Rapper P.O.P. releases full-length album ‘As We Know It’

The indie hip hop artist known as Patterns of Perfection (P.O.P.) has released his new LP record, “As We Know It.” The full-length album contains 10 original tracks for a total listening time of over half an hour. Like the rapper’s other material, it has been proudly published on the World Records® independent music label without the aid or direction of the corporate music industry. A work of both perceptive urban poetry and colorful melodic character, “As We Know It” is further evidence that Patterns of Perfection is one of hip hop’s most inventive indie artists today.

Asked to cite some influences for his “As We Know It” LP, Patterns of Perfection points to “All genres of music. Any musician or band who has a unique sound or art that they have developed. Philosophy, politics, history and dreams.”

While this may sound too broad to glean anything about the album, in fact P.O.P.’s record sounds exactly like this. If unique styles from several categories of music and creativity were poured into the ear of a man with a taste for old-school hip hop, and if this man were socially aware and had plenty of thoughts on a range of topics, he might produce a record very much like “As We Know It.”

Audiophiles can get a good grasp of how singular Patterns’ brand of rap is by paying attention to the open-verse method and reflexive use of vocabulary on “Elsewhere,” Track 3, and by listening to the catchy melody lines and pop sensibilities present in “Matrimony,” Track 7. The songs are very unlike one another, and they are much unlike the other songs on the record. It is a multifaceted LP with something for every fan of hip hop (or even only of poetry).

Also notable is the analog methodology behind P.O.P.’s music.

“My music is created from scratch from start to finish,” he writes. “There are no pre-made samples. I use virtual or physical instruments, including beat boxes, and implement everything manually.”

This translates into textures which allow for minimalism in instrumentation, letting his lyric talent stay in the spotlight where it belongs.

Asked to describe the overall theme of the record, Patterns of Perfection is concise.

“That nothing truly ends,” he says.

“As We Know It” by Patterns of Perfection is available from over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, hip hop fans.

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Frhetoric & Rawiri James release new rap album ‘D:T:F’

The hip-hop duo known as Frhetoric and Rawiri James have released their latest EP record, “D:T:F.” Coming loaded with six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes, the album has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Blasting with bass, thumping with beats and boasting some of the tightest turns of phrase ever to strike a mic, “D:T:F” is clearly one of the best rap records to appear in 2015 so far.

Frhetoric and Rawiri James cite as main artistic influences Ludacris, Tech N9ne, Lupe Fiasco, and Kendrick Lamar. While elements of each of these can be heard on “D:T:F,” their intelligence and creativity have most in common with Lamar, whose music has been helping to reclaim the hip-hop underground from long-tired stereotypes and overused tropes.

Fans of rap looking for something upbeat and new will find more than they can hope to expect in “D:T:F” from Frhetoric and Rawiri James. Regardless of where the listener may be on the globe, these six clever tracks represent a much more engaging hip hop than what’s on the mainstream radio anywhere.

In fact, attacking the mainstream is part of what this volatile crew is about. Their current official bio reads, “While the resulting earworms [on D:T:F] are aimed at a mainstream hip-hop audience, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics deliver blows to a music industry that takes itself too seriously.”

The record has also been described as “a journey into a world of braggadocio and innuendo, where mundane objects are turned into lecherous metaphors.”

Asked to describe the themes of their new album, Frhetoric and Rawiri James recite a short list: “Existentialism, intellectualism, delusions of grandeur, and fun.”

If any or all of the above sounds too good to be true, the music fan is encouraged to taste the proof firsthand. This strong little record suggests that the era of bottom-shelf hip hop is finally coming to a close.

“D:T:F” by Frhetoric and Rawiri James is available online worldwide beginning September 18, 2015. Get in early, rap fans. Very, very early.

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Hip-hop producer Maja 7th releases new LP record ‘Get Familiar’

The producer of hip-hop music from Indiana known as Maja 7th has released his latest official LP record, “Get Familiar.” The full-length album comprises 14 original tracks for an approximate listening time of a full hour. Widely varied, absolutely packed with back beats and bass, and showcasing some of the best rappers and urban poets from the American Midwest, “Get Familiar” from Maja 7th is one of the best reasons for fans of rap music to acquaint themselves with this secret legend of the hip-hop studio now.

Another of excellent reason is the bevy of distinguished performers assembled by Maja 7th for “Get Familiar.” In addition to his own already considerable skills, the new LP features the talents of such popular artists of the hip-hop underground as (in order of appearance) Freddie Gibbs, Mikkey Halstead, Ill Brown, Waterr, Bubby B & $auce, Starrs & Murph, Re@l Talk, Sulaiman, Vic Spencer, Simeon, Mathien, Griffen, KYM, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Pill, Scheme, Add-2, Mike Schpitz, Neak, Dave Coresh, and Dominique LaRue.

Maja 7th himself cites as artistic influences Outkast, the Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Scarface and Common.

“I think Organized Noize is absolutely brilliant, too,” notes the producer. “They have influenced me a lot.”

Maja 7th started in hip hop at his home digital audio workstation as an independent music artist. His new “Get Familiar” LP keeps this tradition by being likewise published outside the control of the corporate music industry. This allows him leeway to exercise his palpably unique style, which derives much of its kaleidoscopic groove from greats in other genres, such as B.B. King, Al Green and James Brown. He credits his mother for his passion for jazz, too, the creative textures of which find their way into many of the best tracks on “Get Familiar.”

Speaking of the record’s perfectly apropos title and overall theme, Maja 7th writes that the record is “really just to get people familiar with who I am. I wanted to highlight some of the things I’ve done to get to this point and also release some new material.”

Maja 7th’s direct manner of communication, smoothed by humility and heaps of IQ, is indicative of the general tone of “Get Familiar.” The record stands out for its straight-up speech, unstoppable flow, and a whole lot of class.

“New people I meet always ask me, ‘What have you done?’” writes Maja 7th. “So I thought it would be a good idea to show them.”

Maja 7th was a key producer for Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest’s “Almighty: Original S.I.N.” album, which featured M-Eighty, Bronze Nazereth, Son One, C-Rayz Walz, and 5 Star. His first solo project is still highly acclaimed: “The Breakout,” a record which helped bring to the public eye many of Chicago’s best-loved underground rappers of today. These include Freddie Gibbs, Mikkey Halsted, Pill, the L.E.P Bogus Boys, GLC, YP and others, many of whom appear also on this latest release of “Get Familiar.” Maja 7th’s official music video for “On My Own,” featuring Freddie Gibbs and Mikkey Halsted, appeared on MTV JAMS in 2010.

“Get Familiar” by Maja 7th is available online worldwide. Get in early, hip-hop fans around the world. Very early.

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