MfLI releases new single ‘Yolele’

The DJ and composer of digital music known as MfLi has released his latest single, “Yolele.” The track is the most significant official release from the artist since his previous single, “Suzan,” appeared on online music shelves around the world in July of 2014. Like “Suzan” before it, “Yolele” has been proudly published on the MfLi Records independent music label without support from the corporate music industry. Entrancing, rhythmic and infinitely danceable, “Yolele” is a downtempo chillout track from one of electronic music’s most tasteful composers in Europe.


Hailing from Finland’s capitol city of Helsinki, MfLi has cited as main artistic influences Jose Padilla, Miguel Migs, Karen Ramirez, and Roger Shah, “to name just a couple from the EDM genres.” Outside of digital music, MfLi has also publicly noted Milt Jackson, the Eagles, Paul Desmond, Astrud Gilberto, “and many, many more. I generally listen to very wide variety of music as I think music supports the state of mind I want to maintain.”


MfLi has described the sound and style of his new single, “Yolele,” as “a smooth, afro-styled tune for chilling and easy listening :).”


As an added treat for dedicated MfLi fans, “Yolele” has been released concurrently with an official music video titled “Summer Cruising.” The official video has a truncated listening and viewing time of just under two minutes (the original single has a longer approximate listening time of five). The “Summer Cruising” video to “Yolele” been made public on MfLi’s official YouTube channel, where it boasts thousands of views and hundreds of thumbs-up kudos.


The title of MfLi’s new single, “Yolele,” comes from a Lingala word in Bantu, meaning an exclamation of surprise not unlike “Oh la la!” in French.


MfLi works mainly as a music producer of house, chillout and ambient music. He prefers to compose his original tracks using Ableton, MixMeister and a laptop computer.


“Yolele” by MfLi is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Yolele” by MfLi –


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