Freelancer releases new EP ‘Embryo’

The artists of contemporary folk rock known as Freelancer have released their new EP album, “Embryo.” The record contains seven original Freelancer tracks and an outstanding cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Don’t Forget Me” for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Evocative, sonorous, and often beautiful to hear, “Embryo” by Freelancer proves that an acoustic band can summon enough power to compete with the most titanic heavyweights of rock music.

Freelancer cite as main artistic influences John Frusciante, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Radiohead. Their own style blends the moods and tones of Frusciante with those of Radiohead, then perform this invocation using only acoustic instruments, vocal harmonies and some pedals. Particularly worth mentioning is their startling cover of “Don’t Forget Me” by the Chili Peppers, Track 6 on the EP.

“When I had no friends as a teenager I spent about three hours every night listening to John Frusciante’s music,” writes Freelancer’s Fabian Moor. “The emotional intensity I was given by it made me stay alive and awoke my desire to give that same intensity to other people.”

Freelancer themselves describe their new EP as containing “raw emotional intensity.”

“The lyrics and the way they are sung trigger pictures of life and death in the head of the listener,” they write. “Sometimes melancholic, sometimes desperate, but always intense.”

Freelancer’s current official bio likens the band to “a penguin flying elegantly to the zoo. In a Plane. Dazed by the trance of their self-created sound-waves.”

Their new record has brought plenty of attention. One source says of their lyrics and vocals, “They sing about mashed potatoes, fertilized handkerchiefs and flying penguins. Sometimes they sing desperately. Sometimes they sing freely. Sometimes they don’t sing at all and create sounds you wouldn’t expect from acoustic instruments.”

“Embryo” from Freelancer becomes available at over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide beginning 29 December 2017, or order it directly from the band now (link provided below). Get in early, contemporary folk-rock fans.

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Embryo” from Freelancer –

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Rapper Promise Chukwu releases new single ‘Real Live Talk’

The singer, rapper and producer of hip hop music known as Promise Chukwu has released her latest official pop singlem “Real Live Talk.” The single has been proudly published on the I Promise MUSIC LLC independent record label without the support, endorsement or direction of the corporate music industry. “Real Live Talk” was produced by O.Givens. Honest, melodic, passionate, intimate, and packed with rhythm and groove, “Real Live Talk” proves that Promise Chukwu is a name to watch in 2018 and beyond.

Promise Chukwu cites as main artistic influences such legends as Ladyof Rage, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, the Notorious B.I.G., and Kendrick Lamar, “to name a few.” Her own style blends attributes of Kendrick Lamar, particularly his use of narrative poetic devices, with those of singers like Queen Latifah and Erykah Badu, who often intersperse sung lines with rapped ones.

This makes sense for Promise Chukwu, who, like many great musicians around the globe, first began playing music at the keyboard.

“I played the piano when I was young,” writes Chukwu. “Around the age of eight.”

Asked to describe the overall themes and messages of her new single, she says only that it means to “stay focused on the mission.”

Focus does not seem to have ever been a problem for the young artist, though, who writes all her music personally and has done so for years. Born in Enugu, Nigeria, Promise Chukwu was raised in the United States of America and recorded her first original music at the age of 17, only two years from the time of this writing. Though many might say 17 is young for so much responsibility, Chukwu began managing a music studio in Greensboro, NC, TheHitFactoryDownTown.

In 2016 she booked her first live performance. Today, Promise Chukwu is a publisher with BMI and a respected audio engineer, as well as a talented, successful graphic designer.

“Real Live Talk” from Promise Chukwu is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers now.

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Reggae artist George P releases new album ‘The Ghetto Prezident’

The writer and performer of reggae music known as George P has released his latest official album, “The Ghetto Prezident.” The album has been proudly published on the Shines Production independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Aggressive, packed with spirit, and representing the truest form of the reggae tradition today, “The Ghetto Prezident” proves that George P is one of the most legitimate sources of the urban island sound for 2018 and beyond.

George P cites as main artistic influences only Mavado and Flexx, the two reggae artists whose bitter feud ended in 2015 with the announcement of a collaboration in the works. George P has a personal connection to Mavado and Flexx, who, in his own words, “encouraged and helped me in my craft.”

Asked to describe his major themes on “The Ghetto Prezident,” George P mentions “the struggles of ghetto youths in Kingston, Jamaica.” He also notes track Number 3, “Gone,” a particularly personal song which deals with the deaths of both his mother and his best friend.

George P hails from the volatile Grants Pen community in St. Andrew. His current official bio speaks of “violence happening around him every day” and “the constant barking of guns in his Fagan Avenue neighborhood.” It goes on to state: “George P avoided that life and persistently molded his craft as an artist, later teaming up with his childhood friends Natural, Savage and Flexx to form the Fagan Fraternity.”

In 2007, Richie Ramus produced an underground mixtape, “Art of War,” on which he pitted the Fagan Fraternity against the Vibes Kartel led Portmore Empire. The album showcased George P as a dancehall standout, giving his fan base the firm and burgeoning foundation on which he stands today. As of the time of this writing, George P has been a professional musician for more than seven years.

George P tracks can be found on the Shines Production, Estates Records, M1 and Down Sounds music labels. He has shared the stage with popular artists such as Busy Signal, Aidonia, Flexx, Movado and others. He has performed at Heineken Star Time, Movado Birthday Bash, community stage shows, High School Barbeques and twice at the Starfish Resort.

George P offers special thanks to Mavado and Flexx for their support, and also to Supa Hype, Kibaki, and the rest of the Fagan Fraternity.

“George P aims to become the next platinum-selling artist from Jamaica,” says a representative for George P. “The fortitude that he developed as a child growing up in the Grants Pen community is the driving force that will see him through the many challenges along that path.”

“The Ghetto Prezident” from George P is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers beginning New Year’s Day, 2018. Get in early, reggae and dancehall fans.

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Rapper Sparkadiss releases new official single ‘Never Gonna Give Up’

The rapper, songwriter and producer of hip hop known as Sparkadiss has released his latest official single, “Never Gonna Give Up” feat. BR. The pop single has been proudly published on the True Music, LLC independent record label without the support, inclusion or direction of the corporate music industry. Warm, upbeat, full of energy and bursting with bass-driven rhythm, “Never Gonna Give Up” showcases Sparkadiss as a creative and colorful MC for the 21st century.

Sparkadiss cites as chief artistic influences the Beastie Boys, Eminem, Jay Z, and the Fugees. His own sound and style on “Never Gonna Give Up” blends the funky, bluesy, gritty tones of the 1990s with an updated, contemporary mainstream flavor which will appeal to fans of hip hop young and old alike.

Asked to describe the overall themes of “Never Gonna Give Up” feat. BR, Sparkadiss writes simply and in capital letters, “NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.”

The Aspen-based musician has been variously described as mainly a “Colorado Music Producer and Artist,” but also “A Professional Athlete,” and “A Mountain Man.”

The current official bio of Sparkadiss paints him as something of a maverick, saying, “He Lives Life on the Edge, One Day At A Time…”

Sparkadiss has been called “The most underrated artist of all time, still relatively unknown as a household name.”

Live performances by Sparkadiss continue to keep his name at the front of the Colorado scene, however.

As one source puts it, “In the underground nightclub and hip hop scene, he holds it down, keeping the show lit and the crowd dancing! Night after night!”

“Never Gonna Give Up” from Sparkadiss and feat. BR is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers now.

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“Never Gonna Give Up” from Sparkadiss and feat. BR –

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Rapper King Mal releases new single and music video, ‘Chicken Wing’

The rapper and producer of hip hop known as King Mal has released his latest single, “Chicken Wing.” It has been published with an accompanying official music video available for viewing at the King Mal official website (link provided below). Both the single and the video have been proudly published as independent releases without the direction of the corporate music industry. Real, grooving, and even funny at times, the “Chicken Wing” video and single by King Mal showcase the emcee skills of one of Buffalo, New York’s most creative artists.

King Mal is a hip hop performer with connections to nearly every corner of hip hop culture. His music takes elements of pop, dance, old-school, and even gangsta culture and creates a blend that speaks to anyone and everyone, no matter what their persuasion. “Chicken Wing” is a positive, upbeat track with a warm spirit that makes it attractive to fans of any music genre.

“My music message from an artist’s point is that of freedom, fun, partying and being yourself,” writes King Mal. “I want my listeners to feel a good all-around vibe when they hear my music.”

Mal achieves this goal partially by following in the footsteps of pop stars who have done it before him.

“My all-time favorite is Chris Brown,” Mal says. “He’s a big influence and someone I kind of see myself going in the same direction as.”

In addition to a solid back beat and the lines and rhymes of King Mal, the video edited by Formula 716 also introduces the innovative and infectious chicken wing step. It provides the connection to hip hop dance that makes up so much of King Mal’s stage performance.

“I was always a dancer and loved performing,” Mal says of his start in music. “I love the way good music can make you feel, move, and want to dance, so being that most of my friends were rappers, I decided to give it a shot myself and try something new.”

“Chicken Wing” from King Mal is available from over 600 quality digital retailers online worldwide beginning 15 December 2017.

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Chicken Wing” from King Mal –

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Pop and reggae singer Row releases debut EP ‘Be Positive’

The singer of pop, reggae and dancehall known internationally as Row has released his debut EP album, “Be Positive.” The album has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Upbeat, spirited and danceable in the extreme, “Be Positive” stands as proof that Row has a place among 2017s most innovative pop songwriters.

Row is the stage name of 24-year-old Rowin Premcharan of Purmerend, the Netherlands. The singer and songwriter has been performing live since the age of 18 when he first joined a band, but notes that he got his start by beatboxing. This early hip-hop origin story shows in the overall production of “Be Positive,” which features many of the effects and stylistic choices often found in hip hop and pop music.

In addition to the considerable talents, lines and rhymes of Row, himself, “Be Positive” also features the skills of Chaka Baka on the extended-play album’s opening track.

“As a little kid,” writes Row, “I always wanted to make music and that’s why I sang all day, and learned how to beatbox (thanks to the drumkit from my dad I wasn’t allowed to play on!). Some friends were rapping at the time, and that’s why I made some rap songs.”

But Row’s future turned out to have less to do with hip hop and more to do with pop music.

“I noticed it wasn’t my thing,” he says. “At the age of 18, I joined the band ‘Naya Sitara,’ the band of my producer, Tariq Sadal (TSMusicStudio). After I had done my internship in Surinam, I recorded my first song in a professional studio. This made me realise something. I wanted to make singing my living, because I just want to do this all day.”

Asked to describe the overall themes of his new record, Row talks about his desire to bring encouragement to others around the world.

“After a period of constant struggling with myself,” writes Row, “I wanted to make something that inspires people. That’s why I made my EP, ‘Be Positive.’ It’s all about just staying positive when times get rough. Better days will come – just work hard for it.”

This sentiment comes from experience. Just ask Row.

“It’s all about being positive when times are hard. Me and my family have had a tough year, but still, no matter how hard it gets, you have to go on.”

“Be Positive” by Row is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now.

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“Be Positive” by Row –

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Singer songwriter Jeanette Steiner releases new single ‘Torture Chamber’

The singer and songwriter known as Jeanette Steiner has released her latest official single, “Torture Chamber.” The track has been proudly published on the Flagship Artists independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Soulful, evocative and primed to enchant any audience, “Torture Chamber” proves Jeanette Steiner is a contemporary voice of both yesterday and tomorrow.

Originally from Texas, Jeanette Steiner cites as main artistic influences everything from classic rock to ’90s alternative, from Miles Davis to Portishead, and from Billie Holiday to Ani DiFranco. Her own sound on “Torture Chamber” boasts qualities from all these without sounding dated or derivative.

“Right now,” Steiner writes, “I’ve been jumping between Howlin’ Wolf, the Alabama Shakes, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Etta James.”

These bluesy, folk-hearted elements shine through in “Torture Chamber.” It communicates with the listener with heartfelt humanity.

“’Torture Chamber’ came about as I was coping with the end of a passionate relationship that meant a lot to me but was also very toxic,” writes Steiner. “It’s so tough to let go, and it’s particularly hard for me to admit that I can’t solve something. This song is the expression of my acceptance, that sometimes letting go is the solution and the only right thing to do. Letting go is often the only way to find freedom.”

Jeanette Steiner is a 2016 Grammy Winning songwriter. Her lyrics have been described as presenting “a graceful perspective,” “a loving disposition” and “compassion for the human experience.” Her current official bio likens her natural voice to “a sonic hug offering encouragement to all her listeners.”

“Torture Chamber” is the most recent release from Jeanette Steiner since “Time’s Up” earlier this year.

“Remain open, as difficult as it can be at times,” says Steiner. “Continue participating in life because you were made to love.”

“Torture Chamber” by Jeanette Steiner on the Flagship Artists label is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

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“Torture Chamber” by Jeanette Steiner –

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Big Dirty Moe Vega releases new single ‘Enchanting’

The rapper, songwriter and producer of hip hop known as Big Dirty Moe Vega has released his latest official single, “Enchanting.” The single has been proudly published on the Big Ol’ Pimp Records Inc. independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Deep, cruising, booming and full of that lush ’90s hip hop sound, “Enchanting” stands as evidence that Big Dirty Moe Vega is a name to watch in 2017 and beyond.

Big Dirty Moe Vega cites as main artistic influences a variety of legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Easy-E, N.W.A., D.O.C., Above the law, Gangstarr, Nas, Rakim, E.P.M.D., Snoop Dogg, the Luniz, and Dru Down. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Big Dirty Moe Vega’s own style brings much of that OG 1990s sound into the 21st century with a blend of Los Angeles and New York City elements that will likely appeal to hip hop fans from coast to coast.

Kalamazoo, MI’s Big Dirty Moe Vega has been rapping since the 7th grade and is quick to give a shout out to his childhood friend with whom he started freestyling, Benito Whitley. While his name may seem flippant, Big Dirty Moe Vega has society’s best interest in mind.

Asked to comment on the overall themes of his new single, Moe Vega writes, “My message is Big Ol’ Pimp! Which simply means, Black Intellectual Game Over Lames Positive Influencing Massive Populations! ‘B.I.G. O.L’ P.I.M.P.’ is an acronym. I took something that’s considered negative and turned it into a powerful and positive way of expressing my art from an extreme high level of creativity.”

Most people may know Kalamazoo from the Glenn Miller big-band classic, but Big Dirty Moe Vega comes from a different scene altogether.

“The north side of Kalamazoo was just a great place to be growing up in,” he writes, “until the crack era came about. I watched my neighborhood waste away from a strong community to a drug-infested war zone overnight! Being the tenth child out of my family, it was extremely hard to grow up as a young, black male in the hood with such massive overtones of negativity upon me daily. There was not a family that I knew on the north side who had not been affected in a dysfunctional manner by the Reagan and Clinton era through the ’90s.”

But who is Big Dirty Moe Vega?

“Who I really am? Who I really am is a 6’8” black male surviving in a strong racially bigoted city! I didn’t sell crack to raise a family. I worked my a– off through much stressful bigotry. This town has not been good to me and mine at all.”

Big Dirty Moe Vega’s tribulations include, among a great many other things, termination from work on account of attending funeral services for his mother.

“I am what this town has made me into,” he writes. “From ’88 to ’95, I was on the block getting illegal money – but from ’95-2017 I have been doing it all legal, even with employers who did not appreciate strong, tall, black males with even stronger work ethics.”

In spite of his struggles, Big Dirty Moe Vega’s music brings a spirit of inspiration to listeners everywhere.

“My strongest message of all is, keep God first and foremost in your life,” says Moe Vega. “No matter if you have mean-spirited people in your family, phony friends talking down on you, or a town full of nay-sayers telling you that you will never amount to nothing. Or if you come from a town or city where all odds are against you, please believe me! The Almighty is way bigger than all of that, and that you can succeed and be somebody! No matter what your age is, you can do whatever you put your mind to, period!”

“Enchanting,” the new single from Big Dirty Moe Vega on Big Ol’ Pimp Records, is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers beginning 2 December 2017.

-S. McCauley

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Enchanting” from Big Dirty Moe Vega –

Caribbean pop singer Quick Dawg releases single ‘New Gyal’

The singer and songwriter of modern reggae and Caribbean pop known as Quick Dawg has released his latest single, “New Gyal.” The track has been proudly published on the Money Super Long independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Cool, mellow, stylish and full of groove, “New Gyal” is a surprise indie radio favorite to round out 2017.

Bahamas native Quick Dawg cites as main artistic influences legends such as Lil Wayne, Tupac Shakur, Vybz Kartel, and Bob Marley. As might be surmised, his own style blends key elements of the roots music tradition with contemporary pop qualities for a sound that is both steeped in Caribbean culture and ripe for play on pop radio stations and nightclubs everywhere.

Quick Dawg (born Ramon Jason Thompson) was born and raised in the Bahamas and moved to the United Sates at age 17 with dreams of a better life for him and his family. His 16-track project, “Parental Advisory Advised,” appeared in 2011. It featured singles such as “Smoking Herbs” and “A Sample” which helped showcase his ability to, as his current bio puts it, “provide projects full of vibes and new style.” In 2012 Quick Dawg released his mixtape “Still Making Moves” featuring popular songs like “Yeaa Ahhh / Money Super Long.”

Quick Dawg wrote and recorded his first original music at age 12.

“I loved the feeling of creating music,” he writes. “I loved listening to songs on the radio. I realized I learned songs very fast and would be able to pick songs that a lot of people also liked.”

This talent carried Quick Dawg through a succession of popular releases including “No Heart” and “I Love Her” (2013), “Love How” (2014), “Show Me” (2015), “Roll Dat” (2016), and “In There” (2017). Many of these received international acclaim and continue to garner praise years after their publication.

Asked to describe the main themes of his “New Gyal” single, Quick Dawg writes simply: “Love, self expression, self respect, that one girl that seems like a new everyday, consent, freedom, unity, versatility, enjoy life.”

Quick Dawg’s much-anticipated album release, “International Transactions” is expected to drop in 2018.

“New Gyal” by Quick Dawg is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers now.

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“New Gyal” by Quick Dawg –

Weston Simonis releases official music video ‘Yoga Pants’

The songwriter, singer and guitarist known as Weston Simonis has released his latest official video, “Yoga Pants.” The track has been distributed online worldwide and is available for viewing now. Showcasing Simonis’ considerable guitar chops, a bevy of yoga beauties and a driving rock beat, “Yoga Pants” is a video with plenty to offer the music fan.

Weston Simonis cites as main artistic influences Bruno Mars, Metallica, and Blink 182. His own style on “Yoga Pants” lies somewhere between pop and hard rock music with elements of hip hop thrown in for good measure. The star of the show, however, is clearly the yoga pants, with a good sense of humor coming in a close second.

Asked to describe his new video, Simonis writes, “The music video ‘Yoga Pants’ is a comedy pop/rock song. The song shares the silly dream you see of being the only guy in a fitness or yoga class and the yoga pants are so tight that you can’t focus on anything but them.” says of “Yoga Pants,” “[The video] absolutely confirmed that and why I was willing to support this guy from the beginning. What seems to be happening is that he is subtly tweaking his songs toward a clever mainstream, but still alternative sound. Being able to experiment with his songs, altering the sound, deepening the meaning, shows his strength as a performer and artist. With more freedom Weston is stretching way beyond the mainstream sound, yet still remaining extremely accessible.”

JamSphere notes that his record, ‘Moments of Intoxication,’ was named Best Indie Alternative Rock album of 2016 at the International Publisher Awards and has since garnered more than 20 licenses for film and radio distribution.

“Weston’s voice and guitar conveys a relentless quest to rise above a world of desperation and hopelessness,” writes JamSphere’s Jacob Aiden. “His music has a sense of – tell the truth, cleanse the soul, feel good, and keep on pushing. At the same time it’s clear that Simonis values tradition as well as he does modernity, and links between past and present in his music, it is also evident that his vision has expansive boundaries.”

“Yoga Pants,” the official video from Weston Simonis, is available for viewing now – see links below.

-S. McCauley

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“Yoga Pants” by Weston Simonis –

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