Balinese DJ Agoes releases psytrance single ‘Olly Olly’

The Balinese DJ known internationally as Agoes has released his latest official single, “Olly Olly.” Like the rest of Agoes’ recent repertoire, “Olly Olly” has been proudly published on the AAAM independent music label without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Thumping, exotic, classy and cool, “Olly Olly” presents Agoes as one of Bali’s most intriguing EDM artists.

Agoes cites as main artistic influences Berg, Vini Vici, Armin van Buuren, and Morten Granau. Fans of these will find much to appreciate in “Olly Olly,” as it contains many of the same elements which have drawn fans of electronic dance music to nightclub dance floors and neon-lit music festivals for decades. His own style on the track takes samples from Indonesian music and uses them as hooks over a subdued, subtle beat based on smooth, pounding bass whumps for a blend of psytrance that drives without feeling brash, noisy or aggressive.

Asked to describe the message or theme of his latest single, “Olly Olly,” Agoes says simply, “The ability to reach them and take them on a journey.”

Agoes Mulyadi is an EDM composer, performer and producer from Bali, Indonesia. He has been professionally creating music in the scene for more than two decades. He is half of the popular EDM duo, Shahada, the other half being the popular DJ Jaux Ion. Agoes has gone on record to say that he intended the inception of Shahada to express his “love for old-skool deejaying with psytrance music.”

“Olly Olly” by Agoes is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, fans of EDM and psytrance music.

Also be sure not to miss the other tracks from Agoes available for listening, purchase and download from his official Soundcloud account or from the AAAM label (links provided below).