Mark de Monoloq releases new LP album ‘Icosahedron’

The composer and producer of music known as Mark de Monoloq has released his newest LP album, “Icosahedron.” The record includes 20 original tracks for an approximate listening time approaching two hours. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Eclectic, ambient, experimental and exploratory, “Icosahedron” is Mark de Monoloq’s crowning achievement to date and a great reason for music fans to experience his repertoire right away.

Canada’s Mark de Monoloq cites as main artistic influences Boards Of Canada, Tycho, Flying Lotus, Justice, Brian Eno, Howard Shore, Jon Hopkins, Hans Zimmer, David Bowie, deadmau5, Björk, Aphex Twin, Imogen Heap, Moby, and James Newton Howard. This illustrious list proves Monoloq to be an artist with great music taste, and there are similarities between his work and elements from some of the above, but in the end his music is singular to his own creativity.

“I was introduced to the world of music around the age of 10 when I began taking piano lessons,” he writes. “I learned everything from theory to practice, which I was able to apply at the Royal Conservatory of Music.”

Though the result of classical training, Mark de Monoloq’s music remains surprising and hard to pin down. Asked to elucidate the intended themes and meanings of his rather expansive record, he suggests a natural, sonic subjectivity guiding the process.

“The truth is that there really is no message other than what you make it to be. Everything is completely abstract. Of course, there is the underlying tone that the ‘Icosahedron’ brings. Its association with the Sacral Chakra, and the element of water helps to add definition to texture and flow, along with passion and pleasure. But as far as images and messages go, you tell me!”

An icosahedron is a polygon with 20 sides. It’s no accident that Monoloq’s record contains the same number of tracks, each with its own style and character. His current official bio colors him as a personable, curious adventurer in sound:

“My name is Mark de Monoloq. I compose electronic music, or rather, electronically treated acoustic music. One of my favorite tools is my Zoom H4N [a specialized handheld microphone] which at times, makes me feel that the world around me is the true musician at play. I love experimenting with sound design and pushing the tools I own to their limits. Even then, those limitations can be broken with the right amount of creativity. My only true goal with my music is to experiment. Not everyone will have the same experience as I do when listening to my music, but I suppose that’s the point. It’s all completely abstract. There is no message or images other than what you make it to be. The way I see it, the more rules I break, the better!”

“Icosahedron” by Mark de Monoloq is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music stores now. Get in early.

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Veteran DJ Josh One releases new single and video ‘Further’ feat. Eighty

The DJ known around the world as Josh One has released his latest single, “Further,” feat. Eighty. Like all Josh One’s recent material, the track has been proudly published on the Boomnote Music independent record label without the influence of the corporate music industry. An accompanying instrumental version has also been released. A blend of beats, bass, and some of the most clarion vocals ever to grace an electronica record, “Further” by Josh One feat. Eighty deserves the praise and attention of music lovers everywhere.

Long Beach, CA’s Josh One cites as main influences Portishead, a Tribe Called Quest, the Roots, and

DJ Shadow. Imagining a cross between these comes very close to the Josh One sound, a sound that is far more than simply ‘good.’ A veteran of the turntables since 1990, DJ Josh One has shared the stage with Mos Def, the Wu-Tang Clan, a Tribe Called Quest, Sean Paul, the Roots, Kelis, J Dilla, the Black Eyed Peas, Cypress Hill, Gangstarr, Anthony Hamilton, and many, many more. He has performed live in England, Germany, most American states and elsewhere.

Singer and songwriter Eighty is perhaps best known for her 2014 LP album, “Escape to Mount Cyanide,” but digital music shelves are well-stocked with her singles and music videos. Once signed to the Chime label as the lead vocalist and founder of Jupiter Rising, Eighty is now respected and loved as a solo artist for her precise, natural singing, thought-provoking lyrics and frequent creative collaborations.

“Further” is far from the only notable collab between Josh One and Eighty. 2013 saw Eighty as the featured vocalist on Josh One’s “First,” as well as Josh One as Eighty’s featured DJ on her well-received “Universal” single. Solidifying the duo as an artistic force, they worked side-by-side to create a highly stylized version of the seasonal carol, “We Three Kings.” “Further” represents the most recent example that Josh One’s beat-heavy, groove-based tone and Eighty’s confident, elegant vocals are undeniable compliments to one another.

Fans of Josh One have reason to celebrate this release of “Further” beyond the beauty of the track, itself. According to the Boomnote Music label, “Further” is the first glimpse of an impending Josh One full-length album, currently untitled, which is expected to drop relatively soon.

Audiophiles can expect Josh One and Eighty to deliver in every sonic way with “Further” (and should seek out their other singles by all means, too). “Further” has been published with an official music video, link provided below.

“Further” by Josh One feat. Eighty is available online worldwide. Get in early, electronica fans.

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Electronica band Daystar releases single ‘Thrasher’

The writers and producers of dark electronica music known as Daystar have released their debut single, “Thrasher.” The track is the first official selection to be made available from their upcoming album, “Rise,” which is expected to appear sometime in 2015. A second single, “Daylight,” is also scheduled for release soon. Shadowy, pulsing and otherworldly, Daystar’s “Thrasher” is a vibrant new take on the goth and industrial sound which ruled the underground dance culture at the turn of the millennium.

Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Daystar name only the Prodigy, whose popular “Firestarter” single represents only the tip of an iceberg six-albums deep. Fans of the seminal UK group will be enthusiastic on hearing Daystar’s “Thrasher,” which belongs to the same category of music but brings modern nuances to the old sound. This new, highly polished electronica style keeps its best qualities while eschewing those attributes which kept industrial music out of the mainstream for more than a decade.

A leading example of the Daystar sound, “Thrasher” has a deep groove which makes it perfect for dance clubs and parties, but also a grim chord progression and arresting sonic texture which will appeal to music aficionados listening on headphones or in their cars. Far more intriguing than EDM and having lyrical hooks and narratives not often heard in pop or dance music, “Thrasher” is a track which music fans of many genres will appreciate.

Daystar’s characteristic sound is a blend of haunting vocal work by members Ghost and Ms. Day (who does not sing on “Thrasher” but who regularly lends her voice) and instrumental work by bassist and guitarist Lefty. This mix of digital accompaniment and live sounds makes for a strong balance with a remarkably high emotional impact, one which the “Thrasher” single suggests will be thoroughly explored on their upcoming 2015 record.

Several music videos are in production to herald the release of their “Rise” album, one of which will accompany the release of “Thrasher.” Starring in the “Thrasher” video is Europe’s strongest man, Thor Juliusson, whom many will recognize as Mountain from the popular “Game of Thrones” television series. Daystar’s second single, “Daylight,” will also feature an official video, and the band have intimated that a steady flow of such visuals will be forthcoming, making their music not only a sonic adventure but also a cinematic experience.

Visual art has been a mainstay for the group since their inception in Iceland. Each member wears a mask sculpted specifically for each face which fully transforms the musician. Perhaps most remarkable is that of Lefty, whose green, electro-luminscent mask detects frequency range and thrums in cadence with the music.

Daystar’s official bio describes their sonic aim as, “pursuing a rather unique style of music – melodic, aggressive, beautiful and mysterious.”

“Thrasher” by Daystar is available online worldwide. Get in early, fans of electronica and industrial music. Very early.

Be sure also to watch for the releases of “Daylight” and the “Rise” album, as well as their official music videos which will be made available on their website and YouTube channel.

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