Devon Diep releases new video ‘Ain’t That a B-tch!’

The singer and songwriter known as Devon Diep has released her latest video single, “Ain’t That a B-tch!” The video has been distributed to every major site at which official music videos are debuted (link supplied below). Stylish, danceable, sexy and fun, “Ain’t That a B-tch!” by Devon Diep is a video listeners of any music genre are sure to be attracted to.


Devon Diep is a multi-talented music artist, model, and actress from Boston, MA. She cites as main artistic influences Michael Jackson, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, and Demi Lovato. The inspiration of each of these can be felt, heard and seen in “Ain’t That a B-tch!” though the overall package has a panache that belongs to Devon Diep alone.


An impetuous, passionate and creatively driven artist, Diep not only co-wrote the song with her producer, sang the track and performed in the video, but also acted as executive producer of the video, herself. As a result, her “Ain’t That a B-tch!” music video provides a window into the endlessly colorful character of Devon Diep which reveals her to be an indomitable and free-spirited young woman, as well as a caring and thoughtful one.


Asked to describe the main themes of “Ain’t That a B-tch!” Diep writes simply: “Strong; Independent; Love; Passion; Fun; Hope.”


Devon Diep’s “Ain’t That a B-tch!” video follows close on the heels of her most widely recognized music success to date, “Green Dragon,” which has been featured on the official soundtrack to Martin Scorsese’s September 2014 film, “Revenge of the Green Dragons” as the film’s title track. She is educated in music, theater, dance, and art.


Devon Diep has appeared in campaigns and commercials for such names as Estée Lauder, Donna Karan, Axe Men’s Body Spray, Reebok, Puma, Converse, Coke, Disney, Nickelodeon, Bose, Toyota, Lexus, Target, L.L. Bean, Walmart, Foxwoods Casinos, Timberland, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Skyy Vodka, Pinnacle Vodka and AT&T. She has played in such popular TV and film titles as “Top Gear,” “Body of Proof,” “Something Borrowed,” “Ted,” and “The Heat.”


She has also worked as an art and beauty director, her work having been featured at the Forbes Gallery in New York City and in many publications. Her debut record album is currently being produced by Grammy Award winning producers J-Roc and King Logan of Timbaland Productions.


“Ain’t That a B-tch!” by Devon Diep is available for viewing online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

Ain’t That a B-tch!” by Devon Diep —*tch!/USQY51446866

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