Pop singer Barking Fire releases new single ‘High Heels On’

The pop singer and fashionista known as Barking Fire has released her latest flagship single, “High Heels On.” The track has been proudly published as an independent single without the direction of the corporate music industry. Booming with bass, decked with sonic details, and graced with the clarion vocals of Barking Fire, herself, “High Heels On” is one of the most creative and cutting-edge dance tracks to appear in 2016 so far.

“High Heels On” is a thumping, pulsing, deep house track well-suited to the 21st century, thrumming with the verve and energy of the youth of today. Its beat is a perfect match to nearly any DJ play list at popular venues stretching from Los Angeles, Calif. to Ibiza, Spain, from Milan, Italy to Istanbul, Turkey, and beyond. “High Heels On” by Barking Fire is already turning heads around the music-listening world, and especially in locales where lovers of dance rule the night.
An excellent sign of the momentum of Barking Fire’s “High Heels On” is the concurrent release of a sister single by DJ Birkan Basar, “High Heels On (DJ Birkan Basar Remix).” While the original track is most-often billed as a pop single, Basar’s version can be found under the categories of techno and electronica, and listed on Beatport at 128 beats per minute.

Barking Fire is also notable for her outrageous, highly inventive and superlatively creative stage presence, marked by postmodern fashion designs which would be reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s kaleidoscopic wardrobe if Barking Fire’s own accoutrements were not unique in their own distinct way. These outfits may be viewed on the covers of “High Heels On” and “High Heels On (DJ Birkan Basar Remix)” as well as in photos taken of Barking Fire at the Grammy Music Awards Nominee Party at the world-famous Whisky a Go-Go on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

“High Heels On” by Barking Fire was written by Sjoerd de Vries and Patricia Adams, produced by Sjoerd de Vries, engineered by Steven Felix, and mastered by Rob Burrell. It was recorded at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, Calif.

“High Heels On” by Barking Fire and “High Heels On (DJ Birkan Basar Remix)” are available online at over 700 quality digital music outlets worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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High Heels On (DJ Birkan Basar Remix)” –

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