Indie R&B artist Robert Maddrey releases new single ‘Change’

The R&B music artist known as Robert Maddrey has released his new single, “Change.” The single is Maddrey’s official worldwide debut. It has been proudly published on the ThickerThanWater Productions independent label without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Heartfelt, smooth, and written with the betterment of all humanity in mind, “Change” is a song for all of us which fans of all music genres are sure to enjoy.

Robert Maddrey cites as main artistic influences the Jackson 5, the Isley Brothers, Ray Parker Jr., Prince, Michael Jackson, Motown’s Funk Brothers Band, and Stevie Wonder, “just to name a few.” A man with great passion for good music, his own style on “Change” is accessible to fans of anyone from Jack Johnson to Issac Hayes.

Much of Maddrey’s tonal complexity probably comes from his varied cultural experiences growing up. A self-described “army brat” originally from Philadelphia, Maddrey has lived in Texas, Hawaii, England, California, Delaware, Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and resides now in Ohio. In addition to his own talents on “Change,” his brother, Paul Maddrey, Jr., also appears on the single playing a second keyboard track, “to brighten things up.”

Still, it is the overall message of “Change” which is the song’s heart and soul.

Asked to describe the themes of his debut track, Robert Maddrey writes: “’Change,’ as in changing the world by changing ourselves within. Stop all the fighting, no matter what faith, religion, color, or political stand. This song will reach the hearts of every country. Music is the universal language and I believe that ‘Change’ will send a universal message of peace to all. Change begins when we change within.”

As well as his newly released debut, Maddrey also has a song available for listening at Jango Radio [link provided below].

Like many of today’s greatest musicians, Robert Maddrey first cut his teeth playing music in church. Eventually he joined the choir, and one day had the rare opportunity to meet the legendary Jackson 5. This chance meeting inspired him to become a musical autodidact.

He purchased his first electric guitar and began to wholeheartedly produce music. The bass guitar followed, and then the keyboard. These instruments form the crux of his characteristic sound on “Change.”

Robert Maddrey has performed in such groups as Black and Tan Ensemble, Black Atmosphere, the Essence Band and the Eclipse Band (which groups won several talent showcases at Fort Polk, LA). A fifth group, the Coup, also benefited from Maddrey’s skills. With an all-original set list, they persevered at several showcases and achieved radio airplay. Maddrey’s founding of ThickerThanWater Productions is the culmination of a music career more than 30 years in the making.

Maddrey has said of ThickerThanWater, “We love to make music and we make music to love.”

“Change” by Robert Maddrey from ThickerThanWater Productions is available online at over 700 digital outlets now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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