Jay Knox releases new single ‘Peace’

The songwriter and producer of hip hop known as Jay Knox has released his latest official single, “Peace.” The single has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Upbeat, off the cuff, and exhibiting some of the most uplifting lyrics ever to be freestyled, “Peace” showcases Jay Knox as an intriguing and versatile urban poet with lines and rhymes for miles.

Grand Prairie, TX’s Jay Knox cites as main artistic influences Famous Dex and Lil Uzi Vert. Jay Knox’s own sound takes elements from both of these and adds something fresh and unique for a result unlike anything today’s music fans have heard before. With an emphasis on strong, bass-filled back beats and the mic stylings of one of today’s most fresh and surprising underground artists, “Peace” by Jay Knox has a little something for every fan of modern hip hop.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of “Peace,” Jay Knox writes, “My song is just to promote the theme of having fun while enjoying life with a piece of chocolate cake.”

Though he’s more prominent today than perhaps ever before, Jay Knox remains a very down-to-earth performer, more than happy to answer questions from fans.

My name is Jay Knox and I love to make music and to dance,” Knox says of himself.

This is really the heart and soul of his new “Peace” single. To hear “Peace” is to feel the music asking the listener to get up and dance.

“Me and my friends,” writes Knox, “we like to party and eat sweets and play with toys, and just have fun. Music is one of my passions. I love playing on stage. The feeling I get when I’m on stage makes me feel alive. I want to be a rock star forever.”

Peace” by Jay Knox is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, hip hop fans.

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Hip hop musician SoBlak releases new single ‘Handz Up Gun’d Down’ feat. Lady Upt

The hip hop hero from New Orleans known as SoBlak has released his latest official single, “Handz Up Gun’d Down” feat. Lady Upt. The track has been proudly published on the 1Point5 Entertainment LLC independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Heavy-hitting, socially conscientious and making a bold statement against police brutality in the United States, “Handz Up Gun’d Down” is a hip hop track putting SoBlak on the map where he belongs.

SoBlak cites as main artistic influences Rakim, KRS-1, Scarface, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, Ludacris, Outkast, Lil Wayne, Freddie Gibbs, and Kendrick Lamar. In addition to the top-shelf tones and attitudes these legends of the mic have impressed on SoBlak, himself, “Handz Up Gun’d Down” also features the considerable talents of Lady Upt.

At the heart of “Handz Up Gun’d Down” are issues close to the heart of all Americans interested in social justice .

“This single directly addresses the extreme tension felt by the people who are and have been the target of police brutality and killings,” writes SoBlak. “I wanted to capture that N.W.A. spirit of ‘F*ck the Police,’ but with my flava and knowledge on it.”

The result was an aggressive track, one which fights for peace while refusing to back down.

“To balance the scales I had Lady UPT bring her perspective of the issue,” SoBlak says. “By us both touching on a variety of aspects of what we know and experience, it came together as a very strong song with a defined message.”

It’s clearly an evocative track. Much like the efforts of the Black Lives Matter social-awareness movement, however, not all the public response has been positive.

“It has caused a nasty campaign on Facebook by many who are displaying their racist views and some who are incorrectly labeling me as racist,” SoBlak writes, “but the truth is paramount with this track, and the driving sound keeps the tempo and momentum going to the very end.”

SoBlak started in music by learning from his father, a jazz and gospel musician and music promoter in New Orleans. He became serious about music after joining the Marine Corp in 1990. “Handz Up Gun’d Down” represents his most prominent official hip hop release in recent memory, with its music video hitting over 86,000 views within two weeks.

1Point5 Entertainment calls SoBlak “a veteran in the rap business,” saying, “you can expect lyrical and production quality from this Jurassic Classic cat.”

“Handz Up Gun’d Down” is available online worldwide at over 700 music stores now.

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Rapper Ty$on releases new LP ‘Young & Reckless, Vol. 2’

The rapper and songwriter of hip hop known as Ty$on has released his newest LP album, “Young & Reckless, Vol. 2.” The full-length album contains 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Boogie Boards Productions independent record label without the influence of the corporate music industry. Innovative, yet coming from the true roots of the best old-school hip hop from both coasts and the dirty south, “Young & Reckless, Vol. 2” is a rap record with unstoppable back beats and hip hop for everyone.

Ty$on cites as main musical influences Lil’ Wayne, Curren$y, UNLV, Juvenile, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and Tupac Shakur. His own music takes the best elements of each of these, but it is Ty$on’s inimitable knack for writing lines and delivering them with an almost physical punch that makes “Young & Reckless, Vol. 2” a rock-solid hip-hop album.

That Ty$on considers UNLV (Tec-9, Lil Ya and Yella Boy) a chief music inspiration comes as little surprise as the “Young & Reckless” rapper is himself from New Orleans, LA. Having relocated to Savannah, GA in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster, Ty$on began writing and polishing the music which would one day become his “Young & Reckless” series of hip-hop records.

Fortunately for the hip-hop underground and rap fans everywhere, Ty$on returned to New Orleans years later, dropping two official mixtapes without wasting any time. He soon partnered up with friend and rapper Rico (who appears on two tracks on “Young & Reckless, Vol. 2”) and named their collaboration Da Winners.

In addition to the considerable talents of Ty$on and Rico on “Young & Reckless, Vol. 2,” the LP also boasts the skills of such artists as AK, Noon Orleanz, Smooth, Marley tha Skywalker, and DJ Ace Boogie Nola (producer/engineer), and still others.

“Young & Reckless, Vol. 2” from Ty$on is available online worldwide from Boogie Boards Productions. Here’s hoping Vol. 3 is right around the corner.

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Frhetoric & Rawiri James release new rap album ‘D:T:F’

The hip-hop duo known as Frhetoric and Rawiri James have released their latest EP record, “D:T:F.” Coming loaded with six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes, the album has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Blasting with bass, thumping with beats and boasting some of the tightest turns of phrase ever to strike a mic, “D:T:F” is clearly one of the best rap records to appear in 2015 so far.

Frhetoric and Rawiri James cite as main artistic influences Ludacris, Tech N9ne, Lupe Fiasco, and Kendrick Lamar. While elements of each of these can be heard on “D:T:F,” their intelligence and creativity have most in common with Lamar, whose music has been helping to reclaim the hip-hop underground from long-tired stereotypes and overused tropes.

Fans of rap looking for something upbeat and new will find more than they can hope to expect in “D:T:F” from Frhetoric and Rawiri James. Regardless of where the listener may be on the globe, these six clever tracks represent a much more engaging hip hop than what’s on the mainstream radio anywhere.

In fact, attacking the mainstream is part of what this volatile crew is about. Their current official bio reads, “While the resulting earworms [on D:T:F] are aimed at a mainstream hip-hop audience, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics deliver blows to a music industry that takes itself too seriously.”

The record has also been described as “a journey into a world of braggadocio and innuendo, where mundane objects are turned into lecherous metaphors.”

Asked to describe the themes of their new album, Frhetoric and Rawiri James recite a short list: “Existentialism, intellectualism, delusions of grandeur, and fun.”

If any or all of the above sounds too good to be true, the music fan is encouraged to taste the proof firsthand. This strong little record suggests that the era of bottom-shelf hip hop is finally coming to a close.

“D:T:F” by Frhetoric and Rawiri James is available online worldwide beginning September 18, 2015. Get in early, rap fans. Very, very early.

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Rapper Shot Dinero releases new LP album ‘Confessions of a Hustla’

The rapper and songwriter known as Shot Dinero has released his latest LP record, “Confessions of a Hustla.” The full-length album consists of 14 original Shot Dinero tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. Like other popular releases from Shot Dinero, it has been proudly published on the Browns Town Music LLC independent record label without the influence of the corporate music industry. Aggressive and explosive, packed with booming bass, old-school beats and cutting-edge instrumentation alike, “Confessions of a Hustla” is the latest reason music fans have to pay attention to this veteran hip-hop artist and top-notch hip-hop label.

Shot Dinero cites as personal hip-hop influences the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, Jay Z, and 50 Cent. His own sound is largely based on the style of writing and delivery which cropped up as a result of the 1990s golden era of rap music, but also on the rap tradition which developed in his hometown of Philadelphia and in his longtime base of operations, Brooklyn, NYC.

Asked to comment on the overall theme of his new LP, Shot Dinero writes that “Confessions of a Hustla” is about “Growing up in the struggle living in Philly, moving to Brooklyn, NY. [It’s about] hustling to maintain myself. The family. Being in the drug game and now the music game…”

Shot Dinero (also called El Presidente or simply ‘Dinero’) found himself enthralled by beats before leaving North Philadelphia for Brooklyn. His music is populated with non-fiction tales of his own gritty experiences in the drug trade of the East Coast. As he grew older, music and poetry became his focal points, and he began to explore other sounds. Himself being of Dominican descent, Shot Dinero found deep passions for hip hop, R ‘n’ B, reggae and also reggaeton.

Brown Town Music LLC describes him as having “an uncanny lyrical talent that is effortless and appeals to audiences worldwide. His versatility commands the attention of everyone within earshot.”

That music by Shot Dinero is true to life is also clear.

“Dinero’s music gives you a flavor for his upbringing from being deeply involved in the hustle of the streets,” Browns Town goes on to state. “Through Dinero’s music, you really begin to understand what it means to have to hustle hard to survive in life.”

Fans of such artists as Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jadakiss, Tego Calderon and the like are certain to be enthusiastic about this fresh, flagship release from Shot Dinero.

Dinero has been signed to Browns Town Music LLC since 2011, under which umbrella other such heavy-hitting artists as MAJ, George Pettus, Tje Austin and many more have found a home.

“Confessions of a Hustla” by Shot Dinero is available online worldwide beginning 18 July 2015. Rap fans should get in early.

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Rapper J. Cobb’s 2015 EP ‘Untitled’ turning heads


The rapper, producer and performer of hip hop known as J. Cobb has released his latest EP record, “Untitled.” The EP comprises five original J. Cobb tracks including his popular single, “Vegas,” the official video for which continues to wow music fans around the world. Like all material from J. Cobb so far, the EP has been proudly published on the Stone Group Records, LLC independent music label. Slick, classy, and bringing elements of hip hop, pop and rock together for an explosive sonic experience unlike anything in recent memory, “Untitled” marks J. Cobb’s grand entrance into the scene, and listeners should take note!

Born and raised in Detroit and residing in NYC, J. Cobb has been inspired over the years by artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G., Andre 3000, and Kanye West, evidencing him to be a rap fan of the strictest taste and distinction. It is this top-shelf sense of quality that has helped Cobb to bring his record to the forefront of the hip-hop underground today. Also highlighting the powerful little record is his inclusion of other talents who appear on it, including Tavea, Bizarre of D12, J. Twizzle, Jimmy, Dre, John Brown and Franchise.

Perhaps most striking about J. Cobb’s “Untitled” is his knack for writing differently unstoppable songs, which jump off the vinyl and beg for airplay. Spellbinding pop songs like “Dream,” arresting social-awareness tracks like “Black,” and the EP’s party-hard single, “Vegas,” are utterly convincing in their own ways and equally sure to garner J. Cobb an army of loyal DJs spinning him in nightclubs around the world. As it stands, Cobb’s fan base is already burgeoning, clamoring for a long-playing release to come hot on the heels of this fresh EP.

Asked to describe the overall message of “Untitled,” Stone Group Records writes on his behalf, “It changes. I attempted to put together a diverse offering of music in order to have at least one song on the EP someone likes or can relate to – that is why the EP is | Untitled |. Each song has its own message and meaning … [The EP represents] the beginning of Stone Group Records and an example of the work J. Cobb is capable of, but rest assured there will be significant growth on the full album.”

“Untitled” by J. Cobb from the Stone Group Records indie label is available online worldwide, on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon. Get in early.

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Hip-hop singer Alphy Nics releases new single ‘Pretty Lil Liar’

The singer, rapper and songwriter known as Alphy Nics has released his latest hip-hop single, “Pretty Lil Liar.” The track has been proudly published under the A.N.E. Entertainment independent record label without the influence of the corporate music industry. Immaculately written, stunningly produced and remarkably well performed, “Pretty Lil Liar” by Alphy Nics showcases the artist to be a hip-hop and R ‘n’ B singer for music fans to watch in 2015 and beyond.

Richland, Washington’s Alphy Nics cites as main artistic influences Drake, Usher, Trey Songz, and August Alsina. His own style blends the trilling, polished singing of rhythm ‘n’ blues with the back beats and panache of modern dance-floor hip hop, making for an accessible mix that will appeal to fans of pop, hip hop and R ‘n’ B alike. While his “Pretty Lil liar” has been released bearing the ‘explicit lyrics’ tag, it remains absolutely well suited for play by DJs at parties, nightclubs and public radio.

Speaking of his start in music, Alphy Nics writes, “I’ve been singing and writing since the age of seven years old. My father introduced me to music by singing with my brothers and sisters.”

Asked to describe the theme of his latest single, Nics explains, “My single is about a woman, and how they put on extensions, fake eyelashes, get work done on their bodies … They’re so beautiful that you know all of it can’t be natural. She’s a pretty lil’ liar – but she’s not fouling me. I like all the work she’s done to look good, so I speak about my plans with her through the night.”

Alphy Nics released his debut album, “Shadows of Love,” in 2005. Six years later saw the drop of his sophomore record, “The Journal,” which featured such popular singles as “I Need a Girl,” “Selfish” and “Lay You Down.” His current release, “Pretty Lil Liar,” is his debut single since signing to the A.N.E. Ent. label not long ago. Alphy Nics’ current official bio closes by saying he is “ready to take the world by storm and to make Alphy Nics a household name throughout the music industry.”

“Pretty Lil Liar” by Alphy Nics is available online worldwide.

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