Composer David Smith releases dance single ‘Sensation’

The composer and producer of digital dance music known as David Smith has released his debut single, “Sensation.” The track represents Smith’s electronica masterpiece for the start of the 2015 year and showcases him as one of Europe’s most promising up-and-coming digital musicians by a long stretch. With an extremely strong repertoire available for listening at his official website and his debut single, “Sensation” available for purchase and download around the world, things are sure looking up for this surprise EDM genius from the Kingdom of Belgium.

David Smith (who has an English name but natively speaks French) cites as main artistic influences many of heroes of the DJ subculture, including David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avicii, and Martin Garrix.

Smith writes about his start in music, “I like the styles of David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and others like them. And one day, I said to myself: ‘I can make good tracks like theirs!’ and for one year I made an album in my little home studio.”

It was a humble beginning, but clearly the start of something more than a simple hobby. The music fan’s first listen of “Sensation” is not likely to be his last. In fact, the second and third listen are probably to follow immediately afterward. From here, curiosity leads the listener to Smith’s other tracks, of which there are already enough to fill an LP record. But the artist is taking it slow.

“Step by step…” Smith writes. “I’m starting with my first single. I have to get credibility and make my name known before launching my first album. I have to finalize some tracks with good singers and lyricists. Even if it’s my first album, I want a perfect one.”

This perfectionist’s attitude shines through in his debut single, “Sensation.” Its production is sparkling clean, its composition naturally consistent and with an upbeat, intuitive flow. Its hooks are unshakable and its four-and-a-half minutes go by in a flash. The ‘replay’ button beckons.

“I hope my singles and my future debut album will give good ‘sensations’ to listeners, as well as good beats at events and nightclubs all over the world,” writes David Smith of his new song’s overall theme. “I hope people who hear it will say, ‘Damn, that sounds good!’”

Smith goes on to describe the emotional effects he crafts his music to inspire.

“Just pump up the volume and let the beat overwhelm you,” he writes. “One day, I’d like to see thousands of dancers overwhelmed. It’s my dream, and I think that with a lot of work all dreams could come true when we really want them.”

His message to the world is simple.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Look at me, I’m starting from nowhere but here I am.”

“Sensation” by David Smith is available online worldwide. Fans of EDM and electronica should definitely get in early. Very early.

(David Smith is looking for singers and lyricists with whom to collaborate. If you think you’d be a good voice for one or some of his songs, please send him email at his official website using the link provided below.)

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Pierre, Kika and Tons release new single ‘Cirkus’

The trio of DJs from Venezuela known as Pierre, Kika and Tons have released their capital new single, “Cirkus.” The track has been proudly released on the Estereo Records independent music label. Vivacious, spirited, and exploding with life, “Cirkus” is one of the most striking digital dance singles to arrive from South America in years.

Pierre, Kika and Tons are based in the Caribbean city of Caracas, each having his and her own solo career as a DJ and composer of digital music, respectively, though Pierre and Tons have a two-year history as collaborators. The trio celebrated their “Cirkus” single with an eponymous tour which has been highly publicized and received with great enthusiasm by fans in their home nation of Venezuela as well as by new fans in the United States.

Their tour included dates at Caracas’ famous Hacienda El Arroyo and cities including Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Merida, San Cristobal, Puerto Ordaz and Puerto la Cruz. Their tour also took them across the Caribbean Sea to Miami, FL, where called the show “an exceptional night as DJs Pierre, Tons, and Kika took control of the decks and sparked the cloud for a night to remember.”

El Farandi writes of the trio in Música:

“Three talents represented by Blackpin Prods., CA they have different approaches in how to make good music, reflecting perfect harmony with ‘Cirkus’ to convey feelings and intense emotions with a theme focused on the electro progressive sound. This is possible thanks to the contributions and differentiators that characterize them.

“Kika is a young leader of the electronic music scene within the women’s movement. She has been onstage with Jacob van Hage, Beyoncé, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Wolfpack, Nicky Romero, and performed recently at Paradise 507’s Music Fest, Panama.

“Pierre and Tons, meanwhile, have approximately two years DJing as a duo and bring distinct styles and personalities to the turntables, different from one another, but perfectly complementary. All three have a great reputation in the industry, to the point of being invited to participate in all the recent mass events of international DJs in Venezuela.” – El Farandi

Between them, Pierre, Kika and Tons have approximately 30,000 followers on their official Soundcloud pages, and very nearly the same amount on their official Facebook sites, as well. Collectively they have performed with such names as Nicky Romero, Borgore, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Adrian Luz and Nadastrom, Steve Aoki, and Adrian Lux.

“Cirkus” by Pierre, Kika and Tons is available online worldwide.
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Cirkus” by Pierre, Kika and Tons

Chris Michael Taylor releases rock single ‘Dead Man Walkin”

The singer and songwriter of rock music known as Chris Michael Taylor has released his capital new single track, “Dead Man Walkin’.” The track is the first official single to be debuted from his upcoming freshman LP album. Impeccably, sonorously sung and featuring evocative songwriting and razor-sharp guitar work, “Dead Man Walkin’” by Chris Michael Taylor is a return to everything that was good about rock music in the early ’80s that bears none of what was bad.

Taylor’s upcoming album, the release date and title of which have yet to be announced, has been rumored to be a collection of rock songs largely written by Taylor and performed by him on acoustic guitar. This represents a rare style of rock music played acoustically which has characterized the artist’s sound since he appeared on the national radar in 2013.

Chris Michael Taylor cites as main music influences Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Lynch (Dokken) and Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne). Of these, the first two share the most similarities with Taylor’s writing and singing styles, whereas his guitar chops are sharper and edgier in the tradition of guitarists with heavier styles such as Lynch’s and Lee’s.

However, Taylor’s “Dead Man Walkin’” isn’t just a rock song. If it were, choosing a strictly acoustic sound for the track might seem dubious. Enough elements of pop shine through his rock overtones to carry the song above traditional rock music into a new realm of rock-based pop, though, and these pop attributes make Taylor’s singer-songwriter method work wonderfully. The pop fringe with which Taylor has gilt his latest single (and presumably his upcoming record) is informed by his penchant for musicians like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

North Carolina’s Chris Michael Taylor developed an obsession with music at the age of five by discovering an album by Eddie Van Halen. Now seeing his solo career truly begin to boom at the start of 2015, Taylor is also the lead guitarist in the up-and-coming country/rock band Early Ray, lead guitarist with Vinnie and Carmine Appice in Drum Wars, and lead guitarist in the classic-rock tribute band, Sunset Strip. Taylor has performed live at venues across America and has shared the stage with such legends as Elliot Rubinson, Rudy Sarzo, Kip Winger, Michael Sweet and Tommy DeCarlo, among others.

“Dead Man Walkin’” by Chris Michael Taylor is available online worldwide. Rock fans shouldn’t miss it.

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Giano Veneziani releases new single ‘Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa’

The singer and songwriter known around the world as Giano Veneziani has released his newest official single, “Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa.” The acoustic version of this adult-contemporary pop song hit online shelves on the 16th of February, appropriately timed to appear in the wake of Valentine’s Day as a ballad about “That Feeling which Traps Us.” Exquisitely written, tastefully orchestrated and sung with the natural, heartfelt voice his fans have grown to love, “Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa” by Giano Veneziani is easily one of the most beautiful songs to appear in 2015 so far.

Argentina’s Giano Veneziani cites as main musical inspirations great music writers such as Astor Piazzolla, Charly Garcia, Fito Paez, and Mark Knopfler. His own sound, like virtually every piece of music written by these legendary scribes, is rooted in the art of crafting a song which reads as strikingly on the page as it sounds when filling the ear. Though “Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa” glows with masterful instrumentation, it retains a classic minimalism which showcases its purity of form and leaves room for Veneziani’s raw, earnest vocals to be properly appreciated.

That Veneziani’s vocals and general style sound absolutely genuine cannot be overstated. His style can be called ‘genuine’ in the same sense that stone can be called ‘hard’ and sugar can be called ‘sweet.’

Asked to describe the overall themes of his music, Veneziani comes right out and admits that this is, in fact, his artistic goal, just as one would expect.

“[My message is] honesty,” he writes. “I do my best to be honest as a songwriter, and to be me. My songs are just that. I discover me inside every story, or whatever it is that I am writing. It is all about how I feel in that moment.”

Giano Veneziani is a poet and songwriter born 6 October 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began playing Spanish guitar at 17 and began composing music and lyrics. His music spans a range of genres, his vocals most often blending tones from both rock and soul music. To date he has performed in 67 cities in 40 of the United States. He is currently recording his debut EP in Florida. It is expected to drop worldwide in 2015.

“Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa” by Giano Veneziani is available online worldwide.

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“Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa” by Giano Veneziani –
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Zeynep Ozbilen releases new album ‘Zee’

The international music artist known as Zeynep Ozbilen has released her latest official record, “Zee.” The album has been proudly published as an independent title without ties to the corporate music industry of any part of the world. It comprises a collection of 12 tracks, many of which are original songs by Ozbilen herself but also featuring rearrangements of popular classics such as “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat and Tears. An indescribably multicultural record with moods, styles and textures from an array of various nations, “Zee” by Zeynep Ozbilen is one of the most colorful and intriguing musical experiences to reach music stores in some time.

The Toronto-based Zeynep Ozbilen cites as main artistic influences Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, Buena Vista Social Club, Shakira, Tony Bennett, and Michael Buble. As might be intuited from this list, a large portion of her music stems from the Latin jazz movement, and it is largely this dose of ‘el ritmo Latino’ which makes her record so very danceable and infectious.

It is not, however, a dominant musical component in “Zee” so much as it is a sonic partner with the album’s other key element: a strong foundation on Turkish music. In fact, it is this traditional Ottoman sound which first introduces the album once the listener hits ‘play.’ Ozbilen’s second track follows, beckoning, “Come to Istanbul.” When the third, much more Latin-based song begins, it dovetails with the previous Mediterranean style so elegantly that the listener feels transported.

Amusingly, the title of the record is not merely eponymous. Her album was recorded in Toronto, Miami, New York and Istanbul in collaboration with 20 fellow artists worldwide. Tracing a path on the surface of the globe from Toronto to Istanbul, thence to Latin America and returning to the Mediterranean sea where Ozbilen and her music share their origination, the result is a perfect ‘Z.’

The songs on Ozbilen’s “Zee” have been turning heads all over the world, even previous to the record’s official release on February 20th.

On hearing her rendition of “Spinning Wheel” and other songs, Blood, Sweat and Tears lead singer David Clayton-Thomas remarked, “Zeynep’s music is an unusual blend of Turkish melodies and Latin rhythms. With pure talent, a great voice and a collection of gifted musicians, she makes it all work.”

Jaymz Bee of Toronto’s world-famous Jazz.FM91 noted that “Zeynep has certainly made her mark in the Toronto music community quickly. When she’s not working with some of the city’s best musicians, you can find her in clubs supporting other artists. And they say cloning is illegal. Pity.”

“Zee” by Zeynep Ozbilen is available online worldwide beginning 20 February 2015. Get in early. Very early.

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“Zee” by Zeynep Ozbilen
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J-Merk drops latest LP album, ‘Born Dead’

The rapper and producer of hip hop known as J-Merk has released his latest LP album, “Born Dead.” The full-length record has been proudly published on the Just-Us Music independent label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. It comprises approximately 40 minutes of heavy-hitting urban poetry and powerful back beats in 13 original tracks. In addition to the rhymes of J-Merk, himself, “Born Dead” also features the talents of popular Swedish producer BBZ Darney. Neck-deep in groove, socially poignant and strikingly well-written, “Born Dead” by J-Merk is sure to be remembered as one of the most important indie rap releases of 2015.

Asked to cite some main musical influences, J-Merk writes that his music is informed by “The ’60s and ’70s eras of art, and the late ’90s / early-2000s era of music – specifically 2001. Lots of amazing rap albums and metal albums were released that year, records that had a major impact. Hip hop and heavy metal influenced me, too, as well as politics and also pop culture.”

The remarkably immersive, extremely well-orchestrated music of “Born Dead” creates a kaleidoscopic backdrop against which J-Merk delivers his lines. This swirling blend of music and samples forms a large part of the undeniable draw of “Born Dead,” a record which comes out of the gate swinging and doesn’t let up. Still, it is the razor-sharp writing and seemingly perfect flow of J-Merk’s rap which truly steals the limelight.

Commenting on the themes of his new LP, J-Merk writes, “This album is conceptual. It’s about life in a modern age, an age ruled by manipulation via TV, the radio, and smart phones. People walk the streets like zombies without communicating with each other … Science failed us in a way. People are connected more than ever, yet we can’t even have conversations with people over the phone, ha ha!”

Like every other phrase painstakingly crafted to a ‘T’ on his new album, the title is also significant.

“It’s like we are all born dead now,” writes the artist, invoking the name of his record, “every day living to die. [My album’s] about being numb and living with hurt and pain and moving on. It’s about life and culture in today’s society.”

While a great many hip-hop mixtapes are dropped to which a broad variety of people do not necessarily relate, “Born Dead” speaks a message fans of any genre can understand, a record in which anybody can find personal meaning.

J-Merk writes, “Many people have been let down by our government, or by people they trust. It’s an album about being born dead in today’s society – a wasteland almost, ha ha. I make music for all the people in the world without a voice or artistic ability to express themselves. I make music for the voiceless people of our generation.”

J-Merk is a 25-year-old rap artist born and raised in Chicago. He has been writing rap lyrics since the age of 12 and producing music in the studio since the age of 15. Since that time he has worked with multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated producers, as well as with many talented and established rap artists from all over the world. His debut EP appeared in 2012.

“Born Dead” is only one of several official releases slated to drop from J-Merk in 2015.
“Born Dead” by J-Merk and feat. BBZ Darney is available online worldwide. Get in early, rap fans. The “Born Dead” LP album is currently being offered at a special price from the artist’s official Bandcamp website (link provided below).

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“Born Dead” by J-Merk from Official Bandcamp Website –

“Born Dead” by J-Merk at Amazon –

Clifton Poyotte releases new gospel LP ‘Blue Skies’

The singer and songwriter of gospel music known as Clifton Poyotte has released his latest LP record album, “Blue Skies.” The LP is composed of 14 new tracks for an approximate total listening time of one full hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without the support of the corporate music power structure. Upbeat, powerful, and full of the might of the holy spirit, “Blue Skies” by Clifton Poyotte is the latest evidence that the lasting strength of contemporary Christian music is still rooted in the Biblical tradition, itself.

Born and raised on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, singer Clifton Poyotte cites as main artistic influences Donnie McClurkin, Alvin Slaughter, and Smokie Norful. While Poyotte has clearly been performing music for decades and has reached an expert level of skill, “Blue Skies” remains his most widely distributed official record to date and may be considered a debut LP on that score alone.

Clifton Poyotte’s “Blue Skies” album is a mix of songs from a wide variety of music styles, including (but not limited to) the adult contemporary, classic gospel, R ‘n’ B, pop, and even reggae genres, many of which are blended together on the LP for a new sound that is strictly Poyotte’s own. His natural singing voice is reminiscent of the best male gospel performers, a mix of raw, unadulterated talent and polished skill which has obviously taken shape over many performances.

The sheer quality of the record, not to be overlooked, is neither to be considered the album’s chief charm nor its primary aim, however. While the music of “Blue Skies” is clearly majestic and moving, its lyrics point to more celestial sources for their inspiration and remind the listener time and again that the music is intended as much to please heavenly ears as it is to uplift and encourage the earthbound.

Asked to comment on the theme of his record, Poyotte replies that “It does not matter how low you sink, the grace of God can lift you out to your highest potential. The sky is your limit.”

A heartfelt work of worship, praise, and personal devotion, “Blue Skies” is an album music lovers of all faiths can understand and appreciate.

“Blue Skies” by Clifton Poyotte is available online worldwide.

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The Point Shown releases new LP ‘The Quietest Survivalist’

The rapper and songwriter known as the Point Shown has released his latest full-length album, “The Quietest Survivalist.” The LP has been proudly published on the Droppin Hits Gang Ent / iH2D / iHipHop Distribution independent music labels respectively. A roundly comprehensive album from the artist also sometimes known as Young Denzel, “The Quietest Survivalist” contains approximately one hour and 20 minutes of in-your-face hip hop in no fewer than 17 original tracks. Shadowy, aggressive rap music with heavy doses of urban poetry threaded throughout, “The Quietest Survivalist” by the Point Shown is a rap record for the modern era.

The Point Shown (often stylized as an exclamation: ‘The Point Shown!’) cites as main artistic influences Nas, AZ, Wu-Tang Clan, the Roots, Ice Cube, Scarface, Bun B, Outkast, Boosie Bad-Azz, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Wilson Pickett, the Stylistics, the Temptations, Isaac Hayes, the Jackson Five, the Emotions, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton, L.L. Cool J, 50 Cent, and Eminem.

Of these, perhaps the most striking similarities can be drawn between Nas and “The Quietest Survivalist” by the Point Shown. Fans of Nas have reason to be enthusiastic about this latest offering from the Point Shown, as the styles of the rappers have much in common. The Point Shown’s lines and rhymes are densely packed and often blend from one beat into the next and sometimes even into the next bar. His songs are often highly narrative and always lead by Point Shown’s charismatic delivery.

Speaking of the theme of his latest album, the Point Shown writes, “My message to listeners is to feel my raw energy of hip-hop lyrics overtaking the original beats that are infused with street elements from the east coast that can reach out to down south, mid-west, west coast and international listeners and appeal to all fans.”

The Point Shown grew up in Philadelphia and began writing songs in the late 1990s. He appeared on Merk Beats’ classic “Philly Freestyles” mixtape series, and began producing his own music under the mentoring of Beats, himself. He has appeared onscreen and at venues across the United States. He often performs for charitable events, perhaps most notably for the Lupus Foundation.

“The Quietest Survivalist” by the Point Shown is available online worldwide.

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Nellagy releases new video ‘To the Sky’

The singer of hip-hop music known as Nellagy has released the highly anticipated official music video for his recent single, “To the Sky.” Both the popular single track and new official video have been published on the Spentopia Entertainment independent music label. The single, having been available online around the world since New Year’s Day of 2015, has had at the time of this writing five weeks to garner a following, and in that time has surpassed every expectation in doing so. This quickly growing fan base of Nellagy’s has been clamoring to see the video which it had been rumored would go in circulation soon. Now for both Nellagy’s burgeoning crew of new fans and the loyal clique of old, the wait is finally over.

The video itself represents Nellagy in every way the style and tone of his music do. It is classy, elegant, and pop-minded with hip-hop overtones. Cleanly directed and polished with a high production value and flawless execution, the “To the Sky” video from Nellagy is everything his fans could have hoped for.

For those not yet acquainted with the artist from Delaware, Nellagy cites as main artistic influences Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Big Sean and J Cole. His own manner of music takes key elements of these and molds from them a new sonic image all his own. A young college student, himself, Nellagy takes pleasure in crafting clever lines and rhymes for a hip-hop experience that is far more than urban buzz words set to a beat.

Asked in December to comment on the meaning of his single, Nellagy wrote, “This song really captures the feeling and experience of a new flame.”

The “To the Sky” official video by Nellagy is available from Spentopia Entertainment online worldwide (links supplied below).

The following is taken from the artist’s current official bio.

[Nellagy Bio] Nellagy was born Gregory Allen Spencer II in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Raised in Delaware, he is a 19-year-old college student who is serious about being a hip-hop artist. Nellagy pens his rhymes from his ambitious spirit and strong desire to be a success. He likens himself to Kanye West because of his ability to write and deliver his lyrical flow on his own tracks.
Nellagy describes himself as a guy who has fun and likes his fans to have fun with his music. He is a positive and uplifting artist who loves the art of making music….It shows in his life and music! At the age of 16, he wrote his debut EP, “Appearance Ain’t Everything.” He created this project because he wants the world to see hip hop is not all negative or stereotypical. Nellagy’s recent accomplishments include co-writing the title song for an upcoming movie titled, “Brotherly Love.” He also wrote “Break The Code,” which was selected to be on a mixtape distributed for an education summit sponsored by Jr. Music Executive, Google, Temple University, and host of other organizations.

Nellagy’s latest project, “That How I Do,” is a collection of songs that touch on his ambition, relationships and desire to have fun!

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Ebony Archer releases new single ‘Gotta Believe in Me’

The inspirational singer and songwriter of pop and R ‘n’ B known as Ebony Archer has released her latest single, “Gotta Believe in Me.” The track has been proudly published on the Inspired by Purpose Inc. independent music label without any involvement from the corporate music power structure. An unstoppably upbeat and uplifting single that has been picking up steam since its first appearance online, “Gotta Believe in Me” by Ebony Archer is a dance-floor high point in indie music that doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

Ebony Archer cites as main artistic influences such legends of pop, gospel and soul as Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans, and Aretha Franklin. Fans of these singers will find many happy parallels between their respective styles and that of Ebony Archer, herself, whose invigorating, natural jubilance and spirited tenacity finds her in the same proud echelon, and whose unassuming, “Watch this!” demeanor on “Gotta Believe in Me” is both infectious and refreshing.

These sentiments have been so uniformly echoed throughout the World Wide Web since the release of Ebony Archer’s single that the high quality of her singing – not to mention the equally lofty caliber of her songwriting – sometimes goes unmentioned. This is an unfair mistake, as Archer’s natural singing voice is both clarion and crystalline, her tones landing somewhere between Y2K-era Cher and the more danceable offerings from Whitney Houston.

In view of Archer’s long experience, this should not come a surprise.

“I started getting involved in music at the age of eight,” she writes, “when I joined an renowned gospel group called Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago.”

Since then, Ebony Archer’s goals have enlarged to include the betterment of society at large, and to read the accolades posted on her official website (link provided below) her efforts have not been in vain.

She comments on this, “I want to empower, inspire, and motivate the listeners through the words I write, the melodies I sing and the message I am trying to portray.”

It is exactly this mission which has caused her to be called in various locales, “The Inspirer,” a title which she proudly carries from state to state on her popular music tours.

Ebony Archer has shared the stage with such names as Yolanda Adams, R. Kelly, Celine Dion, Nick Carter, and others. In 2001, she was featured in R. Kelly’s video, “The World’s Greatest.” She won the runner-up award in the national “Black Girls Run” competition with over 40,000 votes, and is widely expected to exceed even these achievements before long.

“Gotta Believe in Me” by Ebony Archer is available online worldwide.

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