsule of sorts, an attempt to express in artistic terms my take on the current state of affairs in our world,” writes Duke. “As a songwriter, I tend to create creative curricula for myself, concepts around which I can compose material, and the Wrong Windows is perhaps the broadest possible such concept I’ve yet attempted: I want to write the ‘American Standards’ for the 21st Century.”

Longtime fans of rock ‘n’ roll and of songwriting in general will feel paradoxical when listening to “Days of Yore.” It manages to be both cutting edge and nostalgic at the same time by sewing older, somewhat neglected musical threads into new patterns. This results in uniquely creative sounds which trick the ear into feeling somehow familiar with the material.

“Our debut album is both a throwback and a look forward,” Duke writes, “dealing lyrically with issues including the bittersweet temptations of nostalgia and sentimentality, government corruption and institutionally sanctioned discrimination, the great divide between our wishes and their fulfillment… It’s a tall order, to be sure. I could go on for numerous paragraphs, but I know from experience that I’d be better off finding a way to distill my message for those with less abundant attention spans. Thus… the music!”

“Days of Yore” by the Wrong Windows is available online worldwide. Fans of alt-rock and great songwriting should get in early. This record is going to grow on you.

-S. McCauley

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Bay Area rapper Kee Beez releases new single ‘Lace Tracks’

The rapper and songwriter from the Bay Area known as Kee Beez has released his latest hip-hop single, “Lace Tracks.” The official Kee Beez single has been proudly published on the Da Kee Records independent music label without the involvement of the mainstream corporate music industry. Boasting rhymes and lines that cut sharper than a razor and bass-filled back beats that thump harder than a pile driver, the “Lace Tracks” single proves that Kee Beez is more than simply ready for the big time – he’s an example of the very best hip hop that the West Coast has to offer.

“Lace Tracks” mastermind rapper, Kee Beez, has been called the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading rap artist by music sources online. Known largely for his popular LP record album, “Ball Eagle,” Kee Beez has been making a strident move forward in the underground hip-hop scene with the official release of his new single. His “Ball Eagle” LP has been turning heads since 2012 with prominently featured singles like “Money Around Here,” “Love My Shine,” and perennial favorite, “Now,” which features a guest appearance by Lady J.

The themes of Kee Beez’s music revolve around both social and autobiographical events. His own youth informs his writing and supplies him with all the material he needs to make rap music well into the next century.

“I never knew exactly what I wanted out of life, but I always knew it was more than what I saw around me growing up in Richmond, CA,” Beez, himself, writes of this. “As a youngster I didn’t grow up with all the blessings other children had, which inspired me to do more. I was unfortunately handed a bad hand early, and got into a bit of trouble with my childhood peers, but I’ve changed.”

Kee Beez is quick to mention that these personal changes followed in the wake of his father, whom Beez cared about deeply.

“It started in 2008 after the passing of my father (RIP),” Beez writes. “I renewed my commitment as an artist, businessman, and better person overall.”

“Lace Tracks” by Kee Beez is available online worldwide.

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AC De Bee releases new pop single ‘Never Complain’

The singer and songwriter known as AC De Bee has released his latest pop single, “Never Complain.” The track has been proudly published on the AC De Bee independent music label without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music industry. It is the most widely distributed and prominent single from AC De Bee ever and stands to place him at the forefront of the indie pop scene in his home city of Effurun, Nigeria. Upbeat, uplifting, colorful, celebratory and big-hearted, “Never Complain” by AC De Bee is a pop single with a reggae twist that will get fans of all music dancing.

Rather than citing other singers and songwriters as main artistic influences, AC De Bee lists the people and things around him.

He writes, “My influences are: beautiful Ladies, the conditions in which I find myself, my dreams and aspirations, etc.”

The theme of his single is easy to make out, and something everyone can agree on without needing time to think.

“My song says,” he writes of this, “no one is too young or too old to love and be loved; therefore irrespective of your age – you are free to love and be loved because love comes from the heart and not from the mind. The heart knows nothing about the age – it is only the mind that can tell the age.”

AC De Bee’s “Never Complain” is a song bearing many delightful qualities from the musical culture from which it comes. AC De Bee’s hometown of Effurun forms the gateway to Warri, the capital city of the southern Delta State of Nigeria. In this musically diverse environment AC De Bee’s talents thrived early.

“I started getting involved in music right from my childhood. I had passion for music right from that time and started practicing how to write and sing songs.”

“Never Complain” by AC De Bee is available online worldwide.

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Singer Aria Sappho releases awaited debut album ‘Protagonist’

The singer and songwriter of electronica music known as Aria Sappho has released her highly awaited full-length debut album, “Protagonist.” The record has been published on the Sapphic Records independent music label outside the reach of the corporate music industry. In turns both shadowy and beautiful, forceful and delicate, frost-flecked and warm with life at once, the “Protagonist” LP is an arresting and elegant reminder of the sheer power of electronica when wielded by a vocalist and composer of Aria Sappho’s high, high caliber.

Aria Sappho (often stylized as aRia sappHo) cites as main artistic influences Sohn, Fever Ray, Imogen Heap, and Susanne Sundfør. Her own sound takes cues from the electronica genre of music to which these belong more than it emulates any one of them in a particular way. Sappho’s overall sonic texture glows with a hue that is purely hers. This individualistic quality is palpable, easily noted even in the record’s cover art, so much so that similarities between her “Protagonist” album and work by, say, Banks, Björk or the Sneaker Pimps actually seems coincidental more than intuitive.

Sappho’s emphasis on the unique seems not so much a conscious effort on the part of the artist as it does a direct effect of the album’s deeply personal nature. Since it reflects Sappho, herself, rather than attempts to approximate a particular mood, it cannot help but be radically distinctive.

“What inspired my songs is something I only share with people face-to-face,” writes Sappho. “My production style and expression has evolved and matured during the time I have been working on [my album] and that can be heard clearly if listening to the songs in the order I made them.”

By the same token, Aria Sappho doesn’t manipulate music to a mold she has in mind. She records her feelings as they come to her and pens her lyrics in such a way as to convey the truth without tipping her hand.

She writes of this: “I don’t write music for the sake of writing music, I do it because it’s the only way I feel that I can express myself freely. I use music as a way of expressing my emotions (something I’m not at all good at in ‘real life’). If you knew what I’m actually talking about in my songs, it gets way too personal, so the lyrics can always be interpreted in more than one way.”
While Sappho admits that her “Protagonist” record is about “my life, my journey to becoming who I am today, and how I experience life and society,” she also makes it clear that “I don’t want to put a message or meaning into people’s mindset when they are listening to my music. It’s about what they feel when they listen to it.”

“Protagonist” by Aria Sappho is available online worldwide beginning 11 April 2015. Get in early. Very early.

-S. McCauley

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