Tanzanian reggae hit ‘Hoi Hoi’ by Layla goes global

The singer and songwriter of pop music known as Layla the Voice Fairy has released her debut single, “Hoi Hoi.” The reggae track dropped in Layla’s home country of Tanzania early November, where it was greeted with widespread critical and fan acclaim. It became available to the rest of the world online December 11. It has been released on the Mukibiaka International independent music label. Summery, uplifting, and full of the warm-hearted East African spirit, “Hoi Hoi” brings a beat that gets everyone dancing.

Layla (often stylized LAYLA) cites as main artistic influences Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, and Arianna Grande, as well as fellow Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee. Her own style takes the infectious groove and overall presentation of these great artists and adds to it the crystalline, natural vocals for which Layla herself has been called the Voice Fairy. Her songs are happier and more youthful than music by the above, but just as danceable, making songs like “Hoi Hoi” popular both in Africa and beyond.

“Hoi Hoi” and other songs by Layla are sung mainly in Swahili with phrases in English braided in. The phrase ‘hoi hoi,’ itself, has romantic themes at its heart.

Layla writes of this, “The whole meaning of the song, ‘Hoi Hoi,’ is I am in love with a person who is already in a relationship with someone else, and they love each other, but still it does not stop me from letting the person know despite the fact it might mean nothing to him. I still want him to know.”

She goes on to relate that the tale is not autobiographical.

“[It] is not really based on my true life story, but what inspired me to sing such a song is that the situation is common to everyday life, and I wanted my song to mean something to listeners.”

Layla’s music is well known for meaning something to her listeners, in fact. Her most prominent songs previous to “Hoi Hoi” were released under her Voice Fairy name and bear the distinction of being presidential campaign songs. They are “Hapa Kazi Tu” and “Tanzania Ringa.” Both remain available for listening online.

Layla the Voice Fairy dreams of singing with such artists as Nigerian singer Koredebello, American sensation Taylor Swift, Brandon “B” Howard, and many more. She is a singer for whom dreams are an integral part of her music.

She writes of this, “Dreams are valid. All it takes is trying, and who knows? It just might be your lucky day. Always believe in yourself.”

As anyone who has heard “Hoi Hoi” can tell you, Layla is a singer with much conviction.

“I want my music to be loved internationally,” she writes. “So sing my breath out, I shall.”

“Hoi Hoi” by Layla the Voice Fairy is available online worldwide. An official video for “Hoi Hoi” is also expected.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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