JLoyal releases new EP ‘Trappin’ in My Didas’

The songwriter, music producer and performer of hip hop known as JLoyal has released his latest EP record, “Trappin’ in My Didas.” The EP is composed of three original tracks and a second mix of the album’s title track, “Trappin’ in My Didas,” edited specifically for play on public radio stations around the world. It has an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes, and has been proudly published on the RoadRunnaRecords independent music label entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Raw, rough, and packed with the legitimate, unmistakable style of rap and hip hop from the American south, “Trappin’ in My Didas” by JLoyal is a surprise powerhouse coming late in the summer of 2014.


The various tracks included on JLoyal’s new EP, “Trappin’ in My Didas,” “Gas,” and “Wake Up,” show different facets of the artist’s creativity and vocal delivery, as well as showcasing a range of talents on the studio production side of RoadRunnaRecords. The wide spread of skills offered in this single EP record hint that much more material from RRR is forthcoming. The label, which was founded 1 March 2014, speaks in few words on its official Soundcloud and Facebook pages.


“RoadRunnaRecords is an independent music label in Augusta, GA,” they write. “We take pride in our craft and only put out professional quality music.”


Their first artist and writer/performer of “Trappin’ in My Didas,” JLoyal, began in music at 14 inside the closet of an apartment. He writes that his main artistic influences are “Wit, pure dedication, drive, hunger, humility, and a love for music and success… I kept at it, improving my craft.”


His journey as a musician hasn’t been easy, but it seems the artist and the label have finally arrived.


“Trappin’ in My Didas” by JLoyal is available online worldwide beginning 29 August 2014.


-S. McCauley

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Street Addiction Muzik Group releases new LP ‘U.S.A. (Undeniable Street Addiction)’

The performers of hip hop known as the Street Addiction Muzik Group have released their latest LP record, “U.S.A.,” which acronym stands for “Undeniable Street Addiction.” The long-playing album comprises 18 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of an hour and 15 minutes. This superlative length brings Street Addiction’s new record closer to the average length of a double LP than to that of a typical long-playing album, which usually clocks in at 40-42 minutes. As might be inferred by the name of the artist, “U.S.A.” has been published on the Street Addiction Muzik Group independent record label. Aggressive, straight-up, and directly from the urban poets of America’s inner cities, “U.S.A.” is a milestone of hip-hop music for the new millennium.


Street Addiction Muzik Group’s “U.S.A.” record is a particularly momentous achievement for the rising rap label, which opened its doors in 2013 with such immediate successes as “REM” by the Young Moors, “Party x Bull—t” by Yum Pow, and “No Cut: the Red and Blue Tapes” by Hye Def. As a new show of cultural force, however, their new “U.S.A.” album features no fewer – and in fact more than – 15 individual hip-hop groups publishing music on the Street Addiction name.


SAMG writes of this: “’U.S.A.’ is a music compilation featuring many artists under the S.A. Muzik Group umbrella. Each artist has their own message. Each artist has their own style and content. This is what makes the project unique. The bar of quality and lyricism has been set. Each artist has set out to raise the bar. Each song will give you a different feel. This album is like a movie. It will play to your every emotion.”


Speaking of how the label came to be and what brought its various artists to music in general, they write: “We come from different backgrounds, but music is our savior. Growing up, music was the light that guided us through the darkness. It kept us level when things appeared shaky. This is true to this day. We’ve come together through a common love and passion for the hip-hop culture. Our goal is to preserve the music while contributing to and advancing it.”


The idea that the hip hop genre is sorely in need of help is not unique to Street Addiction, but the label’s genuine concern and determination to uphold and elevate the American-founded, urban music style is clear – and they have a plan of action.


“We’re from an era when songs weren’t written for radio,” they explain. “Songs were written from the soul. Today, everything on the radio sounds the same. There’s no variety. This compilation is anti-radio. It exhibits an array of styles. It’s from the heart. This is real hip-hop.”


“U.S.A. – Undeniable Street Addiction” from Street Addiction Muzik Group is available online worldwide beginning 29 August 2014.


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Will Procter releases debut EP ‘Pictures’

The singer and songwriter known as Will Procter has released his anxiously awaited debut EP record, “Pictures.” The extended-play record includes five original acoustic tracks for an approximate total listening time of 17 minutes. It has been proudly released on the Thumbmuffin Records independent music label. Soulful, heartfelt, and performed with a natural warmth that is difficult to find and impossible to reproduce, “Pictures” by Will Procter is a collection of anthems from one of today’s most genuine music artists.


Listed online variously as pop and adult contemporary music, Procter cites as main artistic influences Oasis, Mumford and Sons, the Smiths, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and Bon Iver. His own sound takes attributes from each of these and synthesizes them into a mood and timbre that is all his own. More roll than rock, and possessing an inborn power in every sonorous vocal line, Will Procter’s “Pictures” is a record that promises much more to come from this up-and-coming performer.


Speaking of the themes of his debut record, Procter writes, “I want to share some very typical life issues which sometimes relate to heartbreak, but then there are times of optimism which we should all embrace.”


This dichotomy of blue tones and sunlight ebb and flow throughout “Pictures” not unlike the occurrences of daily life. Opening on a groove and closing with tenderness and reflection, the EP record is sure to strike chords with listeners of nearly every age and persuasion.


Procter was born and raised in Blackpool, Lancashire, and moved to London in 2012 to pursue a career in acting and music. He received his Acting MA from the Academy of Live and Recorded Art in 2013 and now focuses on music. He has performed in several bands and currently plays in an acoustic duo, Donkey Vision, performing acoustic versions of well-known songs.


“Pictures” by Will Procter is available online worldwide.


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Wirewalker releases new EP ‘Jaw Wired Shut’

The rock and roll crew from Los Angeles known as Wirewalker have released their latest official EP, “Jaw Wired Shut.” The EP is composed of four original, previously unreleased tracks, “Shakedown,” “The Wise Child,” “Smithereens,” and the title track which opens the album, “Jaw Wired Shut.” Wirewalker’s “Jaw Wired Shut” EP has been published on the independent Sanctum Records music label. Endlessly stylish, driving and with measured amounts of verve and aggression, “Jaw Wired Shut” is an album that proves these scions of the Los Angeles alt-rock scene are more than worth the price of admission.


Wirewalker cite as main artistic influences contemporary rock legends such as Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, and St. Vincent. Their sound blends the velvety, melodic groove of UK groups like Pulp and the Catherine Wheel with the more American, pop-infused style of the pre-2000 era of indie rockers such as Drive Like Jehu, Firehose and Pavement.


“Jaw Wired Shut” features stunningly effective keyboard accompaniment paired with subtly powerful bass lines, as well as guitar licks and vocal leads that ring out naturally, unpretentious and raw. Wirewalker’s concrete-solid drums are both energetic and unassuming, the combination of which paints the entirety of the Wirewalker sound in vibrant, electrified tones and grows toward the foreground from track to track.


Speaking of the theme of their new EP, Wirewalker writes simply that “’Jaw Wired Shut’ covers topics ranging from fear of the unknown to exploring human nature.”


Wirewalker’s official bio describes them as having been “formed in 2012 as Ryan Pressman and Bobby Thayer’s musical project. Later, Sean Holt joined the group, cementing the group’s lineup. Since then, Wirewalker’s sound has evolved into an eclectic mix of electronic, rock, hip hop, and jazz styles.”


“Jaw Wired Shut” by Wirewalker is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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Cookie Cartel releases debut single ‘Free Dive’

The composers of digital music known as Cookie Cartel have released their official debut single, “Free Dive.” The single has been bundled with three remixes of the definitive edition, including an extended play version, an extended dance version, and a version edited for play on public radio stations around the world. The single features vocals by acclaimed singer Stef Lang, whose popular LP record, “The Underdog” appeared in May of 2010. An irrefutably infectious digital pop song with elements of chillout, dubstep and house music, “Free Dive” by Cookie Cartel is a single which highlights the many qualities of this undeniable duo based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Cookie Cartel cite as main artistic influences such heroes of the digital scene as Zedd, BT, ATB, and Disclosure. As might be expected, their own sound mirrors many of the best qualities of the artists on this list, yet their overall style has its basis in their own music histories.


Cookie Cartel is the stage name of Mary Ancheta and Dan Kearley, who write and produce songs under the name Cookie Cartel which feature various guest vocalists on their tracks. They have been collaborating since 2013, when they began sending sound files to and from one another between Vancouver and the Maldives at that time. They have said that their new single, “Free Dive,” was first inspired by a trip to the Maldive Islands.


Keyboardist and lyricist Mary Ancheta was first part of the popular and jazzy electronica group, Transientworld, who placed as finalists for two consecutive years in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition for electronic music. Ancheta has licensed over 50 film and television placements for her music.


Multi-instrumentalist Dan Kearly is best known for his role in Sekoya, the sound of which the Victoria Jazz Society describes as an “iconoclastic blend of jazz, house, soul, spoken word, hip-hop, and bebop with a fresh touch of funk!” The Society goes on to note that “Sekoya’s debut album garnered rave reviews from Miami to London, resulting in a Canadian Juno nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Artist.” Kearley has composed beats for heavy metal bands Strapping Young Lad and Lamb of God, and has completed remixes for BT.


The remixes of “Free Dive” have been orchestrated by DJ Hoàng Anh (Vietnam Producer), DJ Hunt (Producer, DJ on Queen Latifah Show), and Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (Producer, Mute Math Bassist).


“Free Dive” by Cookie Cartel is available online worldwide beginning August 23, 2014.


-S. McCauley

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Black Circle Records releases new LP ‘Eye of the Storm’

The independent music label known as Black Circle Records has released their latest compilation LP, “Eye of the Storm.” The record is composed of 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes, and is the first volume of a planned series of such records from the Black Circle label, first founded in 2012. The LP compilation features performances, lines and rhymes by such singers and rappers as Raseek, Apoc, Bone, Chunky, Nova, and Jah D. A widely varied selection of reggae and Caribbean rap tracks full of groove, soul and spirit, “Eye of the Storm” is a definitive statement that Black Circle Records is here to stay.


Not available to the public except in short demo takes until 23 August 2014, “Eye of the Storm”has already been reviewed at Amazon.com a total of 26 times and boasts a startling 4.5/5 stars overall. Black Circle Records’ previous EP compilation record, “Silver and Gold,” turned heads in 2012 with its all-star lineup of performers such as Darwin, Taz and Ragga, in addition to core Black Circle musicians and songwriters Bone, Apoc, and Nova. Bone, Apoc, and Nova have each returned to reprise their roles in more exciting sonic detail for this latest release from Black Circle records, “Eye of the Storm, Vol. 1.”


For listeners with an ear for more than straight-up beats and groovy instrumentation, “Eye of the Storm” offers lyrical content far beyond the stereotypical fodder of popular public radio. Themes on the record stretch from powerful personal experiences to the continuing battle against racism and prejudice, and from the simply romantic to the more spiritually Rastafarian.


Fans of reggae and rap music alike are likely to be enthusiastic about “Eye of the Storm,” the first volume in an ongoing series from Black Circle Records.


“Eye of the Storm” from Black Circle Records is available online worldwide beginning August 23, 2014.


-S. McCauley

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The Ultra Violets release new EP ‘All the Noise in Your Head’

The Connecticut rock quartet known as the Ultra Violets have released their latest EP record, “All the Noise in Your Head.” The EP is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 23 minutes. It has been published as an independent release without support from the corporate music infrastructure. Stylish, raw, and refreshingly unique at a time when rock ‘n’ roll perhaps needs something new more than ever, “All the Noise in Your Head” is a fresh tone from the state which brought Rivers Cuomo, Keith Richards and John Mayer to global acclaim.


The Ultra Violets cite as main artistic influences only four sources of inspiration, the Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Muse, and the White Stripes. Their official Facebook page has the crew describing their music with the following tongue-in-cheek list of genres and subgenres: “rock, indie, psychedelic, space rock, folk, garage, ummm…”


Their bio page describes them as “a band out of northwest CT who play songs about space, love, monsters, and whatever else is buzzing around in their brains.”


Speaking of the lyrical themes and overall tone of their new EP, the Ultra Violets write, “Our album says that there are many colorful moods and circumstances that make up all of us, and that there is a fitting feeling, sound, or song for all of them. ‘All the Noises in your Head’ was an attempt to bring together many of the various types of songs that we produce as a band and perform live. So all in all, this is the big picture of what we are as a band right now, encompassed in just a few songs, a glimpse of things to come, when these noises continue to work themselves out into whatever we make next.”


The Ultra Violets have been playing together in various incarnations for a little more than two years.


“We formed a couple years ago,” they write, “and have had many adventures playing shows all over CT. We have a fan base extending outwards from our home base of Torrington, and are looking forward to sharing our music from this EP and beyond with a wider audience.”


Music fans around the world can be part of this wider audience beginning August 23, 2014, when “All the Noise in Your Head” by the Ultra Violets becomes available globally online.


-S. McCauley

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MfLI releases new single ‘Yolele’

The DJ and composer of digital music known as MfLi has released his latest single, “Yolele.” The track is the most significant official release from the artist since his previous single, “Suzan,” appeared on online music shelves around the world in July of 2014. Like “Suzan” before it, “Yolele” has been proudly published on the MfLi Records independent music label without support from the corporate music industry. Entrancing, rhythmic and infinitely danceable, “Yolele” is a downtempo chillout track from one of electronic music’s most tasteful composers in Europe.


Hailing from Finland’s capitol city of Helsinki, MfLi has cited as main artistic influences Jose Padilla, Miguel Migs, Karen Ramirez, and Roger Shah, “to name just a couple from the EDM genres.” Outside of digital music, MfLi has also publicly noted Milt Jackson, the Eagles, Paul Desmond, Astrud Gilberto, “and many, many more. I generally listen to very wide variety of music as I think music supports the state of mind I want to maintain.”


MfLi has described the sound and style of his new single, “Yolele,” as “a smooth, afro-styled tune for chilling and easy listening :).”


As an added treat for dedicated MfLi fans, “Yolele” has been released concurrently with an official music video titled “Summer Cruising.” The official video has a truncated listening and viewing time of just under two minutes (the original single has a longer approximate listening time of five). The “Summer Cruising” video to “Yolele” been made public on MfLi’s official YouTube channel, where it boasts thousands of views and hundreds of thumbs-up kudos.


The title of MfLi’s new single, “Yolele,” comes from a Lingala word in Bantu, meaning an exclamation of surprise not unlike “Oh la la!” in French.


MfLi works mainly as a music producer of house, chillout and ambient music. He prefers to compose his original tracks using Ableton, MixMeister and a laptop computer.


“Yolele” by MfLi is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

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Da 1-Handed Bandit releases single ‘Dis Me’

The performer, producer, and songwriter of hip hop music from the southern United States known as Da 1-Handed Bandit has released a head-turning single, “Dis Me.” The track was published on 2 June 2014 on the Burn’Em Up Productions independent record label, entirely without support from the corporate music industry’s infrastructure. Considered by many to be the definitive and earliest of the singles to emerge from Da 1-Handed Bandit in 2014, an official video of the single was released in an introductory format on the 24th of May and received accolades worldwide. The video was directed by Harold Lyle Films. Like Da 1-Handed Bandit, herself, “Dis Me” is an earth shaking, riveting rap track which seizes the listener and doesn’t let go.


“Dis Me” has given fans and denizens of the hip-hop underground their the first glimpse of Da 1-Handed Bandit, whose more-recently released “I Ain’t Callin Ya” single has officially declared the upcoming publication of her debut LP record. This new album is slated to be released on the Burn’Em Up Productions music label titled, “God’s New Breed.”


Da 1-Handed Bandit was born and raised in Jackson, MI. Her official Facebook page states that the heavy-handed performer now hails from Atlanta, GA, making her music a legitimate part of the urban music movement of the American south. Her aggressive and direct style of vocal delivery puts her in a class all her own today, a time when many female icons in rap music such as Queen Latifah have long-since turned their backs on their powerful identities in favor of softer images. In contrast, Da 1-Handed Bandit is one of the most outspoken and explosive lyricists and rappers in the hip-hop scene, and – like her fans – she takes her music seriously.


“I am not an entertainer!” states her official Facebook page, clearly.


The single and video for “Dis Me” by Da 1-Handed Bandit are available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

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Farrell, Moran, Barnett release new single ‘Cell Phone’

The trio of musicians known as Farrell, Moran, Barnett have released their new single, “Cell Phone.” The track is the most significant official single to be published and digitally distributed by the group under the Farrell, Moran, Barnett name, though each member clearly has a long history in music. The single has been proudly published on the FMB Records independent music label without support from the corporate music industry. Cool, groovy, and closely adhering to the classic rock and American pop traditions of songwriting, “Cell Phone” is a timely addition to the pop and adult contemporary music genres.


Farrell, Moran, Barnett cite as main artistic influences Simon and Garfunkle, Bob Dylan, and swiftly rising pop star, Ed Sheeran. Of these, Farrell, Moran, Barnett share most of the best qualities of Simon and Garfunkle and Bob Dylan, particularly in the area of songwriting. “Cell Phone” manages to be deceptively simple, pared down to its acoustic root and powerfully evocative at the same time. Vocals are tastefully unadorned and clearly earnest in their warm, raw delivery. Fittingly, all accompanying instrumentation is straightforward, solid, and unobtrusive, building on the effectiveness of the song without frills or gaudy playing.


At the heart of “Cell Phone”’s potency in terms of romantic tone are the song’s theme and lyric content. Like the best of the singer-songwriters pop music has to offer, the track has a central idea and clearly describes it through an infectious chord progression and matching verses and choruses.


“It’s time to say ‘Good night’ to our cell phones,” the chorus runs. “I just wanna be with you alone / There’s nothin’ that can’t wait un-til tomorrow / there’s romance in the air to-night.”


The song is relevant to romantics both young and old and makes a fine addition to any mellow music compilation. Music fans everywhere are likely to hope for more from Farrell, Moran, Barnett before too long.


“Cell Phone” by Farrell, Moran, Barnett is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

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