Rapper Killthetrack releases new album ‘Alive’

The singer, songwriter and producer of hip hop known as Killthetrack has released his latest official album, “Alive.” The record has been proudly published on the Black Diamonds Entertainment Music Group independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Rattling with genuine, no-BS backbeats and featuring some of the most cleverly written, deftly delivered lyrics this side of the 21st century, “Alive” stands as proof that Killthetrack is a name to watch in 2018 and beyond.

Columbia, SC’s Killthetrack (AKA King Killa) cites as main artistic influences Eminem, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, Nas, Tupac Shakur, and J. Cole. His own sound pays homage to the rap-first mentality of the nineties with a focus on lyric gymnastics and urban poetry, bringing something for fans of every hip hop there is.

“I got involved in music being around people in the hood that could rap,” writes Killthetrack. “I started battle rapping against people around the city and eventually wanted to take music seriously.”

Killthetrack’s official bio at the Black Diamonds Entertainment Music Group website describes him as having begun rapping at the age of five years old.

“Known for his battle skills,” it reads, “he’s fearless when it comes to competing with the very best. Never will he back down from a challenge!”

Asked to describe the overall themes of his new record, Killthetrack says, “The message I want to share with this album to my listeners is Growth. No matter what you go through in life, it’ s important to learn and grow from it and thank God at the end of it that you’re still Alive!”

“Alive” from Killthetrack on the Black Diamonds Entertainment Music Group label is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, hip hop fans.

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Rapper Mister Guwop releases new EP ‘King of the Bando’

The rapper and producer of hip hop has released his new EP record, “King of the Bando.” The EP album contains six original Mister Guwop tracks for a listening time of around 20 minutes. It has been proudly published on the 1300 Block Records independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. In addition to the considerable talents of Mister Guwop, “King of the Bando” features performances by Deshawn$antana and $ayyyAD. Unique, cutting-edge, and presenting one of the most intriguing hip-hop songwriters to appear in 2017, “King of the Bando” is evidence that Mister Guwop is a rap artist for the modern era.

Mister Guwop cites as main artistic influences Lil’ Wayne, 2 Chains, G-Herbo, J Cole, and Kevin Gates. His own sound is more pared-down than this, showcasing skillful lyrical and rap performances more than synthesized background music or complicated digital beats, but fans of drum and bass will find plenty of both on “King of the Bando,” too.

Asked to describe the general themes of his new “King of the Bando” EP album, Mister Guwop writes, “It’s that life shouldn’t be taken for granted, and you should turn up some weed and have fun at all times.”

A lifelong music artist, Mister Guwop notes that, “I been writing my whole life, but when I met Gang, I knew we could make something nice.”

The Gang he refers to is GuWop Gang, with whom Mister Guwop released the “Juggin Like Ryan” full-length record early in 2016. This album was quickly followed by “Juggin Like Ryan 2.” Both releases are from the 1300 Block Records label and still available for listening online at YouTube and other online music resources.

“King of the Bando” by Mister Guwop is available from 1300 Block Records at over 700 quality music stores online worldwide now.

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Rapper Bigface Dolla releases debut single ‘Dumb Hard’

The rapper and hip hop recording artist known as Bigface Dolla has released his first official single, “Dumb Hard.” The track has been proudly published on the Pipeline Entertainment, LLC independent record label with veteran producer Yak Beats of Winners Circle Worldwide behind the production of the exceptionally well executed, “Dumb Hard” record that is destined to make hip hop fans and industry executives sit up and take notice.

Asked to cite some favorite performers, Bigface Dolla lists Jay Z, tha Notorious BIG, Nas, T.I., Beans, and Styles P. Judging solely by his sound on “Dumb Hard,” it’s difficult to tell how much of these are in the same lane as Dolla’s own sound, but easy to tell his music is heavily influenced by the greats, but with an original and unique sound that can be best defined as East Coast Rap.
“I grew up in the streets of Philly,” Dolla writes. “Music wasn’t just a way to escape, it was a way of life.”

From there, he hasn’t aimed at simply emulating his hip-hop heroes.

“The great ones don’t want to be as good as the ones they looked up to,” he says. “They strive to do better.”

Underneath the catchy hook and impressionable verses of “Dumb Hard” are deeper levels of philosophy stemming from Bigface Dolla’s personal view on life. His brand of empowering urban poetry breathes with forethought and a genuine attempt to connect with the listener. It’s not just music that makes the listener move – it’s music that’s relatable. The emotion behind the words are so visceral and palpable that the lyrics for many become a credo to live by.

When asked about the lyrical content of his first commercial release, Bigface Dolla said without skipping a beat, “Dumb Hard is about doing whatever it takes and never letting up until you make it. It’s basically going crazy hard … being aggressive – having your own. I came up from the streets of Philly with nothing in my pockets. The only thing I had was the determination to make something of myself.”

The listener can feel Bigface Dolla’s conviction in the music, in the vocals, in virtually everything about the single from the selection of world class production to the state of the art studio where the vocals were tracked, to the meticulous mixing to ensure the commercial viability of the sound. Dolla isn’t just making records to make money. He’s a true artist with passion, a metric ton of self-expression, and luckily for us, a microphone to capture the message.

“The lyrics to this record aren’t words I just wrote on a piece of paper,” Dolla writes. “This has been my mantra since I was a kid growing up on the streets. Some people say that I’ve recently become an overnight success. What they don’t realize is that I’ve been at this game for a long time. It’s been a daily grind that’s finally paying off for me.”

Bigface Dolla recently signed to Pipeline Entertaniment, LLC and is currently in the studio working with several world-class producers such as Mr. Beatz from Cash Money Records. Dumb Hard may be the first record produced by Yak Beats of Winners Circle Worldwide, but it definitely won’t be the last.

“Dumb Hard” by Bigface Dolla is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music retailers now. To all of you hip-hop and rap fans, don’t hesitate to take action and “get yours” by going to any major digital retailer to download the record now.

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Rapper Glitch Arsonist G5 releases new EP ‘Holy Trinity’

The rapper and producer from Queens, NYC has released his latest EP record, “Holy Trinity.” The album comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It is the newest addition to Glitch Arsonist G5’s growing repertoire which popularly began with 2013’s “Ten Years of Writing,” to be followed by “The Great Tribulation,” released on Sept. 11th one year later. All three albums have been proudly published on the Establishment Records independent music label, outside the scope and influence of the corporate music industry.

Gritty, real, and written in the truest tradition of the borough that first brought hip hop to the world at large, “Holy Trinity” by Glitch Arsonist G5 is urban poetry with a gospel heart and a New York soul.

Glitch Arsonist G5 has repeatedly cited Nas as his chief influence, in addition to the work of legends like the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, the Lox, Cormega, Big Pun, Beanie Sigel, and others. His own sound cleaves mostly to the darker, heavy-hitting tones of Nas than to the others, but overall Glitch’s sound is his own.

“I used to always try to top [Nas’s] album lyrically after every time he dropped,” writes Glitch Arsonist. “He used to put me in the real lyrical mood and state of mind. He would have me rapping about that similar content and mind-state for days.”

Bringing razor-sharp lines which alternate between social commentary and spiritual inspiration, his “Holy Trinity” is only the latest reason for rap fans to pay close attention to this rising star from the East Coast.

Asked to describe the general theme and message of his “Holy Trinity” EP, Glitch Arsonist writes, “Just be yourself and anything is possible – and to also have faith in God.”

Glitch Arsonist G5 grew up in the Woodside Houses and was exposed to violence, robberies, blackouts, and other harsh realities of the urban landscape. Though he had always dreamed of a life in the NBA, Glitch began rapping at the young age of 13 and before long had spent time in a Manhattan recording studio. He has been described as “humble and consistent, regardless of surrounding circumstances and the current climate of the hip-hop industry.”

“Everything you do is a stepping stone to the next stone,” Glitch Arsonist G5 has said. “Take everything as a grain of sand and put your own sense into it. If people ain’t hating on you then there’s something you’re not doing right, so don’t let hate fold you. Always remain humble, because that ego sh-t is no good. It might be good for recording purposes, but it’s no good for networking purposes.”

“Holy Trinity” by Glitch Arsonist G5 is available online worldwide.

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