R&B artist Sun of Jor’EL releases dual release ‘The Beginning’

The singer and producer of R&B known as Sun of Jor’EL has released two new single tracks under a united title, “The Beginning.” These singles, “Beautiful” and “My Diary,” have been proudly published on the Music Central Recordings independent record label without the support or direction of the corporate music industry. Modern, smooth, classy and bluesy, “The Beginning” stands as reason for fans of R&B to take note of this East Coast producer.

Suffolk, Virginia’s Sun of Jor’EL cites as main artistic influences R. Kelly, Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, and D’Angelo. These inspirations add tone and style to Jor’EL’s personal method and manner of music, particularly in his use of rhythm and bass, as well as in his vocal production.

Asked to expand on the intended themes and meanings of “The Beginning,” Music Central Recordings writes:

“Sun of Jor’EL is a musician and artist with a love for music who also is the founder of Music Central.”

Sun of Jor’EL, himself, comments, “I’m working to build a catalog of great music as well as building a platform for other artists in the future.”

While “Beautiful” and “My Diary” have been released under the title, “The Beginning,” they are not debut tracks from the artist. Previously dropped official tracks from Sun of Jor’EL include “Apologies,” “Teach Me Love,” and “Mars.” All three tracks remain available from the Music Central Recordings website (link provided below).

Sun of Jor’EL has been described as “an independent artist and producer who explores all genres, and who has a universal delivery of music.” He is currently in the studio working on completing a full-length album.

“The Beginning” by Sun of Jor’EL is available at over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Be sure also to check out the rest of his repertoire at the official MCR website.

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R&B artist Kyle McDonald releases new single ‘Bounce With Me’

The singer and songwriter of R&B music known as Kyle McDonald has released his latest single, “Bounce With Me.” The track becomes publicly available around the world on 1 June 2015, and features in addition to the considerable talents of Kyle McDonald the beatboxing skills of Lil-Crunk. It has been proudly published as an independent release outside the influence of the corporate music power structure. Upbeat, uplifting, funky and absolutely pulsing with groove, “Bounce With Me” by Kyle McDonald is one of the brightest and satisfying singles released in 2015 so far.

South-African-born Kyle McDonald cites as main artistic influences pop legends such as Usher, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and Alicia Keys. However, his own sound borrows from a great many other music genres, including jazz, blues, dance and EDM, though most notably showcased in “Bounce With Me” are his roots in the soul, funk and R&B traditions.

Asked to comment on the overall theme of his new single, McDonald writes, “With ‘Bounce With Me’ I wanted to encapsulate the sound of having an amazing time at a party and meeting a girl who just makes you feel excited and makes you want to ask her to dance. It’s about finding someone who makes you feel like this and letting loose and having an amazing time. I want to encourage people to not be so serious and just have fun and take chances and express themselves the way they want when they hear this song.”

No stranger to the musical arts, Kyle McDonald has been part of making sound for a long time.

“I started singing when I was six,” he writes. “I grew up with my dad listening to the blues, which is probably why I have such a soulful influence to my music. I was always so inspired watching some of the African-American singers on TV, and their powerful voices, and how they sang with all their heart. I thought it was so passionate and moving and I wanted to be able to move people like they moved me, so I began to sing and fell in love with music.”

Already turning plenty of heads in the South-African music hotbed of Johannesburg and elsewhere, Kyle McDonald has been invited to perform with Tuks Senganga. He has collaborated in the studio with such artists as Kabomo and Wanda Baloyi, famous in the area’s world-renowned jazz scene, and has performed at such respected venues as Jazz on the River, the Road to Joy of Jazz at the Lyric Theatre, and the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz at Sandton City.

“Bounce With Me” was mixed and mastered by David Waugh (Lonehill Estate) with whom Kyle McDonald continues to work.

The “Bounce With Me” single by Kyle McDonald and featuring Lil-Crunk becomes available online worldwide at over 750 online music stores 1 June 2015. R&B and funk fans should definitely get in early.

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