Rapper Jagger Spacy releases official music video for hit single ‘Where’d You Go?’

The up-and-coming rapper and songwriter known as Jagger Spacy is releasing his biggest and most widely awaited official music video to date, “Where’d You Go?” The video is based on his runaway hit hip-hop / pop music single by the same name, which made headlines less than one month ago in the last quarter of 2014. Sonorous, heartfelt and extremely catchy, Spacy fans and new listeners alike felt that “Where’d You Go?” was sure to come packaged with an official music video – and Spacy wasn’t about to leave the music world hanging.

Hailing from the hip-hop hotbed of Arizona, which derives its characteristic sonic style from not only the ever-popular West Coast rap but also typically the “dirty” south sound and that of the founding capital of hip hop, New York City, Jagger Spacy’s voice and persona immediately recall those of Eminem. Spacy’s “Where’d You Go?” is both more personal and more accessible than much of the music of Marshall Mathers, however, and has been attracting listeners from nearly every music genre.

It should perhaps come as no surprise, therefore, that an accompanying music video for the young star’s most successful single should appear, and particularly since the artist’s main aim is to connect with his ever-growing audience.

“I hope that people will relate to my music and that they will be inspired,” said Jagger Spacy in a recent interview. “I hope it will show people that even though we deal with life challenges and struggles, we can get through it. Failure is key. I am just rebuilding what was broken.”

Listeners wishing to get a better introduction to the rapper and singer are encouraged to meet him through his online bio, available for viewing here: http://youtu.be/rCGoMrXoB9A. Watch for the official video for “Where’d You Go?” by Jagger Spacy to become available for viewing online everywhere soon.

The popular single that started it all, “Where’d You Go?” by Jagger Spacy, is already available online worldwide. Fans of rap, pop, and hip-hop music should get in early.

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Taylor James releases ‘Good News’ official video

The singer and songwriter of rhythm and blues known as Taylor James has released the long-awaited official video for his latest hit single, “Good News.” The single itself is part of a 2014 series from James which has included his acclaimed “Olde School” LP, the “A Taylormade Christmas” seasonal EP, the “Say It’s Me / Living for You” single and instrumental version, and the “Good News” single and instrumental version. These have each been released in the winter 2014 season. Each of them has likewise been published on the Hearts of Gold Music record label. Spotless, jazzy, groovy, funky and full of the gospel tradition, Taylor James’ “Good News” video is one of the best-produced and performed videos to come from this decade so far.

Taylor James (born James Albert Taylor) has cited James Brown and Quincy Jones as main artistic influences, both of which feature prominently in his own style and panache in his “Good News” video. Having been quietly made available for viewing online in late September 2014, and with minimal marketing or advertisement, the “Good News” video by Taylor James has already garnered close to 200,000 well-deserved views.

A gleaming, sunlit video with an extremely high production value and cast of performers, “Good News” succeeds at completing several jobs. It is largely political in theme, while remaining a work of gospel music at its heart. It is uplifting, positive and encouraging, and even manages to be somewhat educational.

Taylor James was born in 1953 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Jackson State University with a degree in music and a minor in recording engineering. He has been writing, recording and producing music since the age of 17. James served as drummer and lead vocalist for Wynd Chymes, whose two LP albums are still in circulation online. His own first album, “No Way Out” appeared on the Great Southern Productions (GSP) music label in 1984. He wrote and produced music under GSP from 1976-1990, after which time he built his own studio and recorded such popular artists as Willie Clayton, Bobby Rush, the William Brothers and the Canton Spirituals.

The “Good News” official video by Taylor James is available online worldwide.

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Bella releases new single and video ‘Die for Love’



The singer and songwriter known as Bella has released her debut single and corresponding music video, “Die for Love.” The track is the first official glimpse at material from her upcoming LP record album by the same title, which will become available 7 March 2014. The single, its music video, and forthcoming LP have all been published on the California-based L.A. Pop Recordings music label. An elegant, passionate and powerful song that showcases Bella Payne’s flawless voice and natural, intuitive singing style, “Die for Love” is proof that music fans have much to look forward to from this intriguing new performer.


Bella cites as main artistic influences Joan Baez, Billy Joel and Elton John, all of whom have been renowned for their towering, epic crescendos and ability to maintain high levels of intensity across variously themed music. Bella’s “Die for Love” likewise shows that the chanteuse is capable of infusing her tone with incredible amounts of emotion, and her tasteful performance never once sounds melodramatic or overwrought.


The video, itself (link provided below) is also a fantastic introduction to Bella’s sonorous delivery and arresting personality. Tinted in midnight blues and hints of soft starlight, the video brings out the music’s most striking qualities in terms of mood and presentation. Bella’s graceful femininity is contrasted against the whirling of a silhouetted dervish at the end of a dreamlike hallway in a way that suggests both inner violence and triumphant independence. All in all, the video completes Bella’s single in every way a music video can and always should.


“Die for Love” by Bella has been snaring the rapt attention of music fans and appreciators of fine visual arts since its appearance in the first quarter of 2014, and for good reason. That her soon-to-arrive, full-length debut album will certify her place among America’s top singer-songwriters seems clear.


The single and video for Bella’s “Die for Love” are available for listening, viewing and download online worldwide.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aFLVfVS5fw

Single: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/die-for-love-single/id797294451?ign-mpt=uo%3D4


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