Rockers Undercover Betty release new singles ‘Pain’, ‘Take Me’ and ‘Cigarette Please’

The intercontinental, female rock crew called Undercover Betty have released their latest official singles, “Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please.” The tracks have been proudly published on the Shark Alley Records independent music label. Explosive, hammering and absolutely awash in adrenaline, “Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please” prove once and for all that Undercover Betty is a rock group fans of the genre around the world need to know about.

Undercover Betty (often abbreviated UCB) are four wild-mannered women from no fewer than three continents: Rebecca Field of England, Kana Leimbach of Japan, and Connie Bonds and Carol “Corky” Sarao of the United States. Their sound returns to the golden age of rock which was exemplified by bands like Bon Jovi, Styx, and Mötley Crüe, but with a raw and unpretentious delivery that derives its strength from masterful musicianship and top-notch songwriting. The result is a trio of songs any rock fan will be amped to hear.

UCB’s rapidly growing repertoire has plenty of texture, bringing songs from the whole emotional spectrum. As an appropriate introduction to the band, the global triple release of “Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please” covers much of their sonic style.

“Pain” represents the post-classic-rock sound Undercover Betty are perhaps most renowned for. “Cigarette Please” approaches a punkish, almost thrash-metal tone which characterizes UCB’s fun-loving, ‘in your face’ attitude. “Take Me” is every bit as much part of the UCB experience, too, being a laid-back and rolling single which exemplifies their exceptional use of vocal harmonies and knack for writing great medium-tempo tracks that break the mold of the sappy rock ballad.

Largely based in the music hotbed of Florida’s Tampa Bay Area, Undercover Betty prove their professional rock clout with a brutally tireless calendar of performances. Their official website [link provided below] shows UCB to have performed more than 36 shows in 2014, or thrice monthly, but their skyrocketing popularity means that they’ve already played 57 live appearances in the current year, with another 21 yet to come. This is in addition to recording dates in the studio, the fruits of which have ripened in this triple release of “Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please” from Shark Alley Records.

“Pain,” “Take Me” and “Cigarette Please” by Undercover Betty are available online worldwide. Get in early, rock fiends. Very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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