Welsh guitarist Dave Stephen releases new LP ‘Taith’

The popular guitarist and songwriter from Wales known as Dave Stephen has released his latest LP record, “Taith.” It comprises 12 original tracks for an approximate total running time of 50 minutes, and has been published on the Bricsan independent music label. Founded on principles of folk, Celtic, and rock music with elements of other genres stirred in for good measure, “Taith” is the most recent example of the rich, contemporary musical culture of Wales, showcased here by Dave Stephen.

“Taith,” which is Welsh for ‘Journey,’ is an entirely instrumental collection of guitar duets with some added percussion. Joined here with longtime collaborator Gareth Moriarty, Dave Stephen showcases his guitar chops with a rare combination of modest, natural talent blended with consistently impressive, intriguingly complex chord progressions and songwriting. As fans have come to expect from music by Stephen and Moriarty, “Taith” is dazzlingly creative and colorful.

A simple glance at song titles elicits proof of this: “Moses Knows His…,” “Three Mind Lice,” and “Shoot Me I’ll Shoot You Too” are some of the more prominent examples, though the depth of tonal and stylistic variety on the LP is the real treasure. A comparison of “Shoot Me…” and Track 2, “Deep Waters Flow” yields a sonic duality which is braided rather than at odds. This multifaceted nature of “Taith” makes it a sure thing for fans of nearly any genre, but especially for those who appreciate raw, brilliant songwriting, lush Celtic undertones, and arresting performances on guitar.

Stephen cites as main artistic inspirations for “Taith:” “Too many; from Miles Davis to Stravinsky, and from the Rolling Stones to Chet Atkins. Always with a Celtic flavour.”

Although itself being billed as a solo project, “Taith” is the third full-length release to feature Dave Stephen and Gareth Moriarty in late 2014, both of whom also play in the popular Stephen-led Welsh group, Amser. Amser’s most recent releases include October’s “Crochan” and November’s “Amserau,” both of which also come to the world from the Bricsan label.

“Taith” by Dave Stephen is available online worldwide. Guitar fans and fans of highly creative instrumental music should absolutely get in early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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