Da 1-Handed Bandit releases single ‘Dis Me’

The performer, producer, and songwriter of hip hop music from the southern United States known as Da 1-Handed Bandit has released a head-turning single, “Dis Me.” The track was published on 2 June 2014 on the Burn’Em Up Productions independent record label, entirely without support from the corporate music industry’s infrastructure. Considered by many to be the definitive and earliest of the singles to emerge from Da 1-Handed Bandit in 2014, an official video of the single was released in an introductory format on the 24th of May and received accolades worldwide. The video was directed by Harold Lyle Films. Like Da 1-Handed Bandit, herself, “Dis Me” is an earth shaking, riveting rap track which seizes the listener and doesn’t let go.


“Dis Me” has given fans and denizens of the hip-hop underground their the first glimpse of Da 1-Handed Bandit, whose more-recently released “I Ain’t Callin Ya” single has officially declared the upcoming publication of her debut LP record. This new album is slated to be released on the Burn’Em Up Productions music label titled, “God’s New Breed.”


Da 1-Handed Bandit was born and raised in Jackson, MI. Her official Facebook page states that the heavy-handed performer now hails from Atlanta, GA, making her music a legitimate part of the urban music movement of the American south. Her aggressive and direct style of vocal delivery puts her in a class all her own today, a time when many female icons in rap music such as Queen Latifah have long-since turned their backs on their powerful identities in favor of softer images. In contrast, Da 1-Handed Bandit is one of the most outspoken and explosive lyricists and rappers in the hip-hop scene, and – like her fans – she takes her music seriously.


“I am not an entertainer!” states her official Facebook page, clearly.


The single and video for “Dis Me” by Da 1-Handed Bandit are available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



Dis Me” by Da 1-Handed Bandit –




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