Alyssa Harrigan releases new pop single ‘Time to Leave’

The singer and songwriter known internationally as Alyssa Harrigan has released her new pop single, “Time to Leave.” The track has been published as an independent release outside the reach of the corporate music industry. Smooth, classy, heartfelt and full of warm optimism, “Time to Leave” from Alyssa Harrigan proves that this songstress is a voice to hear in 2015.

Originally from the Caribbean island of Tortola, Alyssa “Monet Lyssa” Harrigan cites as main artistic influences Jessie J, Sarah Vaughan and Emily King. With crystalline, natural vocals and the additional talents of Scarecrow Beats (Kevin Touw), her “Time to Leave” single is right at home among the works of these popular musicians.

“Time to Leave” by Alyssa Harrigan comes on the heels of her debut single, “On Top of the World (ft. Teejay).” Both tracks have been published with official music videos which are freely available for listening and viewing from Harrigan’s official website (link provided below).

Harrigan’s pop-music repertoire is rapidly growing with still more music appearing on her official SoundCloud page all the time. Accessible and catchy like the best pop music should be, her tracks are characterized by bright moods and genuine lyrics, often accompanied by thrumming and unadorned acoustic guitar music. Music by Alyssa Harrigan is also informed by a passion for jazz which the careful listener will hear in her tastefully subtle singing style.

Asked to comment on the overall themes of her new “Time to Leave” single, Harrigan writes, “Never settle for less than the best. This single isn’t your typical love song. The love displayed here is towards self and not a significant other. It’s knowing when enough is enough and not being caught up in a relationship that is proving to be toxic.”

An artist with music in her blood, Alyssa Harrigan comes from the same family who founded Harrigan’s Music Studios. The studio is renowned in the British Virgin Islands for teaching piano, drums and guitar. It is celebrating its 25-year anniversary in 2015.

Now living and studying in London, Harrigan has performed live at exclusive resorts such as Peter Island and Oil Nut Bay, and honed her craft as a regular weekly performer first at Quito’s Gazebo in Cane Garden Bay, then later at Maria’s by the Sea Hotel in Road Town, Tortola.

Still, a rapid rise to prominence as an independent pop artist hasn’t stolen Alyssa Harrigan’s humility.

“I’m so excited for what’s in store for my journey ahead,” she tells her fans. “I want all of you to experience it right alongside me! Thank you for your support and I will continue striving to make music that I am passionate about!”

“Time to Leave” by Alyssa “Monet Lyssa” Harrigan is available online worldwide beginning Sept. 24, 2015.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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