The Smart Kids release new single ‘The Enemy’

The Chicago music duo known as The Smart Kids have released their newest single, titled, “The Enemy,” to widespread praise and critical acclaim. Having been officially active since December of 2012, “The Enemy” represents The Smart Kids’ first official release and introduction to the music-listening public at large. It is a three-minute track with an incredibly upbeat, danceable and vivacious mood and style, composed mainly with unique, synthesized instrumentation and clean-sounding digital production. Youthful and jubilant female vocals provide lead melody lines over Atari-inspired accompaniment, resulting in a pop tour de force that sounds better and better the louder that it is played.

Though the track is a perfectly delightful debut single, The Smart Kids insist that its style is not likely to be a static one upon which fans can depend from album to album, song to song, or even movement to movement within an individual track.

“This is just a single and is by no means an adequate representation of the style we encompass,” they write. “We make music without walls, without boundaries and without genres. Our music is like Rush Limbaugh in a Tijuana pharmacy during a power outage. It’s all over the place.”

Speaking of what this shifting style might sound like, they suggest, “Neo soul, 80’s synth pop, quasi-industrial, pretty bits of classical… There’s not much that we don’t do, and we’re not afraid to switch it up a bunch in the span of a three minute song.”

A degree of such switching is present in “The Enemy” in the form of some lightly suggested political commentary. The track opens with droning dialogue from George W. Bush, who is suddenly drowned by the positive, one-two beat and optimistic roar of a synthesizer. The song toys with unexpected volume changes and with a variety of vocal effects, as well.

In their current bio, The Smart Kids comment at length on their artistic goals. “If you have ADD, we want to be your one stop shop,” they write. “With music, we think everyone wants to carve out their own niche and have their own thing that separates themselves from the pack. Our goal is to not only do that, but to also separate ourselves from ourselves with every song that we write.”

They consider survival-of-the-fittest to be an accurate model of the contemporary music scene.

“Music today is like Darwinism without an attention span; if you don’t change or adapt, you’re going to paint yourself into a corner with a specific sound that isn’t always going to be the flavor of the week. The landscape is constantly evolving, and we think that shows with the significant rise of one-hit and one-album wonders. Tomorrow is relevant to today, but the inverse couldn’t be further from the truth in terms of music.

“The Enemy,” by The Smart Kids, is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-Sean McCauley

Sr. Staff Writer


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