Film Composer Julian Scherle releases new soundtrack album ‘Let’s Be Evil’

The film composer, known internationally as Julian Scherle, has released his latest full-length soundtrack album, “Let’s Be Evil.” The album contains 23 original tracks for a total listening time of approximately 35 minutes. The “Let’s Be Evil” soundtrack makes for a comprehensive tour of Scherle’s composing and arranging skills and showcases a talent for combining different musical genres.


Eerie, ambient, and evocative, the SciFi – Horror score of “Let’s Be Evil” is the most prominent example of how to incorporate retro-synth into a futuristic and dark electronic sound world.


LA-based Julian Scherle’s unconventional composing style exists in it’s unique universe; calling to classics like Pink Floyd, John Carpenter, Depeche Mode and unifying these electronic aesthetics with composing styles similar to contemporary classical composers.


Scherle’s tone easily balances between dreamlike, nebulous, and entrancing and an intense, nerve-racking terror. His songs climb and build, sweep and soar, and thrill the listener just as they permeate the atmosphere of “Let’s Be Evil.”


Scherle, when speaking of his aims for the album, gives liner notes that provide a glimpse into his writing process:

“The original musical concept for the film, ‘Let’s Be Evil,’ was to write a straight up ’80s-inspired retro synth soundtrack, which slowly – while the movie was forming – morphed into a hybrid between an old school electronic and a modern-glitchy futuristic score. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it”. writes of Scherle’s work on the film score stating, “If a filmmaker wants to get me salivating to see their movie, one of the best things they can do is pair an ’80s-esque synth score with colorful lighting, and that’s exactly what [the soundtrack for the] thriller ‘Let’s Be Evil’ does.”


Music by Scherle has been featured on a number of critically acclaimed projects such as Golden Globe and Emmy winning TV shows, “Mr. Robot,” “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” and “American Horror Story.”


“Let’s Be Evil” by Julian Scherle, has been published on the independent music label Scissors and is available for digital download at over 700 music stores worldwide now.


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