Cali Cal releases new LP album ‘Soul Trip’

The hip hop artist called Cali Cal has released his awaited full-length record, “Soul Trip.” The LP has been published as an independent release with nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 minutes. Often big and booming, occasionally sweet and low and always exceptionally stylish, “Soul Trip” from Cali Cal is an album fans of pop, rap, R ‘n’ B and hip hop alike will be able to agree on.

Florida-born Cali Cal cites as main artistic influences Michael Jackson, Drake, Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller, and Usher. His own sound borrows traits from many of these, but the result is a modern spin on a classic sound based on deep drum ‘n’ bass cuts and some of smooth urban poetry. In terms of composition and songwriting, “Soul Trip” indeed boasts many of the best qualities of soul music, as well as of rhythm and blues, and fans of both genres are likely to find much they appreciate in Cali Cal’s new record.

“Soul Trip” is the third official release from Cali Cal, who has also sometimes been billed as YoungCaliMojo. It is preceded by his 2013 LP, “Take Notice,” and 2012’s “IDK” full length. Both albums remain available from the artist’s official website (link provided below) and from, respectively.

Asked to say a few words about the themes of his “Soul Trip” record, Cali Cal writes, “My music is inspired by my everyday life. The numerous things I deal with, ranging from love to desolation. This particular album perfectly encompasses the many emotions I have dealt with in the past two years since the release of my last LP ‘Take Notice.’”

Cali Cal has remained prominent in a music category that carries more independent artists than any other. He accomplishes this by maintaining strict, high standards of song crafting, studio production, and overall good taste. These artistic principles are brought to shine through his narrative lyric stories, which true-to-life tales make music from Cali Cal resonate with listeners throughout the English-speaking world.

Music fans looking for a widely varied, high-quality hip-hop album with class, style, and loads and loads of groove should look no further. “Soul Trip” by Cali Cal is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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