Tanya Dartson releases new EDM single ‘Run for Your Life’

The music composer and singer from New York City known as Tanya Dartson has released her latest EDM single, “Run for Your Life.” The track has been proudly published independent of the corporate music industry at over 700 digital music stores online worldwide. Upbeat, vivacious and poised for play at nightclubs around the globe, “Run for Your Life” proves that Tanya Dartson can produce electrifying pop with the best of them.

A composer with experience in several music genres, Tanya Dartson cites as main artistic influences Axwell, Zedd, David Guetta, Alesso, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and Steve Angello, but also composers of film scores such as Thomas Bergersen and Hans Zimmer. Elements of these show through in her own repertoire.

Asked to comment on the themes of her new single, Dartson writes, “’Run for Your Life’ speaks about stripping inhibitions, grabbing the moment and seizing your freedom. Life is short and we all owe it to ourselves to run for our lives and pursue our dreams by all means possible!”

Like all Dartson’s prominent hits, “Run for Your Life” has inspirational themes. It’s one she’s especially proud of, as “Run for Your Life” is not just her first pop/dance single, but also the first on which she appears as both co-producer and lead vocalist.

“It has such a positive and uplifting message,” she writes, “and it’s one of those catchy tracks that you can dance to in the nightclub, listen to in the gym or nod your head to on your way to work.”

Until her “Run for Your Life” EDM hit, Dartson was best recognized for her 2010 “Morningside Park” piano composition, which received an Honorable Mention Citation Award from the International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition, as well as for her “Escape from Planet Earth” for symphony orchestras.

“Escape from Planet Earth” was selected by the International Composition Competition organized by the Ravel Association of Bergamo, Italy, as one of the 15 best symphony orchestra pieces from thousands of international submissions in 2015. Dartson was one of the youngest composers to reach the final round and the only female composer in the Symphony Orchestra category to be selected.

Since that time, Tanya Dartson’s music has appeared on NYC’s News 12, Brooklyn TV channel, in UCAN! Magazine, on iHeart Radio, on Canada’s FM 98.5 CKWR, on WFCF, Flagler College Radio, on 88.5 FM, Radio Horizon, on 93.9 FM in South Africa, and elsewhere.

“My ultimate dream is to have ‘Run for Your Life’ heard and shared by millions of people all over the world,” writes Dartson.

An official music video for the track is expected to drop in August 2016. A teaser for the video is available for viewing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5O8rvOwllY.

“Run for Your Life” by Tanya Dartson is available online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

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2R3D releases new electronic dance single “Escape” feat. Collin Morgenstern

The composer and producer of digital dance music known as 2R3D has released his new single, “Escape.” The track has been published as an independent release without the support or direction of the corporate music industry. In addition to the already considerable skills of 2R3D himself, “Escape” features the talents of Collin Morgenstern. Part ambient, part trance, part dance pop and with still more elements of electronica and EDM sewn into it, “Escape” is easily one of the most creative and unique singles to arrive for the winter 2015 season.

2R3D’s “Escape” has been billed under various music genres, mainly indie dance and the relatively fresh nu disco category, but it will appeal to a much larger variety of music fans than only these. The track weighs in at a cool 90 bpm, less than 20 fewer than the average EDM single sold on Beatport, making it a relaxing single with an upbeat edge that manages to be surprisingly danceable in spite of its mellowness.

Nevertheless, many audiophiles are sure to appreciate 2R3D’s “Escape” for its fascinating scope in terms of sonic texture and depth of tone. True to the artist’s name, “Escape” is very three-dimensional and can be as immersive as the listener prefers to enjoy it. On the surface, excellently executed and innovative vocals are more than enough to hold one’s attention for the duration of the single, but should one choose to listen beneath these, there are also waves, undercurrents and still subtler sounds moving down there, and these, too, can take the listener to seemingly countless faraway places, making the song’s title likewise very apt.

2R3D was born and raised in Colorado. At 18 years old he is already a performing DJ of electronica and digital music with live shows at more than 20 venues under his belt, a number to which he is steadily adding. An avid student of music and sound, 2R3D is currently attending the Art of Audio recording school in Denver, CO, where he will graduate with degrees in electronic music production, music business, and audio engineering.

“Escape” by 2R3D feat. Collin Morgenstern is available online worldwide. Fans of nu disco, indie dance and electronic music shouldn’t miss it.

-S. McCauley

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Houz’mon presents new compilation album ‘Evolutions’

The producer and DJ of electronic dance music known as Houz’mon has presented his latest compilation album, “Evolutions.” The full-length album has been proudly published on the Orchid Records independent record label outside the reach of the corporate music industry. It contains 14 original house music tracks for an approximate total listening time of 80 minutes, making for an extensive and widely varied treatment of dance music for fans of EDM, house, and electronica alike.

Houz’mon, who has been performing and producing music since the 1980s in Chicago, has bedecked his latest album, “Evolution,” with a bevy of musical geniuses. These include such prominent names as (in order of appearance) Cei Bei, Big Fire, DJ Sound, Ten City, Traxman, Howard McConnell, Funky J, and of course the master of ceremonies, Houz’mon himself.

Houz’mon has performed over the last three decades under several monikers by which he is well known in the house music underground, including Houzmon, Rickki Q Houz and Slick Master Rick (not to be confused with NYC rapper Slick Rick). He is credited with founding the subgenre of electronic music known as ghetto house, which he attained by blending house music sounds with elements of techno at the popular Factory Nite Club on Chicago’s west side.

Several successful singles have helped build Houz’mon’s loyal throng of fans, such as “Acids Warp,” “Fear the World,” “Pack It Up,” “Com Mo Ya,” and “101.” Additional album releases by Houz’mon include “The HouzMon EP,” “The Rebirth of Houz EP,” “The Resurrection EP” and “The Mind of HouzMon.” He has published music on an impressive spread of music labels including Beat Boy Records, DJ International, Dance Mania, Trax Records, Hard West Ent., Pro-Jex, Dirty Musik Records, Underground Housemuzic Records, Ego Plastix, Fresca Recordings, and his own Orchid Records.

Houz’mon has appeared on movie soundtracks and is featured in the dance-music documentary, “The History of House Music.” He has performed live around the world at far-flung locales such as Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Michigan, Wisconsin, France, London, Germany, Scotland, Japan, Amsterdam, and still others.

Houz’mon Presents “Evolutions” is available online worldwide.

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Digital music artist Kitty Bytes releases new single ‘Rage Quit’

The composer and producer of digital music known as Kitty Bytes has released his latest single, “Rage Quit.” The track has been distributed to more than 750 online music outlets around the world and is poised to reach Kitty Bytes’ largest number of fans yet. It has been proudly published as an independent release outside the influence and financial support of the corporate music industry. Boasting a retro style and feel playing out over a steady build with a pounding, bass-heavy crescendo, “Rage Quit” is an EDM single which will have fans on the dance floor and airborne in droves.

Kitty Bytes is a new electronic music artist with a deep love for the sound. His particular style is unique to him in the digital music underground, “Rage Quit” being his biggest public release to date. He cites as main artistic influences the work of Deadmau5, Mossy, Dinka, Shingo Nakamura, and Porter Robinson. While his new single sports many of the best attributes of these popular DJs, Kitty Bytes’ own music is exceptionally non-derivative and remains his own.

Part of this element comes from a certain nuance borrowed from the background scores of video games. Evidence of this is the title of his new single, “Rage Quit,” which in gaming parlance means to ubruptly exit a game in progress out of frustration. While electronic music and video gaming have shared a growing relationship over the last decade, much of the audible artifacts have belonged to the 8-bit, Nintendo-Entertainment-System style of music. Refreshingly, “Rage Quit” sounds much more akin to the music of earlier games, particularly that of the Atari 2600.

Speaking of his motivation to make music and the themes thereof, Kitty Bytes writes, “I created this single to share my love for electronic music and show my creativity. This album particularly speaks to all gamers out there who have had bad gaming experiences. ‘Rage Quit’ captures some of the anger I have felt when I played games, and I wrote it as a way to release that energy through music. I hope listeners can feel the same emotions I felt through this single.”

“Rage Quit” by Kitty Bytes is available online worldwide.

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Dance-music producer David Smith releases new ‘Welcome to My World’ EP

The producer and composer of electronic dance music known as David Smith has released his new extended-play album, “Welcome to My World.” The EP contains no fewer than six original David Smith titles for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. The album has been published on Smith’s own independent record label without the financial support of the corporate music industry. Vivacious, pounding with bass and wildly energetic, “Welcome to My World” by David Smith is exceptional dance music for dancers and listeners alike, perfect for cutting-edge DJs who want to light up the dance floor with audio fire.

David Smith (often stylized davi6smith) cites as main artistic influences such house music heroes as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Avicii. Smith’s own music shares a great many similarities with the remarkably popular singles and albums of these legends, with the added benefit that Smith’s music strikes the listener as something fresh and new to make nightclubs come alive with dancing.

David Smith is an EDM artist from Belgium whose native language is French. His debut single appeared in February of 2015 to critical and fan acclaim around the world. While his career in dance music is still very new, his tracks are already planned to be heard at such dance festivals as Sensation, Tomorrowland, the Ultra Music Festival, and others. His music is particularly accessible to listeners and has been called perfect for commercial use both in Europe and internationally.

Still, Smith has plans to branch out into the pop mainstream by collaborating with singers in the future.

“In ‘Welcome to My World’ I put tracks for DJs,” writes the artist. “After this release of my EP, I want to make pop dance tracks with singers. I’m still seeking good singers.”

David Smith has already gained a reputation for being one of the hardest-working music producers in the scene today, and he’s not afraid of the effort involved.

“There is still lots of work but I like to produce this style of music,” Smith writes. “It’s a big challenge for me. I’m very happy with that. I’m just starting this business but step by step my name is beginning to be known. Slowly but surely! … So I work hard. That’s the secret.”

The “Welcome to My World” EP by David Smith is available online worldwide. Get in early, dance music fans and DJs everywhere.

-S. McCauley

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JazzRak Vs Rafique release new EDM record ‘Summer Splash’

The DJs and producers of house music known as JazzRak Vs Rafique have released their latest EP album, “Summer Splash.” The EP is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. This comprehensive length means that though the album has been officially billed has an EP record for its relatively few number of tracks, fans of JazzRak Vs Rafique will get the same amount of music on “Summer Splash” as they do from a full-length album, making for a roundly comprehensive dance experience from these popular EDM artists.

“Summer Splash” comes with some of JazzRak Vs Rafique’s most energetic and uplifting house music tracks of 2015 so far, including “Let’s Dance,” “Trip to Paris,” “Alive,” two renditions of their “We Are One” single featuring the talents of Anthony Poteat, and the album’s title track, “Summer Splash,” which opens up the record.

The “Summer Splash” EP is the first of two albums expected to drop from JazzRak Vs Rafique this 2015 season, the second of which, titled “Day Dreamer,” will be published in coming days.

JazzRak Vs Rafique cite as main artistic influences such giants of the electronic dance music scene as Avicii, Basto and Chymamusique. Their own sound doesn’t fall far from these trees, and fans of such other artists as David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Tiesto are sure to be excited by “Summer Splash” by JazzRak Vs Rafique.

Speaking of the beginning of their collaboration, which takes the form of professional and friendly competition in their “Vs” series, JazzRak writes, “I used to only listen to music, then I met Rafique in 2010. We started to download videos on youtube to see how to produce music.” The rest, as listeners can attest, is history.

“Summer Splash” by JazzRak and Rafique is available online worldwide.

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Composer David Smith releases dance single ‘Sensation’

The composer and producer of digital dance music known as David Smith has released his debut single, “Sensation.” The track represents Smith’s electronica masterpiece for the start of the 2015 year and showcases him as one of Europe’s most promising up-and-coming digital musicians by a long stretch. With an extremely strong repertoire available for listening at his official website and his debut single, “Sensation” available for purchase and download around the world, things are sure looking up for this surprise EDM genius from the Kingdom of Belgium.

David Smith (who has an English name but natively speaks French) cites as main artistic influences many of heroes of the DJ subculture, including David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avicii, and Martin Garrix.

Smith writes about his start in music, “I like the styles of David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and others like them. And one day, I said to myself: ‘I can make good tracks like theirs!’ and for one year I made an album in my little home studio.”

It was a humble beginning, but clearly the start of something more than a simple hobby. The music fan’s first listen of “Sensation” is not likely to be his last. In fact, the second and third listen are probably to follow immediately afterward. From here, curiosity leads the listener to Smith’s other tracks, of which there are already enough to fill an LP record. But the artist is taking it slow.

“Step by step…” Smith writes. “I’m starting with my first single. I have to get credibility and make my name known before launching my first album. I have to finalize some tracks with good singers and lyricists. Even if it’s my first album, I want a perfect one.”

This perfectionist’s attitude shines through in his debut single, “Sensation.” Its production is sparkling clean, its composition naturally consistent and with an upbeat, intuitive flow. Its hooks are unshakable and its four-and-a-half minutes go by in a flash. The ‘replay’ button beckons.

“I hope my singles and my future debut album will give good ‘sensations’ to listeners, as well as good beats at events and nightclubs all over the world,” writes David Smith of his new song’s overall theme. “I hope people who hear it will say, ‘Damn, that sounds good!’”

Smith goes on to describe the emotional effects he crafts his music to inspire.

“Just pump up the volume and let the beat overwhelm you,” he writes. “One day, I’d like to see thousands of dancers overwhelmed. It’s my dream, and I think that with a lot of work all dreams could come true when we really want them.”

His message to the world is simple.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Look at me, I’m starting from nowhere but here I am.”

“Sensation” by David Smith is available online worldwide. Fans of EDM and electronica should definitely get in early. Very early.

(David Smith is looking for singers and lyricists with whom to collaborate. If you think you’d be a good voice for one or some of his songs, please send him email at his official website using the link provided below.)

-S. McCauley

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Pierre, Kika and Tons release new single ‘Cirkus’

The trio of DJs from Venezuela known as Pierre, Kika and Tons have released their capital new single, “Cirkus.” The track has been proudly released on the Estereo Records independent music label. Vivacious, spirited, and exploding with life, “Cirkus” is one of the most striking digital dance singles to arrive from South America in years.

Pierre, Kika and Tons are based in the Caribbean city of Caracas, each having his and her own solo career as a DJ and composer of digital music, respectively, though Pierre and Tons have a two-year history as collaborators. The trio celebrated their “Cirkus” single with an eponymous tour which has been highly publicized and received with great enthusiasm by fans in their home nation of Venezuela as well as by new fans in the United States.

Their tour included dates at Caracas’ famous Hacienda El Arroyo and cities including Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Merida, San Cristobal, Puerto Ordaz and Puerto la Cruz. Their tour also took them across the Caribbean Sea to Miami, FL, where PoshPanel.com called the show “an exceptional night as DJs Pierre, Tons, and Kika took control of the decks and sparked the cloud for a night to remember.”

El Farandi writes of the trio in Música:

“Three talents represented by Blackpin Prods., CA they have different approaches in how to make good music, reflecting perfect harmony with ‘Cirkus’ to convey feelings and intense emotions with a theme focused on the electro progressive sound. This is possible thanks to the contributions and differentiators that characterize them.

“Kika is a young leader of the electronic music scene within the women’s movement. She has been onstage with Jacob van Hage, Beyoncé, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Wolfpack, Nicky Romero, and performed recently at Paradise 507’s Music Fest, Panama.

“Pierre and Tons, meanwhile, have approximately two years DJing as a duo and bring distinct styles and personalities to the turntables, different from one another, but perfectly complementary. All three have a great reputation in the industry, to the point of being invited to participate in all the recent mass events of international DJs in Venezuela.” – El Farandi

Between them, Pierre, Kika and Tons have approximately 30,000 followers on their official Soundcloud pages, and very nearly the same amount on their official Facebook sites, as well. Collectively they have performed with such names as Nicky Romero, Borgore, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Adrian Luz and Nadastrom, Steve Aoki, and Adrian Lux.

“Cirkus” by Pierre, Kika and Tons is available online worldwide.
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Cirkus” by Pierre, Kika and Tons

David Crown releases single ‘Rehab’

The singer of hip-hop infused electronic dance music known as David Crown has released the second in his pair of newest singles, “Rehab.” It has been concurrently published by Crown in February 2015 alongside his “Girls” track, both of which are being proudly published as independent releases without the support of the corporate music infrastructure. An official video for “Girls” is expected to appear from Crown online in coming weeks. Packed with drum ‘n’ bass, cutting-edge EDM effects, and the arresting vocal performance of one of the dance scene’s most rapidly rising stars, “Rehab” is a track DJs around the world can begin to spin immediately.

David Crown’s characteristic knack for crossing hip hop with electronic dance music is perhaps showcased nowhere better than it is in “Rehab.” Vivifying, innervating, and sure to amp the vibes of party goers in virtually any situation, the track is the latest sign that the EDM juggernaut hasn’t slowed down one iota since its sudden leap to prominence in the mid- 2000s.

Unlike many EDM songwriters and performers, however, David Crown takes pride in crafting meaningful, sculpted lines and rhymes which have more in common with rap music than to the more-simplistic singing which often accompanies electronic dance music. In this, “Rehab” makes a fine example, as it is not a song about drugs and rehabilitation but rather a romantic ode to a woman who acts as a rehab of the heart for the singer of the song.

This emotional intensity is something Crown’s fans have come to love him for.

His official bio says of this, “With his appreciation for life, Crown believes that time is of the essence and lives each day like it’s his last, which manifests in the lyrics he delivers and his spur-of-the-moment lifestyle.”

Commenting on his lyrical content and humble nature, it continues:

“A true artist on the come-up, Crown is committed to bringing fans uplifting material with substance that is still cool enough to make you dance. While his star may be rising, he is still that guy hailing from the ‘City of Kings’ who went after his dreams and never gave up.”

“Rehab” by David Crown is available online worldwide. Be sure to watch also for his “Girls” single and upcoming video.

-S. McCauley

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“Rehab” by David Crown –
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Opinash releases new single ‘Basic Instinct’

The digital music artist known as Opinash has released his new single track, “Basic Instinct.” The single has been published as an independent release outside the sphere of control of the corporate music industry. It is the latest part of a series of singles from the artist which have appeared in 2014, including such popular tracks as “Liquid,” “Shine,” “People Having,” and “Over the Horizon.” Glossy, melodic and elegant, pulsing, booming and energizing, “Basic Instinct” by Opinash is a digital anthem for fans of every music genre.

Opinash cites as main artistic influences such icons and legends of electronica as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre, AWeX, Tom Wax, Jeff Mills, and Laid Back. While inspirations such as these do point to certain attributes of an artist in general, these musicians mean much more to Opinash’s music in particular. His undertones have much in common with Depeche Mode, while his mode of music writing brings together the uplifting, colorful melodies of Kraftwerk and the epic, wordless narratives of Jean Michel Jarre. The result is a refreshingly unique amalgam that demands dancing and effectively works also as music for the casual listener.

Opinash, who was born and raised in Denmark, has been writing and producing music since the 1980s. He cut his teeth in the world of digital music on the popular FastTracker program for composing songs,

which is largely responsible for the rise of Europe’s demoscene and helped to shape the future of electronica and house music around the world. Opinash’s first globally distributed independent single, “Rhea,” was released in May of 2012. The entire library of his work since that time is available for sampling from his official site (link provided below) and for purchase at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and everywhere else great music is sold.

“Basic Instinct” by Opinash is available now.

-S. McCauley

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