Amanda Lynette McKenna releases fairy story and activities for children “Sundew the Flower Faerie”

Amanda Lynette McKenna has released “Sundew the Flower Faerie,” her fairy story and set of activities for children

Amanda Lynette McKenna has released “Sundew the Flower Faerie,” for children. “Sundew the Flower Faerie” centers around a faerie story, not to be confused with the common fairy tale; McKenna’s stories represent her own contribution to the traditional Celtic lore of her heritage. The “Sundew…” album also includes a set of nature activities and a theme song. It is the first installment of McKenna’s ”The Land of Elvindore” series. “Sundew the Flower Faerie” is being concurrently released alongside another of her “…Elvindore” titles, the children’s music LP album, “Singing with the Faeries.” “Sundew the Flower Faerie” runs for a total of 30 minutes, combining 12 minutes of storytelling with 18 minutes of activities.

The importance of storytelling has been emphasized by early childhood development professionals for centuries. “Sundew…” author Amanda Lynette McKenna reminds that bedtime stories can be a source of calming encouragement to children. “Bedtime is a great time to use a soothing voice to relax a child and give him or her a feeling of being safe,” she writes. She also reminds parents that it will not do to stop the story from being told should a child nod off. “When listening to my story CD,” writes McKenna, “it is important that your child hears the full story even if he or she has fallen asleep.” Her reason stems from simple, sensible psychology: “The unconscious mind needs to hear a happy resolution.”

McKenna’s “Sundew the Flower Faerie” also contains plenty of nature-conscious morals, an important and often overlooked part of youth education. These healthy lessons include the “Earth Ways Pledge,” which sounds like this: “A pledge comes from the heart. Place your hands over your heart, and say after me: I will watch out for all creatures – especially the creatures closest to me. I will be careful with plants – especially the plants closest to me. I will tread gently upon the earth – especially the earth closest to me.”


The theme song which runs through Sundew’s story is called “Harmony We Bring.” McKenna says of the message that “Sundew the Flower Faerie” brings to children, “Through singing and dancing, we can bring harmony in our lives and the lives that surround us.” The “Sundew…” CD concludes with the value, “Be gentle with nature,” and also the task: “It’s never too late to do the right thing.”

“Some of the ‘Sundew…’ activities and songs can be used for fairy parties,” McKenna writes, and parties there are sure to be, but all a child needs for a celebration of nature tonight is a telling of “Sundew the Flower Faerie” at bedtime. And remember, don’t keep from them the happy ending!

-S. McCauley

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