Texan singer-songwriter Heidi Zettl releases newest single “Crazy”

Arlington born Heidi Zettl has released her newest single, “Crazy,” to broad acclaim.

Arlington born Heidi Zettl has released her newest single, “Crazy,” to broad acclaim. The track combines the complexity of classical composition with the radical overtones of modern rock ‘n’ roll to create a sound that is both intellectually intriguing and emotionally charged. The melodies are mostly carried by Zettl, herself, whose whirling vocals showcase an earnest rawness that contrasts perfectly against her delicate piano playing. Her style of singing is not unlike that of Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries, except that Zettl boasts a broader range than O’Riordan, perhaps, and is even more fearless at the writing table, where she never balks at including a particularly difficult measure, or an entirely unexpected chord progression. “Crazy” is a single full of power and beauty, two attributes that are increasingly difficult to find in today’s polarized and ever more pigeonholed music industry.


The song tells a story of youth gone wild on a trip to New York City, which was inspired by real events in Zettl’s own experience. “When I was in New York,” she writes, “I saw that the city never sleeps. It does seem to be in its own time zone. I thought of a girl at one of the all night clubs, dancing. She has no idea how she got there or even who she is with… Crazy!”


Though to be sure, there are rock elements in the composition, performance, and production of “Crazy,” at its heart is an artist with mostly classical music in her musical background. She writes of this, “I began at four years old learning classical music and music theory. My mom thought it would help me in math!”


Whether her math scores jumped a couple notches or not, the benefit to her music writing skill is plain to be seen. While “Crazy” can be described as pop rock, it is far more involved than the radio’s typical top 40 fare, and should give veteran music listeners more than enough to chew on for a single. Heidi Zettl is a voice to watch out for, and her single, “Crazy,” is not one to be missed.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



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