Singer Diana Thompson releases EP ‘Trumuzic’ and single ‘Luv 4 U’

The singer known internationally as Diana Thompson (aka DD Rose) has released her latest EP record, “Trumuzic,” and a single, “Luv 4 U.” Both singles have been proudly published on the Mind Music Production independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Grooving with the original reggae and roots sound and produced with public radio and global sensations in mind, “Trumuzic” and “Luv 4 U” are evidence that Diana Thompson is a true voice of the island tone today.

Diana Thompson / DD Rose cites as main artistic influences Tarrus Riley, Marcia Griffiths, Tessanne Chin, Queen Ifrica, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston. DD Rose’s own sound takes elements from the roots and reggae traditions and adds to this her own, updated style which will appeal to fans of pop music, reggae and dancehall alike. This sound is warm, welcoming, and elegant, making for uplifting, toe-tapping music anyone can lose themselves in.

Speaking of the themes of her music, Mind Music Productions writes that, “DD Rose really wants her fans to get the true feelings found in every musical note and word she sings. She wants her fans to get transported in the rapture of her songs such that they can be taken to a place of respite for the moment, thus enabling them to have a renewed vision about life’s problems they may face, knowing that with God all things are possible.”

Thompson herself has been cited as saying, “Music has the power to unite all people irrespective of their class or race. I believe in the regenerative power of music to heal the soul from the ills it encounters daily.”

Jamaica’s Diana Thompson grew up in St. Thomas. By the age of 12 Thompson was already singing live at church, and was leading the choir by 15. Soon after, she was appointed director of both the youth and adult choir. While reserved in her private life, DD Rose’s natural stage presence is explosive and entrancing. She was encouraged to compete as a singer, and won several medals from silver to the national gold. Her frequent performances in the community made a name for her as a beloved artist.

She has worked with such prominent musicians as John Holt, Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibbles, Sizzla, Queen Ifrica, George Nooks, Nesbeth, Kililah Rose, Uncle Johnny and Yvad, among others.

She has performed at such popular Jamaican venues and events as the Ocean Palms Night Club in St Thomas, the Independent show in Long Bay, Portland, the Rebel Salute 2012, the Reggae Show at Emancipation Park 2012, Charity at Hectors River for Survivors/Victims of Fire, the Red Bones Club, the Allshmar Jerk Center, Portland Jerk Festival Show in 2013, Rebel Salute 2016, Hotel Round Hill, and a great many more.

DD Rose’s tireless work ethic as a performer has been described as enabling her “to hone and to routinize her stage presence such that her performances are electrifying, ecstatic, and heart throbbing.”

“I would like to thank all my fans,” writes DD Rose, “without whose support I would not be here. I am forever indebted to their kindness, blessings, and love. I will always keep you in my heart and prayers… I will remain committed to you all in making feel-good music. Most important, in all of your life endeavors, put God first and remember to show love to all of God’s children. One Love – DD Rose.”

“Trumuzic” and “Luv 4 U” by Diana Thompson / DD Rose are available online worldwide now.

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Sitar player Paul Best releases new album ‘Sounds of Adventure’

The sitarist and producer of world music and kirtan known as Paul Best has released his latest LP record, “Sounds of Adventure.” Like the rest of his most recent repertoire, the album has been proudly published on the Yatte Yattah Beat independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Kaleidoscopic, highly imaginative, and elegantly blending sounds from east and west with invention and aplomb, “Sounds of Adventure” is both aptly named and perfect for the modern era.

Australia’s Paul Best has cited as main artistic influences Cream, Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, John Lennon, the Cure, the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Tina Turner and the kirtan genre. His own “Sounds of Adventure” is no less diverse a record than this varied roster, being a cross between electronica and traditional sitar music – a tone nearly impossible to imagine but one which is surprisingly intuitive and pleasant from start to finish. Fans of kirtan and of electronica both will be well pleased with Best’s new LP.

Paul Best is an autodidact of the rarest caliber. Having purchased his first sitar four decades ago on the banks of the Ganges, Hinduism’s most sacred river, Best taught himself to play and immediately began fashioning his own tone, style, and manner of songwriting. His first album, “Still Waiting,” appeared in 1997. Since then he has amassed eight solo albums and been featured in numerous collaborations.

“Sounds of Adventure” contains nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour. While based on Best’s inimitable sitar playing, it also features the artist playing sitar with a bow, on keyboards, and even a vocal track about the harms and dangers of the gas fracking industry.

“Sounds of Adventure” by Paul Best is available online worldwide at over 700 excellent digital music stores now. Fans of world music, music for yoga, electronica and fusion in general should get in early.

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Pop singer Barking Fire releases new single ‘High Heels On’

The pop singer and fashionista known as Barking Fire has released her latest flagship single, “High Heels On.” The track has been proudly published as an independent single without the direction of the corporate music industry. Booming with bass, decked with sonic details, and graced with the clarion vocals of Barking Fire, herself, “High Heels On” is one of the most creative and cutting-edge dance tracks to appear in 2016 so far.

“High Heels On” is a thumping, pulsing, deep house track well-suited to the 21st century, thrumming with the verve and energy of the youth of today. Its beat is a perfect match to nearly any DJ play list at popular venues stretching from Los Angeles, Calif. to Ibiza, Spain, from Milan, Italy to Istanbul, Turkey, and beyond. “High Heels On” by Barking Fire is already turning heads around the music-listening world, and especially in locales where lovers of dance rule the night.
An excellent sign of the momentum of Barking Fire’s “High Heels On” is the concurrent release of a sister single by DJ Birkan Basar, “High Heels On (DJ Birkan Basar Remix).” While the original track is most-often billed as a pop single, Basar’s version can be found under the categories of techno and electronica, and listed on Beatport at 128 beats per minute.

Barking Fire is also notable for her outrageous, highly inventive and superlatively creative stage presence, marked by postmodern fashion designs which would be reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s kaleidoscopic wardrobe if Barking Fire’s own accoutrements were not unique in their own distinct way. These outfits may be viewed on the covers of “High Heels On” and “High Heels On (DJ Birkan Basar Remix)” as well as in photos taken of Barking Fire at the Grammy Music Awards Nominee Party at the world-famous Whisky a Go-Go on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

“High Heels On” by Barking Fire was written by Sjoerd de Vries and Patricia Adams, produced by Sjoerd de Vries, engineered by Steven Felix, and mastered by Rob Burrell. It was recorded at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, Calif.

“High Heels On” by Barking Fire and “High Heels On (DJ Birkan Basar Remix)” are available online at over 700 quality digital music outlets worldwide now.

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Singer-songwriter Elizabeth Cuite releases new EP ‘With You’

The rocker known as Elizabeth Cuite has released her new EP record album, “With You.” The record has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Free, fun, powerful and full of pop magic, “With You” is evidence that Elizabeth Cuite and her band of young artists are musicians to watch in 2016 and beyond.

“With You” is a rock record in the truest vein. It is direct, jamming, and danceable sing-along music which will appeal to fans of musicians such as Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Regina Spektor, and Whitney Duncan. It’s friendly, warm rock music that stretches its arms to the listener and invites music fans to come in and hang out a while. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an edge. The record’s opening track, “I Like the Sound of That” has a grungy production and a one-two groove which hits the ground running and carries the audience away.

From Elizabeth Cuite’s constantly growing repertoire, “With You” also includes such popular songs as “Too Bad” and the title track, “With You.”

Joining New York’s Cuite on the “With You” EP are 16-year-old Ben Patsalos (drums) and 15-year-old Aidan Cuite (violin/piano/sax/bass), her brother. Ben began drumming at seven on congas and bongos. Having been playing since 11, he is entirely self-taught. He loves rap music but most enjoys playing percussion to funk and hip hop. Aidan began in music on violin. A player of classical and contemporary music, he is an award-winning violinist. He cites as inspirations players and songwriters from nearly every era and genre.

At 12 years old, Elizabeth Cuite is the youngest of the band, its guitarist, front-person, and sole songwriter. She has been singing longer than she can remember. She began playing on ukulele at six because full-sized guitars were too difficult for her hands. She has always sung while playing. She has been writing songs since the age of nine. She has been quoted as saying, “When singers tell a story, those are the best songs.”

“With You” by Elizabeth Cuite and company is available at over 700 quality music stores online worldwide now.

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“With You” by Elizabeth Cuite –
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Singer Zuri releases new single ‘Joy (Send Them Prayers)’

The singer and songwriter known as Zuri has released her latest contemporary music single, “Joy (Send Them Prayers).” The sonic message of goodwill has been proudly published on the Ayaba Records independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Heartfelt, sonorous, and beautiful in both tone and intent, “Joy” showcases Zuri as a born entertainer and true humanitarian.

Chicago’s Zuri has cited as main artistic influences a broad array of legends, including Sarah Vaughn, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Rachelle Ferrell, R. Kelly, and Celine Dion. Her own music shows a songwriting intuition similar to Stevie Wonder’s, a clarion singing voice like Celine Dion’s, and a natural studio production style akin to that of Sarah Vaughn’s.

Zuri is a genuine artist in her own right, having been singing and practicing music since the age of three. All her music is written by Zuri, herself. The themes of her songs are clearly very important to her, and “Joy (Send Them Prayers)” is a strong example of this.

Zuri writes of her new track, “My desire is that listeners feel the lyrics and that the message inspires them to reach out to those who may not feel the joy others may feel during Christmas season due to various situations in these turbulent times.”

An official music video for “Joy” is also expected to appear online in coming weeks.

“The lyrics will tell the story,” writes Zuri. “The upcoming video will paint the picture.”

A well-rounded artist, Zuri has worked in music, television, commercials, and stage plays. She is also a writer, having penned poetry, spoken word, a novel, a screenplay and a series of short children’s stories. In her spare time, she paints, she sculpts, she’s a natural hair stylist, a meditation instructor, and a fashion designer with her own line of motivational tanks and tees.

Zuri has worked for and with various artists including Michael Bolton, Chaka Khan, Brenton Wood, Vesta, Shirley Caesar (Lou Rawls Telethon), Brenda Holloway, Ramsey Lewis, DJ Rogers, Etta James, Solomon Burke, Mable John and Jennifer Holiday, as well as others. She has also worked alongside musicians from Jamaica, Africa, and Haiti. She has written songs for veterans of soul such as Johnnie Taylor, Shirley Brown, Lattimore, and King Floyd.

Zuri sang all background harmonies on the classic soul record, “Soul Heaven,” by Johnnie Taylor, and wrote “Too close for comfort” for his Grammy-nominated album, “Gotta get the groove back.” She shared a No. 1 duet on southern-soul charts with Taylor’s son, Floyd Taylor, “Baby I’ve Changed.” She has opened for Bon Jovi, Jermaine Jackson, Howard Hewett, and Kevin Nash, among others.

“Joy (Send Them Prayers)” by Zuri is available online worldwide at over 700 quality digital stores now.

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R&B artist Sun of Jor’EL releases dual release ‘The Beginning’

The singer and producer of R&B known as Sun of Jor’EL has released two new single tracks under a united title, “The Beginning.” These singles, “Beautiful” and “My Diary,” have been proudly published on the Music Central Recordings independent record label without the support or direction of the corporate music industry. Modern, smooth, classy and bluesy, “The Beginning” stands as reason for fans of R&B to take note of this East Coast producer.

Suffolk, Virginia’s Sun of Jor’EL cites as main artistic influences R. Kelly, Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, and D’Angelo. These inspirations add tone and style to Jor’EL’s personal method and manner of music, particularly in his use of rhythm and bass, as well as in his vocal production.

Asked to expand on the intended themes and meanings of “The Beginning,” Music Central Recordings writes:

“Sun of Jor’EL is a musician and artist with a love for music who also is the founder of Music Central.”

Sun of Jor’EL, himself, comments, “I’m working to build a catalog of great music as well as building a platform for other artists in the future.”

While “Beautiful” and “My Diary” have been released under the title, “The Beginning,” they are not debut tracks from the artist. Previously dropped official tracks from Sun of Jor’EL include “Apologies,” “Teach Me Love,” and “Mars.” All three tracks remain available from the Music Central Recordings website (link provided below).

Sun of Jor’EL has been described as “an independent artist and producer who explores all genres, and who has a universal delivery of music.” He is currently in the studio working on completing a full-length album.

“The Beginning” by Sun of Jor’EL is available at over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Be sure also to check out the rest of his repertoire at the official MCR website.

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Catherine Goldwyn and Phil Lewis release jazz album ‘Shadow and Light’

The jazz duo of Catherine Goldwyn and Phil Lewis have released their latest LP record, “Shadow and Light.” The album contains 11 tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. It has been proudly published on the Continuum independent music label without direction from the corporate music industry. Sharp, classy, and showcasing the sonic imagination of two of the most veteran players in contemporary jazz, “Shadow and Light” stands as one of the best examples of piano and guitar pairings in recent memory.

Catherine Goldwyn and Phil Lewis have been playing together since 2002 when they met at a Los Angeles jam session. They cite as main artistic influences legends like Louis Armstrong, and the genres of world music and classical music. The Armstrong shows in their use of phrasing, the classical in their use of melodic narration.

“Our goal is to create jazz that tells a story,” they write. “We want to take the listener on a journey.”

Goldwyn and Lewis both have decades of experience in jazz, but “Shadow and Light” is their debut LP together. After 11 years of music together, they married in 2013. They want their first album to be more than business-as-usual jazz for jazz aficionados.

“We really wanted this music to resonate with a wide range of listeners, not just a jazz audience,” they write, “so we chose to put our focus on strong melodies. What’s really important in music is emotion. That’s the currency of music. And we both felt that jazz has, in many cases, come to be defined too much by technical theories and virtuosic spectacle. We wanted to bring the direct, emotive element back to the music.”

This reactive, pliable feeling is palpable on “Shadow and Light.” Audiophiles who can’t get into by-the-numbers jazz and don’t think highly of anything but improv and hotseat sessions will find plenty to enjoy on Goldwyn and Lewis’ debut LP. Their current official bio remarks that, “Although the duo spent a year composing and refining new material, it was important that the recording not lose the spontaneity of the jazz idiom.”

Goldwyn writes, “Plan to improvise – that’s my credo in music and in life. So we leave lots of room for improvisation. In fact we can’t ever seem to play a tune the same way twice.”

In addition to the considerable talents of Goldwyn and Lewis on “Shadow and Light” are drummer Jake Reed, bassist John Belzaguy, and percussionist Pete Korpela.

Session vibraphonist Gary Burton writes of the album, “[T]he guitar and piano weave together, evenly matched, always complementary. I’m reminded of how longtime friends complete each other’s sentences.”

“This record is our ‘love child,’” writes Lewis. “The opportunity to record with Catherine was like a

dream come true for me. She is not only one of the best composers I know but she is the love of my life, my muse, my inspiration.”

“Shadow and Light” by Catherine Goldwyn and Phil Lewis is available at over 700 online music outlets worldwide now.

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“Shadow and Light” by Catherine Goldwyn and Phil Lewis –

Joseph Freije releases new LP record ‘If Light Had Emotions’

The composer of fusion music known as Joseph P. Freije has released his sixth LP album for 2016, “If Light Had Emotions.” The record contains 12 original Freije electronica tracks for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. It has been published by Phrygian Music, as have all the Joseph Freije albums available today. At once a mixture of postmodern jazz and experimental electronica music, “If Light Had Emotions” is more than just another reason to become acquainted with the work of Joseph P. Freije – it’s an example of what the indie music movement can do for music lovers everywhere right now.

Joseph P. Freije has become known in music circles for composing in an array of popular genres. To date, he has written, performed and produced records in the alternative rock, electronic dance, and postmodern jazz arenas, with other categories thrown in for good measure. As a result, Freije’s music is more fusion than anything else, with “If Light Had Emotions” being a collection of contemporary electronic jazz fusion songs.

“This album has four dance tunes,” writes Freije, “two chillers, three electronica, two psychedelic, two groovy trance dance, one piece I call jazz, and one for-sure experimental. There is one piece that fits four of the categories listed. I like it all.”

Even so, there’s one thing he doesn’t like about the album.

“The album is too short. Twelve songs total.”

“If Light Had Emotions” is one of his most accessible records, having warm tones and mellow grooves, as well as the searching, exploring creativity his fans have come to expect from him. Many of the tracks on “If Light…” would work well in a nightclub playlist, while others sound fitting for film and video game soundtracks, and still others reflect the experimental side of Freije which most interest audiophiles and fans of music theory. In short, there’s something for nearly everyone.

Asked to describe the message of his new album, Joseph Freije writes, “Music makes the world go ’round. All the new sounds are tied to the old sounds and the yet-to-be-heard sounds. Our highest high and our deepest low are only boundaries between frequencies in our audible range. Sometimes the weave of the vibrations creates a haze that blurs the message in the sound.”

To feel the vibrations of strings plucked thousands of years ago and hear the echoes of songs which won’t be sung for millennia to come, enter the head space of Joseph P. Freije and enjoy the cosmic ride.

“If Light Had Emotions” by Joseph P. Freije is available online worldwide at over 700 music stores now. Don’t miss the rest of Phrygian Music’s catalog, also available anywhere great music is digitally sold.

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