Vices and Adulation release new single ‘Have You Ever’

The popular duo of dark melodic metal known as Vices and Adulation have released their latest official single, “Have You Ever.” The track is the most significant release from Vices and Adulation in some time and is expected to fuel even more interest in this undeniable Goth-rock crew the world over. With stunning vocals from acclaimed lead singer Lucy-may and razor-sharp guitar work from multiple-award winner Fabian Upton, “Have You Ever” is the latest reason fans of alternative rock have to warm their ears against the emotional fireball that is Vices and Adulation.

Asked to cite a few artistic influences, Vices and Adulation guitarist Fabian Upton names a variety of legends, including ’80s giants like Def Leppard, new-millennium groups like Evanescence and Paramore, and European melodic metal crews like Children of Bodom and Dimmu Borgir. Perhaps unsurprisingly with inspirations such as these, the autodidactic Fabian Upton has been revered online as the 8-Finger-Tapping Guitar World Champion for four consecutive years, and once as the Sweep-Picking Guitar Champion.

While this helps one imagine how his song composition and style of guitar playing might sound, the picture is far from complete without the impeccable singing of Lucy-may Upton, whose crystalline vocals have helped to garner more than 250,000 fans on Facebook and other social media, and whose arresting harmonies – possibly never before showcased as strikingly as on “Have You Ever” – have been turning heads around the heavy-metal world.

Speaking of the themes of their new single, Vices and Adulation write that “Everybody feels pain. We should care more about our surroundings and the people that surround us.”

Vices and Adulation was born in 2013. In addition to her renowned singing, Lucy-may Upton is a published poet and highly skilled artist from West Midlands, UK. Both she and guitarist Fabian are entirely self-taught musicians. Their first instrumental album released on 4 February 2013 continues to be heard on SoundCloud and other outlets to the tune of more than a quarter-million plays. Their first non-instrumental release, “Dragon Princess 2,” followed in March and won the Akademia award for Best Alternative-Rock Song and gained the group a Facebook’s coveted Rock-Music Crown award.

“Have You Ever” by Vices and Adulation is available online worldwide from the band’s official website and elsewhere [link provided below]. Fans of alt- rock, Goth- rock and melodic metal should absolutely get in early.

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Vices and Adulation release new single, ‘Sounds of the Hallway Vocal’

The titans of heavy metal known as Vices and Adulation have released their instant classic single, “Sounds of the Hallway Vocal,” to broad critical and fan acclaim. The track is a roaring, soaring, waterfall of sound and audio violence that showcases the band’s precision and creativity in spades. With clear, clarion vocals and explosive, lightning-fast guitar shredding, “Sounds of the Hallway Vocal” is a track that proves Vices and Adulation are more than rock music’s recent addition – they’re gods of today’s heavy metal pantheon.


The genius of Vices and Adulation in “Sounds of the Hallway…” comes from many angles at once. Vices gets their uniquely dark sound from the contrast of the delicate, gorgeous vocals of singer Lucy-may against the rushing, crushing electric guitar work of Fabian Upton. Lucy-may’s voice is not unlike the singing of crystal glasses when a finger is run along their rims. Exactly opposite, though still remarkably melodic are the speeding hammer-downs of their lead guitarist, the power of whose playing surges with speed and adrenaline.


To describe this guitaring, one needs only to look at the player’s accolades. Upton is a three-time champion of the finger-tapping and sweep-picking guitar techniques at He has been champion for four years, and retains his title today. Shockingly, he has not been classically trained, but rather plays guitar by ear and by memorizing patterns.


Lead vocalist Lucy-may is likewise highly skilled, being herself not only a talented singer, but also a published poet. Like guitarist Upton, she is a musical autodidact.


Vices and Adulation cite as musical influences the likes of legends such as Def Leppard, Metallica, Evanescence, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Eric Glass, Ben Swanwick, and Maroon 5. Of these, they have the most similarities to the foremost two bands, though their music exhibits traits here and there of all of them.


Regarding the themes of their single, they write that “Sounds of the Hallway Vocal” is about “The importance of deep friendship where no subject is taboo.”


Their first instrumental record was released in February of this year, to be followed by their debut release with vocals, “Dragon Princess,” in March. The single garnered them the Akademia award for Best Alternative Rock Song.


“Sounds of the Hallway Vocal” by Vices and Adulation is available online worldwide beginning late spring, early summer 2013.


-Sean McCauley

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